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it s no fit for fz6r yamaha 2011,

will not work on big touring bike with rear crash bars. Not wide enough

mine is a 2014 street glide

Nice deal and fast shipping, thank you !

perfect shop tool easy to assy and use

I am very happy with the Pivot Lift Bar Stand that arrived yesterday in the mail. So simple and so handy!
I took it out of the box, installed the bolts finger tight, and pivoted it up under my bike. Perfect.
And about half the price of the big name similar lifts.
Of course, if the underside of your bike isn't flat you will need to put something there to level it.
The welds aren't as good as the expensive lifts (maybe) and it might not be able to support as much weight as others, but I don't know how much it is rated at.

If you appreciate affordable versions of expensive tools you will be happy with this lift. I sure am.

awesome piece of kit for any shop, this is just what I needed. Delivery was fast, packing bang on, and the product was first rate.

I've only tested it on my 2005 Triumph Speedmaster, and it seems to work verry good. Now to try it on my 2009 Harley Davidson Road King yet not tested .

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Product Details for the Sky Lift

  • Price includes shipping to the USA. (Canada $20 Extra)

If you're looking to raise your bike up high off the ground and make working on the floor a thing of the past, then look no further than our Sky Lift! This product will make even the most awkward & tricky jobs on your bike an absolute breeze.

The Sky Lift sets the standard in motorcycle lifts with its safety, versatility, maneuverability and above all usability.

Adaptable to fit over 300 different models of motorcycle without the need for modification to your machine, lift your bike high off the ground at 3 different angles, maneuver your bike around freely using its four high quality casters and be able to do all this and more safely on your own then its easy to see why the abba Sky Lift is considered by us as well as many industry experts to be the new "benchmark" in motorcycle lifts!

The Sky Lift utilizes the same proven fitting kit system (more details here) as the award winning abba superbike stand and therefor fittings can be shared between both products. With the Lifts built is CE approved hydraulic foot pump the Sky Lift will raise your bike to a very comfortable working height. With your bike lifted in any position the Sky Lifts high quality castors (which include brakes) mean you can effortlessly move your bike around or tuck the bike away in the garage.

 One Lift, three positions....

  • The Horizontal lifting position allows you to simply raise the bike with both wheels level like a traditional bench lift.
  • The Rear wheel high (stoppie position) is perfect for working on the rear end of the bike and allows access to area's on your bike you would have struggled to get to before. This will raise the rear end of the bike higher off the ground than most workbench's!
  • The Front wheel high ( wheelie position) will raise the bikes front wheel to around eye level taking the back ache out of front end maintenance and cleaning. This will raise the front end of the bike higher off the ground than most workbench's!

The abba Sky Lift requires no modifications or parts to be permanently fitted to your bike whatsoever, your machine stays totally standard. The lift fits to the swing arm pivot of the motorcycle and connects at the rear of the swing arm via a support strap (depending on lifting position). Should you change your motorcycle its a simple case of upgrading your fitting kit for your new machine, fittings can be changed for different models in a matter of seconds and are relatively cheap to purchase.

With all these advantages and many more, not to mention our 25 years of highly regarded backup and customer service its easy to see why the abba Sky Lift is the straight forward choice as the ultimate accessory for your motorcycle.

  • NEW - Now supplied with our 3rd generation hydraulic ram. The new internals of our latest ram, combined with the foot pedal operation mean the lifting speed is around 40% faster than shown in some of our original videos. It now only takes around 35 seconds to lift to max height!

Related Links:

Sky Lift Gallery - See many photos of different motorcycles on the Sky Lift, photos provided from previous customers.

Fitting Application - If you need more detailed information on where the Sky Lift fits to your bike, or how our fitting kits work you should find it here.

Product instructions - Can be found on this page.

Design Registration No. 002569491

No other product comes close to giving you the same level of maneuverability, security or flexibility as the abba Sky Lift


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The Heindl Pivot stand lifts just about any sport bike that has at least an 8mm hole in each end of the 

swingarm pivot bolt.  The stand has stainless steel pivot pins that turn as you lift your bike which allows 

smooth operation. 


The Pivot Stand is extremely easy for one person to use: no more worries about dropping your bike or 

needing someone to help you.   Extra long lifting handle combined with ergonomically correct lifting 

geometry allows you to effortlessly raise your bike.


When in use, the rear wheel is raised 2-3 inches off the ground.  The bike can then be "rocked" backward 

with the use of a support of some sort under the engine case, allowing the front end to be raised.


No need for a front stem stand:  You can completely remove the front end of your bike with the use of our 

pivot stand.

Black powder coat finish for durability. 


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Lift motorcycle pivot

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Abba sky lift review - What tools do you need for a motorcycle?

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