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Golf apparel is big business and there are many golf stores where you can buy your favorite apparel and accessories. This means that you have to go out to the store to buy your gear.

Short par 4 golf is a website that you subscribe to for a monthly fee and they send you a Short Par 4 Subscription box on a monthly basis with a variety of items according to your preferences selected on sign-up.

A Short Par 4 subscription removes the stress of maintaining your golf apparel wardrobe. They might send some things you do not need or would not normally purchase which is not always a bad thing.

It adds frequency and continuing diversity to your attire from styling, fit, and colors.  You may end up enjoying attire you would never have purchased for yourself.

Short Par 4’s website states that “Handsomeness is guaranteed” and their mission is to ensure all their members look and feel handsome wherever they go.

1. Quality and price

The Short Par 4 subscription box contains high-quality products delivered right to your doorstep at a fraction of the price.

2. Style Caddies

The Short Par 4 Style Caddies are golfers and understand what golfers require and what works on and off the course. To accommodate individual taste there is a personalized style quiz when you subscribe.

3. Giving back

The Short Par 4 website is not just about delivering high-quality apparel, but it is building a community of golf enthusiasts. Short Par 4 donates on an ongoing basis to more than 75 various charities such as Wounded Warriors, American Cancer Society, Community Cancer Fund, Little Linksters, and the Shane Victorino Foundation.

4. What you can buy

You can purchase the following articles on their website

  • Gift Cards
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Shoes
  • Hats
  • Accessories

5. Ambassadors

Short Par 4 has some well-known ambassadors representing their brand such as

  • LEXI THOMPSON Professional Golfer – LPGA Tour
  • JOHN CHIN Professional Golfer – Korn Ferry Tour
  • KEVIN DOUGHERTY Professional Golfer – Korn Ferry Tour
  • KEVIN LUCAS Professional Golfer – Korn Ferry Tour
  • TOM PERNICE JR. Professional Golfer – PGA Tour Champions


Membership Subscription

To subscribe to the Short Par 4 subscription box is a straightforward process and should not take longer than a couple of minutes. The process is as follows:

  1. First of all, you have to select the perfect membership plan. Not all membership plans are available to men and ladies.
  2. The Fairway membership and Executive membership are only available to men while the Magnolia membership is only available to ladies. The executive and PGA memberships are available to both men and ladies.
  3. Four memberships are catering to every type of golf lifestyle. Every plan caters to various levels of golfers, budgets, and style preferences.

Memberships Options

1. The Fairway Membership

The Fairway package will deliver exceptional style and improve your self-confidence on and off the course and comes at an average price of $49.95 per month.

This is where you will get the most value for money by providing high-quality brands that you are sure to appreciate. The plan is aimed at innovative men wanting to look great without spending a fortune.

Benefits of the Fairway membership:

  • You will get membership-only discounts
  • It is delivered monthly
  • The box contains Bran Name apparel
  • All clothing is hand-selected according to your preferences set at the time of subscribing.

Example of Fairway Subscription receiving a Polo, Hat & Glove

Subscription Fee $49.95

  • Shirt Value 70% $35
  • Hat Value: 15% $7.50
  • Glove Value: 15% $7.50

Subscription Fee $24.98

  • Shirt Value: 70% $17.50
  • Hat Value: 15% $3.75
  • Glove Value: 15% $3.75

2. The Executive Membership

Executive membership is aimed at men who aspire to the absolute best and are willing to take some risk to achieve their aspirations. This membership prioritizes quality above quantity and suited to men that only want the finer things in life.

The membership comes at an average price of $99.95 per month and is only available to men.

The Executive membership comes with VIP treatment and you will receive premium golf brands at a fraction of the price. Your monthly box will include items from leading brands such as Travis Mathew, Ralph Lauren RLX, Sunice, and Greyson.

The VIP treatment includes access to exclusive deals and VIP Customer Service thus avoiding having to deal with chatbots.

Example of Executive Subscription receiving a Pullover, Polo, Hat & Glove

Subscription Fee $99.95

  • Pullover: 50% $50
  • Shirt Value: 35% $35
  • Hat Value: 7.5% $7.50
  • Glove Value: 7.5% $7.50

Subscription Fee $49.98

  • Pullover: 50% $25
  • Shirt Value: 35% $17.50
  • Hat Value: 7.5% $3.75
  • Glove Value: 7.5% $3.75

3. The Magnolia Membership

The Magnolia membership name is derived from Magnolia Lane at Augusta National Golf Club and symbolizes that female golfers were allowed to play at Augusta National Golf Club for the first time in its history in 2019.

