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The NFL's All-Hair Team: The 22 Wackiest Hairstyles in the League

My late grandfather, who grew up during the Great Depression, was a major influence on getting me involved in sports, particularly football. It was one of his great passions. He grew up at a time when crew cuts were the norm.

So, when football players started sporting Brillo cuts and dreads, he found it amusing. He would quip about the long hair and ask why the defenders didn't just tackle them from behind by the hair. After all, he always reminded me that long hair was for females, not males. 

The times most certainly have changed.

Now football players with long hair of any variety, are the norm. Some of this is fashion sense, or lack thereof, while some of it is deeply rooted, pun intended, in cultural influence. 

Today, I am going to give you the 22 NFL players with the "best" and most "distinct" hairstyles in the league. At this time in the season when football starts to get more serious, I thought it would make sense to provide some lighthearted commentary heading into the weekend.

You will see comparisons to Phil Spector and Fred Flinstone. You will see links to clips about Rick James and Bob Marley. Most of all you'll be vastly entertained with this all-hair team. 


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21. Garo Yepremian

This looks like a guy who would throw the worst pass in Super Bowl history, right? (AP Photo)

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20. Charlie Whitehurst

We kick off with Clipboard Jesus. Let's just say only his look, and not his play on the field, was divine. (Yes, that was cheesy. Even for me.) (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

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19. Anthony Dixon

Dixon always keeps you guessing with his hair, but the frosted tips here are a winner. (AP Photo/Paul Spinelli)

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18. Mark Sanchez

Sanchez was given a lot of grief for this hair choice (among other things). But I kind of like it. Sanchez wanted to keep the hair out of his face. Oh, and for the record, Sanchez is growing his hair out to donate his locks to cancer patients. (AP Photo/Rich Schultz)

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17. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

So everybody wants to give Sanchez grief, and yet DRC gets a free pass with the painted stripe? But it is kind of cool. (AP Photo/Rich Schultz)

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16. Joe Namath

Yep, this is the look of a guy who you know is going to beat your football team and end up getting the girl, too. (AP Photo)

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15. Jeff Reed

Hey Jeff, Guy Fieri called, he wants his look back. (AP Photo/G. Newman Lowrance)

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14. Don Hutson

If anybody could encapsulate old-timey football, it's Hutson who was the greatest player of his generation (and one of the most prolific of all-time). (AP Photo)

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13. Antonio Garay

I'll be honest, I'm kind of oversaturated with guys who shave designs into their head. It's been done, fellas. However, Garay gets the lifetime achievement award. (AP Photo/Paul Spinelli)

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12. Kevin Greene

Greene here is rocking a Hulk Hogan look from his AWA days. Not surprisingly, Greene made a go at it in professional wrestling. (AP Photo/Paul Spinelli)

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11. Pat Tillman

But if we're going to talk about all-time best long hair, the conversation starts and ends with Tillman. His look inspired guys like A.J. Hawk to grow out long hair. (AP Photo/Greg Trott)

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10. Jerry Rice

This was a very bold look for Rice here, as he was able to cultivate a dual style of the shaved head with the dread locks. Very bold, indeed. (AP Photo/Al Golub)

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9. Tom Brady

The master of many looks, Brady is showing off a pretty nice 'do right here. At least it's not that Justin Bieber-look he had for so long. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

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8. Matt Hasselbeck

Hey, being bald is a style. And I might be biased but I think Hasselbeck looks pretty slick here. Don't judge me. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

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7. Rashean Mathis

We'll have Mathis represent all those with the long dreadlocks. But this look can be a hazard. Officials had to pick up a flag when a horse-collar tackle was found to actually be hair-pulling on Mathis who was in the middle of an interception return. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

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6. Domata Peko

Yes! That's all. Just yes! (AP Photo/Ed Zurga)

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5. Tim Tebow

Sadly, Tebow never took to the Friar Tuck look as first cultivated here by the hands of some veterans during his rookie season. (AP Photo/Eric Bakke)

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4. Randy Moss

Moss went with many different hair styles during the years. But he became the Bake McBride of his era with this look. And Google Bake McBride, it's worth it. (AP Photo/David Stluka)

