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Names That Mean Good or Kind


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "bearer of good news"
  • Description:

    Evangeline is a romantic old name enjoying a major comeback, thanks to its religious overtones, Eva's popularity, and the star of the TV megahit Lost, Evangeline Lilly. Evangelia and Evangelina — two variants of Evangeline — are sure to tag along for the ride.

Evangeline Continued


  • Origin:

    Greek from Hebrew
  • Meaning:

    "God is good"
  • Description:

    Tobias is the Greek form of the Hebrew Tobiah, which was derived from the name Toviyah. Toviyah was created from the elements tov, meaning "good" and yah, representing the Hebrew God. Tobias is the name of several biblical figures but is primarily associated with the story of Tobias and the Angel.

Tobias Continued


  • Origin:

    English diminutive of Winifred
  • Meaning:

    "holy peacemaking, gentle friend"
  • Description:

    This pet form of such names as Winifred and Edwina and Gwendolyn has loads of vintage charm, a la Millie and Maisie, with a decidedly winning vibe. And it just got celebrity cred as the baby daughter of Jimmy Fallon.

Winnie Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "good woman"
  • Description:

    Agatha until recently summoned up visions of martyred saints, mauve silk dresses, and high lace collars, but now that some dauntless excavators have begun to resurrect it, we're sure more will follow their lead. Actor Thomas Gibson used it for his daughter in 2004.

Agatha Continued


  • Origin:

    Diminutive of Tobias
  • Description:

    This jaunty unisex nickname name has recently been given a shot of testosterone via actor Tobey Maguire and the gruff, erudite character on West Wing.

Toby Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "good, beautiful"
  • Description:

    Zuri migrated, at least to American sensibilities, to the feminine side when an Ohio zoo used it for a female giraffe. For either gender, Zuri is an attractive name with the usual Z-initial zest.

Zuri Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "the good earth"
  • Description:

    A name often heard in India, with an energetic sound and an ecologically correct meaning.

Avani Continued


  • Origin:

    Hebrew or Swahili
  • Meaning:

    "branch or gentle"
  • Description:

    Similar in sound to the flower name Dahlia, this gentle but distinctive name, heard in many cultures, hits that Golden Mean between too popular and too unusual.

Dalia Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

  • Description:

    Gareth, the name of a modest and brave knight in King Arthur's court, makes a sensitive, gently appealing choice, used more in its native Wales than anywhere else.

Gareth Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "gentle strength"
  • Description:

    When scientists do research on the effects of an unpopular name, we're afraid that Mildred is one of the examples they cite, often in tandem with Bertha and Gertrude. But with cute nickname Millie on the rise, anything's possible.

Mildred Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "good victory"
  • Description:

    Eunice is a New Testament name of the mother of Timothy, long associated with one of the Kennedy sisters, the founder of the Special Olympics. As high as Number 106 in the early 1900s, it lasted on the list until 1995. Eunice was the birth name of Nina Simone, which gives it a modicum of cool.

Eunice Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "noble good"
  • Description:

    Mona had more than a moment in the sun, peaking in 1950 at Number 230 but falling off the Top 1000 completely in the late 1980s. Its similarity to the word "moaner" undercuts the appeal of its simplicity. In one recent year, fewer than 100 baby girls received the name, and we don't see it reviving any time soon.

Mona Continued


  • Origin:

    Surname derived from Tobias
  • Meaning:

    "God is good"
  • Description:

    Tobias-related name that makes an attractive and modern-sounding form of the biblical original. It was recently chosen by Karolina Kurkova for her son.

Tobin Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "good, respectful"
  • Description:

    A classic Japanese name known to kids around the world as a Nintendo video-game character.

Yoshi Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "the Lord is good"
  • Description:

    Tobiah is the original Hebrew form of the better known Greek Tobias, to which it could make a distinctive alternative. With its ah ending, Tobiah fits in with other stylish Biblical names today, from Noah to Isaiah to Josiah and Zachariah. And of course, Toby is an adorable nickname.

Tobiah Continued


  • Origin:

    German, diminutive of Liselotte; Hawaiian
  • Meaning:

    "generous one"
  • Description:

    Lilo is the name of the spunky little Hawaiian girl character in the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch-- and is also Lindsay Lohan's nickname. Multi-cultural, it can be found in Hawaiian, German and Hebrew nomenclature.

Lilo Continued


  • Origin:

    Italian, nickname from Greek Kaleas
  • Meaning:

    "good or beautiful person"
  • Description:

    A highly unusual Italian word-name that is nevertheless attractive and easy to pronounce and spell.

Calia Continued


  • Origin:

    Welsh, Greek
  • Meaning:

    "love; grace, kindness"
  • Description:

    Beautiful meanings no matter which origin you want to go with. But either way, it rhymes with Paris.

