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Configure a Plantronics headset

Genesys Cloud WebRTC supports the built-in call controls on Plantronics headsets that use the Plantronics Hub software. This feature enables you to use the controls on the headset to perform basic call operations.*

  • Answer call
  • Hang up a call
  • Put a call on hold
  • Remove a call from hold.
  • Mute a call
  • Unmute a call

*Available call controls depend upon the capabilities of your particular Plantronics headset model. For example, not all headsets have a hold button.

Call controls are only supported in the Genesys Cloud web browser client and the desktop app, they are not supported in the embedded clients. To use the built-in call controls on a Plantronics headset, you must have a WebRTC phone assigned to you. (See Assign a default phone.) Use Plantronics headsets in the Genesys Cloud desktop app or when running Genesys Cloud from a supported web browser.

Note: You must have the Plantronics Hub software installed on your computer. For more information, see Plantronics Support (

Set up the headset

After you install the Plantronics Hub software on your computer, you can set up the headset.

  1. From the sidebar, click the Calls icon. The Calls panel opens.
  2. From the Calls panel, click the Settings icon to open the Phone Settings panel. In the Audio Controls – Profile Name box, a Use Computer settings message appears.
  3. Connect your headset to a USB port on your computer using the appropriate connector (USB cable or USB transceiver).
  4. When Genesys Cloud prompts you to create a device profile, click Yes
  5. Verify that your headset appears as the default selection in the microphone and speaker boxes.
  6. In the Audio Controls  – Profile Name box, enter a name.
  7. Click Save. Below the Audio Controls – Profile Name box, a Headset Software – Running message appears.

You can now use the call controls built into your Plantronics headset. In the future, Genesys Cloud automatically loads your headset profile as long as your headset is connected to your computer’s USB port.

Reconnect headset

If after you create a device profile, you disconnect your headset, Genesys Cloud prompts you to use the existing profile the next time you connect the headset to your computer’s USB port.

Edit the device profile

To edit your device profile, next to the Profile Name box click the Edit Profile icon.

Note: Genesys provides limited technical support for headsets. Customer Care can investigate and review logs to verify that Genesys Cloud communicates with a headset. Mechanical issues with the headset and problems with vendor software firmware are the headset vendor's responsibility. Genesys does not test every possible headset model for supported headsets and cannot guarantee compatibility.


At the Desk Solutions

From Acoustic Fence in our desk phones, to active and passive noise cancelling in our headsets, distracting noise is blocked out so you can focus on work or the conversation. Superb stereo sound provides music listening options to give you another way to tune out the noise and tune in to what matters.

Ensure surrounding conversations and noises aren’t heard on the other end of the call. Our noise cancelling microphones block out the noise and optimize the voice, so virtually all one hears is your voice – loud and clear.

Ergonomically designed, tested for extreme usability, and crafted for comfort. Poly solutions are designed for the user—their work style and wearing style. Whether wearing over the head, in the ear, or around the ear, each solution is researched and crafted for ultimate use.

Corded or wireless? Mono or stereo? Desk phone, PC, and/or mobile connection? Handset or no? One size doesn’t fit all. So our range of desk phones gives IT options to address different needs. And our wide variety of headsets give users the perfect device choice for their work style – which helps increase adoption.

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Your Best Choice For Wireless Headsets and Corded Headsets

Poly / Plantronics Headset Sale

• Headset / IT specialists since 1996
• Shipping From Multiple Manufacturer Fulfillment Centers for Greater Inventory
• Authorized Dealers (Unlike 3rd party sellers on Amazon, eBay, etc.)
• Guaranteed genuine product with full warranty and support
• Real people to simplify solutions, verify compatibility and meet delivery deadlines
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Wireless Headsets for Your Office Desk Phone:

Wireless Headsets for Your Softphone/VoIP Computer:

New Workspace Solutions for Office/Home

Corded Headsets for Your Softphone/VoIP Computer:

Corded Headsets for Your Office Desk Phone:

Wireless headsets are slightly more expensive but the benefit is the freedom to roam your office and accomplishing other tasks while continuing your calls. Most importantly when purchasing headsets for use in your office, wearing style and functionality are key. As for wearing style, you will want to decide between over-the-ear (tends to be lighter weight and lower profile) and over-the-head (tends to be more durable, longer battery life and best audio quality). As for functionality, will you only use it with your desk phone, or would you prefer a unit that connects to multiple devices, such as your desk phone, PC and mobile phone. Another key consideration with wireless headsets is the ability to add a cable or lifter which provides you remote call alerts, remote answer/hangup capabilities, and simplifying how you take calls.