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3. John Riggins

Long before "faux-hawks" and fancy hair coloring became a fashion statement, Riggins rocked a real Mohawk. (National Football League)

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2. Troy Polamalu

The gambling style of Polamalu has made him a favorite among even novice fans. But you have to wonder if he would enjoy the notoriety if he didn't have the long, flowing locks. Actually, you don�t have to wonder about it too much at all. (AP Photo/Paul Spinelli)

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1. Brian Bosworth

But when you talk about people who were known for their hair more than anything else, it's the Boz. Well, I mean he's also known for that whole Bo Jackson thing. But the hair is right there. (AP Photo/Paul Jasienski)

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  • Mark Davis was never an NFL player but he is the son of the late, legendary owner of the Raiders, Al Davis and current owner and managing partner of the franchise. His light ginger hair makes it look like he sleeps in a Raiders helmet.

  • Antonio Garay has had a number of crazy haircuts, which are usually paired with his facial hair to form an interesting look encompassing his entire head. He usually adds some color to all the crazy designs because shaving the face of another man into the back of his head just isn't enough.

  • Aside from his NFL Hall of Fame career and successful career as a sports commentator, Terry Bradshaw is known for his loud mouth... and his hair, which hasn't changed since his days a player in the 1970s. Even then, he had the bald on top, cul-de-sac look that he still wears today.

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  • Tiquan Underwood rocked the super-high fade with the New England Patriots logo shaved into the back of his head in honor of the team's Super Bowl XLVI appearance. The problem with this cool, yet outlandish look, was that Underwood was oddly released from the team just hours before the game was played. Maybe he had too much team spirit?

  • The late Junior Seau was one of the all-time greats at linebacker, but his hairstyle was called into question a number of times. He had it faded real tight up the sides and the back, but longer and curly up top. That look was interesting enough, but once he added in the awful bleach, it really got out of hand.

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  • Domata Peko always stands out on the field because of his huge mane of hair. Even with his helmet on, Peko's hair nearly reaches his waist and spreads across the width of his back. If having that amount of hair is a sign of strength, than Peko is one of the strongest players in the league.

  • There's a lot going on in the hair department for Dontari Poe. He has the long, thin braids hanging off the back of his head with some tightly rolled braids on top, which seemingly form the letter "M" across the top of his head. He did go to Memphis University, so perhaps that was the goal here. Regardless, it isn't the best look.

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  • Jared Allen is one of the NFL's all-time jokers and his hairstyle plays a big part in that. Allen confidently wears his curly mullet with pride.

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  • Frosted tips have never really been a good idea. Anthony Dixon never got the memo.

  • Brett Keisel personifies what it means to be a Pittsburgh Steeler. He's tough, rugged, and physically imposing. The cold winters in Pittsburgh might make the massive amounts of hair on his head necessary, but off the field he might scare some children in the Steel City.

  • Offensive lineman are known for their outlandish behavior and their often ridiculous style. Long hair is a big thing among the big uglies and that's even more true when they play in a cold-weather market. Green Bay definitely qualifies, so Sitton is rocking the look that should be expected. Not that that makes it any easier to look at.

  • Nick Foles has an interesting look to him and the multiple hairstyles he has tried to pull off don't seem to help the cause. He's tested the free-flowing mullet and the above gem, which is somewhere in between 'bama bangs and Justin Bieber.

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  • Atari Bigby made a statement when he went with this look.

  • Clay Matthews III comes from one of the NFL's legendary bloodlines. His father was a multiple time NFL All-Pro and his uncle is a member of the NFL Hall of Fame. Matthews's father, Clay Matthews Jr., made out pretty well in the hair department, but Clay III took things to a whole new level.

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  • Rashean Mathis has what might be the longest hair in the NFL. His extremely long dreadlocks rival the manes of Troy Polomalu and many of the league’s other Pacific Islanders. NFL rules state that a player’s hair is part of his uniform, so it is allowed to be pulled on in an effort to tackle the player. Fortunately for Mathis, he's on defense. If he were part of the offensive unite, things like this would happen a lot more often.

