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Kai Uchiha


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“Someday I will be worthy of being the lover of the next kazekage because she is the only girl I ever want.”

Name: Kai Uchiha

Clan: Uchiha

Gender: Male

Family members: Sarada Uchiha (Younger Sister)

Edward Uchiha (Father)

Sakura Uchiha (Mother)

Age: 12-13 (Boruto)

Birthday: March 17

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Dream: To become one of the greatest doctors to ever live.

Rank: Genin (Boruto)

Team 12: Vlad Uchiha (Teammate)

Est Uchiha (Teammate)

??? (Leader)

Chakra Nature: Water

Jutsus: Name Reveal 100 Healings, Flying Revolving Sword, Silent Killing, Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique, Water Clone Technique, Water Release: Water Bullet Technique, Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique, Hiding In Mist Technique, Water Prison Technique, Chakra Transfer Technique, Yin Seal: Release, Chakra Enhanced Strength, Heaven Spear Kick, Strength Of 100 Seal, Chakra Scalpel, Transformation, Creation Rebirth, and Five Elements Unseal.

Favorite Weapon: Katana

Personality: Determined and hilarious.

Lover: Kira Hyuga

Best friends: Shikadai Nara, Tsubaki Kurogane, and Wasabi Izuno.

Kai Uchiha was born in a hospital in the hidden Konohagakure. It was right then and there that his father, Edward Uchiha knew he would grow up to be a strong shinobi like him. Sakura Uchiha was very happy to finally meet their son in person after 9 months of waiting. Now they finally got to see what he looked like. He had his mother's hair and eyes, while he has his father's skin tone and personality.

Edward Uchiha then took Kai Uchiha with him one day to meet up with his best friend Levy Hyuga, who just gave birth to her daughter, Kira Hyuga. They talked while Kai Uchiha stared at Kira Hyuga being entranced by her beauty. It was at that moment that their fate was sealed. Since that day they would always play together while their parents chatted with each other. Kai Uchiha would always stare at Kira Hyuga because of her beauty. Though it made her embarrassed when he stares at her.

Kai Uchiha would then begin his training, as he got older and soon he started attending school to become a shinobi like his father was. Every night and day he would always study and train to grow stronger. Though he was in B average most of the time, it didn't stop him from his goal of one day surpassing his father. He constantly gets picked on for being the son of two medical ninjas, which made him depressed. His father always tries his best to comfort him telling him they will never beat him.

One day when Kai Uchiha was out buying groceries. He saw Kira Hyuga getting abused by her boyfriend, which made him angry. He rushed over to her and punches her boyfriend telling him that he should treat her as his equal and not some doll. The two of them got into a fight, which resulted in Kai Uchiha in a hospital bed. Kira Hyuga was right there beside him telling him that she was worried about him and that she was thankful for him standing up for her.

Since that day the two started dating and talk a lot about their parents' history with each other. Kai Uchiha just hopes her father, Gaara of the Sand would approve of him. Since her ex was someone that Gaara chose to be with his daughter. Still, Kira Hyuga wanted Kai Uchiha to be her boyfriend and nobody else because he treated her like someone important to him. Kai Uchiha then made a vow saying he'll grow strong enough that one day he'll be worthy of standing by her side when she becomes kazekage.

Kai Uchiha wanted to learn the beauty of water style, so he went to his lover's mother, Levy Hyuga for lessons on it. Levy Hyuga agreed to teach him since she was happy that her daughter found someone like him. Since then he would always train with her on learning water style, as Levy Hyuga told him about the beauty of it. He even went on taking swimming lessons to grow a strong connection with the water. Though he still had a long way to go before he can fully master water style.

Kai Uchiha made some friends at school that he always make time to hang out with them. They were Shikadai Nara, Tsubaki Kurogane, and Wasabi Izuno. He always had fun spending time with them since he can relate to them at times. Though he saw Tsubaki Kurogane, as his rival since they were both samurai. That's why he promised her that they'll have a match one day to see who is the stronger samurai.

