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  • Wikipedia Hindi Glossaries cover many words in different categories.

  • Resources for scientific and technological terms

  •, Commission for Scientific and Technical Teminologies . The site just gives information on center's comprehensive publications. The homepage has links to get English or Hindi equivalents for typed words. A long list of words is given in English to Hindi Administrative Terms and Hindi to English Administratve Terms as well Subject wise listing. The subjects are divided in about 40 major sections. This may be most comprehensive for such equivalence.

  • HindiKhoj

  • Government of India E-Mahashabdakosh http://e-mahashabdkosh.rb-aai.i provides Sanskrit/Hindi equivalent words for technical terms. search under categories Administrative, Agriculture, BankingFinance, InformationTechnology, Education, Tourism, HealthCare, Industry, Legal, Culture, Railway, and Sports. Type an English word, select a varient in drop down menu, and search. Try words Accuracy, test, commercial etc and see teh details for each.

  • Another site to provide equivalent terms for technical subjects is TDIL Indian Language Technology Proliferation and Deployment Center. The words are given in tabular format with selectable starting letter.

  • Shrikant Jamadagni's compilation English-Sanskrit Dictionary for computer software/hardware related terminologies with meaning, context, and sentence structure.

  • An English-Hindi dictionary by Acharya Raghuveera is among the project "The Great English-Indian dictionary" in 1950s. They contain Sanskrit words for technical and scientific vocabulary for several disciplines.

  • Subscribe to a Google newsgroup dedicated to Scientific and Technical Hindi (वैज्ञानिक तथा तकनीकी हिन्दी).

  • Downloadable glossary of scientific and techincal terms at

  • with words categorized in Law Dictionary, Physics, Accountancy and Auditing, Library Science, Transport, Home Science, Journalism, Geography, Zoology, Education, Literary Criticism, Chemistry, Geology, Communication, Economics, Linguistics, Administrative Terms, Archives, Social Work, Printing, Music, Cookery, Stock Market, Baby Names. This is advertisement revenue driven site.

  • Damodarreddy Challa at has developed "Sanskrit to English Dictionary Android application." He has also developed janapadam, a Telugu English dictionary.

  • Other related dictionaries (Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati etc) are available at shabdanjali at and Hindi section. For details on these dictionaries (copyright, availability, updates, contacts, permission to use etc), please see the Hindi Dictionary Readme file.

  • has launched a large scale projects to provide " Knowledge through Indian Languages." It provides details of 90+ local India languages under categories Bhashakosha Textbooks Jnanakosha Multimedia Dictionary. It needs registration, signing with name, place, mobile phone number or such. The portal changes to all sanskrit with link of subdomain.

  • The BharatiyaBhasha multilingual dictionary consisting of nearly 5000 common words in 14 different languages is available for download. There are quite a few tools developed at Technology Development for Indian Languages.

  • Shabdika shabdakosha, English-Hindi dictionary at TDIL, Technology Development for Indian Languages along with other language software tools.

  • A "Hindi Vishva Kosh," a Hindi pictorial encyclopaedia is in planning at It is sponsored by Government of India. Contact TDIL for more information.

  • A HindI ShabdasAgar is avaailable in StarDict format hi-shabdasAgar.tar.gz kept on github. See instructions available at

  • hosts several glossaries/dictionaries in Marathi/Hindi for English words as a glossary of technical terms (pAribhAShika shabdArtha sUchI) in several scientitfic and office categories. Must see the categories to get the details. A search engine with entries in English or Marathi/Hindi Devanagari is provided. It is a free tool available without any restricttions. This is part of collection of

  • has various Hindi dictionaries available for download. Search iwht words Hindi kosha Hindustani Hindoostanee et cetera.

  • Resource Center For Indian Language Technology Solution (CCFILT, IIT Mumbai) has a unique online Hindi and Marathi shAbdabandha, a searchable Hindi and Marathi - English dictionary, in fact more than a conventional dictionary. "It gives different relations between synsets or synonym sets which represent unique concepts."

  • The Aryabhusan school Marathi-English online dictionary, digitized at University of Chicago online collection, originally (1911) written by Shridhar Ganesh Vaze.

  • Another Marathi English Dictionary, available online at University of Chicago web site is Molesworth's digitized Marathi-English dictionary.

  • A webinterface to Hindi and Marathi dictionaries is available. There are other utilities developed as a part of Resource Center for Indian Language Technology Solutions at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (Mumbai). The searchable utilities include tutorials, wordnet group, most frequent words in Indian languages, Devanagari keyboard, Marathi and Hindi Corpora (try the word kushala) et cetera. The site is reviewed at Desh Dunia blogspot in Hindi.

  • The has on-screen inscript and romanized keyboard utility to enter Hindi text for a simple English-Hindi dictionary. The Hindi words and translations are clickable and display synonyms.