  • Peyton Manning always has been and always will be compared to Tom Brady, based on the timeline and the success of their respective NFL careers. In terms of statistics, Manning compares favorably to his counterpart. When it comes to looks and especially the hair, Manning has always been on the losing side.

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  • Tyrann Mathieu was a monster during his college career at LSU, and his play earned him a nickname that reflected as much. The "Honey Badger" is a play maker on the field but his hair is not on the same level as his game. At least it matches his nickname?

  • Kickers from high school to the NFL have had their share of crazy hairstyles and Dan carpenter is no different. Carpenter's hair isn't necessarily crazy, it is just really long. Add in the long, bushy beard and he looks more like a linebacker than a kicker. Perhaps the shock of going from Miami to Buffalo had something to do with the drastic change in the amount of hair Carpenter keeps.

  • Robert Gallery has a lot of hair that's been with him since he burst on the scene at the University of Iowa. Other than that, there really is not much else to say about this impressively bad mane.

  • Cordarelle Patterson has been rocking long dreads since his days at the University of Tennessee. The dreads alone aren't the problem, but his frosted blonde tips certainly earn him a spot on this list.

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    NFL \

    When you idolize a football star, you’re proud of their achievements and you love watching your team succeed. You watch them every chance you get and sometimes you even get their poster and hang it up in your room. But what happens when the person you idolize has a rather unique hairstyle? One that makes you go, “Wait, what?” Well check out these 17 athletes who had no problems flaunting their hair, no matter the reaction of their fans or their teammates.

    Antonio Garay

    Ahh, we are starting off our list with the former nose tackle that is Antonio Garay. He was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the sixth round of the 2003 NFL Draft. He also played college ball and wrestled at Boston College. Garay was a Wrestling All American, placing 4th at the NCAA Championships his sophomore year at Boston College. He also played ball for the Chicago Bears, San Diego Chargers, and New York Jets. Oh yeah, he’s remembered for his downright outrageous hairstyles AND for driving a Hello Kitty-themed smart car. Nope, so not a typo.

    Antonio Garay

    Antonio Garay

    Brian Bosworth

    Bosworth was a linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks and before his NFL start, he played college football for the University of Oklahoma, and was a two-time consensus All-American. His fame and notoriety was completely evident because his flamboyant personality, controversial comments about the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and insane hair cuts. He was less successful in the NFL as injuries forced him to retire after just three seasons. You probably remember him from some Hollywood films like The Longest Yard.

    Brian Bosworth

    Brian Bosworth

    Chris Kemoeatu

    The Tongan former pro football guard of course makes the list. Kemoeatu played college ball for the University of Utah Utes, and was drafted by the Steelers in the sixth round of the 2005 NFL Draft. For awhile there, he sported the ‘business in the front, party in the back’ hairstyle, need we say more?

    Chris Kemoeatu

    Chris Kemoeatu

    Clay Matthews III

    No one can deny that Clay Matthews III is a football God. He was considered a top prospect for the 2009 NFL Draft and was ultimately selected by the Packers in the first round of the Draft (26th overall). In his rookie year alone, Matthews recorded 10 sacks while playing outside linebacker. He also topped that total in 2010 with 13.5 sacks, helping the Packers to their Super Bowl XLV victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers. His abilities and athleticism on the field are extraordinary, but that’s not all. His hair is just as famous as he is, in fact, there is a Facebook page completely dedicated to his hair – we’re not joking.

    Clay Matthews III

    Clay Matthews III

    Dion Jordan

    Dion Jordan is the defensive end for the Miami Dolphins. He was drafted by the Dolphins third overall in the 2013 NFL Draft, however his career has been surrounded with suspensions due to violations of the NFL’s substance abuse policy. But we’re here to talk about his hair, just why oh why, did he think it was a good idea to have Tiger stripes on the top of his head?! Why.

    Dion Jordan

    Dion Jordan

    Domata Peko

    Ahh, Peko. After playing college ball at Michigan State, Peko was a fourth-round pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, selected by the Cincinnati Bengals. In fact, so far, he’s played his entire NFL career for the Bengals. You really can’t miss him on the field, no matter where he is, it’s that lion mane of his that gives him away.