Credit for Art: Levy Hyuga

Credit for Art: RW Pink

Credit for Art: Shn.Lucca

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Kai Uchiha info

Deviation Actions

Kai Uchiha (called Kage, when he used to be Anbu) was a very active ninja, and already in 8 years old he became chunin and he is the youngest team trainer. He is a team trainer of team 1, where is Aleu, Dakota and Miko. He one of the members of Uchiha clan who survived after the Itachi's interference into the conflict, because Kai understood, that something bad will happen to the clan, so he decided to disappear for a while. He used to appear in Naruto in reality, but his photo was on the documents that Sai grabbed for Orochimaru, his information was in documents, but his action was not appeared.
Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/michelcoolx/art/Kai-Uchiha-info-590488075

Uchiha kai

Kai Uchiha カイうちは ) is one of the last surviving members of Konohagakure's Uchiha Clan. After the well known Itachi Uchiha slaughtered their clan, Kai stayed by the side of Sasuke Uchiha, finding comfort in the fact it was only those two who had survived. She didnt make it a life goal to get revenge, although she held the grudge. She decided she had to become strong enough to fight for herself if anything were to happen, with that she trained constantly when she had free time on her hands. Incidents happened that caused Kai to leave Konoha as well as unable to return, but eventually after the Fourth Great Ninja War, Kai was able to return and help protect the village with the others. 



Kai is the second born child of Mataio and Nohara Uchiha, born after her older sister, Santoya Uchiha. Kai had a great childhood before the massacre took place. She made many friends as she was growing up and was generally a happy child. When Kai was born, Mataio and Nohara were thrilled to have another daughter, valuing their children like they were everything to them. When Kai was a baby, Santoya was more thay to help take care of her and watch over her, that was until she felt like Kai was getting more attention than she was, realizing she wasn't too fond of having a sibling if it meant less attention on her behalf. This caused Santoya to grow a little resenting toward Kai, which the young girl later wasn't able to understand.

Kai on the other hand adored her older sister as she reached her toddler years, she believed Santoya was amazing with her ninja skills and she began to look up to her. She was confused though to why Santoya constantly pushed her away or tried to un-include her from things she was doing with her friends. Kai was far to young to understand and as a child she seeked answers from her parents. Due to Nohara's work schedule, he didn't quite notice the change in Santoya, which baffled Mataio. Mataio explains to Kai that it is just how Santoya was, but even that answer wasn't enough for Kai. Kai attempted the answer from her older sister but was later ignore and brushed off. Mataio noticed the way Kai was responding to this and decided at the age of three it was time she made a friend or two. Mataio was close friends with Mikoto Uchiha, the mother of Sasuke Uchiha. Arranging a play-date, the two children were able to meet and hit it off quite nicely, although the two were very shy around one another, they slowly warmed up to each other over a few more play-dates.
When Kai entered the academy, she was eager to learn how to be a ninja much like her mother, father, and older sister. She worked really hard at trying to maintain good grades, good stats, and to practice each jutsu she was assigned. She did have trouble with her ninja tool training and seeked help from her family who in their free time, helped her out. Kai was very interested to hear that Santoya would be going on her very first mission soon, but upon Santoya's return she had been severely injured due to protecting a team mate from an unexpected enemy. Kai didn't understand what was going on, afraid as she had seen the way her family was treating this event, Mataio and Nohara had asked that a family friend take her on a trip for a few days. Kai was able to go and enjoy such a trip with the family friend, going by the name of Emni Surano, a family friend from Sunagakure. Emni adored Kai, as her close friends daughter she made sure to protect her no matter what, though she didn;t know that a day would come where she would need to do that entirely. Upon their return, they had just come home to the aftermath of the massacre. Although Kai wasn't able to understand a lot of adult issues at this point, she was well aware that her beloved family and clan had perished. Emni took care of Kai for a while until she was needed on a mission Sunagakure. Emni never returned and a messenger from Sunagakure came to inform the hokage that Emni Surano had died during the mission. Kai was informed as well and the feeling of losing another loved one shattered the young girls heart. In great despair, Kai activated her sharingan for the first time as she was running home from the tower.

Academy Days

As years past, Kai was still devastated about the loss of her family, but she found some comfort in Emni and her friends. Kai had made more friend besides Sasuke as she continued to go to the academy, that being Ino Yamanaka and Shikamaru Nara. Kai and Ino were quite close and when Sakura came around she didn't mind her presence and actually thought she was quite nice. Although she discontinued being friends with the pink haired girl when the fight broke out about the love for Sasuke between the two girls. Kai did not want to be involved in that but stuck by the side of Ino in whom she was friends with longer. Kai spent more time with Sasuke, he does know what she is going through and they share similar pain from it, thus they grew closer as they grew up.

