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In monotheistic cultures, there are only so many figures we can turn to for examples of right and wrong.

There is a standard God-like figure with a legion of angels, and a mirror-image menacing figure with his teammates.

It’s rare to find much excitement outside of that when portraying legendary religious stories in art.

Polytheistic cultures, on the other hand, have a whole cast of interesting characters to choose from.

This is perhaps why the whole Western world has such a love affair with belief systems from faraway lands.

Japanese folklore is admired worldwide for its beautiful artwork, exciting imagery, and a variety of mystical figures to learn about.

In the tattoo world especially, these ancient belief systems provide an endless well of inspiration to draw from.

When worn respectfully and for the right reasons, the mythical creatures in Japanese folklore can make for some gorgeous pieces.

Oni Mask Origins

Speaking of respectfully wearing a tattoo, one of the more popular designs for Japanese tattoos is the Oni Mask tattoo.

If you are not from a Japanese background, you may understand the Oni best as “beasts”

It is important to respect and understand the Oni before you rush out and get a tattoo of one, for a couple of key reasons:

These characters are notoriously tricky and will think nothing of messing with someone they see as a gullible human.

Whether or not you believe in the things that go bump in the night, you may want to be on the safe side here.

Oni Masks have roots in the Hindu-Buddhist belief system.

While Eastern cultures may look different today than they did when the Oni was first written about, they are still widely practiced throughout the world.

Something that you see as a fun design may have deep meaning to someone else.

For someone to flippantly wear a sacred symbol without any regard for the people who practice that doctrine can be very hurtful.

But that doesn’t mean an Oni mask tattoo is off the table, it just means you need to do some careful research to decide if an Oni mask tattoo is right for you.

Who are the Oni?

Oni is part of a larger umbrella term known as the Yōkai.

Yōkai is a group of what westerners may call goblins and ghouls.

The word Yōkai is comprised of two parts: alluring chaos and apparition.

There are some members of the Yōkai that are mischievous at best, more like the pixies from the UK.

These characters may find it funny to mess with humans, but they aren’t going to cause any harm.

The Oni figures, on the other hand, don’t mind breaking a few eggs to make an omelet.

So much so that they pop up as villains in many Japanese folk tales- the same way stories from the UK tend to lean on witches as a source of bad.

Oni characters are often thought to be the cause of boutades and reversals.

What do the Oni Look Like?

The Oni figures have a very ogre-like appearance.

Though the origin of ogres is mysterious, it seems every culture has its version of these beastly giants.

The Oni are said to be large, lumbering characters with a stormy nature and slow movement patterns.

There are a few characteristics specific to Oni:

  • Horns on either side of their heads.
  • Red or blue skin, sometimes green or black.
  • Trusty Kanabo (large clubs, sometimes with spikes.)

Oni Masks

Typically when someone gets an Oni tattoo, they get an Oni mask.

These are traditionally carved out of wood and painted in striking colors.

Masks are still very present in Japanese traditions, and generally used in three contexts:

Noh is an ancient form of theatre where actors portray traditional folklore stories through movement.

There is very little dialogue in a Noh production, so actors must move their bodies in ways that make their masks seemingly come to life.

The Oni mask appears as a stock character in Noh theatre, meaning anyone familiar with the shows will recognize it when they see it.

This is similar to sitcoms, where we can pick out who will fall in love, who will have funny blunders, etc.

Oni masks may be worn during Japanese festivals.

The intent behind this is generally to protect yourself, or ward off any Oni who happen to be around!

Before the first day of Spring, there is a Japanese festival called Setsubun wherein children through soybeans out of their window.

They throw the soybeans, they yell “Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!” which roughly translates to “Oni out, blessings in.”

During this festival, parents may dress as Oni to scare the bad spirits away.

Small decorative Oni masks are sometimes sold as necklaces, talismans, or even cell phone charms for good luck and protection.

The Meaning of the Oni Mask Tattoos

Generally, someone who wears an Oni mask on their body has the same intent as someone who wears one on their face: they want to tell everyone not to mess with them!

Oni mask tattoos may be to ward off bad luck or protect you from unseen forces.

Also, an Oni mask tattoo may be a way of confronting your weaknesses or your “shadow side.”

Ask yourself why this tattoo is important to you, and what you hope to gain from wearing it on your body.

Oni Mask tattoos tend to be intricate in their designs and may take up a significant portion of your body.

This is going to be a commitment both financially and in how visible it will be on your body.

Ask yourself if you have personal ties to the Oni Mask, or if there is perhaps something more fitting in your own background.

Oni Mask Tattoo Ideas

In any case, Oni mask tattoos are pretty cool!

Trying to picture what your Oni mask tattoo will look like?

Check out our Oni mask tattoo gallery for some inspiration.

Oni Mask Tattoo
Oni Mask Tattoo
Oni mask tattoo
Oni Mask Tattoo
Oni Mask Tattoo
Oni Mask Tattoo
Oni Mask Tattoo
Oni Mask Tattoo
Oni Mask Tattoo
Oni mask tattoo
Oni mask tattoo
Oni mask tattoo
Oni Mask Tattoo
Oni mask tattoo
Oni Mask Tattoo
Oni Mask Tattoo

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35 Oni Mask Tattoos With Mysterious and Powerful Meanings

One only needs to see the Oni once in a tattoo to know exactly what they are looking at. These unique and terrifying creatures resemble the devil himself in human form. This demon is extremely powerful and a force of the dark work that brings with him many different negative emotions to the surface.