    Domata Peko

    Domata Peko

    Dominique Rodgers Cromartie

    Rodgers Cromartie was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals as the 16th overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. He has played for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Denver Broncos, currently he’s with the New York Giants. Although everyone pretty much remembers him for dying his hair AND beard lime green.

    Dominique Rodgers Cromartie

    Dominique Rodgers Cromartie

    Freddie Mitchell

    This wide receiver played for the Philadelphia Eagles for four seasons. Mitchell was chosen as a consensus All-American in 2000 while he played college ball for the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The Philadelphia Eagles selected him in the first round of the 2001 NFL Draft, and he spent four seasons as a member of the Eagles, culminating in an appearance in Super Bowl XXXIX following the 2004 NFL season. Perhaps it was his hair that made him stand out? Maybe. Probably. Yeah, it’s pretty likely.

    Freddie Mitchell

    Freddie Mitchell

    Fui Vakapuna

    Fui Vakapuna is a former fullback who was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the seventh round of the 2009 NFL Draft. In his brief NFL career, he’s basically remembered for having horrible hair. No really. Why would anyone just shave the top half of their hair and leave the rest? It doesn’t make sense.

    Fui Vakapuna

    Fui Vakapuna

    Jeff Reed

    Reed is a former placekicker, who was signed by the New Orleans Saints as an undrafted free agent in 2002. He played for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2002 until 2010, and is second all-time behind Gary Anderson for the most points scored by a Steeler. Reed also played for the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks. He’s remembered as an eccentric person. Considering he used to bleach his hair and let it grow out. He also wore fuchsia clothing to match his girlfriend’s outfit for the team’s annual fashion show to help raise money for breast cancer awareness. One year at training camp, Reed voluntarily carried around a pink backpack since the team had no rookies on special teams, who were usually the ones to carry around the backpack.

    Jeff Reed

    Jeff Reed

    Lucas Nix

    Nix plays as an offensive guard and is currently a free agent. He was signed on by the Oakland Raiders as an undrafted free agent in 2012, the Raiders waived him off in 2014. In 2015, he signed a one-year contract with the Chicago Bears. Whatever team he played for though, he’s remembered for having the worst hair. Just look for yourself.

    Lucas Nix

    Lucas Nix

    Pat McQuistan

    Since 2006, McQuistan has bounced around from team to team. Such as the Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, New Orleans Saints, Arizona Cardinals, Tennessee Titans and Atlanta Falcons. But history will always remember him as the redheaded offensive tackle. And why would he shave off the top but let the rest run wild and free?

    Pat McQuistan

    Pat McQuistan

    Preston Parker

    Parker is a wide receiver and return specialist who is currently a free agent. He was signed on by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as an undrafted free agent in 2010. He has sported quite the hair in his career so far. We can’t tell, was he going for dreads or did he just tire of trying?

    Preston Parker

    Preston Parker

    Tim Tebow

    Tim Tebow’s name is synonymous with incredibly talented quarterback. Right? Right. We could list all of his achievements and take up an entire page but instead we’ll just say, what is happening with his hair in this picture? Just what in the world are we looking at and why?

    Tim Tebow

    Tim Tebow

    Tiquan Underwood

    Underwood is a wide receiver for the Montreal Allouettes of the Canadian Football League. In his NFL career, he was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the seventh round of the 2009 NFL Draft. He also played for the New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Carolina Panthers. Underwood is forever remembered for his very distinctive hi-top fade hairstyle.

    Tiquan Underwood

    Tiquan Underwood

    Todd Herremans

    Todd Herremans is an offensive guard who is currently a free agent. He was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the fourth round of the 2005 NFL Draft, and has played there for ten seasons. In 2013, he showed up to training camp with the following look. Apparently he was inspired by the History Channel show “Vikings.”

    Todd Herremans

    Todd Herremans

    Tracy Porter

    Porter is the cornerback for the Chicago Bears, he was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the second round of the 2008 NFL Draft. With the Saints, he won Super Bowl XLIV against the Indianapolis Colts. He has also played for the Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, and Washington Redskins. Porter is also the guy who would have certain images cut into his hair, some include “SB44,” the Superdome, PacMan and the Lombardi Trophy. Uhh, okay then.

