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The Pet Trainer Bundle is Wizard101's newest game card and it's available now from GameStop. This bundle includes items to make pet training a blast, including energy gear, a Pup Prodigy pet, a hampster-powered mount, and more! Check out what's new in the Pet Trainer Bundle!

Pet Burrow & Pet Door Teleporters

Rather than a gift-giving item or a new house, this bundle includes something new - teleporters, but for pets only! These function just like normal teleporters when you set a destination first and then place the item. Like normal teleporters, they can be used across different houses or in different zones (such as teleporting from the interior of a house to the exterior). What sets these apart is that you need to be playing as your pet to use the teleporter! Here's a video demonstration:

I will say that these seem a little overwhelming for inclusion on a bundle. Typically I expect something a little more exciting but they're certainly unique.

Fur Wheeler Mount

This mount offers the usual 40% speed boost with a little extra style! Ir's hamster-powered and there are plenty of cool moves to show off, including kickflips to turn and jump and wheelies to back up. Plus there are some cute idle animations during which your wizard will turn around and give some much-deserved attention to your cuddly friend.

Wizard101 Pet Trainer Bundle

Pup Prodigy Pet

This adorable companion makes the perfect sidekick for your wizard! It's particularly useful for Balance wizards. Starting with a pedigree of 56, the Pup Prodigy can manifest talents like Balanceblade and Balance Assailant. It gives an Accurate card at Baby and a Disarm card at Adult.

Wizard101 Pet Trainer Bundle

Pet Trainer Gear & Wand

What is perhaps the highlight of this bundle is the energy gear. Traditionally, most energy gear has been won from packs or dropped from tough bosses, which meant that in order to excel at the game's side activities, you'd normally need to pay up and get lucky with some packs. Now, you can outright purchase some energy gear that is top tier. Here's the level 130+ energy gear set:

The weapon, unfortunately, doesn't offer much in terms of energy or utility. It does look cool, though! The weapon has a chance to cast a spell called Piercing Stun that removes a shield and stuns the enemy for one round. The rest of the outfit gives different extract spells starting at Tier 2 (level 10+). At Tier 6, the spells not only allow for animus extraction but add 50 damage to the spell you apply them to. Not particularly useful given the stats you'll lose by wearing these pieces of gear, but an interesting concept to be sure. Take a look at all of the gear tiers here in this video:

Overall it isn't one of my favorite cards, but there's lots to appreciate about the Pet Trainer Bundle. Having the energy gear is exciting for me as someone who has mostly used the best options I've won from packs without ever really investing in trying to get a full set. I'll also be wanting to play with the teleporters more and see what possibilities they may offer.

Will you be buying the Pet Trainer Bundle?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


Reminisce Wizard 101 Collection Kit Multicolor, 12" by 12"

Reminisce Wizard 101 Collection Kit Multicolor, 12" by 12&#34


200 ratings Write a review

Item #: 4415653


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Product Details

  • Acid and lignin free
  • 12x12 80lb text ultra premium stock
  • Vibrant archive quality inks
  • Made in the USA
Product Dimensions0.13 x 12 x 12.5 inches (0.3 x 30.5 x 31.8 cm)
Item model numberWIZA-200
Item Weight6.4 ounces (181.44 grams)
Size12" by 12" (30.5 cm)
Included ComponentsPaper^Sticker
What is in the boxReminisce Wizard 101 Collection... For more details, please check description/product details


Each Collection Kit Contains the following 14 12"x12" Papers, 2 of Each Design and 1 Coordinating Sticker.

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Wizard101 announces 10 million registrations

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Wizard101 announces 10 million registrations
Subscriptions, registered users, unique users, unique players, characters created, accounts created, boxes sold -- there really is no set standard to measure a MMO's popularity and success against these days. The only thing that's for sure is that the bigger the number, the better. Fortunately, Wizard101's claim to fame is more solid than most, as they recently announced their 10,000,000th registered wizard in Wizard City and are throwing a party in honor of the game's growth.

Wizard101 has been a runaway success since its launch, pulling in players across several demographics, from family to tweens to seasoned MMO vets. The hybrid model, offering a selection of both subscription and free-to-play options, has also opened the game up to a larger playerbase.

