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Noun1.bloodline - the descendants of one individualbloodline - the descendants of one individual; "his entire lineage has been warriors"

ancestry, blood line, lineage, pedigree, stemma, line of descent, parentage, blood, descent, origin, stock, line

kinfolk, kinsfolk, phratry, family line, sept, folk, family - people descended from a common ancestor; "his family has lived in Massachusetts since the Mayflower"

side - a family line of descent; "he gets his brains from his father's side"

family tree, genealogy - successive generations of kin

2.bloodline - ancestry of a purebred animal


ancestry, filiation, lineage, derivation - inherited properties shared with others of your bloodline

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One's ancestors or their character or one's ancestral derivation:

ancestry, birth, blood, descent, extraction, family, genealogy, line, lineage, origin, parentage, pedigree, seed, stock.

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[ˈblʌdlaɪn]N → líneaf de sangre, líneaf de parentesco por consanguinidad
the Celtic royal bloodline descended through the mother's side → la línea de sangrede larealezaceltavenía por partede lamadre

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What actually is precisely a bloodline?

"Bloodline" is an idiomatic way to refer to someone's family history.

In this case, "blood" is used to refer indirectly to genetic heritage (although the term predates the discovery of genetics). We can talk about being "related by blood" to someone as compared with "related by marriage". We might say some person's talent is "in his blood" to mean that others in his family have similar talents.

You child can be referred to as "your own flesh and blood" (although this can also apply to other relatives).

Another expression is "blood is thicker than water", meaning to have stronger obligations to family than to friends or strangers.

If someone has an older relative who has some character trait (usually a bad one), and people suspect they have it as well, they might say, "blood will tell" (or "blood will out"). This implies that the trait "runs in the family" and will eventually express itself.

As in your example, "bloodline" can also refer to animals, particularly those with a "pedigree" who may have been bred for generations to reinforce certain traits.

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Your bloodline is your heritage or ancestry. In other words, your bloodline includes your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on.

You might talk about the bloodline of a show dog, bragging about the pedigree of your funny-looking terrier. Sometime a horse's bloodline is also a selling point, particularly when someone is betting on a race horse. You have a bloodline too, although the word more often describes the heritage of a famous or royal family. The Old English root word blod, means "blood." By the 13th century, blood also meant "family" or "heritage."

Definitions of bloodline

  1. noun

    ancestry of a purebred animal
  2. noun

    the descendants of one individual
    synonyms:ancestry, blood, blood line, descent, line, line of descent, lineage, origin, parentage, pedigree, stemma, stock
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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbloodlineblood‧line /ˈblʌdlaɪn/ noun [countable]all the members of a family of people or animals over a period of time → pedigreea royal bloodlineExamples from the Corpusbloodline• In Jude's - or Judas Thomas's - case, there is confirmation of a bloodline.• Good, bright, yet for ever passed over and having to report to some nitwit with the right school connections and bloodlines.• He knew that IsabelIa was a fair-skinned, green-eyed, red-haired woman of the best bloodline.• Jim can trace his bloodlines to the Puritans.• Wildspecimens should also be bred with domesticatedstock to introduce new bloodlines.• This, again, ensures that the pool of breeding stock is continually improved with the introduction of non-related bloodlines.• The Roosevelts added a dash of upper-crust eccentricity to the bloodlines that extended down to the Alsop boys of Avon.• But government through bloodline is vulnerable to the same objections whether it occurs through voting or the passing down of a crown.


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  • 1An animal's set of ancestors or pedigree, typically considered with regard to the desirable characteristics bred into it.

    ‘the herd has British bloodlines going back 200 years’

    • ‘If he produces a lot of top quality trial dogs and enters the pedigrees and the major bloodlines of the breed, his genes will be spread throughout the breed.’
    • ‘There were all kinds; Appaloosas, Palominos, Arabs, Thoroughbreds, all with true bloodlines and all fine animals worth plenty of money.’
    • ‘He researched the breed and was a frequent visitor to France where he visited shows, sales and farms, following up bloodlines, pedigrees and progeny.’
    • ‘The two animals she bought contributed to the bloodlines of herds throughout the country.’
    • ‘Lifestyle farmers can make a big contribution to safeguarding and developing good bloodlines within the breed.’
    • ‘Some of the most vicious bloodlines bred by fighters produce dogs worth thousands of dollars each.’
    • ‘We had some Arabian horses out there and it was some of the same bloodlines that he breeds.’
    • ‘You also may want to check the horse's bloodline if you will be breeding the horse.’
    • ‘Some breeds and certain bloodlines within breeds are friendlier and more adaptable to training because they were bred to be that way.’
    • ‘For centuries, the whole thoroughbred breeding industry was based on bloodlines originating in Epsom Derby winners.’
    • ‘The bulls are specially bred fighting bulls, usually from the same bloodline and are not less than four years old with a weight somewhere between 500 and 800 kilos.’
    • ‘Or do you want to delve into pedigrees, to find the classic mix of bloodlines that herald the ultimate racehorse.’
    • ‘The also agreed to train and race him since his bloodlines are so good.’
    • ‘Since then they have improved the breed using French shorthorn and imported bloodlines from Canada and Australia to obtain better carcase quality.’
    • ‘Untrained, they can be domineering, independent and reserved, especially when bred from working bloodlines - show lines tend to be calmer and more subdued.’
    • ‘Selective breeding to improve the bloodlines of carp has led to the king carp that we see today.’
    • ‘Under the new breeding program, dogs with the same bloodlines would be purchased from Europe every 2-3 years.’
    • ‘The stud isn't too far away from home and the livery side of things interest me too, which involves learning about the breeding aspect as well as the horses bloodlines.’