    Tracy Porter

    Tracy Porter


    Hairstyles american football

    In today’s society, we often look to movie stars and musicians for inspiration when it comes to how we style, cut, and color our hair, completely forgetting about the hairstyle ideas that professional athletes can provide to us.

    football player hairstyle 44

    Not only do they feel the pressure to look great at all times because the press is constantly hounding them, but professional athletes must also select hairstyles that are practical during intense workouts, unlike other celebrities. It seems like football players in particular always shave great taste when it comes to styling their hair, so check out these professional players and the awesome styles they’re rocking these days.

    football player hairstyle messifootball player hairstyle wow

    You may be a fan of long, lustrous locks, or perhaps you gravitate towards traditionally masculine styles, like close buzz cuts. Regardless, you’re bound to find something you like here! Whether you’re looking for some ideas for your own hair or just searching for some eye candy, you won’t regret scrolling through these awesome photos!

    football player hairstyle

    Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton may be famous for surpassing all expectations during his rookie year and beyond, but he’s also known for consistently looking polished and presentable. His afro hairstyle is all natural and trimmed to a shorter length to keep it neat and under control.

    football player hairstyle 1

    Minnesota Vikings defensive end Brian Robison was popular with the ladies not only for his skills on the field, but also for the ponytail that trailed along his back. However, when he snipped his famous ponytail and donated it to a cancer patient in need of a wig via Locks of Love, the world fell in love with his shorter style.

    football player hairstyle 2

    We can’t really blame Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks for getting upset when Pierre Garcon pulled his dreads in an attempt to stop him on the field. Not only was the play completely illegal according to the NFL, it would be a tragedy for Sherman’s admirers if the skilled cornerback’s perfectly groomed, shoulder-length dreads were damaged!

    football player hairstyle 3

    Cameron Wake, a Miami Dolphins defensive end player, keeps it fresh by shaving the sides of his head and leaving his hair natural on top. His look is physical proof that short styles can have some edge, too!

    football player hairstyle 4

    Millions of women spend gobs of money and time in hair salons each year in hopes of transforming their locks into a blonde shade like that of Green Bay Packer linebacker Clay Matthews, who swears his shade is au natural. It’s no surprise that Matthews became an official spokesperson for shampoo and conditioner giant Suave back in 2014!

    football player hairstyle 6

    Matthews isn’t the only one with hair that’s garnering him a lucrative endorsement deal; Troy Polamalu (formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers) has such an attractive, wavy mane that Head & Shoulders actually had his locks insured for $1 million dollars after he became their official spokesperson!

    football player hairstyle 8

    Julian Edelman’s classy haircut and style has been inarguably just as big of a hit with fans as his Superbowl player status as a wide receiver and punt returner for the New England Patriots. This refined hairstyle features a longer cut on the top that fades into short sides and a short back.

    football player hairstyle 9

    Odell Beckham, Jr. wears a Mohawk just as well as he wears his New York Giants jersey. While we think his hair looks fantastic the way it is, this wide receiver has also been known to play around with color and highlight the top of his Mohawk with a dark blonde hue.

    football player hairstyle 10

    Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots, can thank his supermodel wife, Giselle, for ensuring that his hair always looks great. Lately, he’s been sporting a longer, windswept style that’s trendy but also easily manageable on and off the field.

    football player hairstyle 12

    Let’s face it: Every woman wants her boyfriend to have hair like Eric Decker of the New York Jets. With lots of body and a deep brown shade, this wide receiver’s side-parted style is undeniably sexy.

    football player hairstyle 13

    Colin Kaepernick, quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, adds edge to a basic buzz by having a swirl design etched atop his head. The acclaimed player’s signature symbol has been requested by masses of super fans at hair salons and barbershops across the nation ever since Kaepernick was first spotted sporting it.

    football player hairstyle 122

    The Kansas City Chiefs’ Aaron Murray’s tousled black hair is full of body and effortlessly styled to perfection. It’s no surprise that the talented quarterback is a favorite with female fans!

    football player hairstyle 134

    Victor Cruz, a wide receiver for the New York Giants is living proof that any guy with a smooth, great-shaped head can rock a closely shaved buzz cut. His hair is always neatly shorn and looking fresh!

    football player hairstyle 15

    While we were big fans of the shoulder-length style that Blaine Gabbert wore with pride as an NFL rookie, we adore the shorter style that the San Francisco 49ers player has been rocking lately. The side-parted cut makes the blonde quarterback look more seasoned and mature than his formerly flowing locks ever could.

    Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Freeman (12) adjusts a headphone before an NFL football game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Ann Heisenfelt)

    Josh Freeman’s sleek and slicked up Mohawk has garnered him just as many female fans as his on-the-field skills have awarded him. Formerly of the Minnesota Vikings, the well-coiffed quarterback now pairs his Mohawk with a Miami Dolphins jersey.

    football player hairstyle `18

    While this quarterback’s hair could have been ranked among the NFL’s worst styles when he first appeared on the professional sports scene, a new ‘do ensures that Jay Cutler could always turn to male modeling if things don’t pan out with the NFL in the long run. With a little bit of product and the right cut, the Chicago Bears all-star has gone from sloppy to striking, thanks to his hair!

    football player hairstyle 17

    Not quite a Mohawk but more dimensional and complex than an all-over buzz, guys all over the country are requesting haircuts like Demaryius Thomas, a wide receiver for the Denver Broncos.

    football player hairstyle 18

    Defensive end Justin James Watt, also known as “J.J.,” is just as famous for his great hair as he is for his stellar football career and charity work. When he’s not helping young athletes through is nonprofit or on the field with the Houston Texans, he’s styling his sexy and spiky blond hair!

    football player hairstyle 19

    Danny Amendola, a wide receiver for the New England Patriots, is famous for being one of the NFL’s hottest sex symbols. It’s easy to see why, with his gorgeous brunette locks that are always perfectly side-swept.

    football player hairstyle 20

    New England Patriots player Rob Gronkowskiis just one more reason that his team is filled with the hottest players in the NFL. Also known as “Gronk,” the tight end is loved for his playboy reputation, as well as for his spiked hairstyle.

    football player hairstyle 21

    Sure, plenty of athletes may sport dreadlocked hairstyles, but we can’t think of anyone with dreads as thick and colossal as those of the Tennessee Titans’ Chris Johnson. The free agent running back is giving Lil’ Wayne some competition when it comes to who can rock the more massive dreads!

    football player hairstyle 22

    While Domata Peko of the Cincinnati Bengals has received a lot of criticism from those that think his hair is out of control and unruly, we think it’s absolutely awesome. The defensive tackle is truly a style icon, as he is credited with starting a long hair trend among NFL players. His long mane even has its own Facebook page, with hundreds of dedicated followers who find his hairstyle to be alluring and totally sexy! Allow this acclaimed football star to be your inspiration if you have ever dreamt of letting your hair grown down your back!

    football player hairstyle 23

    A girl would have to be completely insane to give up the opportunity to run her hands through Mark Sanchez’s wavy, chocolate brown mane! While the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles has worn it both long and short over the years, we prefer the medium-length style he’s currently rocking in 2015.

    CENTURY CITY, CA - APRIL 17: NFL player Scott Fujita attends the 21st annual GLAAD Media Awards at Hyatt Regency Century Plaza on April 17, 2010 in Century City, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

    While he may have retired from the NFL a few years back, Scott Fujita (formerly of Kansas City Chiefs) is still making headlines for his philanthropic work and personal life. We also think he should be getting some positive press for his hair, which always look absolutely incredible! The famous linebacker’s middle parted, chocolate brown locks with a slight wave would make anyone envious!

    football player hairstyle 25

    Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals describes his ornate dreadlock style as a “silent tribute” to his deceased mother, who always loved his appearancewhen his hair was in long dreads. We can certainly understand why she enjoyed seeing her son wear such a style, as he isn’t satisfied with just letting his dreads hang in a sloppy manner. In fact, the wide receiver has a full-scale salon in his home and is usually seen wearing intricately weaved ponytails and buns like the one pictured here!


