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Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Pro are the house brand of Harbor Freight Tools. Both brands are now mostly made in China or Taiwan sourced to various manufacturers. Both companies have their own quality control laboratories that set the specifications for their lines of tools.

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Likewise, people ask, who manufactures Pittsburgh tools?

Harbor Freight Tools

Subsequently, question is, who makes snap on wrenches? Snap-on was founded as the Snap-on Wrench Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1920 by Joseph Johnson and William Seidemann. The business manufactured and marketed ten sockets that would "snap on" to five interchangeable handles.

Correspondingly, is Pittsburgh a good brand of tools?

HF does carry some junk, but that is to be expected at a “discount store.” However, their Pittsburgh line of tools are actually pretty good, especially if you don't work with tools every day, and just need some around the house for the occasional job.

Are Harbor Freight wrenches any good?

One of the more reliable brands carried by Harbor Freight, Pittsburgh tools aren't the cheapest in the store, but they're often the best bang for the buck. With quality metal that won't chip or break easily, and a hand-friendly design, this wrench set is worth checking out.

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Pittsburgh Tools Review

Pittsburgh Mechanics Tool Set is a great product line of Harbor Freight. You will need different types of instrument whenever you fix a household thing or furniture materials. In Pittsburgh Tool Bundle, you will get a different set of tools, including Torque Wrench, Screwdriver, ratchets, various automotive kits, etc., at a very low price.

In this article, we will expose the 5 Most Popular Pittsburgh Tool Reviews.

Whatever you are a carpenter, mechanical, or automotive engineer, you should require this toolset. These tools are equipped with pre-requisites to enable you to perform constructing, maintaining, and repairing duties.

Let's Have The Reviews With Essential Product Details:

Is Pittsburgh A Good Tool Brand?

These tools are from Harbor Freight, one of the renowned manufacturing company. As these toolsets are comparably cheap, but they don't compromise with quality. If you use these machinery, then you know well.

5 Ideal Set of Pittsburgh Tool Reviews

Without high-quality tools set, you can't perform better exertion. Therefore, you should buy the recommended tools for professional work. Now we are going to reviews some of the highest demandable Pittsburgh tools in recent times.

Current Best Seller Items

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1. Pittsburgh 130 Piece Tool Kit with Case Review

Our listed first set from Pittsburgh is comprised of a 130-piece tool. It is a multipurpose toolset that is essential for almost every handyman to fix everything. However, I love this set most for automotive repairing.

Pittsburgh 130 Piece Tool Kit with Case

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This set comes with different sizes of wrenches, cutters, pliers, and tape measures. You will also get some vital tools like hammer, screwdrivers, driver bits, wrenches, socket set, pliers, precision screwdrivers.

There is also a small plastic box with ten inserts, hanging clips, 61 nails, and a storage case.

You truly have all you need under one package so that you can perform all duties without any problem.

Considering all, this is one of the best toolsets for repairing home equipment, automotive, office work, gardening, etc.

  • Multiple tools to do all kinds of work,
  • Has all sizes of tools so you can choose the one that fits your needs,
  • Designed to last longer because all tools are made from heavy-duty materials,
  • All tools are exact, no error in your line of work,
  • You can use those tools for both professionals and personal jobs.
  • Too many tools to master,
  • You need time to understand how to use all tools.

2. Pittsburgh Pro 239 Professional Torque Wrench Review

It will be a great deal for those who need to uplift extra torque and ensure that even heavy materials are well fixed. The torch wrench from Pittsburgh in this deal is designed for long time use.

Pittsburgh Pro 239 Professional Drive Click Stop...

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It contains an 18-inch wrench designed to offer a torque range of between 20 to 150 ft. Lbs. Its accurateness is design to be +/-4, which means all fixed materials will be well accurate. These tools will last longer than expected because all kits are made from heavy-duty materials.

  • Very lightweight yet heavy-duty,
  • Has high-value torque,
  • The long wrench of 18 inches to handle even the most substantial materials,
  • It doesn’t make errors because of its +/-4 precision.
  • Doesn’t have many tools,
  • Very little information from the manufacturer.

3. Pittsburgh 301 Piece Mechanics Tool Set

Now we have listed a large Mechanic Tool Set. Here in this bundle, Pittsburgh offering 301 pieces of essential tools. These are made from Vanadium steel.

However, it is a toolset design for precision, efficiency, and incredible outcomes at all times.

Professional 301 Piece Mechanic's Tool Kit SAE and...

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In this package, you will get essential tools such as SAE, metric, square, star, and spark plug sockets.

Pittsburgh 301 Piece Mechanics Tool Set

You will also get Pittsburgh universal set joint set adapters. However, it is known to contain great ratchets and breaker bars.

Robertson bit sockets are some of the specialized tools that you find in this toolbox.