To celebrate the 10 million milestone, KingsIsle is throwing a party for wizard #10,000,001 at Ravenswood School of Magical Arts. All players are eligible to receive a nifty party pack that holds a decorative banner, balloons, a festive party hat and moist, delicious cake. To snag it, all wizards and witches are directed to head to and enter the word PARTYPACK to enjoy the fruits of their play.

Congrats to KingsIsle on this impressive achievement!
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Love the Kit 10 pet! I am very sad though because it does not have a sound when you are playing pet games.. Maybe it is just something I do, but whenever i get a new pet i go to the grumpy gobblers game and shoot the new pet from a cannon to hear what sound they make.. Anyway... just sad kitty doesnt have one :( I was hoping for a synthesized cat meow..

Idony09 on Jun 19, 2020 wrote:
Love the Kit 10 pet! I am very sad though because it does not have a sound when you are playing pet games.. Maybe it is just something I do, but whenever i get a new pet i go to the grumpy gobblers game and shoot the new pet from a cannon to hear what sound they make.. Anyway... just sad kitty doesnt have one :( I was hoping for a synthesized cat meow..
Glad to hear! We love it to, was a unique one for us. I have one on my Life Wizard :).

I was personally hoping it would be dyable I mean it looks like it was built out of a kitchenaid stand mixer or something so I thought it would come in a lot of colors. Silver, Gold, Green, Black, etc


Wizard101 kit 10

"Wizard101": A Guide to Lore Spells

Melissa MistSinger has been an avid player of Wizard101 since the 2008 beta. She has 6 max level wizards and too many pets.

Lore spells in Wizard101 are a game-changer. These spells can be crafted, dropped, or gotten from hoard packs, and they tend to be four or five pips and have a lot more bang for their buck than most spells of a similar pip count. Some of these, like Deer Knight for death wizards, are considered an essential feature for their school and are must-have spells.

In this article, I will show you all the different lore spells and how they work, help you find good places to farm amber for crafting spells, and show you how to defeat the Loremaster effectively.

Angry Snowpig

Angry Snowpig is a rather situational spell. It deals 235-295 damage to your opponent and steals one ward. This is a good spell if your opponent is stacking shields, as the 235-295 will take off ice shields or tower shields and it will give you the other one. I've seen this used frequently at Yevgeny in Darkmoor. If your opponent has no shields, however, Ice Wyvern does more damage. The animation for this spell has a cute, bumbling pig replace an Evil Snowman, falling over and blasting your opponent with a wand spell. It's a little reminiscent of Woolly Mammoth, where an Evil Snowman gets knocked aside by the mammoth.

The Angry Snowpig recipe is as follows:

  • 10 Angry Snowpig treasure cards
  • 120 Perfect Opal
  • 200 Simple Vial
  • 60 Shell
  • 40 Silver
  • 60 Scrap Iron
  • 50 Copper
  • 25 Amber

Athena Battle Sight

Athena is a good spell for myth wizards wanting to play a more defensive game. She puts a -35% shield on you, and then she attacks one opponent, dealing 520 myth damage. This allows you to protect yourself while still putting pressure on an opponent. It doesn't do quite as much damage as Ninja Pigs, but the shield has saved my life in certain situations on my myth wizard. This spell can also be dropped by the final bosses in Aquila, so if you want this spell in particular it might be a nice change of pace to farm Mount Olympus instead of Loremaster. I like the animation for this spell. It's a nice touch that Athena has the Sand Squid on her shield, and a Zeus bolt on the end of her spear.

Here's the recipe to craft Athena Battle Sight:

  • 10 Athena Battle Sight treasure cards
  • 120 Perfect Amethyst
  • 200 Ghost Fire
  • 60 Grendelweed
  • 40 Turquoise
  • 60 Scrap Iron
  • 40 Sunstone
  • 18 Amber

Brimstone Revenant

Brimstone Revenant deals 470 fire damage and also puts a +25% trap on its target. This is a useful spell to combo with other powerful single hits like Immolate and Efreet. It is good for fire wizards with a more aggressive playstyle who like to quickly spike damage on their opponent. The animation for Brimstone Revenant has a ghost that looks like Malistaire's Soul Servants appear in the middle of the battle circle and blast your enemy with fire. I like this spell, but I think Hephaestus works better with Fire's large amount of DOT cards, and Hephaestus's damage bubble lasts longer than Brimstone Revenant's trap. However, this is still a good spell to have in your arsenal.

