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Honeywell Power offers a complete line of Fire Alarm and Security communication products that offer reliable central station connectivity to most control panels. Our IP communicators can be used to meet the requirements of most installations while offering an immediate monthly cost savings and fast return on investment.






HW-TG7L LTE Fire Communicator

Enabled by cooperation between Telguard® and Honeywell®, the HW-TG7L Fire Series starts with Telguard’s model TG-7FS and adds the powerful capabilities of Honeywell’s Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) Cloud.

Features & Benefits:
  • Dialer Capture Communicator Features
  • Certified for use on AT&T LTE and Verizon LTE networks
  • Sole, primary, or backup path communications
  • 5- or 60-minute supervision modes (180 seconds available in Canada)
  • Supports most common alarm formats: Contact ID, SIA2, pulse (3x1, 4x2), modem lle, IIIa, and DMP
  • Transmits fire alarm signals through the Telguard Communication Center
  • Locking, red metal enclosure
  • For existing installations, a single communicator can replace all landlines dedicated to the master control unit
  • Software Features Included (Mobile App & Browser) (NOTE: CLSS features only available when using Contact ID reporting)
  • CLSS Site Manager – Dealer view of all accounts and real-time information on event generation
  • CLSS Facility Manager – End User view of asset information across multiple sites and event alerts mobile app.
  • UL Listed: 864, 365, 1610, 985, 1023
  • ULC Listed (AT&T only*): S545, S304, S559, C0123
  • *In Canada, cellular data may be carried by Rogers, Bell, Telus, or SaskTel
  • Fire Department Certificate of Approval #6316
  • CSFM listed
  • Los Angeles Fire Department Approved
  • Compliant with 2019 and earlier editions of NFPA 72
  • Available for use in U.S. and Canada
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Honeywell Power HWF2V-COM LTE/IP fire Communicator (Verizon LTE & IP)

Honeywell's HWF2-COM Series LTE / IP fire communicators are single or dual path commercial fire alarm communicators that offer contact ID reporting with any fire alarm control panel (FACP) with a built in dialer. These easy to install communicators offer three selectable reporting paths which include LTE Cellular only, IP only, or IP primary/LTE cellular backup. The HWF2-COM Series LTE / IP fire communicators are single or dual path commercial fire alarm communicators that offer Contact ID reporting with any FACP (fire alarm control panel) with a built-in dialer Models include: HWF2V-COM (Verizon LTE & IP) HWF2A-COM (AT&T LTE & IP) Both models connect directly to the primary or secondary communication ports of a fire panel's digital alarm communicator transmitter (DACT). Three selectable reporting paths include: LTE cellular only, IP only, or IP primary with LTE cellular backup. All signals from the HWF2-COM Series are delivered to the AlarmNet network control center which routes highly encrypted, cybersecured Ethernet data packets via a customer-provided Internet connection or LTE cellular network to the appropriate central station. The AlarmNet network control center is fully redundant and monitored 24/7 Installation and programming are easy through the AlarmNet 360 website, using the handheld 7720P Programming tool, or using the control panel's programming mode (for panels that support this option) FEATURES & BENEFITS: LTE and IP connection tested every day Three selectable reporting paths: LTE cellular only, IP only, or IP Primary with LTE cellular backup Requires no change to the existing FACP configuration Connects directly to the primary and secondary telephone ports of a DACT Plan choices range from 5 minute, 60 minute, 6 hour, and 24 hour supervision intervals Operates over the following communication protocols: LTE, HSPA+(4G) HSPA (3G) Works over any type of customer provided Ethernet 10/100 based network connection (L

Overview of the StarLink LTE Dual-Path Fire Communicator

Honeywell Vista LTE-CFV Commercial Fire Internet and LTE Communicator


The Honeywell Vista LTE-CFV Commercial Fire Internet and LTE Communicator offers full contact ID contact ID reporting using ECP mode with compatible Honeywell Home control panels and 256-bit AES Encryption Advanced encryption standard used for secure communications.  Upload/Download Available with select Honeywell Home control panels. Requires Compass version or higher. The Honeywell Vista-CFV uses the Verizon LTE network.

DESCRIPTION:  Commercial Fire Internet and LTE Communicator
DIMENSIONS:  15.0″H X 12,75″W x 3.0″ D
ELECTRICAL:  12VDC supplied by the control panel 90mA Standby, 105Ma active                                                                                           RF: 

Frequency                   Peak Gain (dBi)         Radiation
698 to 960 MHz             0.84 to 1.09                    Omni-directional
1710 to 2170 MHz           1.81 to 1.87                     Omni-directional
ENVIRONMENTAL:   Operating Temperature:      0°C to 49°C     Storage Temperature:          -40° to 158° F -40° C to 70° C
AGENCY LISTINGS:  UL 864 10th Edition, CSFM

LTE and Internet Multi Path Communications Data Sheet

*Special Order Item


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Honeywell Fire: IPGSM-4G Fire Communicator

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