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Robert Ludlum's The Hades Factor
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    13 Books

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    July 2000

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    October 2015

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Series List in Order

1Ludlum, Robert; Lynds, GayleRobert Ludlum's The Hades FactorEspionage / EJul-20004Buy
2Ludlum, Robert; Shelby, PhilipRobert Ludlum's The Cassandra CompactEspionage / EJun-20014Buy
3Ludlum, Robert; Lynds, GayleRobert Ludlum's The Paris OptionEspionage / EJul-20024Buy
4Ludlum, Robert; Lynds, GayleRobert Ludlum's The Altman CodeEspionage / EJun-20033.5Buy
5Larkin, PatrickRobert Ludlum's The Lazarus VendettaEspionage / EOct-20044Buy
6Larkin, PatrickRobert Ludlum's The Moscow VectorEspionage / EJul-20054Buy
7Cobb, James H.Robert Ludlum's The Arctic EventEspionage / EOct-20073.5Buy
8Cobb, James H.Robert Ludlum's The Vulcan PossessionEspionage / EOct-20082.5Buy
9Mills, KyleRobert Ludlum's The Ares DecisionEspionage / EOct-20113Buy
10Freveletti, JamieRobert Ludlum's The Janus ReprisalEspionage / ESep-20123Buy
11Mills, KyleRobert Ludlum's The Utopia ExperimentEspionage / EApr-20133.5Buy
12Freveletti, JamieRobert Ludlum's The Geneva StrategyEspionage / EFeb-20152.5Buy
13Mills, KyleRobert Ludlum's The Patriot AttackEspionage / EOct-20153.5Buy

Book Descriptions for series: A Covert-One Novel

  • Robert Ludlum's The Hades Factor
    Robert Ludlum's The Hades Factor
    Robert Ludlum; Gayle Lynds

    Book - 1

    The #1 bestselling master of suspense and international intrigue continues to set the standard against which all other thrillers are measured with his expertly plotted, pulse-pounding Covert-One series. An unknown doomsday virus has claimed the li...

  • Robert Ludlum's The Cassandra Compact
    Robert Ludlum's The Cassandra Compact
    Robert Ludlum; Philip Shelby

    Book - 2

    For over thirty years, Robert Ludlum has been acknowledged as the master of international suspense and intrigue. In 2000, Ludlum managed to raise the bar yet again with his widely acclaimed bestsellers The Prometheus Deception and The Hades Factor, t...

  • Robert Ludlum's The Paris Option
    Robert Ludlum's The Paris Option
    Robert Ludlum; Gayle Lynds

    Book - 3

    For 30 years, Robert Ludlum's novels have set the standard for the finest in international intrigue and suspense. With an unbroken string of bestsellers in almost every country in the world, Robert Ludlum's books have been enjoyed by hundreds of mill...

  • Robert Ludlum's The Altman Code
    Robert Ludlum's The Altman Code
    Robert Ludlum; Gayle Lynds

    Book - 4

    For three decades, Robert Ludlum's bestselling novels have set the standard in almost every country in the world against which all other novels of international intrigue are measured. Now comes the latest volume in the series of novels featuring Robe...

  • Robert Ludlum's The Lazarus Vendetta
    Robert Ludlum's The Lazarus Vendetta
    Patrick Larkin

    Book - 5

    The Lazarus Movement, the dominant force in the ecoconscious, "anti-technology" protest movement, has sent rumblings down the halls of the world's intelligence agencies. Led by a mysterious, never-seen figure known only as Lazarus, this increasingly ...

  • Robert Ludlum's The Moscow Vector
    Robert Ludlum's The Moscow Vector
    Patrick Larkin

    Book - 6

    At an international conference in Prague, Lt. Col. Jon Smith, an Army research doctor specializing in infectious diseases and secretly an agent attached to Covert-One, is contacted by a Russian colleague, Dr. Valentine Petrenko. Petrenko is concerned...

  • Robert Ludlum's The Arctic Event
    Robert Ludlum's The Arctic Event
    James H. Cobb

    Book - 7

    On a remote island in the Canadian Arctic, researchers discover the wreckage of a mysterious World War II-era aircraft, a discovery that forces the Russian Federation into a shocking admission. The unmarked plane is a Soviet strategic bomber that dis...

  • Robert Ludlum's The Vulcan Possession
    Robert Ludlum's The Vulcan Possession
    James H. Cobb

    Book - 8

    With U.S. intelligence agencies wracked by internal power struggles and paralyzed by bureaucracy, the President is forced to establish his own clandestine group - Covert-One - selected from the very best operators America has to offer. It is only act...