The Brimstone Revenant recipe requires:

  • 10 Brimstone Revenant treasure cards
  • 100 Perfect Ruby
  • 200 Ghost Fire
  • 100 Diamond
  • 100 Bronze Gear
  • 50 Scrap Iron
  • 50 Sunstone
  • 12 Amber


Storm wizards hate fizzling. So when a spell comes out that allows storm wizards to force others to experience a fizzle-fest, they will love using it to get revenge on their opponents. Catalan deals 700 damage, around the middle of Stormzilla's 650-730 range, and also puts a -25% accuracy debuff on the opponent. The added effect is a good reason to put Catalan in your deck over Stormzilla, in my opinion, because it can make your opponent fizzle at a crucial time, such as when they're about to heal or about to obliterate you. The animation is really fitting for the storm school; I like the way Catalan looks like he's being made by lightning.

To craft the Catalan spell, you will need:

  • 6 Catalan Treasure Cards
  • 100 Perfect Amethyst
  • 200 Ghost Fire
  • 100 Water Lily
  • 100 Bronze Gear
  • 50 Spring
  • 50 Sunstone
  • 12 Amber

Deer Knight

Here we are, with the infamous Deer Knight. This spell is the reason you see so many death wizards parked at the Loremaster sigil, grinding the fight over and over again. It gives them access to a lower pip AOE spell than Scarecrow, with a DOT effect that destroys shields and minions, and buys death wizards a chance to strike an unprotected opponent. Deer Knight does 300 damage with its initial hit, and then does 270 damage in a DOT spread over 3 rounds. The animation for this spell is one of the coolest things I have seen in this game; the skeletal deer knight stalks menacingly out of the forest in epic armor and swings his axe at each enemy, knocking them down like he's batting a home run. With the utility that the spell offers and its awesome animation, this might be my favorite lore spell of them all. It's an essential spell for necromancers of any level.

To craft the Deer Knight for your arsenal, you will need:

  • 6 Deer Knight treasure cards
  • 100 Perfect Onyx
  • 200 Ghost Fire
  • 100 Blood Moss
  • 100 Bone
  • 50 Spring
  • 50 Sunstone
  • 12 Amber

Goat Monk

Goat Monk is the 5 pip attack that life wizards were missing, between Seraph and Centaur. Goat Monk actually overlaps a bit in damage range with Centaur, making it the more efficient damage spell if you have an odd number of pips. It's a powerful hit, and the animation feels like something out of a manga with its action lines and dynamic movement. For life wizards looking to do solid damage in mid-level PvP, this is a great spell.

Here's the Goat Monk recipe:

  • 10 Goat Monk treasure cards
  • 100 Perfect Jade
  • 200 Ghost Fire
  • 100 Grendelweed
  • 100 Fish Fin
  • 50 Spring
  • 50 Sunstone
  • 12 Amber

Grendel's Amends

With this new spell from the Grizzleheim lore pack, Myth finally gets a heal! At 675 health for 5 pips, it's not quite as efficient as Satyr, which heals 860 health for 4 pips, but it's got a unique animation that suits Conjurers perfectly and doesn't require them to carry a Life mastery amulet. Startled birds swarming out of the trees signal the arrival of the mighty grendel, who carries a mysterious stone with shining symbols and a hole through the middle of it. The grendel beats the stone with his staff, and a beam of healing energy shoots out through the stone at you. The animation and sound design for the spell are top notch, and this is something that Myth wizards have wanted for years. Well done, KI!

To craft Grendel's Amends, you will need:

  • 10 Grendel's Amends treasure cards
  • 120 perfect jades
  • 200 perfect sapphires
  • 60 shells
  • 50 flying squid inks
  • 150 diamonds
  • 220 cat tails
  • 25 amber

Hammer of Thor, Filmed by Nicholas Granlund

Hammer of Thor

The Hammer of Thor feels like the quintessential Storm spell, animation-wise. It's got ominous clouds overhead, flashy lightning, and cool camera angles. The Hammer of Thor removes a weakness on you, and then hits the enemy for 475 base damage. This is more situational than the other two spells in the Grizzleheim lore pack, but is still useful in pvp situations when someone puts an Efreet or Bad Juju on you and you want to cleanse and be aggressive at the same time. The damage is a little bit low compared to other Storm lore spells, but it looks amazing.

