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Shed Delivery & Installation  

Our sheds are prefabricated and fully assembled in our factory and then brought out to your home or business ready to anchor. Check out some of our delivery photos here.

Shed Blocking and Anchoring

We have a unique anchoring system at Superior Sheds designed to withstand Florida’s inclement weather. We engineer all of our sheds to meet the mph wind rating (3 second gusts) required for Miami/Dade building codes regardless of where they will be installed. We train our installation crews to block and anchor to engineered specifications. By visiting one of our lots our Sales Representative can show you why many schools and businesses have faith in our anchoring system!

Getting Your Shed into Your Yard

Our trained and experienced delivery crews are good at finding safe ways to get your shed installed where you want it! Tight fit? No problem. We can crane it over or roll it in. Experience counts!

Quality Check List

Our installation crews have a detailed check-list designed to ensure that you are ready to store your belongings safely. When your shed is inspected by the Building Officials they will be looking at how we blocked and anchored your shed and they will verify set-back requirements. The insignia in your shed and the Engineering Documents we provide verify the construction standard your inspector will be looking for.

Have a Shed that needs to be moved?

Just give us a call at  for a quote.

Enjoy your shed!
*Installation maybe subject to state or local licensing and permit requirements.


Gable ShedsGable ShedsContemporary style compliments many home designs.

Gambrel ShedsGambrel ShedsClassic look that offers additional overhead storage.

Ranch ShedsRanch ShedsPopular style features eave doors & extended roof overhangs.

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Storage Shed Styles

  • Gable: A popular and economical design that compliments most home designs. Features two sloping sides that come together at a ridge, creating two end walls with a triangular extension.
  • Gambrel: a more classic country style that features two-sided roof with multiple slopes on either side with the lower slope having a steeper pitch. Main benefit is extra overhead storage space.
  • Ranch: A modern design that is well known for its longer, close-to-the ground profile and wide open layout.

Traditional Uses for Sheds

Tool Storage & Workshops

  • Sheds are most commonly used to store various tools and use as a multi-functional workshop – much to the delight of weekend warriors.

Home & Garden Storage

  • Sheds can also be used to free up space in the garage. Lawnmowers, tractors, weed trimmers, bicycles, lawn & gardening equipment and much more can be moved into the shed, leaving extra space for your sports car.

Alternative Uses

Man Cave

  • When there is not enough space in the home for a man-centric room, a man cave is the perfect backyard seclusion. Just add a high-definition T.V, bar stools and a spot for a pool table and invite your friends.

She Shed

  • She sheds are a great space for women to relax, create, entertain and enjoy! Why should men have the only place to hide from the family?

Backyard Bar

  • A backyard bar represents a permanent destination of relaxation after a hard day’s work – just steps from your backdoor. Add a bar, TV and a few bar stools. Also saves a trip to the local bar.

Other Advantages of Backyard Building's Storage Sheds

Much like the quality of our storage sheds, we don’t cut corners when it comes to customer service, installation or customizable options for our customers. Combined, these elements are what set us apart. Our products aren't a temporary fix, but rather a long-lasting and reliable solution to a variety of your outdoor storage and recreational needs.

  • Installed on site - Installation and delivery are FREE!*
  • Easy access double doors
  • Full-length galvanized steel hinges prevent door sagging
  • Factory primed and ready-to-paint (paint/painting not included)
  • Flexible door location - install on eave or gable side (Heritage series only)
  • Hand-crafted with pride in America

If you live in an area of the country where it isn’t always 72 and sunny, you’ll appreciate that our sheds are engineered to outperform in even the harshest weather conditions!

  • Strong wood framing stands up to heavy wind and snow loads
  • Engineered, treated wood siding provides resistance against termites and fungal decay
  • Wood panels are designed to never show knots or imperfections
  • Durable wood floor features year treated framing and 4x4 runners. Floors are resistant to moisture
  • year asphalt shingles provide lasting protection with 5 colors to choose from

Durable wood construction offers timeless beauty, versatility and quality…

✓ Unmatched visual appeal   ✓ Centuries of proven performance
✓ Made from renewable resources   ✓ Paint to match your home
✓ Won't rust or dent like metal   ✓ Won't sag or buckle like plastic

See how the installation & delivery process works.

*Additional charge will apply for deliveries beyond 50 miles from a local distribution center

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On-Time, Weekly Settlements

Get paid weekly for completed installations. Automatic deposits are also available.