Those who choose to get inked up with the Oni mask tattoos do so because they have a deeper understanding of the rich culture and tradition associated with this demon, so they do not take getting inked lightly just because the image may be appealing to some.

Consider the following information about the Oni before you rush out to get him inked on your body for a lifetime!

The History of the Japanese Oni

Take one look at the Oni and you can understand why he has struck fear into the hearts of the Japanese for centuries. This demon is certainly not appealing to look at and can give even those with strong wills nightmares after coming in contact with him.

This demonic presence has been closely associated with distressful and evil emotions. To better understand why they are so feared, the legends say that the Oni lurks around the dying, waiting to rush the souls of the departed straight to Hell as quickly as possible. 

As far as demon hierarchy, the Oni have little in the way of rivals.

The Look of the Oni

As far as tradition goes, you did not want to come in contact with the Oni because it meant certain death was near.

As far as the Oni mask tattoos, many enhance the image to make them even more ominous, complete with a ferocious expression, big bulging eyes, drooling and snarling mouth, and huge horns that sprout from the sides of its forehead.

These demonic drawings represent for some the power to scare off their enemies, telling those who want to cause trouble that certain death will result if you mess around here, or that this person is in for the long haul and they fight to the death.

The Meanings of the Oni Tattoo

Today people who love everything about the dark work or black magic are drawn to the Oni. They get the images inked on the back of their hands or up the entire side of their torso. These devil images are utilized to scare others, to tell others to stay away, and used to keep oneself away from getting too close to others.

In Japan, the Oni was so revered that before Buddhism the townspeople would perform rituals to keep the Oni away. When portrayed in Mime dances, the Oni was associated with longevity, fertility, and peace.

Today many people do not even understand the long tradition of the Oni with Japanese culture, they are drawn to the design like that of the voodoo dolls.

These demonic faces can be drawn in a variety of ways, each more menacing and intimidating than the next, all created to strike fear, cause uncomfortable feelings, and unease with those who dare look upon the Oni.

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The Oni, also known as Namahage, originated from Japanese folklore. These creatures are best described as massive ogre-like, red demon, trolls with devilish horns protruding from the forehead surrounded by a mane of wild jet-black hair. These sharp clawed, imaginary humanoids are the root to any child or adult’s nightmare, and that’s exactly what the purpose of this crazy folklore monster was intended to do.

Legend has it, these hideous beings would roam the villages of Japan, stealing crops from the farmers and abducting woman from the town, dragging them high into the mountains never to be seen again. Not only would they seize the woman, they would come after the ‘naughty’ children as a source of protein. One day after really brainstorming up an idea, the people of a village decided to muster up the courage to make a ‘deal’ with these demons. The Oni being a ravenous but not so bright of a creature, was made a deal that would be impossible to accomplish. Since these ogres agreed to the terms, the bet was on. The village people bet the Oni that if the Oni could build a flight of stone stairs leading up to the mountains and the five shrine halls of the village located by the sea shore, one thousand steps in all, the villagers would freely give the Oni woman and children every year. If the Oni were not able to accomplish this by the next morning, the Oni were to vanish from the area and never return.

The village people believing these sluggish oafs would not be able to complete this project were in a surprise of a lifetime when they saw before their very eyes the Oni were almost complete with the flight of stairs with time to spare. Thinking quickly, a villager started to squawk and imitate the noises of a rooster waking up the village for the morning. The Oni heard the fake rooster call and believed they lost the bet. Being in dismay and embarrassment, the Oni held up to their end of the bet and took off from the village, never to return.

This story was originally passed down generation to generation as a way of scaring children into behaving. As Japan has a strict society concerning these values of behaving and staying in line, this folklore myth was a success as to what its main goal was. This folklore is so popular that even to this day there are festivals all over Japan celebrating the Oni. On New Years Eve, the people of Japan dress up in these Oni outfits that were depicted in children’s books and the legendary troll like garb. These costumes consist of straw poncho like robes that wrap around the body, straw boots, and a red horned mask with jagged teeth, angry eyes, with a cynical expression. The men and woman parading the streets of Japan on this New Years Eve festival celebration often carry papier-mâché weapons such as clubs, and wooden knives, taunting others as they walk by. A lot of Oni actors and actresses even go as far as creeping up to little children trying to scare them, yelling out things such as ‘Where are the naughty ones?’ Or ‘Point me to the crybabies!’, the red Oni mask is even an emoji symbol on just about every phone and social media platform. (For further information, look into this New Years Eve festival, there are several videos online you can look up to get an idea of what goes on at these celebrations).

The red Oni mask has even found its way through the tattoo world! Lovers of superstitions and the spirit world have dedicated a part of their body to this demonic creature. Often wise, the red Oni mask is done in a cartoonish, flash art style. Brightly colored black and red Oni faces can illustrate an array of emotional expressions. Since the Oni is such an old myth, some people seem to actually believe in this entity. Those who are more into the superstitious beliefs, get this scary mask tattooed as a form of protection to ward off evil spirits that may try to harm said individual. Much like a dream catcher, this face of a beast filters which spirits may or may not approach this person’s soul.
The Oni were not always creatures however. They too were evil spirits that were invisible to the eye. It is said that the word Oni itself is derived from the On’Yomi reading, logographic Chinese characters that are also used in the Japanese writing system, meaning to conceal or hide. This being the case, Oni ultimately means an invisible spirit, or being. These invisible beings would freely roam the spirit world looking for a host to feed off. Latching onto ogres and troll like creatures, the Oni terrorized and took over the lands.