Caris Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

  • Description:

    Phonetic spelling of the Muslim Aanisah, chosen by singer Macy Gray for one of her daughters.

Anisa Continued


  • Origin:

    Irish, phonetic spelling of Caoimhe
  • Meaning:

    "gentle, beautiful, precious"
  • Description:

    Keeva, the name chosen by "How I Met Your Mother" star Alyson Hannigan for her daughter, has recently been a Top 20 name in Ireland, using the authentic spelling Caoimhe. The male version is Caomhin--anglicized as Kevin.

Keeva Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "good girl"
  • Description:

    There are many in Japan, but for most Americans there's only one Yoko.

Yoko Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "noble, generous"
  • Description:

    Gennady is derived from an early saint's name (Gennadius) and shares the same Greek root word as the English word generous. It is a familiar if still uncommon boys' name in Russia. If you're looking for unique boy names you might want to put this one on your list.

Gennady Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "merciful and gentle"
  • Description:

    This surname related to Clement is strongly associated with Major League pitcher Roger Clemens, winner of more Cy Young awards than any other pitcher in baseball history, and has a softer sound than Clement. Some variations are Clemen, Clementio, Clemention, and Clemons.

Clemens Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "the bearer of good news"
  • Description:

    Nashira is one of those obscure space names that might rise along with such heavenly choices as Orion, Luna, and even Nevaeh. A giant star in Capricorn, Nashira is an unusual and attractive name with several positive associations.

Nashira Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "having good judgment"
  • Description:

    In the US, Rashad is one of the most popular and best-known Arabic names, through several sports and entertainment celebrities.

Rashad Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "born during good times"
  • Description:

    Offbeat name sometimes heard in the African-American community.

Neema Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "good wisher"
  • Description:

    In Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, the friend who persuades Romeo to go to the party where he meets Juliet. Alas.

Benvolio Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "friend, companion, gentle, kind"
  • Description:

    Confident Middle Eastern choice. Children will relate to the Rafiki form via the wise guru in Disney's "The Lion King."

Rafiq Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "charitable, generous"
  • Description:

    Name of a son of the Prophet Muhammad, with a particularly positive meaning.

Qasim Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "tenderness, gentleness"
  • Description:

    Similarity to the English name Jean could be a plus in a Japanese-American family.

Jin Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "soft, gentle"
  • Description:

    Layan is popular enough in the US that it was given to nearly 175 baby girls in one recent years. It translates easily enough in an English-speaking culture and sounds like Lee-Anne and Leah, so it's a friendly cross-cultural choice -- though lay might not be the best association in a baby's name.

Layan Continued



389 Baby Girl Names That Mean Kind

NAMESMEANINGGENDER Aanya (आनया)The one who is kind and warmly courteousGirlBengali,HindiHindu Aarati (आरती)aarti means prayer, or kind of worship towards the GodGirlHindiHindu AaryanKind Hearted; Good to Others; Illustrious; Glorious; RenownedGirlIndianHindu AatikahKind and affectionateGirlArabicIslam Aavihshkathe one who is very kind, warm and loving.GirlBengaliHindu AdalheidisNoble kind, of the noble sort.GirlIcelandic,Old NorseChristianity AdalieA kind or a kind-hearted personGirlGerman AdalinaGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Ornament; Its form of name Adela; A variant spelling is AdelineGirlGerman AdalineA noble or kind-hearted personGirlFrench,United States AdaliraA kind person, nobleGirlSpanish AdalynGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Ornament; Its form of name Adela; A variant spelling is AdelaideGirlGerman


AdalynnGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Ornament; Its form of name Adela; A variant spelling is AdelaideGirlGerman AddallaA kind and noble honourable personGirlGerman AddelineNoble kind, adornedGirl AdeaA kind gift from the GodGirlSwahili AdeladeNoble kind, of the noble sortGirlGerman,NormanChristianity AdelaidGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Ornament; Its form of name Adela; A variant spelling is AdelaideGirlGerman AdelaidaNoble kind, adornedGirlFrench,Portuguese AdeldredaA kind of noble and honourableGirlGerman AdeleineGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Ornament; Its form of name Adela; A variant spelling is AdelineGirlGerman AdelenaGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Ornament; Its form of name Adela; A variant spelling is AdelineGirlGerman AdelheidGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Ornament; Its form of name Adela; A variant spelling is AdelaideGirlGerman AdelheideGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Brightness; Ornament; Its form of name Adela; A variant spelling is AdelaideGirlGerman AdeliaGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Ornament; Its form of name Adela; A variant spelling is AdelaideGirlGerman AdelieGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Brightness; Ornament; Its form of name Adela;GirlGerman AdelinAn honourable of a noble kindGirlGerman AdelisaGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Brightness; Ornament; Its form of name Adela;GirlGerman AdelitaA winged or kind personGirlGerman AdellGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Ornament; Its form of name Adela; A variant spelling is AdelaideGirlGerman AdellaGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Ornament; Its form of name Adela; A variant spelling is AdelaideGirlGerman AdellahThe brightness of kindnessGirlGerman AdelleneThe kindness or the nobilityGirlGerman AdelynGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Ornament; A variant spelling is Adelaide; A derivative of AdelineGirlGerman AdelynnGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Ornament; A variant spelling is Adelaide; A derivative of AdelineGirlGerman AdelyteThe kind and nobility of a personGirlGerman AderineA tender or a kind birdGirlGerman AdetteGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Brightness; Ornament; A variant of AdaGirlGerman AdileneGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Brightness; Ornament; Its form of name Adela; A variant of AdelineGirlGerman AdolphaA noble and kind she wolfGirlGerman AelishA kind of noble person, a noble kinGirlGerman AfsoonThe meaning of Afsoon is "charm" or "Spell". A beautiful Goddess who is loved by all, friendly, caring, charismatic, kind, gentle, understanding, sensitive,emotional and desirable by all. Everyone will be charmed by her beauty.GirlAfghan AfusatOne who is strong, beautiful, kind, gentle at heart, generous, loving, impatient yet hard working.GirlArabic AgacieOne who is smart, pretty, poise, clever, intelligent, confident and kind hearted.GirlEnglish AgamaniA precious stone which is priceless, magnificient and unique. A one of a kind gemstone.UnisexIndian AgapiOne who is loving, caring, protective, affectionate, kind, nuturing and dependable.GirlGreekGreek AgataOne who is good at heart and mind, pure, kind, gentle and a nature lover.GirlGreek,Italian,Russian,Spanish,Swedish AgatheA kind natured woman.GirlBelgian,French,GermanChristianity,Greek AgathiOne who is good, kind, pure, sensitive, noble, generous and honourable.GirlGreek AgdaA kind hearted person with good relationship building qualities and zealous to perfection.GirlSwedish AgenildaOne who is courageous, cheerful, friendly, kind and generousGirlEnglish AggaA smaller shorter version of the name Agatha which means good, kind and honourable.GirlGreek AghsanBranches or twigs in Arabic which depicts a helper, a kind supportive person who enjoys helping others, being the branch to support people in need.GirlArabic AgneteOld Greek - Pure, Chaste; Holy; Pious; Kind; Good; A varaition of AgnesGirlGreekGreek AgnethaOld Greek - Pure, Chaste; Holy; Pious; Kind; Good; A varaition of AgnesGirlGreekGreek AgnieszkaOld Greek - Pure, Chaste; Holy; Pious; Kind; Good; A varaition of AgnesGirlGreekGreek AiliIrish - Light; Germanic - Of a noble kind; Bright oneGirlGerman,Irish AiliaIrish - Light; Germanic - Of a noble kind; Bright one; A variant of AiliGirlIrish AilidhCeltic - Kind; Noble; Bright One; LightGirlCeltic AilneGerman - Sweet; Pleasant; Of the Nobility; Noble; Kind; Diminutive of AlineGirlGerman AilovaNobel, kindGirlEnglish AlayshaGreat happiness; one who of noble kindGirlEnglish AlberteenGermanic - Nobly Famous; Noble; Kind; A variant transcription of Alberta; Feminine form of AlbertGirlGerman AlbertinaGermanic - Nobly Famous; Noble; Kind; A variant transcription of Alberta; Feminine form of AlbertGirlGerman,Portuguese AlbertineGermanic - Nobly Famous; Noble; Kind; A variant transcription of Alberta; Feminine form of AlbertGirlGerman AlbertynaGermanic - Nobly Famous; Noble; Kind; A variant transcription of Alberta; Feminine form of AlbertGirlGerman AlbertyneGermanic - Nobly Famous; Noble; Kind; A variant transcription of Alberta; Feminine form of AlbertGirlGerman AleashaOf noble kindGirl AleceeaNoble, KindGirl AleeceGermanic - Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Hebrew - Ornament; A derivative of AliceGirlGerman AleeshaGermanic - Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Sanskrit - Protected by God; A variant of Alice; A variant spelling is AlishaGirlGerman,Sanskrit AleshiaGermanic - Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Hebrew - Ornament; A variant of AliciaGirlGerman AlexieOld Greek - Defender of Men; Germanic - Of a noble kind; A variant of Alice and AlexandraGirlGreekGreek AlicahNoble; Kind, HonestGirl AlicjaGermanic - Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Hebrew - Ornament; A derivative of AliceGirlGerman,Polish AlieHonorable; Kind, HumbleGirl AlikahDecent, fine, KindnatureGirl AlioshaGermanic - Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Hebrew - Ornament; A form of the name AdelaideGirlGerman AlisDignified; KindGirlGerman AlisanneGermanic - Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Hebrew - Ornament; A variant of Alice; A variant of AlisonGirlGerman AlisceonShe who is noble and kindGirlEnglish AliseGermanic - Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Hebrew - Ornament; A derivative of AliceGirlGerman,Latvian AlishayOne of a noble kindGirlGerman AlishiaGermanic - Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Sanskrit - Protected by God; A variant of Alice; A variant spelling is AleeshaGirlGerman,Sanskrit AlisiOf noble kindGirlTonganChristianity AlisiaGermanic - Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Sanskrit - Protected by God; A variant of Alice; A variant form of AlishaGirlGerman,Sanskrit AliskaGermanic - Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Sanskrit - Protected by God; A variant of Alice; A variant form of AlishaGirlGerman,Sanskrit AlisounHigh moral principles qualities; KindGirl AlisseGermanic - Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Hebrew - Ornament; A variant of Alice;GirlGerman Alissiarighteous; Kind, good, worthyGirl AlisunGentle, kind, moderateGirlGerman AlitaGermanic - Of a noble kind; Latin - Little Winged Girl; Germanic - Noble; Honorable; A variant transcription of AdelaGirlGerman,Spanish AlitheeaNoble; aristocrat, KindGirlGerman AlitiaNoble; worth, moral ethical, KindGirlGerman Alixof dignified kindGirlChinese,French,German AlixanaMerciful, kind hearted, sympatheticGirlGreek AlizeGermanic - Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Hebrew - Joyful; A variant of AliceGirlGerman AllaGermanic - Of a noble Kind; Old Greek - Defender of Men; A derivative of AliceGirlGerman,Russian AllcenneDecent, fine, KindGirlGerman AlleciaNoblity; KindGirlGerman AllesNoble; KindGirlGerman
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276 Unique Baby Girl Names for Your Unique Baby Girl

