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Greetings, Heroes and Merchants!

We have some great news for you! Moonlighter gets enriched with a free update mostly focusing on Will’s precious shop. It brings a new not-sure-if-I-want-it-yet indecisive customer that needs to be quickly taken care of, a thief trying to plunder your cash and a bothersome bird that is terrorizing those who want to contribute to your earnings. Besides, players will get 4 new Baby Slim companions and right-away access to Rings and Amulets which were previously available only in the New Game+ mode.

Last but not least – all the game fixes and polishes brought in with Between Dimensions expansion which had debuted last year on PC will be implemented into the consoles version right now. And yes, that also means that Moonlighter’s biggest expansion to date is on the last stretch and will debut on Switch, Xbox One & PS4 very soon. Find the full list of changes below!

List of new, free stuff:

  • • A new thief trying to steal your money from the cash register!
  • • A new client – the indecisive customer – better hurry and attend them!
  • • A bothersome bird terrorizing your customers – so little, yet so dangerous!
  • • 4 new Baby Slime companions – too cute to be true!
  • • And on top of that, the basic Rings and Amulets (not the ones from the DLC, tho!) are now available during your first playthrough (if you didn’t know: before they were available only in New Game+ Mode).

General Fixes:

  • • Crash on startup
  • • Crash on opening chests in dungeons
  • • Fixed issue with overwriting items in chests
  • • All Familiar eggs should now drop in new game+
  • • Fixed issue where mimic chest could not be interacted with
  • • Fixed infinite loading after using Banker
  • • Fixed infinite loading after reaching the end of the calendar year
  • • Sorting should now also stack items
  • • Sorting option should now affect all pages in multi-paged chest
  • • Crafting high-end weapons at Blacksmith should now consume the correct amount of resources
  • • Fixed issue where Le Retailer NPC could have items in stock that should not be present there
  • • Potions at Witch NPC should now display correct prices
  • • Fixed issue with Will’s fists damage
  • • Exclamation mark over Witch in new game+ should now properly update
  • • Minor language corrections

Dungeon Fixes:

  • • Hermit Slime (big fist) should now spawn properly
  • • Fixed Infinite loading on using Merchant Emblem portal
  • • Eggs should now always be properly transferred upon returning from the dungeon
  • • Fixed Tesla Miniboss icon in dungeon summary screen
  • • Fixed death animation of some enemies

Shop Fixes:

  • • Fixed issue where items would disappear upon restocking a stack of items at the sale box
  • • Fixed display of income in sale box in new game+

We hope that you like the new content and that the fixes will make your playthroughs smoother! And, obviously, we can’t wait for you to play the Between Dimensions DLC – coming soon to a village near you!

Digital Sun Games & 11 bit studios

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Moonlighter | Console Update – Free stuff!2020-02-252020-02-25 | Every adventure has to pay off