  • Robert Ludlum's The Ares Decision
    Robert Ludlum's The Ares Decision
    Kyle Mills

    Book - 9

    The murder of two fellow microbiologists and a bizarre act of ecological sabotage draws Lt. Colonel Jon Smith and the Covert-One Agency into a strange global quest that will lead from the geyser basins of Yellowstone National Park to the exotic Onsan...

  • Robert Ludlum's The Janus Reprisal
    Robert Ludlum's The Janus Reprisal
    Jamie Freveletti

    Book - 10

    With U.S. intelligence agencies wracked by internal power struggles and paralyzed by bureaucracy, the president was forced to establish his own clandestine group--Covert-One. It is activated only as a last resort, when the threat is on a global scale...

  • Robert Ludlum's The Utopia Experiment
    Robert Ludlum's The Utopia Experiment
    Kyle Mills

    Book - 11

    With U.S. intelligence agencies wracked by internal power struggles and paralyzed by bureaucracy, the president has been forced to establish his own clandestine group--Covert-One. It's activated only as a last resort, when the threat is on a global s...

  • Robert Ludlum's The Geneva Strategy
    Robert Ludlum's The Geneva Strategy
    Jamie Freveletti

    Book - 12

    On one evening in Washington, DC, several high-ranking members of government disappear in a mass kidnapping. Among the kidnapped is Nick Rendel, a computer software coding expert in charge of drone programming and strategy. He is the victim with the ...

  • Robert Ludlum's The Patriot Attack
    Robert Ludlum's The Patriot Attack
    Kyle Mills

    Book - 13

    Robert Ludlum's bestselling Covert-One series continues with an exciting new novel by New York Times bestselling author Kyle Mills. An attack on a Japanese warship brings Japan and China to the brink of war. Meanwhile, top Covert-One operative Col...


Covert-One Series

In the first installment of an exciting new series from Robert Ludlum, a teenage girl in Atlanta, an Army major in California, and a homeless man in Boston all die a horrible and painful sudden death from the devastating effects of an unknown virus. Lt. Col. Jonathan Smith, a combat doctor attached to the United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases, is assigned to solve the mystery of the virus' abrupt appearance. But as the death count rapidly mounts by the dozens, hundreds, thousands - in America, and around the world - Smith finds himself trapped in a maelstrom of mystery and danger.

Hardly knowing where to turn or whom to trust, Smith assembles a ragtag private team to aid him in his search for the truth behind the deadly virus - a quest that will lead them to the highest levels and darkest corners of the globe.

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Covert-One Books In Order

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Publication Order of Covert-One Books

Covert -one series are books that are authored after the death of Robert Ludlum. They dwell on themes of biological weaponry, conspiracy and corruption which appear to put society in stratospheric risk. The books are presumably written according to the ideas of Robert Ludlum by several authors.

The series starts with “The Hades Factor” which revolves around a deadly and evil viral experiment. The virus affects Jon Smith and his spouse. The first experiment of the virus is done on the Iraqi and the US soldiers in the Gulf war. The author justifies that the virus gradually spreads to other parts of the world causing death of three people including a Gulf war army major.

The virus spreads rapidly causing death to half a million people in different parts of the world. Jon Smith’s wife (Sophia) develops symptoms of the virus. She likens the symptoms to the monkey blood virus which attacked her while in Peru. Victor Tremont who is her co-worker develops the same symptoms after talking to Sophia.

Jon Smith goes back to Fort Detrick but he is attacked by rascal goons. He manages to overpower them alone shocking their leader, Mr. Nadal al-Hassan. After his return, he gets his wife severely sick. He tries to treat the loved one but unfortunately she dies. Smith comes to realize that Sophia died because of the lethal injection on her ankle by the rascal team leader (al-Hassan).

The main mission that remains now for Smith is to revenge on the killer of his love. He is backed up by Randi Russell (a sister to the late Sophia) and Peter Howell (former M16 of the British) to accomplish the revenge mission. He calls for action but he is ignored. He decides to break away from the US government.

With the help of Marty Zellerbach (a computer specialist), they discovers that Victor Tremont has been using antibiotics to spread a deadly virus to people. Smith reveals this undeniable truth and Victor is arrested. The most astounding part of the story is that all the charges against him are dropped. Smith voluntarily quits from the USAMRIID and joins the covert-one following the request from Fredrick Klein. The Hades Factor is an interesting book in the covert-one series and you should not afford to miss it.