What could be better than picking out a name for your beautiful baby girl? Joyful as it is, finding unique baby girl names isn’t easy. Even if parents agree that they want a name that’s “unique,” that might include everything from uncommon girl names, to especially cute, unisex, or even super old-fashioned ones.

The Social Security Administration keeps track of the name of every child born in the United States, so we know which names American parents like to use for their kids — and how those preferences change over time. Those numbers can also help you differentiate between truly unique baby girl names and those that thousands of other parents also thought were one-of-a-kind ideas. Think you’re the only one considering Harper? Pffft. It’s been one of the most popular baby girl names since 2014. But we’ve done the dirty work for you, digging through decades’ worth of baby names to find the most beautiful and unique baby girl names. Take a look and choose wisely.

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Classically Unique Baby Girl Names

  1. Arya
  2. Brielle
  3. Chantria
  4. Dionne
  5. Everleigh
  6. Eloise
  7. Fay
  8. Genevieve
  9. Harlow
  10. Jamila
  11. Juniper
  12. Larissa
  13. Lorelei
  14. Louella
  15. Maia
  16. Moira
  17. Odette
  18. Meriah
  19. Penny
  20. Poppy
  21. Sienna
  22. Stella
  23. Tayla
  24. Taylor
  25. Tory
  26. Violet
  27. Willa
  28. Xena
  29. Elodie

Cool Baby Girl Names

  1. Belle
  2. Tinsley 
  3. Ariel 
  4. Rory
  5. Aida
  6. Hattie 
  7. Willow
  8. Amabella 
  9. Serena 
  10. Renata 
  11. Magnolia
  12. Mercedes
  13. Clementine
  14. Ramona
  15. Emmy
  16. Anabella
  17. Hazel
  18. Ella
  19. Frankie
  20. Kaz
  21. Layla
  22. Wren
  23. Lessie
  24. Lillee
  25. Sage
  26. Lillia
  27. Rylee
  28. Zenni
  29. Charmaine

Uncommon Baby Girl Names

  1. Paola 
  2. Cora
  3. Maya
  4. Brea
  5. Fleur
  6. Alena
  7. Meara
  8. Amiah
  9. Ashlyn
  10. Hape
  11. Sariah
  12. Esmé
  13. Ember
  14. Aria
  15. Leanna
  16. Marlowe
  17. Milana
  18. Marleigh
  19. Malia
  20. Kimia
  21. Annika
  22. Alanna
  23. Eden
  24. Aubrielle
  25. Aliana
  26. Isla
  27. Elliana
  28. Ellie
  29. Ada
  30. Kaelie
  31. Addison
  32. Karina
  33. April
  34. Arabella
  35. Gracie
  36. Mimi
  37. Hailey
  38. Beeba
  39. Zya
  40. Rya
  41. Lou