As more companies move to VoIP and softphones, new models of headsets quickly followed. The most common configuration for softphone headsets are units that include a USB dongle for computer use, while also connecting to your mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth connection. Above all, this simplifies your communications needs by only needing one headset. Wearing styles will include small, lightweight models that quickly fit over your ear, giving you a headset that easily stows away for travel. Other common options will include single or dual ear headbands and neckbands. Headband models will house larger batteries which provide greater talk time and with larger ear cushions, provide the best audio quality while also blocking out background noise around you. In comparison, neckband options are lighter in weight and allow users to pop one or two ear pieces in as needed to improve the ability to hear your callers better in loud environments.

Corded headsets have become a necessity for any business professional that spends time on the phone. You become much more productive having both hands free to write or type. When deciding on a particular model, your personal preference in wearing style and the amount of background noise you encounter will be the most important factors to consider. The louder your environment the more important a dual ear headset becomes to block out background noise, allowing you to hear your call and stay focused. For average to quiet environments, you can select from small, lightweight over-the-ear models to headband models providing better stability, sound quality, and comfort with added cushioning. In addition, convertible headsets are also popular giving you multiple wearing options to evaluate as you find the perfect all-day fit.

Computer headsets have many wearing options, connection types, and comfort ranges. You will find pricing typically groups headsets into good, better and best categories. Good headsets are less expensive, only connect via USB, use foam cushions with limited padding. Better headsets will connect to USB & 3.5mm devices, use leatherette cushions, and provide padding to improve comfort. Best headsets will greatly improve comfort, audio quality, and durability while adding benefits like digital sound and training capabilities. You will find wearing options ranging from over-the-ear, over-the-head covering one ear or two, and behind-the-neck. Many dual ear headsets will also include hi-fi audio with multiple channels therefore greatly improving your music and video listening experience.

Plantronics has been a communications equipment leader for nearly 60 years.  Known for developing groundbreaking headsets for the aviation and space industry in America since the 1960s, Plantronics continues to design and manufacture high quality and innovative headsets for any type of application your business needs.

These days, working “at the office” can mean working just about anywhere.  More and more people are working from home, or remotely.  This makes clear and reliable communication even more important.  Plantronics headsets offer exactly that, clear, reliable communication with Bluetooth headsets and headphones, such as the Voyager 4200 series and the Voyager Legend.

Plantronics DECT Wireless headsets offer noise cancelling benefits while keeping calls private, secure, and easy with the Savi Office Series.  USB Headsets are lightweight, comfortable, and can connect to a variety of devices.

The Blackwire series is comfortable for all day use, and the clear and crisp audio helps operators focus on productivity.

Plantronics Encorepro line of call center headsets enable customer service representatives to hear and be heard clearly, comfortably, and effortlessly from the office or from home.

Headsets Direct has been an Authorized Dealer for Plantronics products since 1996.  Headsets Direct has a 30 Day Return Policy on core Plantronics equipment if you aren’t completely satisfied. We also offer discounted government pricing for Plantronics products.  As authorized dealers of Plantronics headsets, we would enjoy educating you about the quality and comfort of Plantronics!

Headsets Direct Is Authorized/Certified To Provide the Following Brands:

Headsets are not easy, but were here to help. You must sort through numerous manufacturers, hundreds of choices, and completely understand compatibility before you get down to your personal preferences of corded or cordless, over ear or headband, and what your budget will allow. When businesses or government agencies need corded or wireless headsets for improved productivity, unique applications, or specific delivery dates, they immediately turn to Headsets Direct. Founded in 1996, Headsets Direct became an industry leader providing business-grade headset solutions with discounted prices and superior customer service. We offer cordless, corded, Bluetooth, and VoIP/PC headsets, with most models in stock and same-day shipping.

Why are most other companies already using Headsets Direct? Our staff spends countless hours taking online training courses, have hands-on experience, and does continual product testing and training, making us one of a select few ‘Certified Headset Expert' companies. Our goal is to find you the best possible solution, the first time, by knowing exactly which questions to ask to find you a compatible solution without the need for additional shipments and delays. Companies have many reasons for implementing headsets, from productivity boosts and user satisfaction to reducing neck and shoulder pain. Working with Headsets Direct, we can help narrow the options and simplify the process, ensuring your headset goals are met, and the value of your investment is maximized.

The above items represent a small example of how we help customers when unique situations arise. Whether based around a must-have delivery date, unique application, budget requirements, or simply no one else knows how to create what’s needed, we provide solutions allowing you to get back to your daily tasks and job responsibilities.

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