Flexible Projects Based on Your Business Needs

Consistent work is available. You choose the amount of work based on your business commitments.

Focus on What You Do Best

We handle all the advertising, sales, permits, and pre-fabrication so you can focus on installing more jobs and generating more revenue.

Partner with an Industry Leader

Tuff Shed has nearly 40 years of experience selling and pre-fabricating buildings. Through aggressive marketing efforts and professional sales our staff has generated consistent annual sales growth. Our 57 local factories serve customers across 48 states, creating more revenue opportunities for you.

If you can’t really talk right now, submit your information below and we'll reach out to you.

How to Build a Shed for Outdoor Storage Using a Resin Shed Kit - The Home Depot

Shed Delivery.

*Free delivery for first 50 miles from any of our dealer locations.


Delivery and set-up of sheds and gazebos is free for the first 50 miles when purchased from one of our sales locations. There is a nominal fee of $ per mile thereafter for buildings 12 feet wide or smaller and $ per mile for buildings 14 feet wide.

Our storage buildings are delivered to your location fully assembled and put into place with a truck and dump trailer, similar to what is shown in the picture.

Free set-up includes leveling your building. Unlike most of our competitors, free concrete blocks are also included with delivery based on the delivery team leveling the unit from the highest point using the smallest dimension block available. We do not recommend placing units on blocks higher than 36 inches. If the site requires that we go over 36 inches, a charge of $ per block will be charged and due at the time of delivery. The driver may refuse to block a shed if deemed unsafe.


Proper planning is vital to help ensure delivery can be made properly.
Please review this entire page for helpful tips on how to plan for successful delivery.

Our wonderful delivery crew at Harkey’s Hauling!
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Site Preparation

The Delivery Manager from Harkey’s Haulers contacts customers in order to schedule a day and time for delivery. Proper site preparation can help ensure a fast and effective delivery. Customers should consider the following during preparation:

  • The truck and trailer often require more room than the buyer anticipates. Ensure all stumps, limbs, and any other obstacles are removed from the immediate area.

  • Be aware of low wires, branches and septic tanks.

  • If there is a fence, there should be enough clearance to move the building through. If required, portions of the fence and posts should be removed before delivery. Liberty drivers are not authorized to remove fencing.

  • Delivery personnel have the right to refuse installation to any site they determine unsafe or inaccessible.

  • If the buyer intends to put a purchased building on another’s property, the buyer shall be responsible for providing proof of the property owner’s consent.

  • If it is required to go on a neighbor’s property during the delivery process, the buyer is liable for any damages to any landscaping, yard, fence, septic systems, etc.

  • It is ideal to unload and install a building on a prepared site, such as a leveled gravel base. This kind of foundation reduces the possibility of settling in the future. If a prepared foundation is not available, concrete blocks will be used.

  • Due to the weight of your Liberty shed, natural settling may occur over time, especially if not installed on a prepared site. It may become necessary to re-level the building. Re-leveling the product is not covered under our warranty. We will, however, re-level the product for a reasonable fee.

  • If the site is not ready, causing a delay exceeding one hour, extra fees at the rate of $ per hour will be charged and due on delivery. If the building is delivered within the terms of the contract, and for any reason, the driver is unable to complete the delivery and must return later, a $ fee is required to have the building re-delivered.

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The buyer is responsible for acquiring any required permits. We recommend that customers check with their local townships to find out if there are any requirements of placing a shed or gazebo on the desired property. There may be "setback" requirements that determine where the shed can be placed in relation to the property lines.

There may also be anchor requirements depending on the size of the structure. All towns, and even homeowner's associations, may have different regulations. As such, Liberty is unable to give specific advice in this area.

For an additional fee, Liberty Storage Solutions can provide a certified package that includes engineered drawings and anchors. Please speak with your local sales representative for details.

LSS Blue Bkgrnd.png

While placing a shed on blocks is adequate for most applications, a stone foundation is still the preferred method. Having a properly prepared stone foundation can help:

  • Prevent water damage by allowing the rain water to drain into the stone pad

  • Prolong structural integrity by having the runners fully supported

  • Provide an even foundation that will help prevent settling that can cause doors and windows to not function properly

General Guidelines For Pad Preparation


A LEVEL SITE: Preparing a level site is critical. The pad must be perfectly level, square, and without voids or rises. If the pad is not level, we would add blocking to level the building. On gravel or stone pads, the blocks could sink faster than the rest of the building and become uneven over time. A level site is even more critical the larger the building.