Edgy, Celebrity-Inspired Baby Girl Names

  1. Azalea
  2. Selena
  3. Marilyn 
  4. Aaliyah
  5. Gwyneth
  6. Luna
  7. Adele
  8. Kylie
  9. Rihanna
  10. Iggy
  11. Tyra
  12. Viola
  13. Kit
  14. Alessandra
  15. Hallie
  16. Ava
  17. Hadley
  18. Ivy
  19. Annalise

Unusual Old-Timey Baby Names

  1. Azariah
  2. Gwendolyn
  3. Beatrix
  4. Henrietta
  5. Colette
  6. Claudette
  7. Charmaine
  8. June
  9. Constance
  10. Bessie
  11. Brigitta
  12. Daisy
  13. Eleanor
  14. Greta
  15. Scarlett
  16. Ellery
  17. Edith
  18. Holly
  19. Etta
  20. Elyse
  21. Alyssa
  22. Cora
  23. Maude
  24. Maeve
  25. Minnie
  26. Nadine
  27. Elaine
  28. Adeline
  29. Miriam
  30. Celeste
  31. Adelaide
  32. Edna
  33. Prudence
  34. Pear

Location-Inspired Baby Names

  1. Aspen
  2. Holland
  3. Arizona
  4. Nola
  5. Paris
  6. Kumasi
  7. Brooklyn
  8. Savannah
  9. Sydney
  10. Florence
  11. Helena
  12. Georgia
  13. Athena
  14. North
  15. Alden
  16. Chelsea
  17. Zuma
  18. Catalina
  19. Chelsea
  20. Cheyenne
  21. Asia
  22. Geneva
  23. Sierra
  24. Valencia
  25. Vienna
  26. Jordan
  27. Aldari

Writerly Baby Girl Names

  1. Gloria
  2. Sylvia 
  3. Cheryl
  4. Zadie
  5. Angelou
  6. Alcott
  7. Blake
  8. Bronte
  9. Mirabel
  10. Iris

Precious Baby Girl Names

  1. Pearl 
  2. Ruby
  3. Amber
  4. Ivory
  5. Opal
  6. Jewel
  7. Crystal
  8. Jade
  9. Sapphire
  10. Topaz
  11. Amethyst
  12. Zen
  13. Sage
  14. Silver
  15. Amaranth

Creative Baby Girl Names

  1. Olive
  2. Haisley
  3. Jasmine
  4. Astrid
  5. Charlie
  6. Summer
  7. Sky
  8. Ezra
  9. Winter
  10. Aurora
  11. Chloe
  12. Christina
  13. Chrysanthemum
  14. Isador
  15. Sam

Preppy Baby Girl Names

  1. Harley
  2. Riley
  3. Reagan
  4. Piper
  5. Spencer
  6. Henley
  7. Parker
  8. Annalise
  9. Sonia
  10. Mae
  11. Amora
  12. Peyton
  13. Blair
  14. Ingrid
  15. Paige
  16. Annabeth
  17. Brie

Tree Inspired Baby Girl Names

  1. Hazel
  2. Marlowe
  3. Aspen
  4. Oakley
  5. Maple
  6. Ash
  7. Willow
  8. Juniper
  9. Elm
  10. Ivy

Earthy Baby Girl Names

  1. Lake
  2. Brooke
  3. Terra
  4. Dawn
  5. Kai
  6. Coral
  7. Ember
  8. Nettal
  9. River

One-Syllable Baby Girl Names

  1. Bee
  2. Cee
  3. Dee
  4. Fay
  5. Nii
  6. Vee

Herb Inspired Baby Girl Names

  1. Anisa
  2. Dill
  3. Basil
  4. Saffron
  5. Cory (Coriander)

Space Themed Baby Girl Names

  1. Jupiter
  2. Venus
  3. Astrid
  4. Eris
  5. Star
  6. Larissa
  7. Lucine
  8. Nova
  9. Luna
  10. Estelle

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20 Baby Girl Names With Positive Meanings I Love!

70 Unique Girl Names You Will Love

Whether you’ve bought all the baby name books at your local bookstore, or have been saving bookmarked pages from all over the Internet, finding just the right name for your daughter can be as exciting as it is challenging and even overwhelming at times. As you shortlist names, you might be wondering what the best baby girl names are. Check out this carefully curated list of the most unique baby girl names, as you might find the best name for your little one among these special names. We’ve listed 70 unique baby girl names and meanings so that you have plenty of inspiration to find the right one.

Pretty and Unique Baby Girl Names

If you would like something pretty sounding, these unique baby girl names will fit the bill.

Cute and Unique Baby Girl Names

Any of these names would be a cute choice for your beautiful baby girl.

Short and Unique Baby Girl Names

If you’re looking for a baby girl name that’s short and sweet, try one of these options:

Unusual Baby Girl Names

If you want your daughter to stand out from the crowd, choose one of these less traditional baby girl names.

