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Personality/Qualities Spread?

I had this spread passed on to me, and it really is effective, I've done it for myself, and a number of other people, all of whom have been surprised at the accuracy.

You need the whole deck, seperated into Major Arcana, each seperate suit, and the Court Cards.

Arrange each stack in a circle, with the Major Arcana at about 8o'clock on a clock face. The sequence goes:

1) Major Arcana
2) Wands
3) Cups
4) Swords
5) Pentacles
6) Court Cards

Next you turn over the top card, after having shuffled well obviously). The top card is your best or strongest aspect of your personality, what you can use best to achieve any dreams you have:

1) Your greatest Spiritual Strength
2) Your most enterprising characteristic
3) Your best emotional strength
4) Your strongest response to problems
5) Your most admirable financial/resource ability
6) Your favourite aspect of your personality

Once you've looked at those cards, and understood them, you take the bottom card of each pile and lay it horizontally across the top card. These cards are where you are least happy with your personality, and once you understand them, you'll be able to do something about them, and hence improve yourself and your life:

1) Your most important Spiritual challenge at this time
2) Your most problematic attitude towards work
3) Your most difficult emotional challenge at this time
4) Your worst fear when facing problems
5) Your financial weakness
6) Your least favourite aspect of your personality

Finally, once you have understood the second set of cards, you can tie them together to see how you can get them to work together to help you with life.

On an added note, though this wasn't suggested when I was told about this spread, what could work is having a second tarot deck next to you as well, so that if there are cards that you simply cannot work out, you can pull clarifying cards, which will be mixed, and get additional help from them.

I hope that helps you.
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The Personality Spread

After we’ve gone through the different personalities of the court cards in the Understanding the Tarot Court series, and having checked out how to find out our personal Tarot court card(s), I think it is but natural to talk about the Personality Spread.

This Personality Spread is a Tarot reading spread that can be used to get a deeper understanding of a person, and find out more about his / her personality.

I have to admit – this isn’t a spread that I have learnt from anywhere. In fact, I have created the Personality Spread on my own. So it is still a work in progress… Any and all input will be appreciated!

The Personality Spread: How It Began

The Personality Spread began with a question from one of my students. He asked me if there was a spread that would help him to understand the personality of a person, say someone who he has just met, and decide if that person was going to be a good friend in the long run or not.

Naturally, I told him that he might just as easily find a spread or two online. But then he asked if I could come up with one, or rather, create a spread that he could use.

So I thought and thought, and came up with this brilliant (that is what I would like to think!) spread. And of course, I thought of sharing this spread over here. However, I would love all your inputs and we can make the Personality Spread even better together!

In this spread, I have used all the stuff that we’ve looked at during our study of the Tarot court cards. So lets look at the Personality Spread, shall we…

The Personality Spread: Spread How-Tos

As we can see from the picture, there are 3 basic layers to the Personality Spread.

The cards with the smiley face on them are the court cards, and the other cards are what I like to refer to as the ‘situation’ cards.

Here’s how this spread is drawn.

  • First, you separate out the Court Cards from the other cards in your deck.
  • Now holding the deck in your hands, close your eyes and focus on the person you want to know about.
  • Now from among the Court Cards, draw 10 cards.
  • After that, from among the other cards, draw out 10 cards.
  • Place them in the positions I have mentioned in the drawing above in the following manner:
    • First, lay down the court cards.
    • Then lay down the ‘situation’ cards.
  • When you do the reading, start opening and reading the cards as per the numbers mentioned above the position names.

The Personality Spread: The Positions

The positions in this spread are very interesting.

  • The +ve and –ve cards in the center define the positive and negative aspects of his personality on the whole
  • Passions talks about what drives this person
  • Values talk about the value systems and ethics that this person has in his life
  • Trustworthiness defines how and how much this person can actually be trusted in different situations
  • Can you depend on this person? And how much? The Dependability position will tell you that information
  • Does he have integrity? The Integrity position will let you know
  • What about his loyalty? Will he be a loyal friend? The Loyalty position will tell you that
  • And of course, the Advice position will give you advice on how to behave and be around this person
  • While the Future position will talk about the future of your friendship in the long run.

Simple, yes?

Well, let’s do a sample reading just to get a fair idea of the spread.

The Personality Spread: A Sample Reading

Here’s a picture of the sample reading. Now, lets analyze it.

The Center: Main Personality Traits

Right in the center, we have the King of Pentacles at the +ve position and the Queen of Wands (↓) at the –ve position.

Now based on my first impressions (intuitive thoughts), I can say that he is a financially well-to-do person, perhaps a businessman, who loves his routines. He is also quite money-minded. Also the –ve card says that he can be very moody when he is unhappy, or when things don’t go his way. He could even have anger issues. As such, the Queen of Wands (↓) card also makes me feel that he might be a very passive-aggressive sort of a person.

The Outer Layers: Personality in Situation

Now, let’s look at the Personality in Situation scenario.