  • Many tools thereby making it a multipurpose toolbox,
  • Very robust since it made from heavy-duty steel,
  • All sizes of tools are available,
  • 8 pieces of screwdrivers to ensure you work without inconvenience,
  • Excellent packaged to carry around from workplace to another.
  • Not meant for all duties,
  • No manual on how to use tools.

4. Flex Head Stubby Ratchets by Pittsburgh

It's a small set that comes with 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" of diver ratchets. The position handles known to enhance their usability. With a hinged handle and reversible kind of ratchet, you can always enjoy excellent performance.

Pittsburgh 3 Piece Flex Head Stubby Ratchets

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These tool kits will help you to work quickly in tightening and loosening the bolts and nuts.

Every ratchets pivot at 90 degrees and in two directions. Thereby ensuring you receive excellent results — however, the Pittsburgh tools are made from Vanadium steel for extra toughness. Therefore, you can use it even in areas where extreme force is required.

  • Made from robust steel,
  • Very potable because it contains only three ratchets,
  • Has three different ratchets sizes to choose from,
  • Excellent in functioning because it pivots in two different directions.
  • Only three ratchets, not suitable for some duties,
  • You will need to have pliers and other materials.

5. Pittsburgh Pro  6 Piece Star Bit Screwdriver Set

The 5th Pittsburgh Tool is a Screwdriver set. Every screwdriver is generally made with an extra-sized handle for maximum grip and excellent handling. With sizes from T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, and T30, you can select what is best for you.

6 Piece Star Bit Screwdriver Set with Magnetic...

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The magnetized tops ensure screws are well handled and controlled without any problem. A perfect package that you can carry around in different places without getting tired.

  • Very robust to use on hardened screws,
  • All sizes available for you to select what’s best for you,
  • Excellent functioning due to large handles,
  • It lasts longer than expected because it made from steel.
  • Only screwdrivers no other tools,
  • Not perfect for small screws.

What Should Check Before Buying Pittsburgh Tools?

Pittsburgh Tools means a special tool bundle. Here we have reviewed the 5 Best Deal from Pittsburgh.

But the question is, what should I look for before purchase?

1st thing to remember, their tools are comparably cheap but provide quality kits. So you should check it is fake or real. And, 2nd, is it necessary for your work? Although all their tools are highly demandable, it depends on the territory of use. You need to have the appropriate tools.

For example, a carpenter would need tools like tape measures, squares, nails. Other side harmer, while others like masonry men will need tools like screwdrivers, tape measures, and harmers.

Therefore, you need to look at the type of tools included in the toolset to get what will benefit you. You also need to look at the sizes of the tools inside. Some may be too small, while others may be too large for your job.

That's it.

That's all Pittsburgh Tools Review from us. The above is the most preferred toolset because they are known to contain all the necessary tools. Always look at what it includes before purchasing a toolset because not all toolsets provide the parts you want. Check Sturdiness is also a key feature to look for, especially if you will be fixing sturdy materials.

Last update on 2021-10-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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Pittsburgh tools?

wythors said:

I fairly regularly buy miscellaneous crap from Harbor Freight so, of course, I seem to get a catalog from them every other day or so. Has anybody bought any of their Pittsburgh stuff? I'm just curious if their quality is equivalent to their prices, or are they a good buy?



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Pittsburgh Tools get a bad rap. I'm an Automotive Technology student at the University of Arkansas. To get though the courses to receive my degree, I had to have tools. I didn't have the money to run out and buy Snap on or any other name brands. I went Harbor Freight and got what I needed. We work in the shop as much as any full time auto tech would, and I was stunned on how well they preformed! The wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, hammers are just as good as Craftsmen. I would push it and say the sockets are better than craftsman; I have not EVER busted one. I have seen Craftsman bust on meany occasions in the shop. To be truthful, a lot of Harbor Freight stuff is junk. You just need to look before you buy, you'll know if it is shit or not. Their Earthquake air tools are very, very good. Harbor Freight ratchets suck, they strip very easy. So with that said, buy good ratchets i.e. Gearwrench or better. I plan to use the tools I have when I open my own shop. Hey, why go out and buy high dollar Snap on tools, when Pittsburgh tools will do the job at a fraction of the price. I want to put money in my pocket, not give it to the Snap on man. I had some people I go to school with flat out tell me they would not buy Pittsburgh tools because they are junk, then run over to NAPA and buy a shit load of Evercraft tools. Evercraft and Pittsburgh tools are made by the same company, only Evercraft is higher because it is a NAPA product. Its your money, spend it as you wish.