Edgy Baby Girl Names and Their Meanings

If you’re looking for something really different or even unusual for your baby girl, then take a look at this list of unique names.

Most Unique and Powerful Baby Girl Names

These unique baby girl names not only have a powerful ring to them, but also have strong meanings.

More Unique Names for Girls and Their Meanings

In case you still haven’t found the perfect name for your daughter, here are some more unique names to consider—you never know, one of them might be the right one.

The Bottom Line

Have you found the most unique name for your baby girl on our list? She’ll definitely stand out from the crowd with any one of these names, and she’ll be unforgettable to everyone she meets. Choosing a name can be a lot of fun, but in case you’re still looking for inspiration check out our list of old-fashioned names for girls and our list of middle names for girls. For an extensive list of names, use our Baby Name Generator. Whether you’ve got a shortlist you’re trying to narrow down, or you’re completely overwhelmed by all the options, throwing a baby naming party can be a great way to select the perfect unique baby name.


Names girl kind

I called it. Back when quarantine started, I told a friend to get ready for a big rush of quarantine babies. Of course, I could never have guessed how long this whole thing would have gone on (could any of us?), but still, baby announcements are popping up everywhere and I am loving it. I love babies and am always down to help my peeps name their newborns.

So, in honor of this huge rush of brand new little nuggets, I thought it was time for a new baby name post. If you’ve been around the blog for awhile, you know that there’s a great collection of baby name posts here, from vintage baby girl names to gender neutral baby names, and everything in between.

Preggo? There are a ton of free pregnancy and newborn resources on the blog, so make sure to stick around until the end, so you can snag those links.

The Importance of Kindness:

I think it’s so important to teach our kids the importance of accepting others and being kind to everyone.

During my years as a teacher, I learned so much about my students’ lives outside the classroom and it was humbling, to say the least, to learn about the struggles of so many. We don’t walk around with these things stamped on our forehead, but we do carry them with us. That means we all have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others – even if just with random acts of kindness and offering grace to others.

Moments of kindness have real staying power, too. I can recall a few stories, right off the top of my head, of times in my life when I received unexpected acts of kindness from another person. These are the experiences that restore our faith in humanity and give us the strength to keep going – or at least feel less alone.

Imagine how different things could be if we all took the business of being kind super seriously. I love the quote from the Dalai Lama, “My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.”


Baby Girl Names That Mean Kind:

girl names that mean kind

Today, we are going to focus on baby girl names that mean “kind”. I think kind is the new cool – and picking a name for your little one that embraces the importance of being kind might be just the right choice for you and your growing family.

Let’s take a look at the list and see if your new favorite baby name is here:

  1. Adalie – Means “kind or kind-hearted person
  2. Adalina – Means “of a noble kind”
  3. Adalira – Means “kind person”
  4. Adeline – Means “kind-hearted person”
  5. Adella – Means “the brightness of kindness”
  6. Adalyn – Means “noble and kind”
  7. Agatha – Means “kind- hearted woman”
  8. Ailia – Means “light”
  9. Alessia – Means “helper of mankind”
  10. Alise – Means “of the noble kind”
  11. Anisa – Means “good natured; friend”
  12. Anya – Means “kind and warmly courteous”
  13. Aryan – Means “kind-hearted”
  14. Calia – Means “good or beautiful person”

girl names that mean kind

  1. Caris – Means “grace and kindness”
  2. Caron – Means “loving, kindhearted and “charitable”
  3. Dalia – Means “gentle”
  4. Damara – Means “gentle girl”
  5. Ellis – Means “benevolent”
  6. Hiroko – Means “generous”
  7. Jin – Means “gentleness”
  8. Latifa – Means “kind and gentle”
  9. Layan – Means “soft and gentle”
  10. Mona – Means “noble and good”
  11. Tova – Means “good, pleasing”
  12. Winnie – Means “peacemaking; gentle friend”
  13. Yoko – Means “good girl”
  14. Zuri – Means “good; beautiful”


I’m such a fan of Alessia and Calia! What beautiful names with good and kind meanings.

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One-of-a-Kind Names for Girls


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

  • Description:

    Alouette is a sweet Gallic twist in the stylish bird name genre made familiar via the charming French children's song, Alouette, gentile alouette.

Alouette Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "purple flower"
  • Description:

    Like Violet, Lavender and Lilac, Ianthe is a purple flower name. Chosen by the poet Shelley for his daughter, Ianthe has a poetic, romantic, almost ethereal quality. In the ancient myth, she was the daughter of Oceanus, supreme ruler of the sea, and also a Cretan woman so beautiful that when she died the Gods made purple flowers grow around her grave.