The Magnolia membership is aimed specifically at women and was developed together with LPGA pro, Lexi Thompson. This distinctive box includes apparel, accessories, and gear inspired, and curated by Lexi.

This membership is exclusively for ladies at an average price of $99 per month.

The Magnolia subscription offers premium golf brands for a fraction of the price. Unlike other memberships, you will receive a box every second month. The box will include items initially styled by one of Puma Golf’s top ambassadors, Lexi Thompson.

4. The PGA of America membership

The PGA of America membership is sold in limited quantities and takes Short Par 4 to another level of sophistication in golfing circles. You will receive apparel and accessories with the PGA Championship and Ryder Cup logos every second month and is packed in a commemorative collectible box.

This membership is available to both men and ladies at an average price of $150 per month.

Some of the planned packages had to be revised due to the Covid19 epidemic and the impact that it had on the golf tournaments such as the Major tournaments and the Ryder cup being postponed.

Take A Style Quiz

The second step of the subscription process is taking the Style Quiz. This only takes a few minutes. This will enable the Style Caddies to pack your box with items that fit your style requirements and your lifestyle.

1. Athletic style

This will suit you if your style is modern, clean, and stylish with solid, stripe, and subtle texture patterns. The best example of golfers that falls into this category is Dustin Johnson and Zach Johnson.

The apparel is available in deep tones and popping accent colors.

2. Loud and wild style

This is for the adventurous golfers that prefer to stand out in a crowd. The style is bold, strong, and full of fun with striped, chevron, argyle, and plaid patterns. Good examples of golfers that will fit into this category are Ricky Fowler and Ian Poulter.

The colors are loud bright often neon colors with some unexpected color combinations.

3. Traditional style

The traditional style is more conservative and classic with solid and subtle texture patterns. Neutral colors with- some muted accents are generally part of this style.

Golfers that you can associate with this style are Fred Couples and Matt Kuchar.

4. All styles

Last but not least is the All Styles combination. This will provide you with a variety of fashions to suit all occasions with colors ranging from neutral colors in the Traditional style to the bold colors found in the Loud and Wild style. The patterns range from the traditional style patterns to plaids and fun-loving patterns.

Golfers that can be associated with this are Phil Mickelson and Adam Scott

5. Additional Selections

During the styling process you get to choose your shirt size, pant size, shoe size, hat size glove size end the preferred hand for your glove.

The subscription process furthermore captures information on your handicap, how often you play golf, preferred putter, preferred ball, and preferred wedge.

After answering all of the styling questions you can simply go ahead and pay through the easy to navigate payment page showing your shopping cart.

6. Style delivered

The third and last step in the process is the delivery of your box to your preferred address. No go-between involved in getting your selection to you. Deliveries are done once a month for the Fairway and Executive subscriptions and once every second month for Magnolia and PGA Tour subscriptions.

7. Billing

Billing is done on the first day of the month and it must be canceled by 11:59 PM EST on the 28th day of the month if you do not want to be charged for the next/ month. The billed amount includes shipping costs.

8. Shipping

The Fairway, Executive, and Magnolia Box are shipped on the 15th of the month, and if the 15th lands on a weekend or Holiday the shipment will be done the first business day after the 15th. The PGA Tour Experience box ships on the 20th of December, February, April, June, July, August & September.

Delivery is expected between 4 to 8 business days after shipping.

9. Canceling Your Subscription

If for some reason you want to cancel your subscription the process is clearly defined on their website and it can be done via the website, on a live chat, or by text.

Your account will remain active until you receive a confirmation of the cancellation.

EMAIL is not acceptable for cancellation.

10. Short Par 4 Rewards Program

Short Par 4 does have a rewards program whereby you can earn SP4 Bucks for credit to the Vault and an upcoming Subscription!  Members earn points for every purchase and for engaging with the brand through social media and other platforms.

Reward points cannot be redeemed for cash but like cash at the checkout

SP4 bucks can be earned by:

  • Reading the SP4 magazine – 125 points
  • Following the podcast – 125 points
  • Follow on Instagram or Twitter – 125 points
  • Follow on Facebook or YouTube – 125 points
  • Share on Facebook – 125 points
  • Create an account – 200 points
  • For every $1 spent – 10 points

You can redeem your SP4 Bucks once a month in two separate ways

    • Vault purchases on the website
    • Selecting the Redeem option on an existing subscription 

11. Brands

You can expect to find any of the major brands in your box such as Adidas, Callaway, Oakley, Puma, and Under Armour, and some of the lesser-known brands such as Greg Norman, Oxford, 2UNDR, and LinkSoul.

