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Sq Ft House Plans

Our sq ft house plans are designed as accessory dwelling units or guest houses. Created in different shapes, types and styles.

Looking for a home to fit the needs of your small family? When you’re looking at all the houses on the market, it can be challenging not to get sucked into the “more is better” mentality. If you are looking at the home plans, you’ll find that there are many large house plans to choose from. But, do you really need all of that home space? Would small house not fit your needs if you have a small family, are living with just your spouse? In many cases, the answer would be no. There really is not a need for such a large home, especially if you are worried about your budget. sq. ft. house plans are often perfectly suitable for a lot of homeowners. If you want to find the right size home to build for you, consider square foot house plans.

Benefits of Fq Ft House Plans

If you are thinking about building a smaller house, you’ll want to look at the benefits of these homes. Below are some of the top reasons to choose sq. ft. house plans.

Less Maintenance

When you choose sq. ft. house plans with 3 bedrooms, your home will be big enough for your family. It won’t require the daily, weekly, and monthly upkeep that larger homes do. Cleaning will take less time, and you can stay more on top of it comparing to large home. You’ll find that you can continually keep it picked up because you are using all of the spaces regularly.


sq. ft house plans are going to be a lot friendlier to your budget. You won’t have to spend as much on the actual mortgage, so that will be a cheaper monthly expense. You’ll also have more savings when it comes to utilities like electricity and water. Heating or cooling a home that is large can be prohibitively expensive. Many people don’t even tink of it when they are looking for homes.

Another aspect of having a large house is that you have to furnish it if you don’t want it feel empty. This can be very expensive as well. For most people, it’s already expensive enough to ensure that a small home is furnished. The larger the home, the more you will need to make sure that it looks nice and well decorated.

More Time for Other Things

For those who have built their home using sq ft house plans 2 bedroom, they will find that there is a lot more free time for them to enjoy their lives. They are not spending a large majority of their time taking care of a home. This enables them to do more things with their time. Also, with the added savings from not having to spend as much on a mortgage and on regular monthly household utilities and bills, you’ll be able to spend more money on things like vacations, concerts, sporting events, and just enjoying life. What good is a massive home if you are spending all of your time, energy, and money taking care of it?

If you’re looking for two to three-bedroom homes that aren’t huge and won’t break your budget, consider sq. ft. home plans. These plans offer a home that has plenty of the features you need without being over the top, so you can keep your expenses in check and spend your life making memories, not tending to a home.

Benefits of a Square Foot House

“Tiny houses” are popular in the press right now. And they are fine for some people. In fact, you might even say ideal. But many of us need a little more space to stretch out in, especially if there are children or house guests involved. But, then again, you don’t necessarily want to build a huge house. You don’t need that much space. Homes built from square foot house plans could be ideal for you. They are modest and homey investments.

With houses built from, say, square foot house plans, three-bedroom, your family can live comfortably without breaking the bank. As you probably know, the two primary drivers of the cost of home construction are the foundation and the roof. Obviously, the smaller the house is, the smaller the roof and foundation are. And, thus, the lower the build cost of your family’s home. But, as you shall see, you do not have to compromise about comfort and space.

Is Square Feet Too Small? Open It Up!

If you are building from, say, sq ft house plans, modern, it may seem that they would feel cramped inside. But this is not the case. If you were to adopt an open floor plan, where the kitchen flows into the dining room, which flows into the living room, the feeling is of spaciousness and freedom. You can see from one end of the house to the other.

You can also eschew the more formal dining room for something like a kitchen island, where people can congregate, eat, and drink. And after meals, these islands are a great place to play cards or board games and have a beverage while you watch the television in the living room. Islands can be the social center of your home. They enlarge the usable area if you are having a party.

This still leaves room for a fun kitchen that, with the open floor plan, opens right into the dining room or kitchen island home center. You can be cooking or washing up or pouring drinks and still be a part of the festivities. The two rooms really blend into one.

If you do not have a large property lot to build on, a square foot house plan could provide the blueprint you need for the perfect house. One extra benefit of a smaller house on a smaller lot (besides a lower mortgage) is lower property taxes. Bonus!

Plenty of Room Outside

Unless you live in the Arctic Circle, your home will be situated in an area where you have at least a couple of warmer seasons where you and your family can play and eat outside. For peace of mind and enjoyment, there is no better addition to a house than a patio or deck. Everyone likes a good BBQ and a game of touch football. A patio or deck next to your square foot house will open the whole thing up even more. You can even put a TV out there to watch football games in the fall.