Ianthe Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "nut kernel"
  • Description:

    Pretty and soulful name of a goddess from Irish mythology and several Irish saints. Singer Enya, born Eithne Ní Bhraonáin, has made the Anglicized spelling familiar. Eithne comes from the vocabulary word "kernel", which was used as a term of praise in old bardic poetry.

Eithne Continued


  • Origin:

    Flower name from English
  • Meaning:

    "blue bell"
  • Description:

    Bluebell is one flower name that is used very quietly. Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell joined her former Spice Sisters in creative baby-naming with this adventurous -- some might say outlandish -- choice. Distinctive and charming? Or better suited to a farmyard animal? Your call.

Bluebell Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

  • Description:

    Desdemona is as Shakespearean as a name can be, but because the beautiful and innocent wife of Othello came to such a tragic end, her name has been avoided for centuries. But at this point in time, there might be some adventurous parents willing to overlook that.

Desdemona Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "relating to springtime"
  • Description:

    Cerelia is a melodic and unusual choice, perfect for a child born in April or May. Another version is Cerella.

Cerelia Continued


  • Origin:

    French and English, diminutive of Ottolie
  • Meaning:

    "prospers in battle"
  • Description:

    Curiously appealing, in a hoop-skirted, wasp-waisted way, Ottoline has recently entered the realm of modern possibility, especially since Sienna Miller chose it as the middle name of her daughter Marlowe.

Ottoline Continued


  • Origin:

    Hebrew, variation of Aphrah
  • Meaning:

  • Description:

    Aphra would make an interesting choice-- especially since it's the name of the first professional female writer in English, the seventeenth century's Aphra Behn. Born in 1640, she was a prolific dramatist of the English Restoration.

Aphra Continued


  • Origin:

    Feminine variation of Zephyr, Greek
  • Meaning:

    "west wind"
  • Description:

    Zephyr may not be a name often heard in the U.S., but its variations are used throughout Europe. Zephyrine, a cousin in sound and feel if not in fact to such lovely names as Severine and Seraphina, has distinctive possibilities.

Zephyrine Continued


  • Origin:

    Greek place name
  • Description:

    An interesting unisex possibility, with an air of mystery connected to the Delphic Oracle, the most important oracle in ancient Greece; it was also a major site for the worship of the god Apollo.

Delphi Continued


  • Origin:

    Fruit name
  • Description:

    British-born novelist Plum Sykes has taken this rich, fruity name out of the produce section and put it into the baby name basket. It's more appealing than Apple, more presentable than Peaches. The French equivalent, Prune, is very fashionable there but would not fly with English speakers.

Plum Continued


  • Origin:

    Cornish place and saint's name
  • Description:

    Endellion is the name of an early saint who was a daughter of King Brychan and goddaughter of King Arthur whose life is commemorated by the Cornish village of St. Endellion. This intriguing ancient name was brought into modern usage by British Prime Minister David Cameron, who used it as one of the middle names for his fourth child, a baby girl.

Endellion Continued


  • Origin:

    French, diminutive of Amanda
  • Meaning:

  • Description:

    This fragrant, almond-scented name has hardly been heard in this country, which is a pity--we've loved it since John Malkovich used it for his now grown daughter.

Amandine Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "idol, image"
  • Description:

    Romantic and mysterious, Eluned's beauty and intelligence were legendary in Welsh legend; she was the handmaiden of the Lady of the Fountain in a Welsh Arthurian romance, who had a magic ring that made the wearer invisible. Pronunciation is usually similar in emphasis to Eleanor, but with ned instead of nor at the end. However, it's sometimes also pronounced el-LIN-ed or even shortened to Luned, the sounce of Lynette, in Tennyson's Gareth and Lynette.

Eluned Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

  • Description:

    Diablo Cody, self-named (she's really Brook Busey) screenwriter of Juno, singlehandedly helped popularize not just her heroine's name and her own but all o-ending names for girls. You don't need us to tell you that it takes a brave parent, in every way, to name a baby Diablo. Diablo is one of the Spanish baby names that diverges furthest from the well-paved camino.

Diablo Continued


  • Origin:

    Flower name; Greek
  • Meaning:

    "daughter of the wind"
  • Description:

    Anemone is a floral name that relates to the ancient Greek myth of the famous love story of Aphrodite and Adonis, in which Aphrodite transforms her wounded lover's blood into a flower, the crimson anemone, whose blossoms are opened by the wind — accounting for its other name, windflower.

Anemone Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

  • Description:

    A Shakespearean invention for an abandoned baby in The Winter's Tale, Perdita's sense of loss has always been off-putting to parents. But her image was somewhat resuscitated by its association with the appealing canine character in Disney's One Hundred and One Dalmations.