You’re not so superstitious but you enjoy the legendary story and just want the Oni mask tattoo anyway! The Oni mask is a great conversation starter with a cool story to go along with it. This tattoo is almost guaranteed to arise questions and draw attention so if you get this piece as a tattoo, expect to answer questions about it! The Oni’s face is typically drawn and painted either red or blue. A tattoo artist that is known for or has a good background of doing flash art tattoos then this would be the perfect project for them to take on. This tattoo is most commonly placed as a chest piece, or on the leg.

The Oni goes by various names and because of this, the Oni also has many different forms. A tip that could go a long way is to not jump the gun and choose the first design of this creature you see. Not only is the face/mask a popular tattoo idea, some even accompany the body to go along with it. Take your time instead to look through the different variations of this ogre that haunts so many people’s dreams.

Oni Mask Tattoo 1
Oni Mask Tattoo 2
Oni Mask Tattoo 3
Oni Mask Tattoo 4
Oni Mask Tattoo 5
Oni Mask Tattoo 6
Oni Mask Tattoo 7
Oni Mask Tattoo 8
Oni Mask Tattoo 9
Oni Mask Tattoo 10
Oni Mask Tattoo 11
Oni Mask Tattoo 12
Oni Mask Tattoo 13
Oni Mask Tattoo 14
Oni Mask Tattoo 15
Oni Mask Tattoo 16
Oni Mask Tattoo 17
Oni Mask Tattoo 18
Oni Mask Tattoo 19
Oni Mask Tattoo 20
Oni Mask Tattoo 21
Oni Mask Tattoo 22
Oni Mask Tattoo 23
Oni Mask Tattoo 24
Oni Mask Tattoo 25
Oni Mask Tattoo 26
Oni Mask Tattoo 27
Oni Mask Tattoo 28
Oni Mask Tattoo 29
Oni Mask Tattoo 30
Oni Mask Tattoo 31
Oni Mask Tattoo 32
Oni Mask Tattoo 33
Oni Mask Tattoo 34
Oni Mask Tattoo 35
Oni Mask Tattoo 36
Oni Mask Tattoo 37
Oni Mask Tattoo 38
Oni Mask Tattoo 39
Oni Mask Tattoo 40
Oni Mask Tattoo 41
Oni Mask Tattoo 42
Oni Mask Tattoo 43
Oni Mask Tattoo 44
Oni Mask Tattoo 45
Oni Mask Tattoo 46
Oni Mask Tattoo 47
Oni Mask Tattoo 48
Oni Mask Tattoo 49
Oni Mask Tattoo 50

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Oni - Mostrologia V

Updated December 2019

The art of tattooing is quite crucial for several communities. Japan has a tradition of mythology and folklore with great significance. The art especially inspired people from all around the world to make tattoos on their body. Japanese oni mask tattoo is also a popular culture among people. They get it tattooed on different body parts due to its significance. So, let us know a little more about the symbolism about these tattoos.


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What is an oni mask?

Oni mask is the face mask of a supernatural ogre or troll that you may find in the Japanese folklore. Oni generally has one or two horns. The ogre also carries an iron club in their hands, and they are in tiger skin loincloth. Their central depiction is in the form of villains in fairy tales. So, people try to keep them away from their house during the Setsubun festival. In modern times, the ones may also act as a symbol of protection from evil spirits. So, the one mask meaning may stand for protection or symbolize the realm of unknown.

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What type of Oni mask tattoos that one may get?

As we said, the Oni mask tattoos are quite famous among people who love their inks. People get tattoos according to their preference and meanings. They often club several Japanese folklore items to make a total piece. Getting an oni mask piece is not only exciting, but it also gives a lot of versatility.

So, here are some ways through which one may adorn their bodies with one mask tattoos

• Oni mask tattoos have a specialty to them. People take the colors used to depict Oni which is either blue or red. So, the symbol will emerge as colorful as possible. Moreover, these tattoos look extremely good when done in a vast space. This includes the chest area or even the back area. Tattoo artists need to pay attention to the expressions of the Oni mask. The teeth and the horns require extra detailing.
• Another Oni mask idea is to club it with a Japanese dragon tattoo. Both the characters are from the folklore so they will go well together. Artists may use elements like fire and water to heighten the depth. Flowers go well with the piece as well.


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• Sleeve tattoos depicting Oni masks look good as well. It needs to be as colorful as possible.

On top of that, one should utilize the whole space to include all the aspects of an Oni.
• Black and white tattoos of Oni masks look good if the artist uses enough shadow work. The line tattoos that are in trend now will also work well. The location choosing needs to be right to get the perfect tattoo.

So, we are now aware of the fact that Oni Mask tattoos do look good and they have the deep meaning as the Dragon ones. If you want to do such a symbol, do proper research before going into it. Moreover, think about your personality before doing such a tattoo. Japanese folklore will get more popular, and these tattoos will take a massive position in the market.

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Photo gallery with Oni Mask Tattoos

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Tattoo oni

Have you ever heard of the Oni mask as a concept? Have you ever considered it as a tattoo idea maybe? In this article, we will talk a lot about different tattoo ideas. We will also explain and tell you about the meaning of the Omni mask while emphasizing its deep true spiritual side. Keep on reading and browse through your options down below, we have 30 of them for you to consider.