    Top 10 NFL Haircuts of the 2018-2019 Season

    Top 15 Weirdest Hairstyles in NFL History

    By TS Staff


    The majority of NFL players craft a look and style for themselves that is unassuming, clean-cut, and fairly professional. In their time off the field they don suits, nice shoes, and keep themselves we

    The majority of NFL players craft a look and style for themselves that is unassuming, clean-cut, and fairly professional. In their time off the field they don suits, nice shoes, and keep themselves well-groomed. Perhaps one of the most noticeable parts of an athlete’s look is his hair. Yes, while they’re playing, their hair is covered by their helmet for the majority of the time. However, when the helmets come off, an athlete’s hair is there contributing to his look both on the field and off the field.

    Well-groomed hair doesn’t mean the same thing for every athlete, and there is some room for playing around with your personal style.  Many athletes go for close-cropped styles, like all-American blonde bruiser J.J. Watt, while others show a little more flair, such as Richard Sherman’s neat and impeccably styled dreadlocks. Long or short, straight or curly, dreadlocks or flowing locks – the options are endless.

    Yet somehow, there continues to be athlete after athlete who takes it a bit further, appearing with a hairstyle or haircut that’s just plain weird. The fact that so many NFL players have unusual hairstyles or haircuts is understandable. After all, athletes spend a lot of time in the same few outfits – game attire (uniforms), training attire (athletic gear), and professional pre or post game attire (suits, etc). Athletes may view their hair as one of the places they can stand out in a sea of team mates wearing similar clothing. The athletes on this list have landed upon hairstyles that stand out – however, it’s generally for the wrong reason.

    Whether they wanted to express their creativity through shaving intricate designs and using vibrant colours, simply got an unfortunate cut from their hairdresser or their team mates during a rookie hazing, or just want to cultivate a look that stands out to the extreme, here are 15 of the weirdest NFL hairstyles.

    15 15. Tom Brady

    Tom Brady has had almost as many hairstyles as he has touchdowns. The super stylish New England Patriots quarterback enjoys changing his look up, and does so very often. While some hairstyles work better than others for him, there’s one in particular that stands out – the Bieber. Bieber himself even commented on the similarity, rapping about Brady’s hairstyle (badly, obviously) in a song. A hot supermodel for a wife, an insane career, and model good looks… Brady could do a lot better than that cringe-worthy swooping hairstyle, and luckily he quickly moved on to another look.

    14 14. Domata Peko

    For Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Domata Peko, it’s all about volume. While his hair is certainly long, it seems to positively defy gravity and surround him with a halo of hair. Even his helmet can’t contain it, as it leaves him with an impressive bunch of hair streaming out behind him when he’s on the field. Lately he’s been letting the beard grow out too – his hair to man ratio is slowly slipping in favor of the former. If caveman chic was a thing, Peko would be the spokesman.

    13 13. Aldon Smith

    Smith has had several hairstyles throughout his NFL career, but his most memorable originated in 2013 when he decided to adopt the Jheri curl. While he didn’t grow his hair as long as some others in the NFL, what he did grow somehow managed to grow straight up. Smith’s hairstyle looks as if he’s walking around with a cloud on his head. While he’s recently gotten hit with a heavy dose of reality as he faces a nine game suspension in the current season, at least his hairstyle will provide something soft to rest his head on during his down time.

    12 12. Tracy Porter

    Tracy Porter likes to shave designs into his hair. Numbers, pictures, team logos, you name it. While you have to admire the precision with which he executes his designs (or gets his barber to), the Pacman design he selected once can’t be considered anything but silly. Who knows, maybe he’s a die-hard fan of the iconic video game, but even so, shaving the shapes of the little ghosts into your actual head is taking devotion to a whole new level.

    11 11. Fui Vakapuna

    Vakapuna rocked a hairstyle so strange that there isn’t even a name for it. Everyone knows and loves to hate the mullet, a style characterized by its ‘business in the front, party in the back’ contrast. Vakapuna took it to a whole new level, going long in the back and bald in the front. He might train hard to up his speed, but can he catch his hair before it slithers right off his head?

