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3 Tips On How To Increase FPS in Valorant

Valorant FPS Drop

The fluidity of the gameplay is one of the aspects that we have to take care of while playing Valorant. So, how do we minimize the risk of lags in Valorant? Here is a quick guide on how to increase FPS in Valorant.

Is there a worse feeling than when your FPS significantly drops during a clutch, and you randomly die? Probably not. The FPS drop issues in Valorant have been with us since the Closed Beta, and while they are fewer nowadays, they still occur. Well, let's solve this today! Here is how to increase FPS in Valorant.

FPS in Valorant

FPS stands for frames-per-second. In short, the higher their value, the smoother our gameplay. So, what's the optimal FPS value for Valorant? Well, you ideally want to aim for 120FPS, although we realize it also depends on your hardware. If you are, for example, using an older screen or graphics card, a value of ~60FPS may also be fine, but when it comes to climbing to Radiant, it would be worthwhile to aim for higher FPS values.

How To Increase FPS in Valorant: Disable Any FPS Limits

This advice will be precious for laptop players. Do you ever wonder why your gameplay suddenly lags after unplugging your laptop? It might be due to the FPS limits, which you can turn off in the Valorant settings. Here is how to do it step by step:

  1. Click on the gear wheel in the upper-right corner of the Valorant’s main menu
  2. Go to Video
  3. Select General
  4. Disable any FPS Limits

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Even if you think your game is running fairly smooth, check to see if you have an FPS limit set; this could be an absolute game-changer.

How To Increase FPS in Valorant: Play Without In-Game Overlays (Overwolf/Discord/AMD/Nvidia)

Another “FPS taker” is overlays of various kinds, especially Overwolf ones. One unimportant notification can take away dozens of FPS and spoil the round. Sometimes, it's just not worth using these overlays — they give us too little and can take away much more.

As far as the Discord Game Overlay is concerned, it is a good idea to have an overview of who is talking when you are playing with a new team. So, what should you do in this situation? Set yourself to “Busy” while playing, which will block all incoming notifications that could cause FPS drops. Apart from that, you can also disable Text Chat Notifications in the Game Overlaysettings.

Valorant Discord FPS Drop

How To Increase FPS in Valorant: Set Your Graphics Quality Settings To Low

Even if you are streaming, low graphics settings will often suffice. Just look at the settings of players like ShaZam (Sentinels); despite using the top hardware, he plays on low graphics quality settings. Why? Because if you want to win, it's not how pretty the game is; it's how smooth it is. Here are our suggested graphics settings for Valorant:

Best Graphic Settings Valorant

We'd like to note why “Improve Clarity” is set to “Off” — this particular setting has been known to take away FPS since Closed Beta (it was known as First Person Enhanced Visuals back then), and it's tough to notice any difference in gameplay. Don't hesitate to turn it off and pick up your extra FPS.

And what are your ways to increase FPS in Valorant and other games? Feel free to join our Discord and have a chat with us on it! Also, don't forget to register toMyEarlyGamefor some exclusive content and giveaways.


You’ve probably heard it before; teamwork is the only way you’ll succeed in Valorant. Sure, accuracy and winning games get you the points, but teamwork sets the stage for you to shine during matches.

How to Change the Ping Button in Valorant

Like any good relationship, no matter how brief, it’s all about communication.

Fortunately, Riot gives players a variety of options on the communication front, and pinging is at the top of everybody’s list. Check out this article to find out more about pinging, how to change the ping button, and other tips to stay in control during a match.

Change Your Ping Button via Valorant Control Settings

Using the ping system in Valorant is a vital part of your communication arsenal when you’re in a tough spot and need to grab your teammates’ attention. While you can use your headset or type out a message, doing so may break your concentration when you need it most.

The ‘’Z’’ key is your default ping button, but you can customize your ping settings by following the steps below:

  1. Access the Settings menu, either by using the gear icon on the main screen or pressing the ‘’ESC’’ key in-game.
  2. Go to the “Controls” tab.
  3. Select the “Communication” section of the “Controls” menu.
  4. Look for the heading, “Ping (Tap)/Ping Wheel (Hold).”
  5. You can customize the ping hotkey by changing the first column and customize the Ping Wheel by changing the key in the second column.