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Best Pittsburgh Tools - Top 5 Pittsburgh Tools of 2021

Pittsburgh Tools Review 2021 [Updated] – Best Harbor Freight Tools that you Can’t Miss

Pittsburgh Tools Review

If you are looking for tools at a low price, Pittsburgh is an option for you. It offers tools like wrenches, ratchets and most other automotive hand tools. The Harbor Freight tools are cheap and provide value for your money.

Pittsburgh tool is a new product line introduced by Harbor Freight. Harbor Freight offers high-end quality tools for mechanics. The Pittsburgh line is mainly known for providing hand tools at a cheap rate. As a result, tools from Pittsburgh are considered as the best tools for a new professional mechanic.

In this Pittsburgh tools review article, you’ll find the reviews of some well-known and affordable Pittsburgh tools set that help you in different tasks.

Table of Contents

Top Rated Pittsburgh Tools Review 2021

1. Pittsburgh 130 Piece Tool Kit with Case – Best Harbor Freight Tool

Pittsburgh 130 Piece Tool Kit with CaseComing with 130 pieces of different types of tools, this garage tool kit covers most of the professional needs in case of home, office and automotive repairs. This 130-piece tool kit covers almost all commonly used tools, including a hammer, wrench, socket set, driver bits, screwdriver, utility knife, pliers, locking pliers, cutters, precision screwdrivers, hex wrench, and even the commonly used anchors and fasteners.

Most of the tools in this toolbox come in different measures. So, you can easily find one to work with according to your needs. It comes with a case that allows you to keep the tools arranged in a good manner so that you can easily find the exact tool when you need it.

Things We’ve Liked

  • Convenient carrying box
  • Great as a gift
  • Quality tools
  • Moderate price
  • A wide range of tools

Things We Haven’t Liked

  • The box doesn’t hold the tools tightly

2. Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Heavy Duty Steel Floor Jack

Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Heavy Duty Steel Floor JackWhen you are looking for some option for lifting up heavy things in your workshop, you can completely trust on this one from Pittsburgh. This professional floor jack is something that can lift up to 6000 lbs. when it itself is only 78 lbs. It will help you to lift anything within the height range of 3-1/8 inches to 19-7/8 inches.

If you look at the build quality, you’ll see that the whole construction is super-tough industrial welded and properly finished. As a result, it can easily support professional mechanics without any problem. Stability is also ensured by the super wide steel casters.

The best thing about this Pittsburgh floor jack is its ease of using. The ultra-low profile floor jack reaches under most of the vehicles you’ll have to work with. Ease is also guaranteed by the Rapid Pump system. It comes with dual parallel pumping system that ensures higher lift for fewer pumping. This saves your time and energy.

Things We’ve Liked

  • Rugged construction
  • Can go under most of the vehicles
  • Can be used for a long time
  • You’ll get more than you pay

Things We Haven’t Liked

  • Some may experience fluid leak

3. Pittsburgh Stubby Ball Pein Hammer, 8 oz

Pittsburgh Stubby Ball Pein Hammer, 8 ozIf you are looking for a light and short-handed hammer, mostly for craftwork, jewelry work or other light uses, this hammer from Pittsburgh can be a great choice. It comes with a heat-treated, drop forged steel head with both flat and round face.

The hammer is around 6.5 inches long, including a short fiberglass handle. The handle is high impact vibration-absorbing one. It reduces vibration and helps you to handle the hammer easily. The handle is covered by a non-slip rubber with soft cushion. It ensures added comfort.

The hammer is very lightweight, so it is ideal for kids to help them in their projects. Besides, you can perform light tasks with the help of it. If your toolbox has a small place for a hammer, you can choose this one from Pittsburgh. It won’t disappoint you.

Things We’ve Liked

  • Small and lightweight design
  • Both flat and round face
  • Non-slip rubber grip with soft cushion
  • Small but mighty
  • Works in the tough-to-reach places

Things We Haven’t Liked

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4. Pittsburgh Pro 239 Professional Drive Click Stop

Pittsburgh Pro 239 Professional Drive Click Stop Torque WrenchIf you want to pick a single torque wrench for a wide range of tasks, maybe this one from Pittsburgh can be your choice. This strong torque wrench is always ready to help you when you need précised torque. It uses a durable cam and pawl mechanism. As a result, you can get the expected performance with a bit less effort.

The click-stop design of this wrench allows it to ensure a torque range from 20 to 150 ft. lbs. With +/-4% accuracy, it is the best Harbor Freight too for the money. With a length of 18 inches, this torque wrench is pretty good for regular works.

Things We’ve Liked

  • Heavy-duty cam and pawl mechanism
  • Click-stop design
  • Good service for money
  • Strong and sturdy

Things We Haven’t Liked

5. Pittsburgh 3 Piece Flex Head Stubby Ratchets

Pittsburgh 3 Piece Flex Head Stubby RatchetsIf you are looking for flex head ratchets to reach tough places, you can check out this deal from Pittsburgh. You’ll get 3 piece flex head ratchets of different sizes- ¼”, 3/8” and 1/2”. The ratchet head is free to move 90 degrees in both directions. Thus it helps you to work in almost any angle you need to work on.