    10 10. Mark Sanchez

    If you google ‘Mark Sanchez hairband,’ it becomes clear that Sanchez rocked this particular style for an uncomfortably long amount of time, as it features in countless photos. While the desire to keep your long curly hair out of your face is understandable, a headband style favoured by young girls is a strange accessory for an NFL player to wear, let alone commit so thoroughly to. Mark, stop trying to make the headband happen. It’s not going to happen.

    9 9. Troy Polamalu

    Even if you don’t know football, you likely know Troy Polamalu because of his hair alone. When fairly tamed, his hair is a giant yield sign shaped mass of hair around his head. When allowed to fly loose? It reaches proportions that no hair should ever be able to reach, and looks like it’s capable of swallowing Polamalu whole. While it may take a lot of arm strength to wash his yards and yards of black curly locks, Polamalu is laughing all the way to the bank. Thanks to his crazy hair, he’s signed a deal to endorse Head & Shoulders shampoo, and has had his hair insured for a whopping one million dollars by Lloyd’s of London.

    8 8. Brian Bosworth

    Retired linebacker Brian Bosworth is nicknamed “The Boz” and if that doesn’t indicate a player who has an abundance of personality, I don’t know what does. Bosworth is notorious for his crazy hairstyles. He’s had everything from a platinum blonde Mohawk to a flat top mullet, a side-shaved mullet to loose feathery locks. If one thing is for certain it’s that Bosworth definitely isn’t shy – he seems to subscribe to the ‘go big or go home’ style of haircare.

    7 7. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

    Rodgers-Cromartie’s hair isn’t really that crazy, but he seems to enjoy using his head as a human paint palette. His signature style is a stripe of vibrant color down the center of his closely cropped hair. He’s gone bright red, neon green, and even deep teal blue for the New York Giants – who knows what colours await NFL fans.

    6 6. Randy Moss

    Everyone knows the Randy Moss afro. The Randy Moss afro is iconic and insane. The retired wide receiver is amazing at what he does, and his afro was equally amazing at defying gravity. Moss favoured neat corn rows for the majority of his career, but let his hair breathe and all hang out during the afro period. Who knew a helmet could contain all that.

    5 5. Zach Hocker

    Zach Hocker’s average hairstyle is as clean cut and as all-American as you can get. During his time as a rookie, however, his hair underwent a dramatic transformation as his veteran team mates selected a truly strange hairstyle for him. Hock sported a hairband in the most literal sense (don’t get too excited, Mark Sanchez, headbands are still not becoming a thing). All of his hair was shaved off with the exception of a band going straight across his head. Probably not a look that will become popular.

    4 4. Anthony Dixon

    Remember the ever-present frosted tips that dominated men’s hairstyles in the 1990s? Well, apparently Anthony Dixon does, and he’s trying to bring them back. Dixon favours short dreadlocks as his hairstyle of choice, but manages to add a little pizzazz and personality by frosting the tips. It’s a strange look indeed.

    3 3. Tiquan Underwood

    Tiquan Underwood’s hair adds three whole inches to his height – that’s big hair. His hi-top fade started as somewhat of a joke, but Underwood grew to love it and transformed it into his signature look. He expresses himself through his hair as well and at one point, to show his Patriots pride during his tumultuous time with the team (during which he was once cut the very night before the Super Bowl), he shaved the New England Patriots logo into the back of his hair.

    2 2. Antonio Garay

    Antonio Garay must have missed his calling as an artist, because the things he has done with his hair are mind-boggling. Garay was well known for his crazy hairstyles. He has shaved everything from stars to abstract geometric shapes to logos to cityscapes onto the back of his head. And he’s not content to merely have a dull two-tone canvas – he accentuates his designs by dyeing different elements. Pink, purple, orange, blue, yellow, green – you could name any colour of the rainbow and chances are it’s been on Garay’s scalp at least once.

    1 1. Tim Tebow

    While some may argue that a rookie hazing hairstyle doesn’t necessarily count, as the player didn’t select it for himself… no list of weird NFL hairstyles is complete without Tim Tebow’s epic friar tuck cut. Courtesy of his Broncos team mates when he was a rookie, the hairstyle was posted to LenDale White’s twitter and has since been shared over and over again. It’ll be held up in NFL history as other veterans can only hope they can dream up a hazing hairstyle that even somewhat compares to this gem.


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