  • The has an Hindi-English/English-Hindi dictionary which includes context sentences, idioms and useful phrases for learning Hindi. There are language quizzes and games available for learning hindi as a fun way to practice and improve vocabulary.

  • Report on the Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon Project

  • Digital Dictionaries of South Asia of University of Chicago has links and searchable contents of following languages: Baluchi, Khowar, Persian, Torwali, Bengali, Mar athi, Rajasthani, Urdu, Nepali, Sanskrit, Comparative, Hindi, Pali, Tamil, Kashmiri, Pashto, Telugu et cetera. Many more are forthcoming. These dictionaries are entered by contractors and the work to create searchable database is ongoing. The project is funded by the "International Research and Studies Program within the Office of International Education and Graduate Programs at the US Department of Education. The online versions of the four Sanskrit dictionaries were created for the DDSA as a project of the former Dharam Hinduja Indic Research Center of Columbia University under the generous sponsorship of the Hinduja Foundation. "

  • Gujarati Lexicon at has excellent contents and interface for the Gujarati/Gujarati/English dictionary.

  • Urdu-Devanagari transliterated word list.

  • Bharatabhasha_Common dictionary of 14 Indian languages, a zipped Excel spreadsheet.

  • An English Telugu Dictionary. Telugu On-line Dictionaries Project is supported in part by a grant from Telugu Association of North America.

  • Zdenek Broz dicts(at) of has developed a data base information/dictionaries for various world wide languages. The project includes following Indian languages : Hindi, Telugu, Urdu, Tamil, Sinhala.
    The interfaces are organized in interconnecting manner with many world languages. Explore the categories : Universal dictionary, English dictionary, Basic vocabulary, Picture dictionary, English thesaurus, Encyclopedia, Bilingual dictionaries, Examples of use, Specialty resources, Mobile phones and PDAs applications, Downloadable dictionaries, Offline Dictionary applications, Topical dictionary, Terminology, Vocabulary trainer, Standard Phrases.

  • The site by Sunil Khandbahale has a set of dictionaries for various Indian languages, specifically English to Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malyalam, Punjabi, Bengali, and Sanskrit, and reversed format. In addition to online searching, it has plugins for online webrowser searches (e.g if you are reading a newspaper or so and want to find a meaning of the word), applications for mobiles/handhelds, and smart phones. As a commercial tilt to the project, the downlodable files for dictionaries with Basic, Advance, and Advance with audio options are available at price. See the sitemap.

  • has a multilingual dictionaries in various languages. Among them is the search utility for English-Sanskrit and Sanskrit-English vocabulary words and translations. This is a comprehensive link websites for different resources such as Dictionaries, Translators, Exams/Aptitude tests, Ebooks, Astrology et cetera.

  • At, "Gāndhārī is a northwestern Middle Indo‐Aryan language closely related to Sanskrit and Pali. provides resources for those engaged in the study of Gāndhārī, including three reference works edited by Stefan Baums and Andrew Glass (A Dictionary of Gāndhārī, the Bibliography of Gāndhārī Studies and the Catalog of Gāndhārī Texts) and a comprehensive collection of source text. "The site includes navigational interface to different dictionaries.

  • Sours:
    Apte, Vaman Shivaram. Revised and enlarged edition of Prin. V. S. Apte's The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary. Poona: Prasad Prakashan, 1957-1959. 3v.
    Copyright © 1957-1959 by Prasad Prakashan
    No part of this publication may be stored, transmitted, retransmitted, lent, or reproduced in any form or medium without the permission of Prasad Prakashan.
    Data for this dictionary was most recently updated in March 2020.
    Entry words printed in compressed form (for example, ओडक, -डवः) have been expanded (to ओडक, ओडवः) and romanization has been added (ōḍaka, ōḍavaḥ) for search and display.
    The data conversion and presentation of this dictionary was sponsored by the former Dharam Hinduja Indic Research Center, Columbia University and the University of Chicago

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    Sanskrit dictionary


    Sanskrit संस्कृतम


    •SanskritDictionary: Sanskrit-English dictionary

    •SpokenSanskrit: Sanskrit-English dictionary

    •SansDict: Sanskrit-English dictionary (compilation)

    •Héritage du sanskrit: Sanskrit-French dictionary, by Gérard Huet (2021) + PDF format

    •Indo-Tibetan lexical ressources for the study of Buddhism new

    •Sanskrit-English dictionaryetymologically and philologically arranged, with special reference to cognate Indo-European languages, by Monier Monier-Williams (1899)

    + other version + online search or by alphabetical order (transliteration)

    •Practical Sanskrit-English dictionary by Vaman Shivram Apte (1965, revised edition) + online search