What Does Oni Mask Tattoo Symbolize?

What Does Oni Mask Tattoo Symbolize

An Oni mask is used in the Japanese culture and is a common tattoo choice for those who believe in good and evil forces, as well as different power that surrounds us. This mask is a symbol of protection for those who believe in the spiritual world.

According to some people, the mask is used as a symbol of protection from the devil that can punish you or haunt you all over the globe and at any given time. If you’re a spiritual person you will enjoy this tattoo and its deep meaning.

10 Oni Mask Tattoos For Guys

1. Oni Mask Tattoo Designs

Oni Mask Tattoo Designs

If you live for chest tattoos and you’re someone who wants to stand out with scary yet masculine ideas you will go for this one. It is precise, grandiose, as well as beautiful.

This print screams and stands for your cool presence and dominance everywhere you go. If you’re someone who knows how to approach different aspects of beauty in your way you will enjoy this art.

2. Samurai Oni Mask Tattoo

Samurai Oni Mask Tattoo

Guys who enjoy shoulder or arm ideas will appreciate this beauty. If you’re not afraid of the needle and you want to try out a new tattoo, as well as a new tattooing concept – similar Oni prints are for you.

It will help you with any negative thoughts or negativity in general that you may experience or be going through.

3. Samurai Oni Mask Tattoo Over Chest

Samurai Oni Mask Tattoo Over Chest

Black tattoos and this type of shading is for anyone who appreciates a new approach yet a mesmerizing idea. If you’re a fan of chest ideas and you have a masculine chest yourself this print will suit you.

It symbolizes all good and wrong that you have experienced and encountered in your lifetime while successfully overcoming it and figuring out who to trust and who to avoid in your life and shaky journey.

Fun fact: Oni masks can come in any & every color!

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4. Giant Red Geisha Oni Mask Tattoo

Giant Red Geisha Oni Mask Tattoo

If red is your favorite color you will enjoy this design. Red is a color of power and passion. It represents your true show-stopping and powerful determined personality.

The Oni masks are a symbol of protection for those who believe in the spiritual world. Are you one of those as well?!

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5. Oni Mask Tattoo Sleeve Red Design

Oni Mask Tattoo Sleeve Red Design

Oni Tattoos means the devil’s ability to punish any evil or unjust act. You can embrace that meaning and show that you’re a tough guy with this sleeve idea.

This tattoo will protect you from evil and it will represent your bold character as well as your journey or the life that is ahead or behind you.

6. Oni Mask Tattoo Traditional Idea

Oni Mask Tattoo Traditional Idea

This glorious and masculine design is for those who are brave enough to stand out. Make sure that you have enough money and patience before you commit to this tattoo.

Black ink is a powerful choice and this design will protect you from karma, as well as the bad influence of others around you.

Did you know that these were worn in theaters ages ago?

7. Oni Japanese Mask Tattoo Over Back

Oni Japanese Mask Tattoo Over Back

Giant back tattoos usually look amazing on those who work out and who have masculine back that stands out. Blue is also a common color combo, so why not stick to it?

This tattoo will suit anyone who loves Japanese or Chinese culture. It is a time-consuming tattoo that shows your brave and protective side.

8. Oni Mask Tattoo Design Thigh Idea

Oni Mask Tattoo Design Thigh Idea

Thigh or leg tattoos are not that common among guys. However, do you feel special and you want to stand out? This can be an amazing conversation starter piece when you’re at the beach!

This Oni mask shows that you believe in a higher power. If you believe that there are spirits surrounding you and you’re trying to protect yourself from them – consider adding this design over your thighs.

9. Black Ink Thigh Tattoo Oni Mask

Black Ink Thigh Tattoo Oni Mask

Make sure that you find an amazing tattoo artist who is skilled to do similar mask tattoos. This one can be a challenge for most people.

A giant leg tattoo symbolizes your will and hard work. If you’re trying to do all there is to protect yourself from evil forces you will easily achieve that look with this image.

Fun fact: Hannya & Oni are the most common Japanese masks.

10. Oni Mask Tattoo Hand Palm Idea

Oni Mask Tattoo Hand Palm Idea

How about a scary arm or palm tattoo? Not everyone can rock something as bold and bright as this. If you’re trying to stand out and your job allows you to wear noticeable and showy ideas – try this one.

It is a power-embracing tattoo that shows your masculine and energy-boosting personality. You will protect yourself from any bad signs with this tattoo as well.

10 Colorful Oni Mask Tattoos

1. Oni Mask Tattoo Sleeve Colorful Idea

Oni Mask Tattoo Sleeve Colorful Idea

Sleeve tattoos are only for those who are brave enough and crazy enough to get them. Are you one of those who wants to stand out?

This colorful piece will let the world see your colorful personality, as well as your side that has that cheerful variety. You will show that you’re also protecting yourself from bad influences and different layers of people.

2. Scary Oni Mask Japanese Tattoo

Scary Oni Mask Japanese Tattoo

Not all tattoos can look as crazy and as dramatic. If you’re a fan of unique and original ideas this Oni mask is for you.

It shows the world that you’re a creative soul who knows his or her ways. You will come off as someone who is always searching for perfection. Does this sound like you?