Anti-Confusion Amulet.pngAnti-Confusion Amulet +1Ring that grants its wearer enough stoicism to resist shocking attacks.Prevents stun effects. Does not prevent pulls, slows, knockbacks, or slime attacks.Purple Chests in the Golem Dungeon.Anti-Electricity Amulet.pngAnti-Electricity Amulet +1Ring capable of absorbing even the biggest quantities of electric energy.Prevents all electric DOT effects on the player, including from electric puddles and damage from monster attacks.Purple Chests in the Tech DungeonAnti-Fire Amulet.pngAnti-Fire Amulet +1Ring made out of a Desert Fire Gem; enough to avoid fire damage in any situation.Prevents all fire DOT effects on the player, including from lava puddles and damage from monster attacks.Purple Chests in the Desert DungeonAnti-Poison Amulet.pngAnti-Poison Amulet +1Ring with enough antidote inside to make its wearer immune to poison.Prevents all poison DOT effects on the player, including from poison puddles and poisonous monsters.Purple Chests in the Forest DungeonBarrier Amulet.pngBarrier Amulet +1Ring that adds a shield to its wearer's health when entering a dungeon or arriving at a new floor but increases fall damage by 20% of max health.Grants the player a Shield Buff when entering a Dungeon or a new dungeon floor, but increases fall damage by 20% of maximum health.Purple Chests in any DungeonBlack Cat Amulet.pngBlack Cat Amulet +1Ring that cancels any fall damage and slowing effect in exhange for 20% less probability of enemy drops. Cannot sellPrevents fall damage and slowing effects but reduces enemy drops by 20%.Purple Chests in any DungeonCarnivorous Mutae Amulet.pngCarnivorous Mutae Amulet +1Ring that boosts the owner's health but also weakens their defensive power.Increases health by 20% while decreasing defense by 10%.Drops from the Carnivorous Mutae's Blue ChestCharged Attack Amulet.pngCharged Attack AmuletIncreases charged attacks damage the more they are charged.The longer you hold the special weapon key down, the more damage the ability will do.Slime Chests in the Wanderer DungeonConfu Elemental Amulet.pngConfu Elemental AmuletSometimes this amulet shines with an intense light and confuses the enemies.Occasionally interupts enemies attacks.Slime Chests in the Wanderer DungeonElectric Elemental Amulet.pngElectric Elemental AmuletThis amulet can imbue the weapons with electricity and electrocute enemies sometimes.Occasionally applies an electric DoT to enemies when attacking.Slime Chests in the Wanderer DungeonElectric Puddle Amulet.pngElectric Puddle AmuletWhen the carrier has been hit it will create an electric puddle, but only 20% of the times.20% chance to drop an electric puddle on the ground that deals 1/5th of your current damage.Slime Chests in the Wanderer DungeonEmergency Attack Amulet.pngEmergency Attack Amulet +1Ring that increases attack power by 50% when HP is below 20%.Purple Chests in any DungeonEmergency Defense Amulet.pngEmergency Defense Amulet +1Ring that increases defensive power by 30% when HP is below 20%.Increases defense by 30% when Health is below 20%.Purple Chests in any DungeonEmergency Health Amulet.pngEmergency Health Amulet +1Ring that increases the healing value of potions by 50% when HP is under 20%.Increases healing effect of potions by 50% when Health is less than 20%.Purple Chests in any DungeonEmergency Speed Amulet.pngEmergency Speed Amulet +1Ring that increases speed by 10% when HP is below 20%.Increases movement speed by 10% when Health is below 20%.Purple Chests in any DungeonEnergy Flux Amulet.pngEnergy Flux Amulet +1Ring that boosts the owner's health by canceling the double damage of a secondary attack.Increases Health by 20% but secondary attack damage is nullified.Drops from Energy Flux's Blue ChestFamiliar Amulet.pngFamiliar AmuletTakes some of the carrier force and gives it to their companions.Increases the damage dealt by your familiars.Slime Chests in the Wanderer DungeonFenix Amulet.pngFenix Amulet +1Ring that revives the carrier when they are defeated, but the ring breaks.Revives the player if they die, but destroys the ring.Purple Chests in any DungeonFire Elemental Amulet.pngFire Elemental AmuletSometimes this amulet heats the weapon enough to burn enemies.Occasionally applies a fire DoT while attacking.Slime Chests in the Wanderer DungeonFire Puddle Amulet.pngFire Puddle AmuletWhen the carrier has been hit it will create a lava puddle, but only 20% of the time.20% chance to spawn a lava puddle under Will's feet that applies a fire DoT to enemies that deals 1/10th of Will's current damage.Slime Chests in the Wanderer DungeonGolem King Amulet.pngGolem King Amulet +1Ring that boosts the owner's health but also adds the weight of a Golem to the wearer.Increases health by 20% while decreasing movement speed by 5%.Drops from the Golem King's Blue ChestGolem Turret Familiar Amulet.pngGolem Turret Familiar AmuletSummons a friendly turret to help the carrier in their quest.Summons a Golem Turret Familiar in addition to the player's current familiar. Stacks with other familiar rings.Slime Chests in the Wanderer DungeonGraaf Generator Familiar Amulet.pngGraaf Generator Familiar AmuletThis nice companion will shock everyone who tries to harm the carrier.Summons a Graaf Generator Familiar in addition to the player's current familiar. Stacks with other familiar rings.Slime Chests in the Wanderer DungeonHero Ring.pngHero RingThis ring transforms the will of those strong enough to wear it into an immaterial slash, but only if they are not hurt.When at full health, every third hit causes a wave of energy to slash out in the direction of the attack. Deals damage based on current damage values and can be blocked by objects.Slime Chests in the Wanderer DungeonInsta Kill Amulet.pngInsta Kill AmuletThis amulet rarely imbues final blows with deadly force, killing enemies instantly.Has a very tiny chance that the third hit will one-shot an enemy. Doesn't seem to affect bosses.Slime Chests in the Wanderer DungeonLife Drain Amulet.pngLife Drain AmuletSteals vital force from enemies with every third hit.Every third hit steal back a portion of the damage as health.Slime Chests in the Wanderer DungeonLuck Amulet.pngLuck Amulet +1Ring that increases item-drop probability by 20% from enemies but decreases defensive power by 10%.Increases item drops from monsters by 20% but decreases defense by 10%.Purple Chests in any DungeonMother Golem Familiar Amulet.pngMother Golem Familiar AmuletMother Golem will make sure the carrier of this amulet arrives home safely.Summons a Mother Golem Familiar in addition to the player's current familiar. Effect stacks with other familiar rings.Slime Chests in the Wanderer DungeonNaja Amulet.pngNaja Amulet +1Ring that boosts the owner's health in exchange for some attack power.Increases Health by 20% but decreases attack by 10%.Drops from Naja's Blue ChestPoison Elemental Amulet.pngPoison Elemental AmuletThe sticky substance that drips from this amulet can be applied to weapons and poison enemies.Inflicts enemies with a poison debuff(?)Slime Chests in the Wanderer DungeonPoison Puddle Amulet.pngPoison Puddle AmuletWhen the carrier has been hit it will create a toxic puddle, but only 20% of the time.20% chance to spawn a poison puddle under Will's feet that deals constant damage to enemies standing inside it.Slime Chests in the Wanderer DungeonSpiked Roll Amulet.pngSpiked Roll AmuletImbues the carrier with enough hardness to harm enemies when rolling towards them.When dodge rolling, deals ~1/10th of your damage to enemies rolled through.Slime Chests in the Wanderer DungeonVampire Amulet.pngVampire Amulet +1Ring that makes its wearer deal 20% less damage but transforms 2% of the attack damage into health.Deal 20% less damage while receiving 2% of damage dealth as Health.Purple Chests in any DungeonWanderer Amulet.pngWanderer Amulet +1Ring that increases the attack power of its wearer by 5% but tries to call The Wanderer each time its wearer attacks.Increases damage dealt by 5%, but each attack has a chance to call the Wanderer. The Wanderer can't enter boss rooms or Secret Rooms.Purple Chests in any DungeonWind Tree Sprout Familiar Amulet.pngWind Tree Sprout Familiar AmuletThis little friend will use his big leaf to protect you.Summons a Wind Tree Sprout Familiar in addition to the player's current familiar. Stacks with other familiar rings.Slime Chests in the Wanderer Dungeon
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Jewellery slots are a new equipment slot available to the player in NG+. The player may equip up to 2 rings at a time. As of, there are a total of 18 rings available to collect in NG+. 8 of these rings are dungeon-specific drops, only available in their respective dungeons. The rest are possible drops from any purple (magic) chests. A player may only have one of each ring at a time.