    •Student's Sanskrit-English dictionary by Vaman Shivram Apte (1891) + online search

    •Practical Sanskrit dictionary by Arthur Macdonell (1929) + online search

    •Sanskrit-English dictionary by Carl Capeller (1891) + online search

    •Sanskrit-English dictionary & etymologies and comparisons of cognate words chiefly in Greek, Latin, Gothic, and Anglo-Saxon, by Theodor Benfey (1866)

    •The roots, verb-forms and primary derivatives of the Sanskrit language by William Dwight Whitney (1885)

    •Glossarium comparativum linguæ sanscritæ: Sanskrit-Latin dictionary, by Franz Bopp (1867)

    •Radices linguæ sanscritæ: roots of the Sanskrit language (in Latin) by Niels Ludvig Westergaard (1841)

    •Shabda kalpadrum, an encyclopædic dictionary of Sanskrit (with etymological origins) by Radha Kanta Deva (1967): I & II - III - IV - V

    •Cologne University: Sanskrit dictionaries

    Sanskrit language

    →Devenagari Sanskrit Keyboard to type a text with the Sanskrit characters

    →Vedic Sanskrit Keyboard to type a text with the Ancient Sanskrit characters used in the Vedas

    →Uttara Sanskrit keyboard to type the ancient characters used in the North

    →Latin Sanscrit Keyboard for Sanskrit transliteration

    →Sanskrit Conversion Devanagari-Latin

    •Practical Sanskrit introductory by Charles Wikner (1996)

    •University of Texas: Ancient Sanskrit, by Karen Thomson & Jonathan Slocum

    •Sanskrit, introductory course, based on Jīva Gosvāmī's grammar (2000)

    •Whence Sanskrit?a brief history of Sanskrit pedagogy in the West, by Herman Tull, in International Journal of Hindu Studies (2015)

    •The Sanskrit language by Thomas Burrow (1973)

    •Sanskrit grammar for students by Arthur MacDonnel (1927)

    •Practical grammar of the Sanskrit language by Monier Monier-Williams (1878)

    •Elementary grammar of the Sanscrit language by Monier Monier-Williams (1846)

    •Practical grammar of the Sanskrit languagefor the use of early students, by Theodor Benfey (1868)

    •Sanskrit grammar for beginners, in Devanāgarī and Roman letters throughout, by Max Müller (1866)

    •A grammar of the Sanscrit language by Henry Colebrooke (1805)

    • books & papers about the Sanskrit language: Google books | Internet archive | Academia | Wikipedia

    ॐ मणि पद्मे हूँ

    oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ

    Grantha alphabet

    →Grantha keyboard

    The Grantha alphabet was used to write the Sanskrit sacred texts in the Tamil country.

    •Virtual Vinodh: the Grantha alphabet

    Texts & Literature

    •Bilingual discourse and cross-cultural fertilisation: Sanskrit and Tamil in medieval India, edited by Whitney Cox & Vincenzo Vergiani (2013) new

    •Words for worship: Tamil and Sanskrit in medieval temple inscriptions, by Leslie Orr

    •A history of Sanskrit literature by Arthur Berriedale Keith (1941)

    •A history of Ancient Sanskrit literature, so far as it illustrates the primitive religion of the Brahmans, by Max Müller (1860)

    •A Sanskrit reader, with vocabulary and notes, by Charles Rockwell Lanman (1912)

    •Nalus, Maha-Bharati episodium: Sanskrit text with Latin traduction, by Franz Bopp (1868)

    The Rāmāyana   रामायण

    •British Library: manuscript of the Mewar Ramayana (selection)

    •ValmikiRamayan: Ramayana, bilingual text Sanskrit-English

    •Wikisource: Ramayana in Sanskrit & translation into English

    •Bhagavad-gita: Bhagavad-gītā, multilingual version, in Sanskrit characters & transliterated version (+ audio)

    •Ramakrishna: Bhagavad-gītā in Sanskrit & German translation, with grammatical analysis & vocabulary (transliterated characters)

    •Rig-Veda-Sanhita, the sacred hymns of the Brahmans, édited by Max Müller (1849): I & II - III - IV

    • books about the Sanskrit literature: Google books & Internet archive

    First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    सर्वे मानवाः स्वतन्त्राः समुत्पन्नाः वर्तन्ते अपि च, गौरवदृशा अधिकारदृशा च समानाः एव वर्तन्ते।
    एते सर्वे चेतना-तर्क-शक्तिभ्यां सुसम्पन्नाः सन्ति। अपि च, सर्वेऽपि बन्धुत्व-भावनया परस्परं व्यवहरन्तु।

    →First article in different languages

    →Pali dictionary

    →Hindi dictionary

    →Indo-European dictionary

    →India: maps, heritage & documents

    →Hinduism - Buddhism

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