The Ping Wheel

Pinging objects, enemies, or interesting scenery is one way to draw your teammates’ attention to different things in a match, but you can do so much more than place a marker that says, “Look at this!”

Using the Ping Wheel, you can convey different Strategic, Social, and of course Combat pings for any given situation. This is especially valuable if you’re a serial ping-er and tend to use the system to convey a multitude of thoughts and ideas.

Examples of notification pings include:

  • Caution
  • Watching Here
  • Need Support
  • On My Mark
  • On My Way
  • I’ll Take Point
  • Rush Them
  • Fall Back

You can enable/disable the different Ping Wheel notifications in the Controls menu.

As you might imagine, using the Ping Wheel does take a few extra seconds to bring up on-screen. When you’re in hot water and don’t have time to fiddle with a dialog wheel, you can always customize your hotkeys to work on a “per-ping” basis. Set one to mean specific messages, like “Caution!” or “Need Support.”

Pinging the Mini Map

The ping system works great when you want to bring attention to an object right in front of you. It’s not so ideal, though, if you want to ping things in multiple locations – unless you use the mini-map.

To ping the map, follow these steps below:

  1. Bring up the map by pressing the “M” key (default) or whichever key you chose to bind the map key.
  2. Left-click on the different areas you’d like to ping.
  3. You can even ping simple callouts like “Caution” and “Need Support” by holding down the mouse button to open the Ping Wheel.
  4. Press the “Exit Settings Menu” button to enact changes and return to the game.

Pinging the map is a faster way to communicate with teammates, especially for those of you who don’t or can’t use a headset.

Frequently Asked Questions

As mentioned previously, the Ping option is incredibly important in Valorant. We’ve included this section to answer more of your questions.

Can I Change Other Keybindings Besides Ping?

You can change a variety of keybindings in Valorant by going to the Settings menu and selecting the Control tab. From there, you can choose from a variety of sub-headings that control everything from movement to interface.

Here are some examples of the keybindings that you can alter:


• Front

• Back

• Left

• Right

• Strafe Left

• Strafe Right

• Jump

• Crouch


• Fire (regular, alternate)

• Operator Zoom

• Aim Down Sights

• Sniper Rifle Aim

• Equip Weapon (primary, secondary, melee)

• Drop Weapon

• Cycle Weapon

• Use/Equip Ability (1-3, Ultimate)


• Push to Talk (party voice, team voice)

• Radio Commands

• Ping/Ping Wheel


• Combat Report

• Show Team Loadouts

• Open Armory

• Open Map

• Show Scoreboard

Keybinding Pro Tips for Valorant

There’s no one “right way” to customize your keybindings. Configurations that work for one player may not work for another. If you’re looking for a different configuration than you currently have, though, you’ve come to the right place. Check out what the pros have to say about their own keyboard configurations and try out a few.

1. Toggle vs. Hold Options

Many pro Valorant players prefer to use “hold” options whenever possible. They claim that holding down a specific button, like the ‘’Left Shift’’ key, instead of pressing it once to turn it on or off gives them more control in-game and limits reaction time.

2. Bunny Hopping or Jumping

Another popular keybinding choice amongst pro players is to bind the “jump” movement to “mouse wheel down.” The action of flicking the wheel in a downwards motion can help eliminate accidental jumps while shooting with a mouse button.

3. No Weapon Cycling

This may be a point of contention, so you’ll have to try it out for yourself. Some players say that cycling through every weapon can slow you down at critical times in the game. Instead, they prefer to bind weapons to numerical keys so that they always have the weapon they need when they need it.

4. Keybinding Zones

If you’re thinking of customizing your keybinding, try to keep your movement keys and attack/abilities separated into different zones or on another device completely. For example, you can keep your standard WASD on the keyboard for movements.

However, you may want to think about binding your abilities and attack/shoot buttons relegated to your mouse.

If you have a gamer mouse, it’s a little easier to assign multiple attack buttons on the same device, but if you have a standard mouse, you may have to settle for keeping your buttons assigned to different sides of the keyboard.

Ideally, zoning your buttons can help your reaction time to in-game events because one hand is taking care of movement and the other is responsible for attacks.

Another school of thought regarding keybinding zones is to keep the actions you use the most within reach of the four fingers on your left hand, sans thumb. Save your thumb for little-used keys or actions bound to the space bar. Theoretically, keeping these action buttons close reduces travel time and possible mistakes when you’re in intense situations in-game.