Final Thoughts

The ShortPar4 golf subscription box is an interesting concept to provide you with unknown contents of a box delivered to your doorstep every month. The anticipation of what is in the box often exceeds the excitement of the contents.

Not that you will be disappointed with what you find inside. On the contrary, you will only find high-quality products on the inside, but you will not know what to expect until you receive it.

The Short Par 4 Golf concept is not just aimed at providing you with apparel and accessories at a great discount, but it helps to build a golfing community with shared interests. The choice of multiple membership options makes it feasible for every budget to enjoy.

Nick Lomas

Nick Lomas is the founder of GolfSpan, an avid golfer, not quite a pro but has over 15-years of experience playing and coaching golfers from all over the world. His mission is to bring the golfing community a better experience then it comes to choosing the right golf gear, and finding the right set up for your game.

Sours: https://www.golfspan.com/short-par-4-review


I’ve been looking into golf subscription boxes for a while. I enjoy a fresh polo and shorts as much as the next guy but good quality stuff is expensive and it limits my ability to refresh my golf wardrobe.

Typically, most of my higher quality stuff I get from stores like Marshalls or in Canada, Winners, or if the pro shop is having a year end clearance. I know it usually is a couple of seasons behind but it is still nice.

And since I’m a brand whore and I like nice things I seek out the more well known brands like Adidas and Travis Matthew, Under Armour….so I am willing to shell out a bit more.

When I came across Short Par 4 I was intrigued as the prices were pretty reasonable.

First off I’ll walk though the sign up and how they determine your style.

The sign up is fairly straight forward, if you’ve signed up for anything on the internet ever you can sign up for this.

Next comes getting styled. There are four different styles to choose from:

  • Loud and Wild which they base off of guys like Ricky Fowler and Ian Poulter, think bright colors and bold patterns
  • Traditional based on guys like Freddy Couples and Matt Kucher, more subdued colors and more of a classic look
  • Athletic not based on guys like me (ie:fat/husky) Dustin Johnson and Jordan Speith, a modern, clean look
  • And last All Styles which is pretty self explanatory, a combo of all the styles.

There are 2 packages to choose from, the Fairway Package $49.00 USD/month plus shipping, this package 2-3 premium items. There is also the Executive Package $79.00 USD/month plus shipping, this includes 3-4 premium items, access to VIP member support and early access to member only deals. I’m assuming this means you know what is coming your way from month to month.

You then pick your shoe, pants, glove and shirt sizes, what hand you wear your glove on. I decided to go with the Fairway Package and went with All Styles option.

I ordered it up and received an email right away stating the order was picked and ready for shipment. I should mention that I placed my order close to Christmas so I was expecting some shipping delays. Turns out I was right and I didn’t receive my order until the first week of February. I should also mention that I am in Canada so expect more delays from that as well.

In total I paid $85.00 in Canadian funds shipped including exchange. When the package arrived I also had to pay $16.00 in duty, this is obviously not SP4s fault and was an oversight on my behalf. I have received 2 orders since the first box and haven’t been dinged duty on either.

When I opened the bag I was pleasantly surprised to see I got 2 Matte Grey shirts and a Matte grey pullover as well as a base layer under shirt. 4 items in total. The colors I received were nice, light blue and grey polos, the pullover was a nice coral ie:pinkish color, I prefer to call it aggressive salmon. The base layer shirt was dark grey. If I’m being honest I likely would not have chosen the aggressive salmon color if I’d seen it on the shelf but I actually like it.

I checked the Matte Grey website Hausofgrey.com I could see that the shirts priced out to an average of $70.00 USD, so a pretty decent deal.

Just by coincidence I had been watching a PGA event on TV I noticed one of the golfers wearing Matte Grey and really liked the look. Admittedly I have never heard of it but I am really looking forward to showing it off on the course this upcoming season. Once this -30 degree weather and waist deep snow melts away that is.

I decided to do one more month and see what I get, I ended up with an Under Armour box. Nothing to crazy here but I ended up with a performance pullover and a Jordan Spieth fitted hat, really nice stuff.

Now I did try to cancel my membership and was told by the very pleasant person on the other end that she could do half off my next month and gave me a hint as to the shoes that would be arriving in the next order, well to say that tickled my fancy is an understatement and because I am weak and easily persuaded I decided to go for one more month. The shoes showed up and I was happy to see a pair of really nice grey Callaway La Jollas, I tried them on and the fit is perfect. They also came with an extra set of laces. Overall very happy!