Passions: Here we have the Knight of Wands (↓) with the 8 of Swords. So, he often restricts the way that his passions could drive him. Every time something interesting comes around, he probably thinks himself out of actually going and doing it. He could very well be suppressing his own passions and desires.

Values: The cards in his scenario are the Knight of Swords and the 7 of Pentacles (↓). Here we see someone who doesn’t have any patience at all. As far as values go, this person can be quite impatient with someone who doesn’t conform to his ideas of what is correct. He doesn’t like to take his time and get to know you and will often be quick to be judgemental.

Trustworthiness: Here we have the Page of Cups with the 6 of Wands. He will easily trust you, but only when you let him take the leadership role in whatever situation the trust is required. As such, he will often rely on his intuition to trust someone, but then again, he has to be the one taking the lead.

But bear in mind that he can be quick to judge as well (from the previous position) and be careful about this.

Dependability: Here we have the King of Wands and the 6 of Cups. He can be someone who you depend on. However, this will work only if he knows you for a long time, and have a bunch of good, happy memories together.

As such, his trust and dependability issues might arise from good and bad experiences of his childhood.

Integrity: Here we have Knight of Cups (↓) and 4 of Swords (↓). So he is a person who doesn’t put much stock by any emotional appeals made to him. He probably won’t be someone who learns his lessons from past experiences, rather someone who dwells on them and lets them rule his emotions. So, if he trusts you and you haven’t broken his trust, then he is your best buddy. But if not, then beware, because he can also be quite vengeful if it came to that.

Loyalty: Here we have the Page of Pentacles (↓) and the 4 of Cups. Naturally, this too ties in with the other interpretations. He will be loyal, but only if you have proved your loyalty to him over a period of time.

Advice: We have the Queen of Swords and the 9 of Cups (↓) in this position. The cards are advising you to be like the Queen of Swords – ie – be nice but draw the line at some point. While he may not be someone whom you want to antagonize, he is also not someone who you want to be BFFs with either. Especially when things aren’t going so great, don’t go to him for a shoulder to cry on. Emotions aren’t his thing.

Future: And the King of Cups (↓) combines with the 9 of Wands in this position. As the advice position said, emotions aren’t his thing. And yet, you might find yourself in a difficult time emotionally and he will appear to be very standoff-ish to you. Long term, this relationship may not proceed beyond a ‘general acquaintance’.

Your Turn…

What did you think about the spread? Did the positions make sense to you or did you have some other positions in mind? According to you, what positions should have been taken into consideration?

Have you tried this spread? What were your thoughts? Was it useful and accurate?

Again, this spread is a work in progress, so please feel free to try it out, and let me know your thoughts, changes, and suggestions in the comments section below.

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Personality Tarot Spread

Personality Tarot spread is one of the known Tarot Card spread. In this Personality Tarot spread, we will assess Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. When we check all four things above, it will help in knowing the personality of someone. It’s a great tool to know or understand someone, be it your family member or be it your friend, colleague etc. If you are looking for partner, then you can go for this spread, also to know your future partner more deeply apart from going for match making by Tarot cards and astrology. We can know the person from internal and external more deeply.


First card that we pick up in Tarot Spread is for Mind position.

If Cups card comes in, then it means native/querent thinks more from heart over brain as Cups represents water element in Tarot. That person may be more emotional. If any negative tarot card comes in above position it means, person may be under some kind of stress.

For example, The Magician Card if it comes in Mind Position:

  • Good and fast calculative mind.
  • Knows how to make use of resources.
  • Learn things at very short span that is quick thinking.
  • Loves doing something with hand like be it painting,cooking,sewing.
  • Fast thinking
  • Good in mimicry. To read more, click this link –https://tarotschoolofindia.com/tarot-and-astrology/


Second card in Personality Tarot spread represents body of native which includes health, physical appearance and overall personality.

First tarot reader need to see whether it’s a positive card or negative card. If it’s a positive card, then it means person may be having good health and attractive personality.  If negative tarot card comes in, then person may be facing some health issues or person need to pay more attention towards his/her health.

Like Page of Cups if it comes, it may give following results:

  • Person may look younger in age
  • Attractive Looks
  • Person need to be more serious towards his/her health
  • May be some weight issues


A positive Tarot card in this position makes native more generous and benevolent. If negative card comes in this position, like swords card it may indicate native may be less emotional, more practical and may not forgive other people for their mistakes easily.

If card like Seven of Cups comes in, 

  • Then native may have many things in his/her mind and it may bring illusion.
  • Desires to lead a comfortable life (basics for comfortable life).
  • Need to focus on Self-discovery.


The final card in Personality Tarot Spread determines the overall journey of native as a soul.It depicts what the native’s soul desires of and shows the aspiration of the soul.

THE STAR Tarot CARD came in this position.  It’s a beautiful card that has come up in the soul place.

We can see in this card,All heavenly bodies that guide us across land and seas.