5. Pinging the Mini Map

As mentioned before, pinging your mini-map is a great way to mark multiple locations at the same time. With a simple keystroke, you can bring up your mini-map and mark enemies without leaving cover or backtracking to a location to leave a ping. You can also plan advances ahead of time by pinging areas you haven’t reached yet.

Regardless of your pinging method, just remember that communication is key in a game like Valorant and can help boost your win rate exponentially.

6. Keep It Simple

It’s tempting to try out the same keybindings that your favorite pro players use, hoping it gives you that special edge in a match. Before you go changing all your keys, though, just remember that they customize their keyboard to make things simpler for themselves.

Most of the time, pro players use the same keys that they used in other competitive games like CS:GO. This way, they already have the muscle memory for certain actions and don’t waste valuable time retraining themselves for common actions.

If the default settings are the same for games you already play, you may want to leave them alone. Your mind and hands are already trained to reach for those keys anyway, so it’s better to keep it simple.

7. Always Default Movement to Run

Lastly, you may wonder whether you should keep your default movement on “walk” or “run.” The answer to this question is a simple one and the only thing you have to do is think back to your last match. Did you find yourself running or walking from cover to cover? The answer was probably “running,” right?

It makes sense, then, to make sure that every time you press a movement key, you’re always in “run” mode. This is a fast-paced game where you’re always running from point to point, so it doesn’t make sense to keep your default on “walk” and then toggle a “run” key throughout the game. It just takes up an extra finger and keybinding that you could use for something else.

Ping Your Way to Victory

Pinging is an integral way to keep open communication going in a match without wasting valuable time typing a reply. It also makes it easier for teammates who don’t have a mic or prefer to remain silent throughout a match to contribute to the team.

Just remember to keep your pings short and clear and resist the temptation to spam your ping button for silly things. Your teammates depend on concise directives to win a match. If you ping too many false alarms, they may just ignore you when you need them the most.

How important is the ping system to you during a match? Do you prefer pinging or using other communication systems in the game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Valorant Cheat Guide – Infinite Abilities, Ammo, God Mode, No Spawn & More

Valorant uses is protected by Riot’s Vanguard anti-cheat system that is capable of detecting players who want to cheat. But this does not mean you cannot cheat in the game, Valorant has a specific Custom Game section where you can run cheat codes. It is restricted and allows you limited functionality. In this guide, you will learn how to cheat in Valorant, what are the available cheat codes and will get banned for doing this. Do not forget to read about the head-shot exploit in the end of this guide.

How to Use Cheats in Valorant (Custom Game)

Valorant has enabled Cheat Codes only for Custom Games. This means you can start a custom map and play with your friends using cheats. It is really fun and worth trying out. Some cheats will reduce damage to 0, you can use unlimited abilities, and ammo. So why not give it a try. Cheat codes are only allowed in the Custom Game, under both Open and Closed settings.

If you set the game settings as Open the other online players are allowed to join you, while the Closed Game will be restricted to invitations only.

How to Enable Cheats?

  1. Click on Play and then click on Custom Games.
  2. Click on Close and select the Map.
  3. You can choose between two modes Standard and Spike Rush.
  4. Next is the Cheats tab, click on it and turn it on.

That’s it cheats are not on in Valorant. Players are allowed to use different cheats which will be enabled through a separate menu. Compared to other games, Valorant does not has a cheat console where you can type cheat codes. It has an entirely separate menu for cheats to turn off and on necessary settings.

All Cheat Codes in Valorant

Valorant Cheat Settings

After setting up a custom map and turning on cheats using the above settings click on Start. Then press the Esc key to view a menu. Look at the right corner for the Cheats tab. Click on it and you can view all the available cheat codes in Valorant also listed below.

  1. Ghost
  2. Pause Match Timer
  3. End Game Phase
  4. Infinite Abilities
  5. Unlimited Ammo
  6. Infinite Magazine
  7. Infinite Creds
  8. Ignore Shopping Restrictions
  9. Invulnerability
  10. Auto-Respawn
  11. Swap Team

You can use the cheats codes in Valorant just by turning them on and off. For example next to Infinite Ammo just click on On and you won’t need to worry about bullets. The same goes for Abilities, Creds, etc. You can also end the game by clicking on the End Game Phase. If there are 12vs12 match then you will have to end each match manually. This leads to many clicks, just keep pressing the End Game Phase to exit the match completely.