NG+ items are denoted with a '+1' suffix to the end of their name. I have omitted this from the item names to keep it from getting redundant but your in-game items will have the +1 appended to their name.
Aside from the previous 8 rings listed above, there are an additional 10 rings that the player can receive as drops from purple (magic) chests. Rings are guaranteed drops from purple chests in NG+ (assuming the player has not already collected them all). These rings are not dungeon-specific and can drop from any purple chest.

Overall Rating: S
Singlehandedly one of the best rings in the game. This ring has a Guardian Angel passive that will revive the player when killed, but will destroy the ring.

Overall Rating: C
Adds a shield (similar to the bonus provided by sleeping in the bed) to the player when they enter the dungeon or enter a new floor. Fall damage increased by 20% of maximum health. The shield isn't particularly useful, and increasing fall damage can make exploring secret rooms difficult if the player isn't careful.

Overall Rating: A
One of only two damage-inreasing rings in the game. Increases attack power by a whopping 50% when the user is below 20% HP. Could be an S-tier, but this ring is generally pretty terrible for clearing rooms. If a player is attempting to do a perfect completion of a boss, it's a viable strategy to intentionally injure themselves enough to trigger the ring before entering the boss room in order to get a massive 50% attack bonus. A good ring for living in the fast lane, but be careful because when you play with fire, it's easy to get burnt.

Overall Rating: F
Increases Defence by 30% when health falls below 20%. Useless and would probably never save your life. A poorman's version of the Fenix Amulet.

Overall Rating: C
Increases healing effect of potions by 50% when under 20% health. Not quite useless. Potentially a decent pick up with enough defence, but hardly worth the hassle.

Overall Rating: F
Increases movement speed by 10% when under 20% health. Probably worse than the confusion amulet. Even if the movement speed bonus was 100%, this ring would still be garbage.

Overall Rating: F
Prevents fall damage and slowing effects in exchange for 20% reduced enemy drops. Accomplishes nothing at the cost of reducing income.

Overall Rating: B
Item drop +20%, Defence -10%. Not superb. Most of player income will be from gold/purple chests and looting corpses, but on occassion this ring can net some good drops if players don't mind the reduction in defence.

Overall Rating: C
Deal 20% less damage and receive 2% of damage dealt as healing. Heals too little to be viable. Could be useful if you wanted to skimp out on potions, but it's probably better to not take this.

Overall Rating: S
The only ring in the game besides the Emergency Attack Amulet to increase player damage. Deal 5% increased damage, but each attack has a chance to call the Wanderer. The Wanderer can not enter boss rooms or secret rooms, making this an excellent choice for horde room battles or boss battles. Remember to unequip this ring when in the regular dungeon.
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Neckline always riveted the eyes of men. Her hair was wavy and she either gathered it in a ponytail, or it fell in a chaotic waterfall over her shoulders. She did not wear bright colors, but her face always looked fresh and attractive. The character is cheerful, lively, she could never sit still. Once in the club she was not given the passage of a youngster for the whole evening.

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Yuri just came home from work, and she threw a tantrum that he was drunk. Guy wanted Characters A week has passed since meeting Vika. She began to get used to it and indifference and coldness towards Yuri began to slip in her behavior. He tried to understand what had happened - but nothing worked for him. There was a bed, but there was no mutual understanding.

(2019) (REMAKE) MOONLIGHTER - Infinite Money Glitch !!

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