The recipe for Hammer of Thor is as follows:

  • 10 Hammer of Thor treasure cards
  • 120 perfect amethysts
  • 200 simple vials
  • 60 comet tails
  • 40 silver
  • 60 scrap iron
  • 50 sunstones
  • 25 amber

Handsome Fomori

Handsome Fomori is an interesting addition to Ice's toolkit. It gives ice wizards a powerful 5-pip single hit that is not a damage over time spell like Frostbite, and comes with a -25% accuracy debuff. I don't know if I'd call him handsome, but in PvP I'd definitely call him useful. Handsome Fomori is best used when you think your opponent is going to do something you don't want them to, like heal or use a powerful attack. The fizzle will make them lose their card and have to find it again, buying you time.

To make the Handsome Fomori a permanent spell, you will need:

  • 6 Handsome Fomori treasure cards
  • 100 Perfect Sapphire
  • 200 Ghost Fire
  • 100 Diamond
  • 100 Spider Silk
  • 50 Spring
  • 50 Sunstone
  • 12 Amber

Headless Horseman

Headless Horseman is only available as a Loremaster drop or a pack drop during the Halloween season in Wizard101, which typically lasts through the month of October. This spell is a powerhouse single hit for Death Wizards that does 530-590 damage, dealing more than Storm's Kraken for the same amount of pips. For that reason alone, it is worth getting, but the animation for this spell is a masterpiece, with its spooky forest background and the awe-inspiring entrance of the headless horseman. This is one of the best animations in the game, so if it's Halloween drop by the Loremaster for your chance to get this rare and powerful spell.


Fire has some great lore spells, but I think this one is my favorite. Hephaestus does 425-475 damage for 5 pips, and adds a +25% global buff to all fire spells used as long as the bubble is not replaced by another. This spell is good for PvP because it buffs your damage over time spells for every tick, and it'll last for a while unless your opponent came prepared with a bubble of their own. It makes it easier to win the bubble war and also does good damage. This spell is also useful when you're questing to kill a boss's minion and set up to kill the boss at the same time. The animation for Hephaestus is suitably impressive for the Greek god of the forge, and fits the Fire school well.

As a god of crafting, naturally Hephaestus has a crafting recipe:

  • 10 Hephaestus treasure cards
  • 120 Perfect Ruby
  • 200 Ghost Fire
  • 60 Black Pearl
  • 120 Black Coal
  • 60 Astral Shard
  • 60 Sunstone
  • 18 Amber

Keeper of the Flame

Keeper of the Flame is Myth's hit-and-trap spell, much like Fire's Brimstone Revenant. Keeper of the Flame combos well with other single-hit spells like Ninja Pigs and Medusa, so it is useful for dealing damage and then setting up to damage your opponent further. However, it does not work very well with Myth's double hit spells, because the trap is eaten up by the first weaker hit. If you use this spell to put a trap on your opponent and then the opponent shields, you should use pierce or shatter instead of a double hit spell to remove the shield. I would love to learn more about the story behind this spell. What's so special about the flame he's keeping?

Here is the recipe for this spell so you can keep its power permanently:

  • 10 Keeper of the Flame treasure cards
  • 100 Perfect Peridot
  • 200 Ghost Fire
  • 100 Blood Moss
  • 100 Spider Silk
  • 50 Scrap Iron
  • 50 Sunstone
  • 12 Amber


Krampus is one of two spells available to farm during December. He is based on the Krampus of Central European folklore, who was the demonic counterpart to Santa Clause, punishing kids who were on the naughty list. Krampus's design is really spooky here, with long horns and an evil smile. He does as much damage as a single target meteor, and leaves a -45% black mantle on the opponent, which will most likely make them fizzle unless they are very lucky. He doesn't do quite as much damage as Brimstone Revenant, so if you are just hitting for damage I would use that instead. If you want your opponent to fizzle their spells, however, Krampus is your goat demon guy.

Unlike the other seasonal spells, Krampus can be crafted. Here is the recipe:

  • 6 Krampus treasure cards
  • 100 Perfect Ruby
  • 200 Ghost Fire
  • 50 Black Pearl
  • 100 Black Coal
  • 50 Astral Shard
  • 50 Sunstone
  • 12 Amber

Lord of Night

Lord of Night is a spell for Death wizards based on the lords of night from Azteca. It is a drain spell alternative to Skeletal Pirate that also leaves a -25% infection on your opponent. This is a good tool to put a damper on Life wizards' lives in PvP, and prevent your opponent from healing after you drop a powerful hit on them like Skeletal Dragon or Call of Khrulhu. If you just want to hit for 5 pips, however, Skeletal Pirate does more damage per pip.

