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All Saddlemen seats are designed, tested, and built exclusively in the USA for the long ride. American made quality and craftsmanship is something Saddlemen takes very seriously. Every seat since 1987 has been constructed at Saddlemen’s Long Beach, California manufacturing facility. Every detail, every stitch, and every step of the process from raw materials to the final product has been carefully considered and inspected to insure that Saddlemen’s standards for quality, craftsmanship and comfort are continuously upheld.

Saddlemen remains America’s first choice when you decide to upgrade your motorcycle seat because Saddlemen recognizes every body and every bike is built a little different and that sometimes even the best motorcycle seat may not meet everyone’s expectations. Unlike other seat companies who might defer the blame on the rider or their bike, Saddlemen will help make it right, call and their friendly Product Specialist will gladly assist.

Saddlemen seats are available at most local motorcycle shops served through Drag Specialties, a leading distributor of accessories and parts for Harley Davidson motorcycles. Call 800-397-7709 or go here.

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Are Saddleman seats as good as they claim?

I had a Saddlemen Stealth seat with the gel pack on my old ST1100. Started with the stock seat and then switched to the Saddlemen. I could only ride at most 2 hours on the stock seat, and only another half hour on the Saddlemen seat. I did feel the gel pack get a little hotter than the stock seat but not really bad for me. If I had to do it again I'd spend a little more than I did and get the RDL as I've always heard and read they really do the trick for LD riding.

With the bike I now have I really don't feel the need to upgrade the seat since I've been able to triple the miles or more on my CTX1300 stock seat compared with any other seat on any bike I've owned (made the ride to NATSTOC a few years ago 660 miles same day and didn't feel the need to stop yet). Just had to throw that in there, I know this doesn't help the question. But if any seat can do that I'd be happy with it (and I am currently). :)


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New Speed Merchant seat for your 06-up Dyna:

-Exclusively designed by us, and made by Saddlemen, the industry leader in motorcycle seats.

-Slim design follows the contour of the frame.

-Perforated leather center piece, with diamond stitching.

-The seat combines a Gel-Core interior and Ultra-Foam that creates a foam that is a perfect balance of rigidity and user compliance.

-Ultra-Foam unique molding process creates an element-resistant self skinning process that seals the foam from water and enhances the seat’s durability as well as comfort.

-The Co-molded Gel-Core is the largest comfort advancement in motorcycle seating since the creation of the suspension.

-Every seat is made in California, and is embroidered with our Speed Merchant logo.

FOR CUSTOM COLOR STITCHING ORDERS. Email ([email protected]) or leave your request for color thread you want in the “ORDER NOTES” section when checking out on the online store.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for customer color orders.


Additional information

Weight160 oz
Dimensions31 × 15 × 11 in

Standard black stitching with black logos, Custom colored stitching and logos.

Why I HATE the Saddlemen Step-Up seat - Long Term Review

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SADDLEMEN SEAT. is it worth it?

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