    ancestry, descent, lineage, line, line of descent, genealogy, family tree, extraction, derivation, origin, heritage, parentage, paternity, birth, family, dynasty, house, race, strain, stock, breed, blood, bloodline, history, background, roots

    1. 1.1A set of ancestors or line of descent of a person.

      ‘the survival of a legitimate royal bloodline’

      • ‘‘He is the closest thing you have to a brother and it is important that we keep the royal bloodline’, he answered.’
      • ‘It suggests that Jesus Christ had direct descendants, in a bloodline that can be traced down the centuries.’
      • ‘Logically, if Edward IV had not been King, the royal bloodline would have been entirely different.’
      • ‘Henriette descended from German-Jewish bloodlines, married an Englishman and then, through her portrait, adopted the identity of an English lady.’
      • ‘Well, I believe it's time that you learn of your bloodline, a line of heroes.’
      • ‘Today's royal bloodlines trace back to them.’
      • ‘Why didn't you tell me we are from a royal bloodline?’
      • ‘Now at the age of twenty he was expected to marry and carry on the royal bloodline, earning the title of King.’
      • ‘She wondered what it was like to grow up an only child to a royal bloodline.’
      • ‘The people would fear betraying the royal bloodline even if they agreed with the cause.’
      • ‘That place held an important place in his heart because it was where the bloodline of his family had originated.’
      • ‘These folk of ancient royal bloodline who have never had to do much of anything for themselves haven't a fighting chance amidst the political maneuvering that swirls around them.’
      • ‘Nietzsche looked to the Greeks as a model along these lines; a churning of the bloodlines creating the Superman.’
      • ‘The bloodline I come from is a line from which many great warriors have come from.’
      • ‘Now, emperor is a royal title, bringing to mind divine bloodlines, elaborate coronations and incest.’
      • ‘History and bloodlines, what did any of it have to do with her?’
      • ‘His sporting pedigree is confirmed by a bloodline that has produced other fine sportsmen.’
      • ‘Being the only child in the family, his parents were counting on him to continue the family bloodline and surname.’
      • ‘If they are part of a dynastic bloodline then why is the Princess opposed to them?’

      ancestry, lineage, line, bloodline, descent, parentage, family, house, dynasty, birth, extraction, derivation, origin, genealogy, heritage, breeding, stock, strain, race, pedigree, roots, kinship, consanguinity




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[ bluhd-lahyn ]

/ ˈblʌdˌlaɪn /


(usually of animals) the line of descent; pedigree; strain.



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Origin of bloodline

First recorded in 1905–10; blood + line1

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Bloodless Revolution, bloodletting, blood level, blood libel, blood lily, bloodline, blood meal, bloodmobile, blood money, bloodnoun, blood orange Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021

Words related to bloodline

lineage, parentage, pedigree, genealogy, origin, descent, family, strain, extraction, blood, birth, heritage, stock

How to use bloodline in a sentence

  • “Think of it as the bloodline that will be supplying the most vital vaccines globally,” said Claire Zaboeva, an IBM analyst involved in the detection.

    COVID-19 vaccine distribution effort targeted by hackers|Verne Kopytoff|December 4, 2020|Fortune

  • In a tiny, remote Chinese village, an ancient Roman bloodline may live on.

    The Chinese Town Descended From Romans?|Nina Strochlic|December 4, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Willie is a true American icon, and it runs deep in the bloodline.

    Lululemon Targets Men; Willie Nelson Fronts John Varvatos Campaign|The Fashion Beast Team|July 9, 2013|DAILY BEAST

  • But one thing runs through their blue bloodline – they keep hanging on, until death parts them from the throne.

    A Brief History of Long Lived English Monarchs|Tom Sykes|January 30, 2013|DAILY BEAST

  • Among their ancestors, they believed in wedding brother to sister to preserve the bloodline.

    Game of Thrones for Dummies|Jace Lacob|April 13, 2011|DAILY BEAST

  • Her concern was more that the theatrical bloodline was one she could never escape to carve out her own niche.

    Writers and Actors Recall Her Life|Isabel Wilkinson|March 19, 2009|DAILY BEAST

  • Macedonia was a vital (also corrupt and lucrative) bloodline, connecting Greece to Serbia (through the Vardar river).

    After the Rain|Sam Vaknin

British Dictionary definitions for bloodline



all the members of a family group over generations, esp regarding characteristics common to that group; pedigree

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Medical definitions for bloodline


The direct line of descent; a pedigree.

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