Kai was later assigned to team eleven when Iruka Umino, their academy teacher, had assigned teams. Kai was paired with two boys by the names of Zero Hakureh and Hamaki Soren. Kai easily got along with Zero's cool and calm attitude but had to adjust to Hamaki's hyper and loud attitude. They shared a sensei by the name of Amaya Hosen, a woman of strength and understanding, who was very elated to have such a team as the three children. Kai went on many missions regardless how small or silly they were, she knew it just improved skill and respect. Team eleven was also able to co-team with team seven on missions that were too big for just four people, and they made a great team duo on missions.

Chunin Exams

As the chunin exams rolled around, Kai trained hard with her team mates in order to prepare, being qualified to take the tests required to become a chunin. During the first half of the beginning of the exam, Kai found herself struggling to answer the questions as they seemed so difficult. She had only caught on the real point of the test that she was needed to cheat without getting caught by the others and their instructor. She used her sharingan of course the cheat, keeping her head down to her paper and copying the movements of the person right beside her, writing of their paper. To her luck it was one of the people disguised as a ninja in training. She passed the first part.

The second part of the exams came, the forest of death, and Kai couldn't deny her minor anxiety about it, especially when Anko Mitarashi, their instructor, explained why it was called the forest of death. Kai has composed herself though making sure she didn't show any signs of being nervous. Upon entering the forest, she and her team composed a plan to get the a earth scroll from a team and head towards the tower. Kai took the liberty of carrying the heaven scroll in her bag because she was more agile than Zero and Hamaki who were prone to falling or getting themselves into danger. Alas, their plan failed when they heard the distress of team seven somewhere in the forest. Considering the bond she shared with Sasuke, she felt the need to help or safe them, so team eleven made their way to the team in danger. As they all helped fight against Orochimaru disguised as Shiore from Kusagakure, danger sparked even worse for not just team seven but team eleven as well. During the battle, Kai activated her sharingan in order to help fight off Orochimaru, although, Orochimaru noticed this eye prowess in her and quickly devised a plan of his own. As the battle continued he found an opening in which he used his tongue to snatch Kai's ankle, yanking her from the branch and holding her high over the ground. The sudden move caused Kai to drop her kunai and resort to looking right at him with her sharingan. Within moments, Orochimaru summoned Manda who came up and swallowed her, instantly disappearing before their eyes. Zero and Hamaki were stunned by the sight only to break down after, as for Sasuke whos anger grew seeing Kai eaten up, he couldn't fathom right away that she was killed, he didn't have her anymore, though it all hit him all at once when he battled Orochimaru the rest of the time.
    When the battle was over, Orochimaru returned to his hide out and had Manda remove Kai from his system. When the body of the younggirl was before them, Orochimaru made sure she was still alive. He was thrilled that his plan was coming together and very soon he would have the last Uchiha's in his grasp. His failed attempt with Itachi only led to his plans for Sasuke and Kai. He gave Kai a curse seal of her own in hopes she will survive it, having a doubt for a few days that she wouldn't make it, she soon got through the pain and he taught her just how to use it. He never returned her to Konohagakure, and her friends mourned her death alongside their beloved hokage. Sasuke grew a lot colder and when he decided to leave and join Orochimaru, she was part of his reason to do so.


Nearly three years later, Kai is alive and training under Orochimaru, unaware of his progressing plans. Orochimaru had put up a barrier in the hideout, masking the chakras of both Kai and Sasuke as well making sure they never figure out that the two of them are there together, or even let Sasuke know Kai hadn't died years ago. Although, as the year went on, Kabuto pointed out that the jutsu was weakening and Orochimaru knew it was time to reveal the presences of the other two, to one another. He knew Kai got suspicious over the years as breaks in the jutsu allowed her to sense another persons chakra, but she was quickly silenced by that. Once Orochimaru revealed the two Uchiha to one another, so many things went off between them. Kai was stunned to see the raven haired boy before her, and he was almost angered thinking it was some joke or trick that Orochimaru was casting on him. Kai and Sasuke battle a little but noticing signs in each other they quickly realized they were both real. They rekindled their loss time together and their bond grew much stronger as it needed. Orochimaru and Kabuto were highly satisfied by the reactions between Kai and Sasuke, they began discussing the next move of Orochimaru's plan. Orochimaru was well aware that it was going to be hard to get Sasuke right where he wanted him in order to use his body, so, Orochimaru devised a plan to take over Kai's body first and get much closer to Sasuke over the span of two more years, and when the time is right he would finally take over Sasuke's body. Sasuke overheard this and had already been planning to kill him, this just gave him more the reason. Kai caught ear of Sasuke's battle with Orochimaru, and when offered, she accepted to be a part of the team Sasuke was putting together, team taka.