The second title, “The Cassandra Compact”, engenders Jon Smith as a character who is wandering and sad after the death of his fiancée. It shows us how loving Smith was to Sophia Russell. He decides to rethink and reshape his destiny .The ultimate step comes into his mind after meeting a scientist , Megan Olson , Sophia’s childhood friend.

The absence of John from the United States Army Military Research InstituteInfectious Diseases is the sole reason that has made him tofind time to wander and meet Nathaniel Klein alias Fred. Fred gives him his first assignment- finding Danko, a Russian scientist who is by chance Jon’s friend. Unluckily, Yuri Danko is murdered by two assassins.

However, after the death of Danko, Peter Howell helps Jon to recover a document from Danko’s body. It is a warning to them about impending theft of the smallpox sample from a Russian biological research center-Bioaparat.

Jon goes to Moscow and disguises himself as venture capitalists. It is within this time that he meets Randi Russell, sister to his dead fiancé. He appears to look for young people to train them to be computer analysts for the Central Intelligence Agency. It is the CIA who warns Randi about the impending danger. In quick response, she with the help of Lara Telegin informs the president to secure Bioaparat. It in this course that Randi nicknames Jon ‘General Kirov’- meaning, a trusted liaison to the Russian government.

Unfortunately, the warning doesn’t prevent the imminent disappearance of the smallpox sample. A guard steals the sample passing it on to Ivan Beria who is paid to take the sample away from the country. It unfolds that the guard is murdered by Beria and the sample instead given to a NASA scientist- Adam Treloar.

Smith captures Adam through the use of video tape prepared by Sasha who is Randi’s protégé. It is as a result of computer advancements that the killing of Treloar becomes successful. It is Beria who is ordered kill him. Afterwards Jon is able to recognize that there is a connection to NASA. The reading of the connection however puts Smith in danger since Beria is ordered to kill him. Anticipating his actions, Smith and Kirov disable Beria and question him.

What goes round is that the US military is connected to the whole scheme. This discovery is made by Peter Howell and with the help of Randi’s computer knowledge, the Swiss financier Karl Bauer and the money he finances the scheme and that he actually is the leader of the theft scheme is known. Price and Richardson are also discovered to be working underground in the US to support Bauer.

What follows? Reed smuggles the sample and is eventually killed by Bauer but the sample is kept in the spacecraft by Jon Smith. Jon saves Megan’s life and at the cusp of the end of the Cassandra compact, Bauer is destroyed on doomsday along with the space craft that carries the sample.

It is a book that when read, the pangs of pain undergone by the characters reach you, the research conducted is really real and it catches the eye. It is organized in a way that when the events unravel, you actually see them.

Other books in the covert-one series that have hit the headlines and seduced the minds of several readers in the world include;

The Paris option in 2002.The Altman code in 2003.The Lazarus Vendetta in 2004.The Moscow vector in 2005.The Arctic event of 2007.
They are interesting books and going for them will be a prudent decision if at all you love the literature entertainment. The list of the books in the covert-one series is large. The message of Robert Ludlum is relevant today.

The success of the covert-one has been seen by many books that have made into TV shows and films. For example, the Hades Factor is known by its popularity. It was first aired in 2006 in Toronto.

Covert-one is a series of novels that have been praised all over the world due to their enthusiasm and entertaining nature. Robert Ludlum focuses on a U.S agency (covert one) that uses biological weapons to disarm enemies and fight corruption as well. The author has an amazing record of writing 27 novels that have been translated to 32 languages. Readers who are interested in transparency will love this series. They are worth the price.

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Covert-One series

The Covert-One series is a sequence of thriller novels written by several authors after the death of Robert Ludlum, presumably according to some of his ideas. The books feature a team of political and technical experts, belonging to a top-secret U.S. agency called Covert-One, who fight corruption, conspiracy, and bioweaponry at the highest levels of society.

