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Truck, Van, & Pickup Headliner Repair

land rover headline repairIf your truck headliner fabric is ripped or sagging, you could try fixing it yourself. But, headliner repair is tricky and time-consuming. You can't just reattach the old fabric. You can't even glue new fabric onto an old board without prepping everything the right way.

bridge storageIf you make one mistake during the restoration process, you have to toss the expensive foam-backed fabric and start all over. And mistakes are common. Correctly repairing a headliner requires craftsmanship and years of experience.

It's easy to see why. When a headliner goes bad (right), it deteriorates into a dusty, sticky mess. To remove the headliner board, you have to pull ceiling clips, overhead consoles, sun visors and bolsters without damaging electrical conduits and drainage lines.

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Some headliners and side pilars are even equipped with airbags. Needless to say, you don't want to remove airbags unless you know what you're doing. Our techs know how to extract and prep a damaged headliner, repair it with the right fabric and adhesive, then reinstall everything so the truck interior looks great.

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Truck Headliner Fabric

There dozens of colors and fabrics available for custom headliners. Restore a headliner with OEM colors or try something entirely different using complementary or contrasting tones and textures. Roll your mouse over the swatch for color name.

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A Headliner That Hides Dirt

Land Rover began manufacturing the mid-size luxury SUV Discovery more than 25 years ago. Since then, it's been redesigned and renamed. But, it's still a Land Rover — engineered to endure gritty off-road adventures.

The original headliner in many models was neutral beige; nice for tooling around town, not so nice for dusty, off-tracking in Eastern Washington. It's hard to keep a beige headliner clean when dirt's all over the place. Custom headlining eliminates this problem.

Instead of repairing their damaged headliner with beige fabric, the owners of this Discovery selected 1/8 inch black headlining material. It's the same sort of foam-backed fabric used in the original headliner, just a different color and slightly wider.

With two sunroof cuts, console slots, overhead cargo bins and wider fabric, this headliner is a little more expensive than an ordinary one. But, having an SUV headliner that looks great and hides dirt is worth it.


Repairing Warped Suburban Headliner

Headliner repairs are time-consuming, but usually pretty straightforward. Things get complicated when the headliner board itself is damaged.

A water leak warped this Chevy Suburban headliner board so badly the only thing holding it up was the cabin light fixture. Before recovering this headliner we had to fix the board.

  • warped headliner
    Warped Chevy Headliner
  • warped headliner
    Warped Chevy Headliner

This style of headliner is manufactured from laminated paperboard and polyurethane foam. The most effective way to restore the original shape requires soaking the board, then applying steady pressure as it slowly dries.

After restoring the board to its original shape, we noticed it had become slightly compressed over the years. We draped a thin sheet of foam under the headliner fabric to return the headliner to its original depth, then applied the finishing touches. As you can see, it turned out great!

Replacement Headliner Boards for Trucks

In most cases, our headliner repair guys are able to remove and restore your existing headliner. If it's damaged beyond repair, plenty of replacement plastic and pressboard headliners are available. Truck headliners come in scores of shapes and sizes.

Truck Headliner Damage

The useful life of a truck headliner hinges on environmental factors such as moisture, temperature and cabin air quality. One thing you can count on — at some point, a headliner is going to go bad. These pics illustrate how a headliner typically delaminates. It begins when a patch of glue under the fabric fails.

As the glue loses its adhesive quality, the fabric separates from the board. The headliner drops and the foam inside turns to dust. If moisture accumulates under the sagging headliner, the foam and glue residue turn into a spongy goo. There's no point trying to reattach the old fabric. It's done for.

Headliner Replacement

Fixing a damaged headliner is a great way to improve your pickup without spending a ton. Avoid the mistakes and mess of DIY headliner repair by calling Mac's Upholstery. Mac's is Seattle's leading headliner repair shop. We'll estimate the cost of headliner replacement and show you how we fix a sagging ceiling with foam backed headliner fabric. We've been replacing truck headliners for decades. Our professionally trained technicians fix all makes and models.


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