Kai traveled alongside Sasuke as he gathered the members of the team, Suigetsu, Karin, and Jugo, despite all the drama involved, they were a good team and did what Sasuke asked of them as well for their own motivations. Kai's only motivation was sticking by the side of the person she had grown a bond with, the person she had known since she was a child and who went through the same pain with her. She didn't have any other desire.

Fourth Great Ninja War

During the war, Kai was alongside Sasuke for the longest time but she lost him when he veered off at the sight of his reanimated brother, Itachi Uchiha. Kai was told to go ahead to the war and he would catch up with her, but she feared that she would also see someone she wasn't prepared to see. Arriving to the war, she shocked everyone who didn't know she was alive, although a few of their friends thought she was a reanimation. She assured them that she was not but was also cut off by Sai saying that she wasn't on their side because she chose to continue and be a rogue, supporting Sasuke. This did shock some but Sakura added that she too would have done the same thing if it were her. Kai did her best to help out in the war, but when Madara had come alive and attempted to kill Sasuke, she did what she could to save him, resulting in her near death, as well his. Neither were able to save the other but Ino and Sakura found her and quickly rushed to save her and heal her. When all was okay, they continued to help, during a moment where everyone was being taken by the tree, Kai almost avoided it but was captured by it, despite Sasuke's attempted to get her out of the possesion of the tree. Kai dreamed when she was under, but once she was released, she was quick to help heal others and herself. She also helped heal Sasuke and Naruto's arms, best she could.        When the war was over and Sasuke was leaving, she had asked when he would be back and if he wanted her to come with him. He felt guilty that he had deprived her of the others, even though she never asked to go back, he wouldn't have wanted her to. He tells her that he wants her to stay and rekindle, and soon he would come back home. When he left, she stayed and helped rebuild the village, as well rekindle with all of the others.


Very soon after the village was rebuilt, Kai was able to help out with medical corps with Sakura and Ino. One of those days, Kakashi, the current hokage, asked for her to come to the tower as there was a message for her from Sasuke. She wasn't no time in getting there and once she did she read the letter. The paper read that Sasuke was now ready for her to come join him, and to come to Otogakure, to the hide out Orochimaru had. Kai accepted and made her way there, traveling to the hideout where she was welcomed by not only Sasuke, but their old team Taka, and Orochimaru. Despite the stained relationship between she and Karin, she was fine seeing her. She settled down there with Sasuke as well traveling alongside him when he did travel. Eventually they caught word of Naruto's wedding day and they were invited to go, which they did and congratulated them. Their other friends too began to get married and not long after, so she she and Sasuke. Soon after their marriage, Kai became pregnant, the two elated to be bringing life into their world. Kai traveled with him still but when she got further into the second trimester, she had to be on rest more often. Kai gave birth in december at the hideout, thanks to Karin's help during the delivery, Karin also revealed to their surprise they were having twins. Although Kai and Sasuke were surprised by this, they were thrilled.

Eventually, Kai had the feeling that the twins would grow up happier if they were around more loved ones and children their age, when they reached the age of three. Sasuke agreed and the two took their twins to Konohagakure. There, they had bought a home years ago and moved back into it to raise their children there. Sasuke still traveled from time to time but also Kai and the twins needed him there with them, she he did both, back and fourth.

Boruto Era

During the next generation, Kai lives alongside Sasuke in a large home where they raise their three children, Kasai, Mizu, and Yoru. Kasai and Mizu both attend the academy have many friends as the attend their school. Kai helps with the medical corps with Sakura and Ino, but she mostly takes care of their son Yoru since he is far too young to go to school, although when Kai has plans with the girls, Sasuke will care for Yoru and the twins if Kai isn't home during the day. Kai and Sasuke have a great relationship with each other and their children, living their lives in peace.