3. Blue Oni An Hannya Mask Tattoo

Blue Oni An Hannya Mask Tattoo

Are you someone who likes show-stopping prints and glorious designs? Do you want to stand out with your tattoo at all times? If you’re someone who appreciates drama and fame this image is for you.

Blue is a color of new positive changes. Good fortune and wealth will come your way if you stick to this Oni print.

Did you know that Oni represents good luck?

4. Small Blue Oni Mask Tattoo Simple

Small Blue Oni Mask Tattoo Simple

Smaller tattoos are for those who wish to quickly get it over with. If you want to stick to pop or color and you’re trying to get noticed without being way too much and overwhelmed with your Oni, consider this flawless design.

You will protect yourself from enemies and you will stay away from bad energy with this idea. It is great for anyone who has that idea of perfection and protection all in one!

5. Red Oni Mask Tattoo Drawing

Red Oni Mask Tattoo Drawing

Red forearm tattoo is for those who love to stick to color. Are you one of those guys who is always in the center of attention? Most individuals live for similar beauties!

Red stands for energy and new powerful life. If you’re ready to get away with your faith and avoid all roots of evil – this is the ultimate evil combating tattoo.

6. Arm Traditional Oni Mask Tattoo

Arm Traditional Oni Mask Tattoo

If you want combine black & red try doing it with this Oni mask. Playful, cute, as well as artsy – ideal for men and women.

This element will symbolize your resigned and closed personality. If you don’t want or need the world to know all of your layers, stick to this idea.

Fun fact: Oni masks are most-often colored in red.

7. Chest Oni Mask Blue Traditional Tattoo

Chest Oni Mask Blue Traditional Tattoo

Chest ink and dramatic chest tattoos are for those who are trying to show their proud physique at all times. Make sure that you have 5-8 hours before you start with your tattooing process.

This color combo will show your turbulent personality. You will also feel at peace from all evil won’t this Oni mask.

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8. Leg Japanese Oni Mask Tattoo

Leg Japanese Oni Mask Tattoo

How about you consider this leg tattoo? Black ink with a pop of yellow is so different and interesting. Make sure that you have your creative side and know how to rock it before you commit to it.

Yellow is a color of gold and purity. You will protect yourself from any haram and you will enjoy your peace during your lifetime with similar Oni tattoos.

9. Geisha Oni Mask Tattoo Idea

Geisha Oni Mask Tattoo Idea

This Oni mask tattoo is for those who know how to enjoy diversified ink. If you are proud of your presence and your side (emotional and physical presence) get this print.

It is a symbol of ever-lasting life while staying true to yourself. We are always battling some inner demons, wouldn’t you agree?!

Did you know that these masks are mostly-sold & highly wanted during the festival season?

10. Red Scary Oni Mask Tattoo

Red Scary Oni Mask Tattoo

Are you scared easily? If not, you will enjoy representing this image. It is the perfect Oni tattoo for those who know how to show their true face to their surroundings.

Black and red is a common go-to color combo. If you are someone who watches horror movies regularly and you also appreciate a fun story that you get to tell along with your tattoo – this Oni is perfect.

10 Black Oni Mask Tattoos

1. Oni Mask Tattoo Black And Grey

Oni Mask Tattoo Black And Grey

Some chains will look perfect with your Oni mask. If you have a mysterious side to yourself and you love scary tattoos why not give this one a chance?

It will show the world that you’re always seeking vengeance and honesty. If you have had some bad or scary interactions in your lifetime you can get this design to show it in your way.

2. Black Oni Mask Tattoo Print

Black Oni Mask Tattoo Print

Guys who work out and who know how to represent their tattoo will love this forearm piece. It is quite hard to tattoo so make sure that you book the best tattoo artist that is in your city.

The image itself will represent your true intentions as well as the journey and path that you’re willing to go through in order to have it all! Protect yourself from demons and bad energy while representing this ink and perfecting it with this realistic red-devil shade.

3. Split Face Oni Mask Tattoo Print

Split Face Oni Mask Tattoo Print

How about a half-split face? Not everyone will get this design, which is why it is up to you to try out this Oni mask tattoo!

It symbolizes your personality and your phases. If you have two different characters in you they are always trying to battle it out you will want this Oni mask.

Fun fact: another popular go-to choice can be a Tengu mask – a creature that protects the mountains.

4. Forearm Oni Mask Tattoo Black Idea

Forearm Oni Mask Tattoo Black Idea

Guys who are afraid of the tattooing process, as well as the needle itself, will want this simple ink. Oni mask doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or scary print, just take a look at this beauty!

It shows that you’re low-key and determined in your own way and approach. Anyone who is seeking the truth and is always fighting for what is right will love this minimalism.

5. Leg Oni Mask Traditional Tattoo

Leg Oni Mask Traditional Tattoo

Place this black Oni mask over your leg. If you are eager to get something cool that is not overpowering your body, consider this art.

It represents your true colors and your will to fight off bad energy. You will look like someone who always knows what is right and you approach life with your standards.

6. Chest Oni Half Mask Tattoo

Chest Oni Half Mask Tattoo

Do you enjoy chest tattoos? Are you someone who is into black print and black designs? Guys who work out and guys who love their masculine presence will need this art over their chest.

You can also get a snake print and combine it with your Oni mask. If you’re someone who is into outstanding ideas this one will represent your character. Snakes will also protect you from bad energy and bad omen.

