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Kaiser's employees are committed to excellence and exceeding the expectations of our customers. We live by the motto, "If We Don't Service Our Customers-Somebody Else Will!”. These aren’t just words, but a commitment.

2907 E McCormick Dr Milton

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Kaiser Transport, Inc Employee Reviews

Don't believe the hype ...

Driver (Current Employee) - Janesville, WI - February 19, 2020

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Kaiser advertises $75-95k for first-year drivers ... you will not come close unless you work 7 days a week, often "off" the clock, drive dirty, and have absolutely not a single issue with your truck. They notoriously make drivers turn off the DOT-regulated clock and continue to load trucks until 2-3 am, with the expectation that you will roll out at 6 am to drive. They expect drivers to maintain the trucks, and any issue that may arise - even due to road hazards is charged back to the driver by way of reduction in bonus. They will charge drivers for their poorly maintained equipment causing damage to their freight. Kaiser encourages drivers to customize their albeit stunning Peterbilt 389 fleet - but then charge them for any damage customizations may cause or cost them funds in resale. Essentially, you are an owner-operator ... but you don't get paid like one. The company culture likes to tout their 1% status - which actually refers to outlaw bikers and borderline criminals - at first I thought it was just a mistaken idea - but nope, they essentially want you to operate outside of safety on a regular basis. There are many positive aspects to Kaiser. Their hiring process is intense, but their turnover rate matches. They lose drivers due to what amounts to unfair practices. Drivers are lucky to make base pay each week. Bonuses are next to impossible because if you bent a mud flap and don't replace it out of pocket ... they will charge you labor costs to replace it in the shop. They are very good at home time, but even that comes at a cost. Nepotism runs rampant in - 

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Kaiser Transport Bags and Aquilla Cases Back & Kaiser Review!

As we announced last week, we're delighted to confirm that our Kaiser3 and Kaiser4 cases are now available again and shipping with next day dispatch from our factory, along with the missing items from the Aquilla range.

We'd like to thank our customers for their patience whilst they were unavailable, as we know that several of you out there have been waiting for them. The cases are now back on our website again, available with core, custom, and as empty as you prefer for transporting and storing your armies.

Our flagship range, the Kaiser Transport Bags have long been favourites of many gaming communities, and exemplify our KR system approach to cases and storing your models. Each Kaiser Transport Bag can hold a number of card cases equal to its volume, meaning that you can switch out cases as needed for your games, and store the cases that are not in the bag or being used at home, without having loose trays leftover or on your shelves.

With our KR adhesive labels, you can even make a note of which army is in which case, making swapping them over incredibly easy. This modular approach has won over many of our loyal customers over the years, as they have seen their miniature collections expand, but the storage for them stay easily manageable and secure.

With the introduction last year of our new card cases, you can even store smaller cases in our Kaiser Transport Bags as suits too! A Kaiser1 case, for example can store a KRM standard card case, or two KRH half card cases, or four KRQ quarter card cases, or finally, a KRH half case, and two KRQ quarter cases.

The Kaiser Half is the first, and smallest Kaiser Transport Bag in our range, and will hold one of our KRH half width cases (or two KRQ quarter cases), making it perfect for table top sports games such as Blood Bowl and Guild Ball, as well as for small scale skirmish games.

The Kaiser1 Transport bag is the same size as our standard KRM case, and will carry one of those iconic cases, along with any rulebooks, templates, tokens, dice, and measures that you might need for your games. A popular upgrade for many gamers, that have discovered the KR system and want to immediately add extra storage for accessories.

The Kaiser2 Transport Bag follows the same design approach as the Kaiser1, still incorporating a shoulder strap and front pocket in its design for rulebooks, tokens and accessories, but at twice the storage space! Remember that with the Kaiser2 upwards, you can also look to store the larger cases such as the KRD, so if your collection includes larger models that require taller trays, this case is for you.

Much like the increase in size between the Kaiser1 and Kasier2, the Kaiser3 simply steps up to three standard size card cases of storage. Also popular for storing two KRX card cases as well for slightly larger models, the Kaiser3 is one of our most popular cases, especially amongst Warmachine players.

The largest of the Kaiser Transport Bag range, the Kaiser4 is for those of you with serious collections, that play large scale games using huge armies, or are going to a convention and want to take your whole collection for use over the weekend. It will hold four of standard KRM cases, or two KRD cases, or any combination of smaller cases which suit your collection.

Stay tuned next week, when we'll step through our Aluminium range!

KR Multicase - putting figures first

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Store your Armies in Our Trays!KRMulticase is Still Open!KR Multicase Journeys once More to Middle-EarthKRMulticase is Still Open!KR Multicase has more trays to recommend for The Middle Earth Strategy Battle GameKRMulticase is Still Open!KR Multicase can Recommend Trays for Battling in Middle Earth!FREE postage on KR Orders on Salute Show day 18th April!KRMulticase is Still Open!FREE postage on KR Orders on Salute Show day 18th April!KRMulticase is Still Open!FREE postage on KR Orders on Salute Show day 18th April!KRMulticase is Still Open!KR Multicase unveils the new Sister of Battle SetsKR Multicase's Custom Trays for Black Seas are Here!Following Salute 2020's CancellationKR Multicase Are Getting Ready for Salute 2020!KR Multicase's Complete Sisters of Battle Selection!KR Multicase has new Sets! 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Sours: https://www.krcases.com/featured/kaiser-transport-bags-and-aquilla-cases-back-kaiser-review-
The ABSOLUTE WORST trucking companies to drive for! Never work here!

Kaiser Transport & Cargo Carrier.

Kaiser Transport & Cargo Carrier. is placed in the list among other Household services. This company is rated 3 by NiceLocal users and can be found in Delhi city near the Ramakrishna Ashram Marg station by the official address: 3022/1., 2nd Floor, Chuna Mandi., Pahar Ganj — 110055.

Geographic system coordinates are: longitude — 77°12′42.7′′E (77.211862), latitude — 28°38′42.4′′N (28.645105).

Kaiser Transport & Cargo Carrier. is open for business by this schedule: daily: 24 hours a day. You can get to know more by dialing a number: 919996414227 — or by visiting the website: greatdealpackersmovers.com.

If you've been to this place before, you may want to put together a review in «Reviews» section to share your impressions about Kaiser Transport & Cargo Carrier..

Sours: https://nicelocal.in/delhi/utility_service/kaiser_transport_cargo_carrier/

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