Naruto Shippuden Movie Bonds

In the Naruto Movie Bonds, Kai is seen in the hideout belonging to Orochimaru, casually training before she had walked in to get some water elsewhere in the building while Sasuke was called to Orochimaru, needing a favor of some sort. After Orochimaru demands that Sasuke bring him someone to help with his justsu, Sasuke asks for Kai to come with him so he at least has company and back up. Kai agrees and goes with Sasuke where they find Shinnō and Sasuke tells him what they need, Shinnō then gives Sasuke a scroll that will help, and with that, Kai and Sasuke begin to return back. At one point they got separated when Naruto had come inside and found Sasuke, Kai had gone outside where she saw Hinata with a boat full of people while Sasuke and Naruto were inside battling with the cocoon, absorbing dark chakra. Kai reminisces with Hinata until the other two come back outside. Kai notices Sasuke tossing a girl who was talking to Naruto, into the boat. Naruto forces those two into the boat two before falling. Back at the hideout, Kai and Sasuke return to Orochimaru and upon hearing Orochimaru ask Sasuke be asked if something, she grinned beside him as she too knew the words Naruto had said to him.

Naruto Shipuden Movie Road To Ninja

In the Naruto Road to Ninja Movie, Kai is seen in the alternate universe where her personality is too, different from her real one. Kai isn't too different upon approach, but she is definitely different relationship wise. In the movie, Kai and Sasuke have more or a love hate relationship and are often seen bickering or teasing each other. Kai is really close friends with Sakura in this world which Sakura actually seems to like, considering they aren't close in reality. In the bath house scene of the movie, Kai jokes along when they are all talking about breast sizes, Kai naturally having a c-sized chest, didn't make her feel offended at all when they were teasing each other, but she stood up for Sakura when Hinata began to make her upset about having a flat chest. When Lee basically falls through the roof of the girls locker room, Kai and the others quickly rush in when hearing Ino scream. Kai herself was rather furious, who liked a pervert, but as everything happened they all ended up chasing him out. Kai often walks home with Sakura which she does later that evening and even hugs her, making Sakura realize she would have loved to be friends with Kai back in the real world, but it wasn't that simple. Around the time Sakura sees Sasuke with plenty of girls in town, Kai ends up seeing this from a distance, a broken hearted Sakura. Kai approaches the group and casually merges in, acting as if she was in love with Sasuke which made the girls cry a bit, resulting in her pulling Sasuke to the side. She then scolds him for making Sakura cry, which he defended himself by saying he didn't even know she saw him. Considering Kai was close with Sakura here, this sparked up an argument between her and Sasuke, resulting in him teasing her on the way she had just acted in front of those girls, in order to get him to the side.

Naruto Movie The Last

In the Naruto Movie The Last, Kai is seen traveling with Sasuke, as only months after the war, Sasuke sent for her to join him on his travels. Kai and Sasuke are seen eating at a small restaurant before catching word from some of the people inside, speaking about Konoha. Kai admits she has a bad feeling about that and the two travel there. When they arrive, an excited Ino embraces them and makes Kai happy, though Sasuke just asks what is going on. Ino explains the situation with Hinata and Hanabi, as well the rest of whats going on, so the two decide to stay in the village, but once they all return home, they leave and continue to travel without even a hello or goodbye, but Ino does tell the others about Kai and Sasuke visiting. At the end of the movie during the credit section, photos are shown of Kai and Sasuke attending Naruto and Hinata's wedding, as well Kai and Sasuke later get married too. A scene shows photos of their babies and ther wedding day, before a small clip of Sasuke being tackled in the snow by their two year old twins, outside the hideout, while Kai sits on the porch amused by the scene, once again pregnant.

Boruto The Movie

In Boruto The Movie, Kai is seen with Hinata and Himmawari as her youngest son, Yoru, is playing with her, since they are the same age after all. Kai and Hinata talk about Naruto and Sasuke, bringing Kai to feel a bit sad that he isn't around right now. Kai even opens up to tell Hinata that the twins keep asking when he will be home and she knows how bitter Kasai is acting about it. Although Sasuke agreed to come stay home more often, he wasn't finished yet. Later on when Sasuke returns, Kai is elated and the couple spend some much needed time together. His appearance even excites the twins and especially their youngest son Yoru. Mizu and Kasai see the happiness it brings their mother, and even with Kasai's bitter attitude, he tells Sasuke one nigh after dinner that he should stay with them this time. Sasuke begins to think to himself about small memories he shared with Kai, telling Kasai that he does love their mother very much, and wants to be home but it's important to protect them too. Kai is also seen in the stands, holding Yoru in her lap while she sat with Temari, Sakura, and Ino, cheering on Kasai and Mizu when they were up to battle with others. Kai also helps save people during from the falling debris when they are all attacked and brings their son into safety as Sasuke rescues Kasai and Mizu from the large debris. Mizu asks where her mother is and Sasuke directs her to Kai, als making sure they are all okay. Kai is shown concerned when Kasai goes with Sasuke to help fight, and she asks them to come home alive. When all ends, Kai and Sasuke are seen together with Yoru as their twins reminisce with their friends later on. Kai holds Yoru as he asked his father to stay home, making Sasuke speak to Kai about the possibility and how he hasnt been in much of Yoru's life. Kai is beyond elated when he agrees to stay this time and finally the burden is lifted knowing he will be able to be there for all of them.