The website also offers their own currency when you pay for your order, I’ve earned 650 SP4 bucks so far and you can put those towards your future orders.

Short Par 4’s website states that “Handsomeness is guaranteed” Well I hope so because I’m as homely as my golf swing!

I highly recommend Short Par 4, unreal prices, quality stuff and a friendly support staff. Get in, get styled and get out to the course.


Sours: https://golficity.com/my-short-par-4-experience/
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Short Par 4 is a golf apparel subscription business launched in 2014 by, Bobby Dimeo, a graduate of the Golf Academy of America, and founder of the former Caddie Connection.  There are a variety of golf subscription services available that vary widely in what they provide, the purpose they serve, and perceived customer value or return on investment.  Most golf subscription services share a similar concept, a box with “golf stuff” is shipped to your home on a designated frequency schedule. It’s like unwrapping a Christmas gift. You’re not sure what will be inside, or if you’ll even want it.  At times, the anticipation of the box can be more exciting than the box itself.  

Instead of displaying the unwrapped contents in front of your family with a forced smile, subscribers take to golf equipment forums or social media to share their excitement or displeasure without reservation.  Some threaten to cancel if the next box isn’t desirable.  Some appreciate what’s inside even though they wouldn’t have picked the item for themselves and game it.  The reality becomes that it’s really hard to give up that special someone that sends you something on a schedule, even if you have to pay for the friendship.

If you are a serious golfer, you’ve all had the family member that has labeled you a “big golfer” and tries their hardest to get you something “golf” for your birthday. They fail 100% of the time.  Short Par 4 is like that girlfriend that asks your friends what you really want as a gift.  Although Short Par 4 boxes can contain equipment or golf gear, the focus of the subscription is golf apparel.

Yes, I write about golf apparel.  No, I don’t like to shop.  In fact, I have never met another male that has told me they enjoy shopping for clothes, or even golf apparel.  In fact, I dread it.  I don’t like to try things on, I buy everything online and continually roll the dice on fit.  Rarely will I return apparel.  If a shirt is too small, I save it for the winter and wear it under a quarter zip. If it’s too large, I tuck it in tighter and make it work.  Yes, I like quality pieces and apparel, I just don’t like spending much time on the process of procuring it.

A Short Par 4 subscription does just that.  It removes the hassle of thought from continuing to update your golf apparel wardrobe.  You might get some things you didn’t know you needed, or wouldn’t normally purchase for yourself.  It adds continual and ongoing variety to your apparel from styling, fit, and colors.  You might end up loving selections you would never have purchased for yourself.

In my conversation with Short Par 4, I was shocked to learn that apparel contained in the boxes isn’t from prior year deliveries, or items you’d find on the clearance rack.  They are updated and current year pieces from each brand.  Short Par 4 leverages their buying power.  When they approach an apparel brand, they aren’t a country club pros shop with a 300-person membership base.  They are a subscriber service with thousands of members, but purchase apparel in the same manner that a country club would.  The quantities ordered are where Short Par 4 members realize the discount and value.

In both the Fairway and Executive membership categories, subscribers can choose between Athletic, Loud, or Conservative styles and colorways.  Short Par 4 designs the boxes each month for the membership.  It isn’t selections that brands are looking to dump, the items are selected and purchased for each specific category of box, each and every month. They even have some of their own branded apparel which, by most accounts, have received really positive reviews.  The process is thought out and designed each month for the membership rather than a box of discounted goods.

The blatantly obvious aspect of Short Par 4 that I like is quite simply, it’s fun.  For $50 a month, you’re not breaking the bank and most people exceed that number in trips to Starbucks alone.  Every month you can expect a box of golf apparel valued at twice what you actually paid.  If you love the game, how can that not be an enjoyable process?  I will guarantee this, you’re not going to like everything, the fit won’t always be perfect, it may not be something you do for years to come. But I’ll tell you what, right now, it sure is fun anticipating that box every month.

If you absolutely hate everything that came in the box, you can return it to Short Par 4 for $10 (free for Executive and Tour Experience members).  The merchandise you return will refunded back to you in the form of a gift card, or account credit.  Short Par 4 also allows you to place your membership on hold if you don’t want items during the winter months or if finances need to be reallocated for a period of time.  There is no contract, you can terminate the subscription at any time.

Sours: https://www.independentgolfreviews.com/short-par-4-apparel-subscription/
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