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My wife Marina is short, blonde with small breasts, but very firm and impressive booty. I met her in Moscow in a very attractive nightclub. I didnt regret that I went there. We met for three months and began to prepare for the wedding. Friends said that I was crazy and three months is very little, but I never listened to anyone and this matter of.

Now we were struggling unsuccessfully to get the squares that were due to me according to the law. All our statements and requests got stuck somewhere and settled. We knocked down the thresholds of countless instances and everywhere we ran into a blank wall of indifference. Gradually, we realized that with our problems nobody needed the fuck, and the officials from the bottom of their hearts almost openly wished.

Us that we should not exist in nature at all.

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Then in the morning they brought us just to look after the camp for a day. There was no urgent need for this, since no one would have approached the camp anyway. But just for the sake of order.


For a whole month he tried to persuade her, persuade her. You are nobody for them, they just used you and that's it, don't imagine anything there, he said. "So what. " I caught one after all.

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Husband to close the doors behind her. Lenya automatically ran after his neighbor, and overtook her not far from the bushes. Then he could no longer restrain himself and gave vent to his feelings.

Brandz, Zion - Intro Extended Version (LYRICS)

Gash it to death. Road repair work on the home street of ensign Savushkin with the loud name "Name of the 5th Army" has been carried out since May, but they still could not have happened. Who started them at all, and why the hell did they surrender to someone, but they dug it out, but apparently there was not enough money. To bury it.

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The audience rises to a slow dance. The whole gets up. I saw how the men got up first, how they gently pressed their ladies and began to whisper something in their ears. The sounds of the saxophone led away unknown or familiar, unknown or long-studied.

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