To craft Lord of Night, here's what you'll need:

  • 6 Lord of Night treasure cards
  • 100 Perfect Onyx
  • 200 Ghost Fire
  • 50 Nightshade
  • 25 Turquoise
  • 50 Scrap Iron
  • 25 Sunstone
  • 12 Amber


Yes, the Loremaster drops herself as a spell. The Loremaster spell is a powerful tool for versatile balance wizards, allowing them to kill several birds (but only one opponent at a time) with one stone. This four pip spell deals between 390-470 damage, and also puts a 20% Weakness and a 35% Black Mantle on its unfortunate target. This allows the balance wizard to attack and debuff their opponent at the same time. The animation features the Loremaster blasting your opponent with a book. If you participate in PvP, you will see this spell a lot, so the animation may get old, but if you're a balance wizard and it's you casting it, you're going to enjoy it every time.

For crafting Loremaster, the recipe is as follows:

  • 7 Loremaster treasure cards
  • 100 Perfect Citrine
  • 200 Ghost Fire
  • 50 Agave Nectar
  • 100 Ancient Scroll
  • 50 Astral Shard
  • 50 Sunstone
  • 12 Amber

Luminous Weaver

Life has a strong defensive kit for PvP, and Luminous Weaver adds to that. The spell deals 370 life damage to an opponent for 4 pips and also puts a -25% weakness on the opponent. Luminous Weaver is in the upper range of Seraph's damage, and can arguably replace Seraph in your deck, because it also weakens whatever is attacking you. The animation shows a more feral, wild side to the life school, with a spider dropping in and pouncing on your opponent. This is definitely a recommended spell if you like playing defensively and attacking at the same time.

The Luminous Weaver recipe requires these ingredients:

  • 10 Luminous Weaver treasure cards
  • 100 Perfect Jade
  • 200 Ghost Fire
  • 100 Water Lily
  • 100 Fish Fin
  • 50 Scrap Iron
  • 50 Sunstone
  • 12 Amber

Ninja Piglets

Ninja Piglets deals 425-505 balance damage to an enemy for 4 pips. This spell is a balance damage alternative to Spectral Blast, for cases where you're fighting an elemental school opponent and don't want to risk hitting them with something they're resistant to. This spell kind of feels like an inferior copy of Ninja Pigs, where the only difference is Wysterian pigs instead of Mooshu pigs, and wires for them to hang on; I wish balance got something more unique to them. Maybe some of those perfectly balanced levitating pigs in Wysteria would work instead?

The recipe for Ninja Piglets requires:

  • 10 Ninja Piglets treasure cards
  • 120 Perfect Onyx
  • 200 Black Coal
  • 150 Black Lotus
  • 45 Cobalt
  • 225 Iron
  • 25 Blood Moss
  • 25 Amber

Ninja Pigs

Ninja Pigs is Myth's single hit alternative to Minotaur, and is recommended as a boss killer. This spell can also be farmed from Koto in Mooshu. Long before it was a dropped spell, this was a popular treasure card in PvP, and it will make older players nostalgic for the days when Dragonspyre was the last world. The animation for this spell, shown below, feels like it's out of a classic comic book with the mysterious ninja pigs teleporting in and flying at your opponent.

If you want to craft Ninja Pigs, you will need:

  • 10 Ninja Pigs treasure cards
  • 100 Perfect Peridot
  • 200 Ghost Fire
  • 40 Golden Pearl
  • 100 Leather Straps
  • 50 Spring
  • 50 Sunstone
  • 12 Amber


The only healing spell dropped by the Loremaster is Pigsie, the most efficient heal in the game. It only costs 4 pips and it heals 550 health for everyone on your team. In comparison, Unicorn heals only 275 health to all for 3 pips. For one extra pip, you get double the healing. The efficiency of this spell makes it a must-have for life wizards or anyone who wants to take up a healing role in dungeons. The animation is very cute and funny, with Wysterian pigs trying to put on a show, only for the backdrop to fall down, which causes their theatrical rigging to go haywire. This spell is both funny and extremely useful, so it's one of my favorite lore spells.