Did you know that these masks are super expensive to get and purchase in stores?!

7. Thigh Oni Mask Tattoo For Men

Thigh Oni Mask Tattoo For Men

This thigh and leg tattoo is for those who love their powerful macho body. It is a wow and show-stopping print that you’ll enjoy rocking and proudly showing off when at the beach or by the pool. It is a pricey design as well as something that will suit perfectionists the best.

Black is a color of elegance. You will look like a spiritual person and someone who knows how to tell good from the bad. Everyone will see you as a fighter who loves to stand for right and proper moves.

8. Detailed Oni Mask Tattoo Over Leg

Detailed Oni Mask Tattoo Over Leg

Black ink design and black tattoos are effortless and forever beautiful. If you’re looking for a sensational tattoo you will enjoy it.

Inspired by simplicity and adrenaline-rushing prints, this image represents your catchy persona. Enjoy showing your tattoo to others and let it speak for itself due to its beauty.

9. Simple Oni Mask Tattoo Outlines

Simple Oni Mask Tattoo Outlines

This foot or leg tattoo is for anyone who prefers to tell stories whenever and wherever. If you love to look like a true tattoo fanatic stick to this Oni mask.

This design represents the chaos that is in you. It is a gorgeous tattoo that will let the world see you for who you are. We all have some downsides, wouldn’t you agree?

Fun fact: Most of these masks are created due to myths, ancient dances or Noh theater.

10. Half Oni Mask Tattoo Outline Idea

Half Oni Mask Tattoo Outline Idea

Lastly, how about this cool artsy forearm design? You will love exposing this tattoo to the world. If you believe that this print is one of a kind represent it and style asap!

Black lines mean that the world you live in is simple yet covered in mysterious paths. You will let everyone see the true you in a simple and smaller tattoo.

Omni Mask Tattoo: More FAQs

Omni Mask Tattoo More FAQs

1. Who Should Get An Omni Mask Tattoo?

Wondering if you’re a good candidate for an Oni mask tattoo? A lot of people are not too sure how to rock this design. However and luckily for you, this print is for everyone who wants a unique and breathtaking tattoo. It is suitable for men and women. However and for some reason, guys tend to get this tattoo more often than women. It might be due to its bright and loud colors, as well as a scary image, would you agree?

2. What Is The Best Placement For Your Omni Mask Tattoo?

The best placement for your Oni mask tattoo design is usually over your forearm or on your leg. A lot of people prefer larger spots and bigger body parts due to colors being used in the tattooing process. If you want to stand out you will enjoy getting a bigger tattoo and showing it over your calf or your bicep, for instance.

3. Are Oni Mask Tattoos Painful?

Unfortunately, this tattooing process is not convenient or pleasurable. It can get quite painful. This is due to the blend of different colors & patterns, as well as different techniques that are used. Make sure that you are thick-skinned (literally) before you commit to this tattoo.

4. How Pricey Are They?

They can get pretty pricey. You should prepare yourself mentally & financially for the process. Since they are so unique & colorful you can expect to pay $400+ for one medium-sized tattoo.

Which Mask Design Was Your Favorite?

Which Oni tattoo mask design was your favorite out of all of these? This idea is great for men and women, as long as you have the courage to rock similar tattoos. Let us know which one is your favorite tattoo out of these top 30 created and well-done tattoo jobs, we would love to know where you stand when it comes to these creative and colorful pieces.

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50 Japanese Demon Tattoos For Men

The Wild Symbolism Behind Japanese Hannya Tattoos

If you’re intrigued by the terrifying and dark allure of Hannya mask tattoos, you’re not alone! Hannya masks have remained incredibly popular within all styles of tattooing thanks to their rich history and deep symbolism.

Tattoo by Willy Martin #WillyMartin #Hannyatattoo #color #Japanese #Hannya #yokai #demon #ghost #mask #neotraditional #horns
Hannya mask!
Tattoo by Oash Rodriguez #OashRodriguez #Hannyatattoo #color #Japanese #Hannya #yokai #demon #ghost #mask #neotraditional #horns

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At first glance, you may assume that the Hannya mask only represents evil or demonic forces, but the underlying story of the Hannya is actually rife with sorrow and tragedy. If you have yet to explore the Hannya’s meaning, read along we unravel this mysterious symbol and review its historical use.

What is the Meaning of a Hannya Tattoo?

Traditionally, Hannya tattoos mainly symbolize a jealous woman in demon form, but they actually possess many meanings. Just as the design of the mask displays various emotions depending on the angle it’s viewed from, even surrounding motifs may give clues as to deeper meaning. Listed below are the most popular meanings behind Hannya mask tattoos.

Top Hannya Tattoo Meanings

Betrayal and Jealousy

One of the most common meanings behind Hannya mask tattoos is that they represent feminine anguish and rage. This interpretation stems from the historic usage of Hannya masks in Japanese performance art, like the noh and kyogen Japanese traditional theatre plays, and Shinto Kagura ritual dances. When a female character was deeply betrayed and found herself becoming obsessive or jealous, the Hannya mask was worn to showcase the internal change that had occurred, typically as a result of a husband’s infidelity or betrayal.

Good Luck

Another popular meaning behind Hannya tattoos is that they may be used as a symbol to promote good luck and ward off evil. In Japan, Hannya masks have been used throughout history as powerful talismans against negative energies, persons, and spirits. Whether hanging in the home or found on a keychain, Hannya masks are believed to protect their owners from misfortune and help generate beneficial circumstances.

