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  • PVC-free Closure

    Available in Ø53 and Ø63 diameters, Crown’s PVC-free closures are suitable for both pasteurized and sterilized products. To help enhance the look and feel of the closures, food and beverage brand owners can leverage Crown’s full family of external print finishes, ranging from spot gloss, gloss and metallic to matte and embossing.

    PVC Free BPA-Ni
  • Metal Closures for PET Containers

    Crown's new vacuum metal closures are targeted at brands that are considering a change from glass to PET containers but still seeking the traditional benefits of metal closures such as superior heat transfer during the heating or cooling processes.

    Crown Metal Closures for PET Containers

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With the development of the pull-tab – the first easy-open beverage end – beverage cans became a much more accessible packaging format.

As brands continue to look to Crown as the leading beverage can manufacturer for new tools to help them to stand out in the crowded retail landscape, additional developments in end technology have emerged to enhance the convenience, ease-of-use and drinking experience.

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Standard Ends

Crown offers a range of standard end sizes for beverage cans, which are available in silver or gold finish. Large Opening Ends, which feature a standard stay-on tab end with a larger opening for easier drinking and pouring, are also available.

  • 206 (57mm), Regional availability: Asia
  • 202 (52mm), Regional availability: Europe, North America, Asia, Brazil
  • 200 (50mm), Regional availability: Europe, Asia

Ring-Pull Ends

Manufactured in the Middle East, Crown's ring-pull ends are designed to complement a variety of marketing strategies on drinks cans including promotional messaging and instant win campaigns.

  • 200 (50mm), Regional availability: Europe, Asia
  • 202 (52mm), Regional availability: Asia
  • 206 (57mm), Regional availability: Asia


Crown's SuperEnd® beverage ends utilize a unique countersink wall angle and reinforcing bead to dramatically reduce metal use, improve end performance and increase brand awareness while also enhancing consumer convenience. The lightweight SuperEnd® beverage end significantly reduces materials costs and makes beverage cans even more environmentally-friendly.

  • 202 (52mm),  Regional availability: Europe, North America, Brazil

360 End®

As the world’s first drink can with a full aperture end, the 360 End® allows consumers to remove the entire lid, transforming the beverage can into a drinking cup and eliminating the need for separate glassware.

  • 200 (50mm), Regional availability: Asia
  • 202 (52mm), Regional availability: North America, customers in Europe and Brazil please contact your Crown representative directly for more information

Global Vent™

The Crown Global Vent™ is a unique beverage end technology that features a dual aperture opening to facilitate a smoother pour from the beverage can and enhance the consumer experience.

  • 202 (53mm), Regional availability: North America, customers in Europe and Brazil please contact your Crown representative directly for more information
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Crown cork

A generic 21-tooth crown cork bottle cap.

The crown cork (also known as a crown seal, crown cap or just a cap), the first form of bottle cap, was invented by William Painter in 1892 in Baltimore. The company making it was originally called the Bottle Seal Company, but it changed its name with the almost immediate success of the crown cork to the Crown Cork and Seal Company. It still informally goes by that name, but is officially Crown Holdings.


A Dutch patent application from 1892

The crown cork was the first highly successful disposable product (it can be resealed, but not easily). This inspired King C. Gillette to invent the disposable razor when he was a salesman for the Crown Cork Company. The firm still survives, producing many forms of packaging.[1]

Prior to the invention of the crown cork bottle stopper, soda bottles had ordinary cork bottle stoppers and often had rounded bottoms so they could not be stored standing upright. The reason for this is corks have a tendency to dry out and shrink, which allows the gas pressure in the bottle to cause the cork to "pop". Storing bottles on their side prevents the corks from drying out and "popping". After the invention of the crown cork bottle stopper, this problem was eliminated, and soda bottles could be stored standing upright.[2]

Crown corks are collected by people around the world who admire the variety of designs and relative ease of storage.[3][4] Collectors tend to prefer the term "crown cap" over "cork".[citation needed]

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