You can instantly switch team by click on the Swap team, turning to an Attacker from Defender or reverse. Cheats are not allowed in online gameplay. That’s how you can turn on cheats in Valorant. Some weapons in Valorant have extra benefits, you have to refer our Valorant Headshot Exploit guide to know more.

valorant new theme song 1 hour extended !

The Valorant community finds a way to change the customer’s home screen

The Valorant community recently devised a process to change their customers’ home screens. However, there has been no official confirmation from Riot Games.

Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 was released a few days ago with a massive change to the game. Players got a new default home screen, showing Yoru, Phoenix, Viper, Cypher, Jett, standing in front of a giant teleporter.

However, lately, gamers still seem to experiment with their home screen by changing the background.

Data miner Valorant with Twitter username floxay recently posted a video clip of his client Valorant’s home screen. It wasn’t the default home screen, but a small portion of the “Year One Anthem” video.

This sparked an influx of questions about the process and legality. The Valorant community came up with a technique to change the background of the Valorant client home screen. However, it seems that some are concerned about the risk of a ban.

The Valorant community discovers a way to change the customer’s home screen

Many Valorant players seem to have changed the background of the Valorant home screen. However, some wonder how to do it.

Recently, a YouTuber by the channel name ArashiNoOuji posted a video explaining the steps to change the Valorant client home screen. You have mentioned the following steps on how to do it:

Steps to find the default location of the client home screen file:

  1. Click Windows to bring up the Start menu.
  2. Type in and search for “Valorant”.
  3. Right click on the Valorant icon, then click on the “open file location”.
  4. The Valorant directory will appear. Right click on the Valorant icon again and then click “Open file location”.
  5. The Riot Client folder will appear. Then go back to Riot Games.
  6. Open the Valorant folder.
  7. Then open the “live” folder> ShooterGame> Content> Movies.
  8. A “Menu” folder will appear. Open it.
  9. The default client home screen file will be located here.

Steps to change the background of the client home screen:

  1. Create a .txt file
  2. Use the following code:

start “” “C: ProgramData Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs Riot Games VALORANT”


xcopy “C: Users Storm-Pc Desktop texts HomeScreen.mp4” “I: Riot Games VALORANT live ShooterGame Content Movies Menu” / K / H / Y

  1. Place the file location of the new splash screen video file (.mp3 format preferred), after xcopy.
  2. Copy the default client home screen file location and place it, according to the code mentioned above.
  3. Save the file with the extension “All Files” and close it.
  4. Double click on the Valorant icon.
  5. Log into your Valorant account.

The new home screen will now appear in the Valorant game client.

Is it safe to change the home screen of the Valorant client?

Since there is no official statement from Riot Games on this, nothing is confirmed. There are strict policies from Riot Games against the use of any third-party applications that may result in a ban. However, this method does not involve any third party software.

So far, there is no news that a user has received a ban, but that does not guarantee that it is safe. It’s still risky to do so, as there is no official in-game way to change the client’s home screen. One can choose to change their home screen at their own risk.

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Valorant: What Is The Night Market?

By Avery Lawrence Feyrer


If you're wondering what the Night Market is all about in Valorant, we have a quick and easy run down for you right here.

If there’s one category that Riot excels in, it's cosmetics. The developer has a plethora of skin options in its highly popular MOBA League of Legends and that trend continues in its tactical shooter Valorant as well.

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Unlike League of Legends, Valorant only offers weapon skins. The Store typically features a unified special collection that lasts multiple days and four other randomized skins. These four skins rotate every handful of hours. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that Riot will offer cosmetic skins for the actual agents anytime soon, so fans will have to settle for outfitting their weapons. The main Valorant store changes every few days, but one special feature might get overlooked — the Night Market.

What's On Offer

Similar to the Your Shop in League of Legends, the Night Market offers six random skins at a discounted rate. Each of the offerings is unique for every player, so not every Night Market will be the same. The Night Market offers every type of skin from Vandals to knives, but certain skins labeled as a limited edition won’t be featured.