List of books[edit]

  1. The Hades Factor (with Gayle Lynds) (2000)
  2. The Cassandra Compact (with Phillip Shelby) (2001)
  3. The Paris Option (with Gayle Lynds) (2002)
  4. The Altman Code (with Gayle Lynds) (2003)
  5. The Lazarus Vendetta (with Patrick Larkin) (2004)
  6. The Moscow Vector (with Patrick Larkin) (2005)
  7. The Arctic Event (by James H. Cobb) (2007)
  8. The Ares Decision (by Kyle Mills) (2011)
  9. The Janus Reprisal (by Jamie Freveletti) (2012)
  10. The Utopia Experiment (by Kyle Mills) (2013)
  11. The Geneva Strategy (by Jamie Freveletti) (2015)
  12. The Patriot Attack (by Kyle Mills) (2015)


  • Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Jonathan 'Jon' Jackson Smith, M.D.: Jon Smith was born and raised in Council Bluffs, Iowa, graduated from the University of Iowa, and attended medical school at the University of California at Los Angeles. His career is varied—a military doctor in MASH units, operative in military intelligence, and a troop commander. During the First Gulf War, he was a battlefield surgeon, and he served a short time in Somalia. In the opening book of the series, The Hades Factor, he is a research scientist with USAMRIID, the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, located at Fort Detrick, Maryland. During his time there, he became engaged to another research scientist, Sophia Russell. At the end of the first novel, he's approached to join a brand-new, independent, highly secret agency called Covert-One.
  • Randi Russell: Randi is the younger sister of Dr. Sophia Russell, Smith's fiancée who dies in The Hades Factor by a lethal injection. She is a skilled operative working for the CIA, and is often seconded by Covert-One to assist Smith in his endeavors. In many cases, it is by simple chance that she encounters Jon Smith. She is known to resent Smith for his failure to save her fiancé, a major in the U.S. Army, and also for failing to save her sister Sophia. In The Arctic Event, the head of Covert-One flags Randi as a possible recruit for his agency, finally taking her in during The Ares Decision.
  • Martin 'Marty' Joseph Zellerbach: Marty is a computer expert with Asperger syndrome. He is very helpful in The Hades Factor, The Paris Option, and The Utopia Experiment. He also makes a short appearance in The Ares Decision and The Janus Reprisal.
  • Peter Howell: Howell is a British national, a former-Special Air Service officer and known for working with a number of intelligence agencies, including the CIA and MI6. He is an old friend of Jon Smith's, appearing in six novels, but absent from The Altman Code, The Moscow Vector, The Arctic Event, and The Utopia Experiment. He has a secluded home in the U.S., which contains a command center and a sizeable armory. Like Randi Russell, Howell usually encounters Smith purely by chance, except in The Hades Factor and The Ares Decision, where he is recruited by Smith for a mission.
  • Nathaniel Frederick 'Fred' Klein: An obscure government agent with experience with the CIA and the Pentagon, Fred Klein is selected by President Sam Castilla to set up Covert-One, after the devastating effects of Victor Tremont's Hades Project. Klein is an extremely secretive man, and almost nothing is known about him. He often counsels the president directly, advising him on what to do.
  • Samuel Adams 'Sam' Castilla: Castilla is the President of the United States in all Covert-One novels, an experienced and wise diplomat and politician. After he and his numerous intelligence agencies failed to prevent the Hades Project before it killed thousands, Castilla orders Fred Klein, an old college friend, to set up Covert-One, an elite agency and the personal action arm of Castilla, to combat such national security threats. Though several have their suspicions, Castilla is the only man outside of Covert-One who knows of its existence.
  • Maggie Templeton: Ex-CIA, she is Fred Klein's sister-in-law and secretary, executive assistant and second in charge of Covert-One. She first appears in The Cassandra Compact.
  • Major General Oleg Kirov: Kirov is a former officer of the KGB, a self-proclaimed 'new Russian', who now operates as a senior intelligence officer at the Federal Security Service. Kirov appears in The Cassandra Compact, and also in The Moscow Vector. In both cases, he assists Lieutenant Colonel Smith in succeeding, even though in his second appearance, the enemy Smith is fighting is Kirov's own government.
  • Professor Valentina Metrace: Metrace is a professor of Warfare at Cambridge who is a special weapons expert and a skillful Covert-One agent. Her only appearance is in The Arctic Event.
  • Star: Star is the newest member of Covert-One, a former librarian in her thirties with massive computer skills.
  • Andreas Beckmann: A German national who is an acquaintance of Peter Howell. He first appeared in The Janus Reprisal.

TV miniseries[edit]

In April 2006, CBS aired a mini-series based on The Hades Factor.

Film adaptation[edit]

On May 16, 2016, Universal and Captivate Entertainment announced the film adaptation will be a part of a cinematic universe of Robert Ludlum adaptations such as: The Janson Directive,The Sigma Protocol,The Parsifal Mosaic and others.[1]



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