Child / Pre-Naruto

( pending )

Part I

In part I of the Naruto series, Kai is seen wearing a navy blue cropped top with a scarf like material around the neck, as well the Uchiha crest on the back of her shirt. She also wears a navy blue matching skirt with grey material beneath it. Kai wears the typical dark blue ninja sandals. Kai also has her hair pulled up in a high ponytail, the length still coming to the very back of her thighs. Kai's ears are pierced with silver studs.

Part II

In part II of the Naruto series, Kai is seen to have matured greatly into a young adult teen, even developing some curves to her body. Kai wears her hair pulled up into a high ponytail, the length now hanging down to the back of her knees. Kai's ears still hold the golden studs, she as well wears a gold ring on her upper left arm, her left forearm, and her right wrist. She wears a maroon colored dress with gold trimming, both sides having slits up the sides of the legs. She also wears knee high ninja sandal wedged boots.

Road To Ninja

( pending )

The Last

( pending )


In the gaiden version of the series, Kai is seen with her hair down and the sides of her hair braided back on the sides, the length to her calfs. She had golden studded earrings as well a silver band on her left hand ring finger, symbolizing her marriage to Sasuke. She wears a long sleeved navy blue dress and a pair of white ninja sandals. Kai is also seen pregnant with the twins at this time, then again a few years later with their third child.

Boruto Era

In this era, Kai is seen wearing her hair down, keeping the sides braided back and the length still to the back of her calfs. She still wears the golden studs in her ears and the silver band of her ring finger, also fashioning a crimson colored bracelet on her left wrist. Kai wears a v-cut navy blue dress with a slit up the side and gold trimming. Kai wears black knee high wedged boots again.


Chakra and Physical Prowess


Kai's chakra isn't too dark for someone who had gone through as much as she has, but she never really was power hungry even after the massacre. Kai trained well and sometimes excessively so she can keep up with the amount of jutsu she was learning. Kai also carries a few elemental chakra, one being win release which she controls nicely, as well her fire element. She briefly uses lightning style but it counteracts her wind release so she voids it out. She has the yang release, considering her father was part of the Senju clan, they inherited it. She also is able to use Yin release as well.  

Curse Seal

Orochimaru branded Kai after taking her during the Chunin Exams, having her back at his hideout he hoped that her body would accept the seal, and after days of thinking she would die, the curse accepted. Although, Kai experienced a lot of pain and complications while trying to control the usage of the seal, but later on she gains control and can freely use it when necessary. Kai's seal is taken when Sasuke battles Itachi, a painful way to lose the seal but she was glad that she didn't need to use it anymore.


Kai was able to obtain her first level of Sharingan after her parents family friend, Emni Surano, was killed during a mission, she felt she didn't have any family left and while running home she activated it for the first time through the tears. She enhanced her sharigan to the third level when she was fighting alongside Sasuke and her team against Orochimaru. Kai obtained the Mangekyō Sharingan after a while, this happened after she had killed her sensei from her academy days, Amaya Hosen. Amaya had come across Kai when she was on a mission with the ANBU Black Opps. Surprised that her student was alive she knew she would bring evil. Kai battled her and the young girls emotional state began to slip as she constantly replayed memories in her head about her team as a child, thus causing Kai to kill Amaya, almost unintentionally with her katana blade. Kai cried for once in a long time when it happened but she cared deeply for her past, and the woman she had just killed held the key to all of it, this awakened Kai's Mangekyō Sharingan. Kai began to go bling in her eyes and it irritated her to the point she was barely able to battle correctly, and when in battle she nearly lost her life, if it wasn't for Sasuke who swooped in to save her from death. Kai later was able to get Santoya's eyes, and awaken a different design of Mangekyō sharingan, allowing her great power with it. Kai never obtained the Rinnegan.



Sours: https://narutooriginals.fandom.com/wiki/Kai_Uchiha
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