Sours: https://www.truoba.com/sq-ft-house-plans/

Home Plans Between and Square Feet

Manageable yet charming, our to square foot house plans have a lot to offer. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a long-time homeowner, these house plans provide homey appeal in a reasonable size.

Most to square foot house plans are 2 to 3 bedrooms and have at least bathrooms. This makes these homes both cozy and efficient — an attractive combination for those who want to keep energy costs low. Styles run the gamut, from cozy cottages to modern works of art. Many of these homes make ideal vacation homes for those who like to get out of town a few months out of the year.

Benefits of Square Foot Homes

Houses that fall in this square footage range make versatile homes for just about anyone. There’s plenty of space available to build the home of your dreams and add features that you and your family will love.

Whether you’re an empty nester looking to downsize or a newlywed couple that eventually wants to start a family, we’re certain you’ll find a house plan you’ll love here at the Plan Collection. Many of our square foot floor plans can be customized with our Right Reading Reverse option and other add-on customizations to truly make your house your own. Browse through our plans below, and contact us if you need any help! 

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Sours: https://www.theplancollection.com/house-plans/square-feet
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Dream Sq Ft House Plans & Designs

So you need more space than a tiny home (cute as they are) but less than a McMansion. Something in-between, small enough to fit on a tight lot but big enough to start a family or work from home. This collection of home designs with 1, square feet fits the bill perfectly.

These affordable home plans include easy-to-build designs that are budget friendly. But just because many of these home plans are cheap to build doesn’t mean that they don’t offer modern amenities. Inside these home designs, you’ll find a variety of cool features like kitchen islands, private master bathrooms, walk-in closets, and other contemporary features.

Open floor plans make the most of square footage and give you clear sightlines to make the space feel bigger. Love to entertain family and friends by enjoying casual meals and cooking together? Choose a floor plan with a kitchen island and room for bar stools. Many of these homes include private master suites that invite you to relax at the end of the day in your own shower or tub.

You’ll find all kinds of styles in this collection, from simple ranch designs to cool modern home plans. Country cottage designs work well as primary residences or vacation getaways. Classic Craftsman bungalows look great just about anywhere and offer traditional curb appeal.

Don’t think that a small house plan can’t have the right number of bedrooms for you: you’ll find a variety of different layouts here, from one to four bedrooms. How much room do you need? Three bedroom layouts give you extra space for kids, a home office, or guests. If you don’t need three bedrooms and two bathrooms (a popular configuration), choose one of the homes with two bedrooms (including rustic cabins and A-frame vacation homes) or even a simple one bedroom design. Thinking that you might want to expand later? Choose a floor plan with a bonus room upstairs.

Sours: https://www.dreamhomesource.com/collection/sf-house-plans
1,200 sq.ft Compact Gelani House in Koramangala Bengaluru by Aanai Design Studio

Home Plans between and Square Feet

A home between and square feet may not seem to offer a lot of space, but for many people it’s exactly the space they need and can offer a lot of benefits.

Benefits of These Homes

This size home usually allows for two to three bedrooms, or a few bedrooms and an office or playroom. The space can be designed with an open and airy floor plan and plenty of space for kids, guests, or parents all under one roof. But it isn’t so large that it’s hard to maintain or expensive to keep up.

The plans for to square foot homes include options for one or two stories for those looking for a home on more than just one level. And they offer quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to bedrooms. This size home could accommodate a larger family by including three bedrooms or be attractive to the couple who work from home and want versatility in a home office. The possibilities are endless in to square foot blueprints, whether it’s a spacious one bedroom home or a compact and option-filled three-bedroom.

What makes a to square foot home so versatile? It’s considerably compact which comes with all the benefits of a smaller home such as cost savings related to heating and cooling, less space to keep clean and tidy, and lower expenses related to building materials and land requirements.

Forever Home

The great thing about to square foot plans is you’ll get all the benefit of owning a smaller home but you’ll have the space you need to grow into. You’ll never be worried about the arrival of another baby forcing you into selling or not having an extra room for an elderly parent who suddenly needs to be looked after. It’s the perfect space for the long-term home commitment, and The Plan Collection has your dream design.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help in your search or have any questions or concerns. We’re here to be of help!

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Sours: https://www.theplancollection.com/house-plans/square-feet

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30 x 40 sqft house plan II 1200 sqft ghar ka naksha II 30 x 40 house design

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