The head of each ratchet is attached to 7 position handle. The handles are about 4 inches in length. As a result, you can reach the tough-to-reach places with little effort and get the work done.

All 3 ratchets are made of durable chrome vanadium steel. This has made the ratchets high-quality and long-lasting tool. So, if your daily work needs small ratchets to reach tough places, you can go for this set.

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Things We’ve Liked

  • Strong chrome vanadium made tools
  • Easily reach tough places
  • Good quality
  • Strong and long-lasting

Things We Haven’t Liked

  • Though it is rare but slips sometimes

6. 6 Piece Star Bit Screwdriver Set with Magnetic Tips

6 Piece Star Bit Screwdriver Set with Magnetic TipsAmong different types of screwdrivers, Pittsburgh offers a Star bit screwdriver set that includes 6 piece screwdrivers of different bit sizes. So, if you think that you need star bit screwdrivers for different purposes, this set can be a good pick for you.

The biz sizes are T10, T15, T20, T25, T27 and T30. All the tips are magnetized in order to ensure extra control. So, you can easily control the screws and the risk of losing screw is very low.

The handles of the drivers are made a bit oversized and fluted. As a result, it ensures a secure grip and easy control over the driver. Overall, this deal is good for the money.

Things We’ve Liked

  • Oversized handle
  • 6 different sizes
  • Provides value for money
  • Magnetized bits

Things We Haven’t Liked

  • The bit sizes are not labeled on the drivers

7. Pittsburgh 1816 Best Harbor Freight Tool Test Probe Set

Pittsburgh 1816 Harbor Freight Tools Test Probe SetFor tasks like circuit probing, removing O-ring, probes are very useful. So, you’ll have to keep a set of probes in your garage. Pittsburgh has a great deal in this case. It offers a probe set for you with 5 types of probes in it.  

Besides using in circuit probing and O-ring removing, you can use these probes to retrieving washers or small item you may drop in the tight spaces while working on engine. For ensuring durability, the probes are made of stainless steel. Besides, the surgically sharp tips have made these easy to use and quick in tasks.

For additional safety and comfort, there are rubber point protectors.

Things We’ve Liked

  • Rubber protection on points
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Good at a low price
  • Durable and easy to use

Things We Haven’t Liked

  • Doesn’t come with a storage case

8. Professional 301 Piece Mechanic’s Tool Kit SAE and Metric

Professional 301 Piece Mechanic’s Tool Kit SAE and MetricThis Harbor Freight tool set comes with 301 pieces of different tools. This toolset is a combination of metric, SAE, star, square, and spark plug sockets, ratchets, breaker bars, extensions, universal joint adapters, wrenches, pliers and so on. All tools are of various sizes. You’ll find almost anything that you’ll need when you are starting your career as a professional mechanic.

All the tools in this tool box are made of rugged chrome vanadium steel construction. This special construction has made to tools durable. As a result, it provides value for your money. The tool box itself is a long-lasting box where you can keep all the tools organized. For easy carrying, it comes with a handle too.

Things We’ve Liked

  • Tools of different sizes
  • 301 piece tools
  • Durable case

Things We Haven’t Liked

9. Pittsburgh 36 Piece 3/8″ Steel Letter/Number Stamping Set

Pittsburgh 36 Piece 3 8 Steel LetterThis stamping set from Pittsburgh allows you to protect your equipment and tool by stamping your name or your company name on those. This stamping set can be used to stamp on any hardwood, softwood, aluminum, plastic and most metal surfaces.

The special high carbon steel stumps can be used around 9000 times each. This set contains a total of 36 letters and numbers (letters A-Z, number 0-8, and the sign &). You’ll have to turn 6 upside down to get 9.

The letters in this stamping set are 3/8” high. All the characters are very readable if you can use it properly. All the stamps of this set are organized in a protective case. Overall, you’ll find it easy to use and long-lasting.

Things We’ve Liked

  • High carbon steel construction
  • Can be used on most of the regular surfaces
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to read
  • Can be used up to 9000 times each

Things We Haven’t Liked

Final Verdict

Pittsburgh tools are of cheap rate but durable. You can’t say that those tools are very long-lasting or ensure the best quality. But from Pittsburgh, you’ll get what you’ll pay. So, if you are running on a low budget, you can pick the tools from Pittsburgh. This Pittsburgh tools review will help you to choose the best one. 

Harbor Freight is always looking for ensuring quality. So, you won’t be disappointed after getting your best Harbor Freight tools from this line. So, don’t hesitate to buy tools from this specific line because this is the best automotive and garage tools brand.

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