When you are crafting Pigsie, you will need:

  • 10 Pigsie treasure cards
  • 120 Perfect Jade
  • 200 Citrine
  • 60 Shell
  • 50 Astral Shard
  • 150 Golden Pearl
  • 220 Kelp
  • 25 Amber

Queen Calypso

Calypso is a good minion killer, dealing 445-505 damage to her target, and can help you set up to kill a boss because she lays a +20% Windstorm on all enemies before she hits, giving you a built in trap on the one you're killing and leaving a trap on all other enemies in the circle. As far as I know, there are no other spells that leave traps before a hit, so this is a really unique tool in Storm's kit, and it is worth farming for or dropping 18 Amber on it in crafting. This spell is very atmospheric, with Queen Calypso rising from the wreckage of a ship and casting a deadly waterspout on your foe.

To craft Queen Calypso, you will need:

  • 10 Queen Calypso treasure cards
  • 120 Perfect Onyx
  • 200 Ghost Fire
  • 120 Blood Moss
  • 120 Bone
  • 60 Spring
  • 60 Sunstone
  • 18 Amber

Ratatoskr's Spin, Filmed by Nicholas Granlund

Ratatoskr's Spin

This beautifully animated spell is one that life wizards have coveted for nearly 11 years: a 4-pip attack that hits all enemies. A cute squirrel with tribal tattoos and an attitude hops off of a tree reminiscent of the life scion spell, and throws an acorn at your enemies like a frisbee. The animators have been working hard on graphics lately, and it can definitely be seen in this spell and the other two Grizzleheim spells. As of the summer 2020 test realm, all of the Grizzleheim lore spells are craftable, so don't worry if you can't get it from Loremaster.

Crafting Ratatoskr's Spin requires:

  • 10 Ratatoskr's Spin treasure cards
  • 120 peridots
  • 200 black coals
  • 150 agave nectars
  • 45 nickels
  • 225 iron
  • 25 frost flowers
  • 25 amber

Reindeer Knight

Reindeer Knight is an Ice version of Deer Knight that is only available during the Christmas season as a drop from Loremaster or various holiday packs. This spell is way more efficient than Blizzard and is just as sought out as Deer Knight. For just one pip more, Reindeer Knight does 5 more damage than Blizzard on its initial hit and also puts a DOT on all enemies, resulting in almost double the damage applied overall. The animation has a more cheery feeling than the ominous Deer Knight, with trees decorated with Christmas lights surrounding the battlefield. Ice wizards should definitely take the time during December to farm for this spell.


Samoorai is a solid hit for balance dealing 460-540 damage for 5 pips. Compared to a 5-pip Judgement or Savage Paw, it comes up short in damage and utility, but the animation, featuring a spinning samurai cow, looks like a special attack out of an anime.

Here's the recipe for Samoorai:

  • 6 Samoorai treasure cards
  • 100 Perfect Amethyst
  • 200 Ghost Fire
  • 100 Water Lily
  • 100 Bronze Gear
  • 50 Spring
  • 50 Sunstone
  • 12 Amber

Savage Paw

Savage Paw is great for bladestacking, as this spell leaves a +25% balanceblade on the caster after hitting. This is a great tool for aggressive balance players in PvP and is recommended over Samoorai for its utility. The animation is Azteca inspired, with an Aztecan Jaguar attacking the enemy with his staff. People will probably be calling you savage when you hit your enemy with it in PvP.

To get Savage Paw as a permanent spell, you will need these reagents:

  • 6 Savage Paw treasure cards
  • 100 Perfect Ruby
  • 200 Ghost Fire
  • 50 Fossil
  • 25 Turquoise
  • 50 Scrap Iron
  • 25 Sunstone
  • 12 Amber

Winter Moon

Winter Moon is a useful spell which deals 495 damage and stuns the opponent for one round. I've seen high-level ice wizards with a lot of damage and critical in PvP comboing this spell with Freeze and Frost Giant for a constant-damage onslaught where the opponent has very little chance to react. Use Winter Moon to either stun or remove a stun shield so you can stun again. The animation has a dinosaur encasing your opponent in a block of ice, which is pretty much what it feels like to have that strategy used on you.