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After logging into the game, players can check in the upper right-hand corner for a flashing card. This symbol indicates that the Night Market is currently active. Once you click on the card, you can reveal which weapon skins are discounted for purchase. In the past, the Night Market period has lasted anywhere from two to four weeks.


There are two forms of currency in Valorant: Valorant Points and Radianite Points. Valorant Points are the main source of currency used to purchase skins, the seasonal Battle Pass, and Radianite Points. The latter are used to unlock new tiers within a weapon skin. While some skins are one-and-done, others have upgradable alternate versions of the skin.

Aside from purchasing Radianite Points from Valorant Points or other conventional methods, players can also obtain more Radianite Points from the Battle Pass. However, Valorant Points are only accessible through the Store with standard purchasing methods. In most cases, the 1,000 Valorant Points for $9.99 is the best deal but some weapon skins do cost more than the 1,000 points that you would purchase. But the higher-priced package rewards you with a bigger Valorant Points bonus added on.

Next Night Market

Currently, there isn’t a plan for Riot to announce a Night Market for July, though there’s always hope for a surprise update. Looking at the previous Night Markets, it appears Riot unveils a Night Market every other month, and because the last one occurred from June 2 to June 15 odds are we won’t see the next Night Market until August.

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Magic The Gathering: What Is Goad?

Set your opponents on each other with Magic the Gathering's Goad mechanic.

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VALORANT Episode 2 Act I Main Theme (New Full Official Mix)

Rumor: Weapon price changes coming to VALORANT

Recent leaks have speculated that an overhaul to the buy menu is inevitably approaching. These price changes could stand to change the meta of eco rounds, as ‘lower cost’ weapons are the most effected in this supposed update. Notably, the price shift will not impact either the Phantom or Vandal, which will remain at their current prices.

Future Weapon Price Changes | #VALORANT
~ Frenzy : 500 >>> 450
~ Stinger : 1100 >>> 950
~ Bucky: 900 >>> 850
~ Judge: 1600 >>> 1850
~ Bulldog: 2100 >>> 2050
~ Guardian: 2400 >>> 2250
~ Marshall: 1000 >>> 950
~ Operator: 5000 >>> 4700
~ Ares: 1600 >>> 1550

— Mike – Valorant Leaks & Info (@ValorLeaks) June 7, 2021

Most weapons will see a decrease in price. The Frenzy, Stinger, Bucky, Bulldog, Guardian, Marshall, Operator, and Ares will all receive a cut in price. Perhaps most notably, the Operator will go from 500 to 4700 total credits, making it ever slightly more obtainable on a regular basis.

The only weapon set to receive a hike in it’s price is the Judge. The shotgun will go from 1600 credits to a steep 1850 credits. This is likely a response to to the community criticism that weapon has received in recent months.

Many have already expressed their concerns and discontent with the proposed change. The price drop of the Frenzy could stand to only increase it’s already steady presence in pistol rounds. The Ares and Bucky are also strong options for eco or partial buy rounds that could give teams a greater edge.

When exactly this price change could occur is a mystery right now, the potential window spanning from next patch to Episode 3.

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You can also help improve our website by submitting direct feedback!

Image Credit: Riot Games

Now discussing:

VALORANT has been out for over a year now and in that time, the game’s user interface has remained mostly unchanged, inspiring creative players to come up with new ideas for the game.

In a recent post to Reddit, one VALORANT player shared their newly designed Agent menu screen boasting a League of Legends style selection tab and video ability previews.

One of the reworked additions receiving praise from the community is the block-style agent roster. Right now, players are forced to scroll through a horizontal bar to see each agent. The feature hasn’t been without some criticism though. Many quickly began to question how it would work once the game introduced more agents. To this criticism, the designer Reddit user Mun192 shared that implementing a scroll function similar to what League uses would be all that is needed to fit as many agents as necessary.

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The other handy feature that could benefit new players greatly is the idea of video previews for each ability that provides a look at how to best use them in-game. Right now, there are only written descriptions available for each of the agent’s abilities, but a video feed would provide further clarity.

While it isn’t a functional mockup as we’ve seen with similar UI functions previously, this design could inspire some inspiration from game devs for any future updates that could be implemented into the game.

As it stands there has been nothing announced regarding an overhaul of this menu within the game, however, with the community support, it could be a handy way to optimize things for players.

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