MATERIALS: For the best results, use a 4x4, 4x6 or 6x6 treated wood perimeter. Fill the area with 3/4" crushed stone. Do not use smooth rounded stone or river bed stone. A concrete pad can also be used. The concrete pad should be as close to the ground level as possible. The concrete should be level. Any voids or rises may result in water pooling that could ultimately result in rot and decay.

SIZE: The stone pad should be at least 2 feet longer and 2 feet wider than your shed. This allows for proper drainage and will help keep vegetation, and the resulting moisture, away from your shed.

Want to prepare a level, gravel pad but not sure where to start?

No worries! We have partnered with a local excavating team that has the expertise to provide this service for you. See your local sales person for details.

Keep in mind, due to the weight of a Liberty shed, natural settling may occur over time and it may become necessary to re-level the building. Re-leveling the product is not covered under our warranty. We will, however, re-level the product for a reasonable fee.


Installation shed

Installation Service

If you're not a DIY expert then why not let our professional installation team build it for you leaving you with more time to spare for other activities.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Professional Installation Service is currently only available to selected postcode areas, please see the map below for details. Any orders placed for installation which are outside of these postcode areas will not be accepted.

We offer Installation on a wide range of our garden products, please refer to product pages for availability. To add installation for garden shed; summerhouses, log cabins or any other garden building you are looking to your order with us, please select it from the 'accessories' section listed on the product page.

The date for installation will be arranged with you by the installation team once a delivery date has been booked with you. We aim to carry out all installations within seven working days after delivery (excludes Log Cabins).

Once you've made your purchase and selected our professional installation service our installers will arrive on the date arranged and assemble the product in your chosen location. All we need you to do is make sure that a firm and level base is ready for the building to be assembled.

Garden Building Installation Terms and Conditions

When will we install your garden building?

  1. We aim to install your new garden product within seven working days after you receive delivery.
  2. Our installation service is currently offered to certain postcodes – please refer to the map above to see if we install in your area.
  3. Customers will be contacted to arrange the delivery date and once confirmed the anticipated installation date.
  4. Installations are carried out from Monday to Saturday only. We do not offer a Sunday installation service.

What we need you to do.

  1. Please ensure that a suitable base is provided for the building you have ordered, which must be firm and level and with no obstructions i.e. trees, objects or anything that will encroach on the working space. There must be a clearance of at least 60cm all the way around the shed.
  2. The base must be level and must be a minimum of the size of the floor of the building.
  3. If you have ordered a shed and base then there are separate charges for installation of the shed and base, pricing details are shown on the product pages. If you have not paid for installation of the base this will need to be prepared prior to the installation, if this is not prepared the installation will be aborted. The installation service is only available on the wooden shed base kits, this service is not currently available on the plastic or eco shed bases. If you have ordered a plastic or eco base you will need to prepare and install this base prior to the shed installation taking place. If this is not prepared then the installation will be aborted.
  4. Please check that access to your garden will allow a clear passage for installers and product. Please ensure that the installation team have suitable space to park their vehicle.
  5. Health and Safety and insurance liabilities prevent us from entering your property for access and should you live in a flat we will only be able to deliver the building and will have to abort the installation.
  6. It is essential that you are available when the installation team arrive and when they have finished the building to ensure that the product in installed in the correct location and to your satisfaction. The installation team will ask you to sign a customer satisfaction form. You should note on this form any problems that you have with the building at this point. If problems haven’t been noted at this point and a re-visit is required to resolve the problem you will be charged a call out fee.
  7. If you have a query or require any additional information regarding the delivery and installation of your garden building, then please contact a member of our team on
  8. Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer installation for our smaller shed accessories, this includes our solar lights and shed insulation.

Aborted Installation - What happens if we cannot install your garden building.

If the installation team arrive and are not able to complete the installation of your building for any of the following reasons:

  • A suitable base is not available.
  • No suitable access to your garden or location of your base.
  • If you are not present at your property on the installation date.

Postcode Areas not covered by our Installation Service:

  • BT Postcode
  • GY Postcode
  • HS Postcode
  • IM Postcode
  • JE Postcode
  • IV41 - 56 Postcodes
  • KA27 - 28 Postcodes
  • KW15 - 17 Postcodes
  • PO30 - 40 Postcodes
  • TR21 - 25 Postcodes
Lifetime 10' x 8' Outdoor Storage Shed - Lifetime Assembly Video

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