To craft Winter Moon, here's what you will need:

  • 6 Winter Moon treasure cards
  • 100 Perfect Amethyst
  • 200 Ghost Fire
  • 50 Grendelweed
  • 25 Turquoise
  • 50 Scrap Iron
  • 25 Sunstone
  • 12 Amber

Fighting the Loremaster

The Loremaster is a fun fight, and it is really easy to find other people to do it with through team-up or the many wizards crowding around her sigil. She has 7000 health and comes with 3 pox minions, the Font of Life, the Font of Strength, and the Font of Weakness. Out of these four, only the Loremaster can attack. The Font of Life will heal the others, the Font of Strength will lay down blades and traps for the Loremaster, and the Font of Weakness will weaken your group's attacks. I like to kill the Font of Weakness first because hitting under a cloud of plagues can make the battle drag on and give the Loremaster more chances to attack and maybe kill someone. The Font of Life can also be annoying if you do not kill an enemy in one hit because it will bring them back to full health.

The Loremaster generally attacks whoever is across from her in the battle unless using Deer Knight. It is a good idea to bring a couple of shields for that person, and if they are low level, heals to keep them alive. Cleanse charms on someone who is about to hit are also useful to bring, because the Font of Weakness can get really spammy if you don't kill it quick. The Font of Strength tends to trap whoever is across from it, and since that person is not usually the Loremaster's target, you don't have to worry too much. Every 3rd round, the Font of Strength will cast a 50% Dragonblade on the Loremaster; this charm can be stolen with Steal Charm or removed with Disarm or Enfeeble since it comes on a predictable schedule. I recommend you take it off because if not, her attacks are going to hurt. As far as attacks go, the one you should worry about most is Deer Knight, because it hits everyone, including lower-leveled people that might be in the battle. Mass Triage can be useful in this case. Winter Moon is a good reason to bring stun shields, especially if the person across from the Loremaster is your healer.

When entering with a group, try to make sure you get in quickly, because people will charge in and some higher level wizards will take everything out in one round regardless of whether others are in the battle circle or not. Typically, this battle has at least one high level wizard in it if you use team-up, so it goes pretty fast. If you are lower level you can speed the battle up by putting blades on a powerful hitter and traps on the boss or attacking the Font of Weakness.

Farming for Amber

Crafting is a more reliable option than trying to get spell drops from Loremaster. Amber is one of the more difficult ingredients to get, and it is mainly used in crafting spells. To find amber, I recommend farming these bosses:

  • Gladiator Dimachaerus, Aquila, Mount Olympus (he's in the secret door behind Eris' puzzle)
  • Cronus, Aquila, Tartarus (go left when you enter instead of right).
  • Sand Squid, Aquila, Atlantea (in the sunken ship)
  • Ra, Krokotopia Library (go right at Zan'ne and the skeleton key door is in the lower levels)
  • Malistaire the Undying (Darkmoor Graveyard final boss)
  • Omen Stribog (Polaris, River of Frozen Tears, in a cave left of the waterfall)

Most major main story bosses from Polaris onward also drop amber. Check the Wizard101 Wiki if you want to farm a certain boss to see if they drop amber.

Gardening for Amber

Amber can also come from gardening. Here are the plants that drop amber:

  • Deadly Ninja Fig
  • King Parsley
  • Queen Crape Myrtle
  • Red Bell Pepper
  • Red Huckleberries
  • Sugar Khrystal
  • Ultra Boom Shroom
  • Ultra Helephant Ears
  • Ultra Huckleberries
  • Ultra King Parsley
  • Ultra Snow Apples
  • Ultra Trumpet Vine
  • White Tiger Lily

Other Sources of Amber

Amber can also be found in fishing chests in Baobab Crown, the Elephant Graveyard, the Fantastic Voyage gauntlet, and the Outlaw's Refuge house.

If you want to transmute amber using other ingredients, find Shane McGobhann in the Wild in Avalon. To transmute, you will need 5 Merle's Whiskers, 5 Amber Dusts, 15 Sunstones, and 10 Golden Pearls.

Amber can be bought from Brandon Mistborn in Unicorn Way for 5000 Arena tickets.

Amber can be gotten as a drop from housing items. The Mirage Raider Bundle house, the Nomad's Camp, has a Dromel merchant who gives items and reagents randomly, and sometimes he has amber. You can also check the lost and found in the Empyrean Castaway House.

Amber can be randomly rewarded in these packs (I do not recommend this because it is random and costs money, but if you are trying to get other things then you might also get amber):

  • Keeper's Lore Pack
  • Mega Reagent Pack
  • Pharaoh's Hoard Pack
  • Phoenix Hoard Pack
  • Shaman's Lore Pack
  • Skyvern's Hoard Pack

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