Tattoo by Oscar Hove #OscarHove #blackwork #Japanese #Hannya #yokai #demon #ghost #mask #darkart #evil #horns
Tattoo by Wen Ramen #WenRamen #color #Japanese #rabbit #Hannya #kiono #rope #shell #fire #animal #yokai #tattoodomission #tattoodovision #tattoodo #tattoodoapp
Tattoo by Hanna Sandstrom #HannaSandstrom #KaptenHanna #Hannyatattoo #blackandgrey #Japanese #Hannya #yokai #demon #ghost #mask #illustrative #oldschool #skull #death #horns


The Japanese word Hannya means wisdom, so if you are hoping to achieve a higher perspective in matters of love and the heart, the traditional Japanese Hannya tattoo is an excellent choice.

Protection from the Past

The Hannya mask tattoo is said to provide protection against the past repeating itself. The Hannya mask can also be used to represent a painful or traumatic memory that haunts you, but which has also passed on a powerful lesson. In this way, Hannya tattoos can be used to symbolize overcoming difficult times in life, while protecting the wearer from enduring similar struggles again.

Hannya mask #japanese #japanesetattoo #japanesetattoos #hannyamask #hannya #hannyatattoo #elliottwells #tattoodo #tattoodoambassador
Hannya mask ? freehand
Hannya on Ryan. Thanks man.

Unforgiving Person

The traditional Hannya tattoo has long been used by members of the Japanese Yakuza gang to symbolize that the wearer is unforgiving and without mercy.




When a Hannya mask tattoo is created using red ink it symbolizes the concept of pure evil. In traditional Japanese storytelling, if a woman’s Hannya mask turns red, it is used to showcase that she has completely given in to her dark side, fully transitioning into a demonic entity. People who wear the red Hannya tattoo may be trying to communicate that they have gone too far down a dark path.

Black and grey Hannya on the lower leg, 2.5 hours #hannya #hannyatattoo #japanesetattoo #irezumi #masktattoo #japanesemask
Hannya tattoo by Ed Perdomo #japanese #irezumi #samurai #yokai #EdPerdomo #hannya #peony #backpiece
Hannya mask, back of arm, 2 hours #hannya #hanya #hannyamask #hanyamask #mask #masktattoo #japanesemask #demon #japanesedemon #japanese #japanesetattoo #irezumi #jarradchivers

Passionate Lover

The Hannya traditional tattoo can be used to represent a woman who is a passionate lover, possessing an all or nothing attitude in romantic relationships. It can also be used to signify a past failed relationship, unrequited love, or betrayal.

Hannya mask.

Hannya mask.

Judge of Good and Evil

The Hannya mask is the female version of the oni mask, which represents a traditional Japanese male demon. In the Buddhist religion, the oni are believed to originate from evil persons who have died and found themselves within the realms of hell. These truly evil persons are transformed into oni, creatures that take pleasure in punishing other evil humans through torture. According to the Buddhist belief, oni are only born from the most sadistic souls and those who are not quite as evil become the oni’s tortured prisoner in hell. Traditional Japanese folklore speaks of how the evilest humans sometimes transformed into oni while still alive, and that this occurrence is what lies behind some of the most shocking and terrible human behavior.

Japanese tattoo #infamousstudio #japanesetattoo #sleevetattoo #hannya #tengu #momiji #traditionaltattoo #mikiri
Blue hanya #hanya #hannya #japanese #irezumi #fingerwaves #tattoodo #wearesorrymom
Hannya, Clouds & Peonies made by Rodrigo Canteras #hannya #hannyatattoo #peony #peonytattoo #japanesetattoo

Tormented Souls

The Hannya begins as a woman who is drowning in sadness but ends as a demon who has been consumed by jealousy, bitterness, and resentment. This makes the Hannya mask tattoo a great symbol for unresolved pain or emotional instability.

Noh Theater

For those that love plays, or who work in the performing arts themselves, a Hannya tattoo may be a perfect way to represent your love for the traditional Japanese theatre, Noh. Full of drama as well as incredible costumes and character, a Noh mask will certainly have a powerful presence on your skin!

Hannya backpiece tattoo by Bill Canales #BillCanales #besttattoos #blackandgrey #Hannya #mask #Japanese #peony #snake #serpent #reptile #animal #demon #yokai #clouds #horns #fangs #smoke #tattoooftheday
Tattoo by Fibs #Fibs #ElFibs #Japanese #illustrative #darkart #blackandgrey #hannya #oni #flower #floral #chrysanthemum
Hanya backpiece #hanya #hannya #mask #snake #chrysanthemum #backpiece #tattoodo #wearesorrymom

What is the Meaning of Hannya?

The word hHannya means wisdom or higher levels of consciousness according to Japanese Buddhism. The word Hannya is believed to have originated from the name Hannyabô after the artist who carved the original Hannya mask.

What is the Difference between Hannya and Oni?

Hannya masks differ from oni masks in that Hannya’s represents female demons in Japanese storytelling, while oni masks represent masculine demons.

Hannya’s are created when a woman is betrayed and overcome by emotions of jealousy, obsession, and sadness. When her heartache transforms into bitterness and resentment, the woman is said to lose herself and morph into a Hannya, or female demon.

