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Momoland fans are not happy after spotting member Yeonwoo wearing extremely tight clothes at recent music show appearance.

Yeonwoo looked radiant in short shorts posing in front of M Countdown wall ahead of rehearsals, but fans noticed how tight they were. The shorts even left marks on her belly and were pushing her skin.

The shorts buttons also looked like they were about to pop off despite Yeonwoo slim body. 

Fans began criticizing the stylist for dressing Yeonwoo in uncomfortable clothes and demanded the stylist dresses her in more appropriate and better fitting outfits.

Its worthy to note that idols are usually dressed by their stylist/s that the agency assigns them, many idols don’t get to choose their own outfits, there are idols who have more creative freedom but many idols are usually dressed by their stylist.

Here are some of their comments:

[+645, -52] Aren’t her pants too small? That doesn’t seem healthy for her ㅡㅜ

[+410, -31] Her pants look so uncomfortable ㅠㅠ

[+31, -1] I feel bad for her ㅋㅋ She’s the butt of jokes for the rest of her life because of a senior she doesn’t even know that well

[+22, -2] Now that’s just way too small. It won’t be healthy for her because it restricts blood flow. Coordi, if you’re reading this, please dress her in a bigger size ㅠㅠ

What do you think of this? 

Comments source: (A) 

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Now before we start I'd like to say that I love Momoland and like every song they have but this isn't firing at the group but the stylists choice of clothes.

I'm using Baam as an example of how SHORT the dresses and shorts are. Like seriously... they are too short! AND THEY GET NO SAFTEY SHORTS!!!!

Imma hit some ppl-

In the Baam special video (aka the dance video)...

The👏 amount👏 of 👏times👏 Yeon👏 Woo 👏pulled 👏down👏 her👏 dress 👏


And look at this picture! No safety shorts! LIKE YOU CAN LITERALLY SEE HER BUTT!

And look at this picture! No safety shorts! LIKE YOU CAN LITERALLY SEE HER BUTT!

This all pisses me off 🤬😡

  1. Cream quilts
  2. Surface boo
  3. Paris crib set
  4. Quickie sunrise
  5. Naga mouse software

MOMOLAND‘s signature stage outfit consists of crop tops and short bottoms, so fans are growing more concerned and upset at the agency for not having the members wear safety shorts.

Fans noticed that Nancy‘s shorts seem to be even shorter than the other members’ shorts.

While Nancy’s slightly curvier figure may play into this difference, fans are claiming then it is all the more reason to have her wear safety shorts.

Because of her short shorts, Nancy revealed parts of her lower buttocks on numerous occasions.

She’s also frequently spotted pulling her shorts down in discomfort.

Yeonwoo is another member who is frequently seen exposing parts of her butt cheeks because of her shorts.

Fans are outraged by how small Yeonwoo’s shorts are, evident from Yeonwoo herself pulling it down so often.

The members in shorts aren’t the only fans’ concerns, other members in skirts don’t have it easy either. Daisy was captured unintentionally exposing parts of her butt cheeks as well.

Her dress barely covered her butt and fans are furious that their stylists chose to dress her like that in the first place.

Netizens argue that there is no need for MOMOLAND’s stage costumes to be this short and revealing, especially because “Bboom Bboom” is relatively a non-sexy concept song.

  • “Is this the new underwear look or what…”

  • “Have you seen the sexually harassing comments on their fan cams because of this… It’s gross.”

  • “This kind of ‘sexy concept’ isn’t going to help them last long. I wish the agency would snap out of it and get it together.”

  • “There are panties that come with more coverage than those so-called pants.”

  • “I’m sure the agency knows and does this on purpose.”

Fans demand proper stage outfits as the girls are constantly pulling down their shorts to cover themselves.


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I dont think so. She wrinkled her nose cutely. In addition, I have no costume jewelry for this dress, only these clips.

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