The Star Card in soul position will give this result below:

  • Person will be optimistic.
  • This is the card of expansion and freely giving.
  • It’s just you need to believe in yourself, once you do it, you can achieve success.
  • You have the charisma to do it.
  • Doing charity as per her pocket.
  • Soul is compassionate

If you want to know in more detail, how to read Personality Tarot Spread, Click this link, where i have explained all above Tarot Cards in detailed form along with astrology and explained with more Tarot Cards that came in Message form above- https://tarotschoolofindia.com/tarot-and-astrology/

I have also explained other Tarot Cards that came up while picking above Tarot Cards.

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Personality Tarot Spread

Personality Tarot Spread

Over the past couple of weeks, during classes, I have been thinking and developing a spread. This spread is designed to allow you to look into the personality of someone, and the various parts that make it up.

This spread is divided into two dichotomies (much like the Tarot itself). The first dichotomy is that of the public and conscious aspects of your personality – the parts of you that others see and that you are aware of, that you allow to escape and be seen by the outside world – and the unconscious and hidden aspects of your personality – those things about yourself that you hide or don’t know yourself. This dichotomy is represented by the division between upper and lower cards; the upper three cards are all aspects of your public and conscious personality, and the lower three are all aspects of your private and unconscious personality.

The second dichotomy looks at what I think are two important aspects of your personality, as embodied by the two questions the Vorlons and the Shadows ask in Babylon 5 – “Who are you?” and “What do you want?” As such, the left three cards all deal with identity, and how you are perceived by others, yourself, as well as how your past has influenced this identity. The right three cards represent your desire and your fears (for what is a fear but the desire that somethingwon’t happen?) – what you say you want, what you really want, and what you hope will happen in the future; your goals.

The center cards are just the defining aspect of your personality, and like many Tarot spreads, are the most important aspects of your character and personality. The central cards also serve as the center of a Celtic Cross-based design; with the topmost and bottom-most cards representing what they do in the Celtic Cross, the left and right cards representing past and future like in the Celtic Cross spread, and the central cards also serving the same purpose.

The ten cards in this spread serve to help one look into what forms the personality of a particular person – their thoughts and concerns, their hopes and fears, their own and others’ sense of their identity, and qualities that describe them. It looks at the goals of the person, and the influences that the past has had on them. The layout of the spread is a circle, signifying the idea of completion, and also resembles a wheel, representing the idea that one’s personality is always changing and moving forward (as such, it is important to remember that this spread only helps on understand one’s personality at the present moment; personalities can and do change). The circular form also resembles a face, with each section of the face revealing a different aspect of their personality.

Below is an image of the spread, and below a brief explanation of the meaning of each card:

Personality Tarot Spread Layout
1. Central Characteristic: This card represents the most important part of someone’s personality; it is the card that best describes and sums up the the personality of the entire person. It is both the primary factor and the summary of the rest of the spread.

2. Influencing Characterstic: This card is the second most important aspect of someone’s personality, and influences, mitigates, or complements the Central Characteristic; in many ways it also the secondary characteristic of a person, and provides a second dimension to one’s personality, adding depth to it.

3. Influence of Past: This card sums up the influences that past events have had on one’s personality; memory is an important part of our personality, our desires, and our own identity. This card represents and shows the influence that this memory has had on a personality.

4. Goals of the Future: This card represents what one are striving to accomplish; another aspect of one’s personality is their drive, and what makes them motivated: that motivation and drive is represented by this card, which shows the thing that the person is striving to achieve, and their most important desire for the future.

5. Unconscious Thoughts and Motives: This card represents the unconscious thoughts and concerns of a person, and also represents this person’s motives. It answers the questions of “why do they do this?” as well as those of “what are they really thinking?”  This is their unconscious drive (rather than the conscious drive of Card 4), and represents the deepest aspects of their personality, hidden from themselves. This card also serves as the synthesis of cards 8 and 10.

6. Conscious Thoughts and Concerns: This card represents the person’s conscious thought. It helps one examine what the most important things are to this person, and represents their most pressing concerns, and what is most important to them at this time. This card also serves as the synthesis of cards 7 and 9.

7. Public Face: This card is the public aspect of one’s identity; this is how others perceive this person, and how their environment (including other people) affects them and notices them. This card is similar to Card 8 (second from the bottom of the Staff) on the Celtic Cross. This card represents how they want others to see them as well.

8. Private Face: This card represents the concept of self-identity and self-image, and shows how a person really thinks of themselves. This might line up with one’s public face, but often is at least slightly different. This card is similar to Card 7 (bottom of the Staff) of the Celtic Cross spread. This card shows how this person really feels about himself, and what they think their own identity is.

9. Public Desire: This card represents what one says they want; it is the stated hopes and fears of a person. This is what the person wants others to think they want and what they want others to think they are afraid of; this card represents those desires made public.

10. Private Desire: This card represents one’s true hopes and fears; their heart’s desire or their deepest, secret fear. These are the desires that people keep repressed and hidden – sometimes even from themselves – for various reasons. These are the inner passions and repressed terrors that often motivate people’s actions unconsciously.

Like this:



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Spread tarot personality

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