Hannya for Zac. Done at @capturedtattoo. For appointments email. Beau@capturedtattoo.com
Tattoo by Tien Tien aka onederfunk #TienTien #Onederfunk #besttattoos #best #favorite #Japanese #Hannya #trees #color
Tattoo by Kyle Hath #KyleHath #favoritetattoos #favorite #color #Japanese #traditional #hannya #mask #oni #demon #yokai #blood #tassel

In contrast, oni are created when purely evil men die and enter the realms of Buddhist hell. These thoroughly evil souls are transformed into creatures called oni who are violent and monstrous servants of Lord Enma, the ruler of hell. When humans die who are not quite as evil as the oni, the oni dole out their punishment in hell in the form of continuous physical torture.

What is the Story of Hannya?

The story of the Hannya mask originates from Japanese noh and kyōgen theater shows, which were musical style plays that featured stories from Japanese folklore. The Hannya mask represents a woman’s descent from jealousy and sadness into bitterness and resentment, a process that is believed to transform a woman into a female demon, otherwise known as a Hannya.

hannya tattoo by kwilltattoo #kwilltattoo #hannya #japannese #mapleleaves #mask #noh
hannya tattoo by Alejandro Courtade #AlejandroCourtade #hannya #peony #sword #illustrative
hannya tattoo by robo bas #robobas #hannya #ladyhead #portrait #newschool #japanese

In plays and performance art depicting scorned women, Hannya masks were used to represent when the character had lost control of herself and succumb to her anger and madness. Depending on the color of the mask used, the Hannya could represent different things. For example, a white Hannya mask denoted aristocratic status, while red represented a lower-class person or evil, and black or very dark shades signified a demon.

hannya tattoo by el rebel tattoo #elrebeltattoo #hannya #peony #snake #japanese
hannya tattoo by soutattoo #soutattoo #hannya #japanese #irezumi #stomach #chest #sleeves
green hannya tattoo by ally bones #allybones #hannya #demon #rope #mask #Noh #japanese

One of the most famous plays featuring the Hannya mask is the story of Prince Genji, a man who cheated on his wife with an obsessive and jealous mistress. When Prince Genji’s wife becomes pregnant he begins to ignore his mistress and attempts to cut ties with her. The mistress becomes overwhelmed with rage and jealousy and transforms into a demon. In her demonic state, the mistress possesses Prince Genji’s wife and eventually kills her.

Why Do People Get Hannya Tattoos?

Hannya mask tattoos can have many varied meanings depending on the wearer. Most view a Hannya tattoo design as a symbol of good luck, a talisman against evil and negativity, and a reminder to be wise in your romantic dealings. Outside of these meanings, people also use Irezumi Hannya tattoos as emblems of unresolved emotional pain, evil, and protection from the past.

Do Hannya Tattoos Have to be Japanese Style?

Though many love the look of traditional Irezumi style Hannya tattoos, it’s important to know that this design works well in a wide array of styles. Hannya black and grey tattoos have remained a popular selection, as well as Traditional style Hannya’s, Blackwork Hannya’s, painterly Neo-Traditional style Hannyas, and minimalist Hannyas.

hannya tattoo by anthoonytattoo #anthoonytattoo #hannya #dagger #samuraisword #portrait #lady
Hannya tattoo by Abby Drielsma #AbbyDrielsma #hannya #minimal #small #mask #noh #illustrative #fineline
hannya tattoo by black tulip tattoo #blacktuliptattoo #hannya #moon #rope #mask #noh

Best Placements for Hannya Tattoos

Hannya Hand Tattoo

Hannya hand tattoos are an excellent choice for those interested in a powerful and high-visibility piece. The shape of the design works perfectly in the space of the hand and makes for a strong statement piece.

Hannya Forearm Tattoo

Hannya forearm tattoos work perfectly as stand-alone pieces or as the beginning of Japanese tattoo sleeves!

Hannya tattoo by Paulo Spino #PauloSpino #hannya #peony #japanse
Hannya tattoo by Mntnegra #mntnegra #hannya #dagger #beads #japanese
Tattoo by Jaylind Hamilton #JaylindHamilton #jaybaby #japanese #neotraditional #japanesetattoo #illustrative #qpocttt #hannya #color #armtattoo #yokai #demon #mask

Hannya Leg Tattoo

Hannya leg tattoos work wonderfully on the hip, thigh, calf, or ankle. Thanks to the space provided by the legs, Hannyas can easily be paired with additional design elements like the popular Hannya and snake tattoos, or geisha Hannya tattoo designs.

Hannya Back Tattoo

For those interested in large-scale Hannya designs, Hannya back tattoos and Hannya full back pieces can be an ideal selection. Oftentimes elements like Japanese lettering, smoke, clouds, flowers, and snakes are incorporated into these detailed designs.

Hannya Chest Tattoo

Hannya chest tattoos are a great choice for those who would prefer a more large-scale, detail-oriented piece. Oni Hannya chest tattoos are also popular, as they work to represent both the male and female demons.

Hannya chest extension, 3 hours #hannya #hannyamask #masktattoo #hannyatattoo #hanya #hanyamask #japanese #japanesemask #japanese #japanesetattoo #irezumi #jarradchivers
Hannya chest tattoo by Devoner #Devoner #hannya #chest #blackwork
Hannya mask.

If you're interested in seeing more iconic Japanese designs, head over to our guide: The Mythological Creatures of Japanese Irezumi


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