Perdita Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "the sea"
  • Description:

    A pretty, rarely used Greek name, Thalassa is the ancient personification of the sea, particularly the Mediterranean, who is sometimes considered the mother of Aphrodite. In 1991, a newly discovered moon of Neptune was dubbed Thalassa.

Thalassa Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

  • Description:

    An enchanting ancient Greek name belonging to the Greek goddess who was created from a cloud by Zeus and so became goddess of the clouds and mother of the centaurs. The name Nephele is not widely known but as among modern parents become used to Phoebe, Penelope, and Persephone, it may become one of the ancient Greek goddess names that's back in the mix.

Nephele Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "from Sidon "
  • Description:

    Sidonie is an appealing and chic French favorite that is starting to attract some American fans as a fresher alternative to Sydney. Also spelled Sidony, Sidonie was the birth name of the French novelist Colette.

    In the old form Sindony, it was a common name in Tudor period England, the 'n' being dropped in the seventeenth century, leading to Sidony, Sidonie and Sidney.

Sidonie Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "sensible, prudent"
  • Description:

    A name some people first encountered in the old children's book series The Five Little Peppers, in which Sophronia, the youngest of the Peppers is nicknamed Phronsie.`It was also used by Dickens in two of his novels: The Old Curiosity Shop and Our Mutual Friend.

Sophronia Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "thorn, prickle"
  • Description:

    Acantha is one of the unique baby names in the stylish mythological category that also might count as a flower name. In Greek mythology, Acantha was a nymph beloved by Apollo. An unusual and attractive choice that could make a creative way to honor a grandma Rose.

Acantha Continued


  • Origin:

    French form of Millicent, German
  • Meaning:

    "strong in work"
  • Description:

    This old-time fairy tale name is rarely heard in the modern English-speaking world, but it's so, well, mellifluous, that it would make a lovely choice for a twenty-first century girl--a romanticized tribute to an Aunt Melissa or Melanie.

Melisande Continued


  • Origin:

    French, related to "apple"
  • Meaning:

  • Description:

    A rarely heard--even in France--name, most prominent as the third name of Charlotte Marie Pomeline Casiraghi, the daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco and granddaughter of Grace Kelly.

Pomeline Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

  • Description:

    Kerensa, forever romantic, is a rare Cornish name spelled with an 's' or 'z', the most modern of the Karen family. Kerensa (or Kerenza) has ties to the Welsh Cerys.

Kerensa Continued


  • Origin:

    Flower name, from Greek
  • Meaning:

  • Description:

    Yes, though it seems so extreme, girls were actually sometimes given this name a century ago; now it is so uncommon it would make a strong springtime statement. Biggest obstacle: the nickname Daffy.

Daffodil Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

  • Description:

    Capucine was a chic French actress half a century ago and has been one of the most fashionable girl names in France in recent decades, although it is now slightly off its peak. to Americans and other English speakers, this name still feels fresh.

Capucine Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "white footprint"
  • Description:

    Olwen is a Welsh favorite, the name of a legendary princess in what is believed to have been the earliest Arthurian romance, and in fact one of the first recorded examples of Welsh prose.

Olwen Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "the daughter of the mountain"
  • Description:

    This Hindu goddess name is very popular in India. The goddess of love, fertility and devotion, representing female force, Parvati is the wife of Shiva and the mother of Ganesh. There is a Harry Potter character named Parvati Patil, a twin sister of Padma..

Parvati Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "slender, fair"
  • Description:

    The delicate and haunting Welsh Rhonwen is still a rarity in the U.S., where her English version Rowena is better known, but would be a lovely choice for any parent in search of a name that was both unusual and traditional, classically feminine yet strong.

Rhonwen Continued


  • Origin:

    Combination of Mary and Lou
  • Meaning:

    "bitter; renowned warrior"
  • Description:

    This charming name, popular in France and the Netherlands, has not traveled to the U.S. yet but would make a modern way to honor grandma Mary or Louise, or as a perfect short form of Mary Louise. Or, with the growing fashion for nickname names, it can stand perfect well on its own. One of several similar variations — Lou, Lilou, Louane — in vogue in Europe.

Malou Continued


  • Origin:

    Greek mythology name
  • Description:

    Atalanta was a beautiful mythological maiden who refused to marry any man who couldn't beat her in a footrace -- quite a role model. This myth is found in Ovid's Metamorphoses and later in Swinburne's Atalantis in Calydon.

Atalanta Continued


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    Noble; Kind; Of the Nobility; …
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    Gracious; Kind
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    Goddess of the Moon; Defender of …
  • 12
    Woman from Adria; Defender of …
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    Light; Sun Ray; Shining; Form of …
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    Yahweh is My God; Kind
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    Good; Kind
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    Mercy; God's Favour; Grace; …
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    Kind or Innocent
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    Noble Kind; Woman from Lydia
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