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Whether you’re looking for baking sayings to go along with your beautiful Insta snaps or you want some cute baking quotes to put up in a bakery or at a bake sale, this is the ultimate list of quotes about baking for you!

We’ve got everything from inspirational baking quotes, famous baking quotes, joy of baking quotes, and even baking puns because who doesn’t love a good baking pundt cake? (sorry, we’ll see ourselves out).

Baking is such a cathartic experience for many people, and especially first time bakers will want to show off their creations whether you’re baking cake, cookies, brownies, bread, or some other fancy pants dessert like eclairs.

Use the baking Instagram captions to pair with your creative photos to make all of your followers drool, or simply use these baking quotes to write in a card to your favorite baker or to remind yourself why you love to bake.



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Baking Quotes

1. The secret ingredient in baking is always love.

2. Baking is my therapy.

3. Baking is cheaper than therapy.

4. Bake the world a better place.


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5. Sometimes, you just need to bake.

6. Nothing says home like the smell of baking.


7. Baking is love made edible.

8. Bake someone happy.


9. A bad day spent baking is better than a good day doing anything else.

10. Finding joy in all of the baking days.

11. Live. Love. Baking.

12. O.B.D. Obsessive Baking Disorder.

13. Pretending I’m on Bake Off.


14. Life’s better when you’re baking.

15. A baker’s wand is her whisk.


16. They see me rolling, they see me baking.

17. Wake up and bake.

18. Wake up. Bake. Rinse. Repeat.


19. A day of baking is calling, and I must go.

20. A bad day spent baking is better than a good day doing anything else.

21. I don’t care what the problem is. Baking is the solution.


22. Baking is the answer to all life’s problems.

23. When I’m happy, I bake. When I’m sad, I bake.

Baking Captions for Instagram

24. I bake, therefore I am.

25. Life is what you bake of it.


26. Always bake with passion.

27. You bake me happy.

28. Bake it till you make it.

29. Keep calm and bake on.


30. From our oven to your door.

31. Life is what you bake it.

32. I’ll bake it right.

33. Baking because everything tastes as good as skinny feels.


34. Whipping up some cookies for old times bake.

35. You bake me happy when skies are grey.

36. Baking spirits bright.

37. I like big bundts and I cannot lie.


38. Shut up and bake.

39. If you need me, don’t. I’m baking.

40. Bake me up before you dough.


Funny Baking Quotes

41. If there’s a whisk, there’s a way.

42. I bake because punching people is frowned upon.

43. I bake. What’s your superpower?


44. Bakers gonna bake.

45. Just roll with it.

46. Procrastibaking: the art of baking when you should be doing anything else.


47. Baking is like washing. The results are equally temporary.

48. Baking to get over my haters.

49. It’s like bake to the future over here.


50. Baking puns give me stiff peaks.

51. This is history in the baking.

52. I’d rather be baking.

53. It’s whisky business up in here.


54. Bake your mark, get set, go.

55. Whip it real good.

56. Only classy bakers wear tuxedoughs.


57. Friends are nice, but friends who bake are way better.

58. I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like to bake.

59. Kiss me, I’m a baker!


Other Baking Quotes and Captions

Don’t forget to check out our other creative baking quotes and captions, including…


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Quotes and Sayings About Bakers

  • The one we keep pitching and there are no takers is The Fabulous Baker Boys Go To Hawaii. There don't seem to be any takers on that one!
    -- Beau Bridges


  • I have noticed bakers with swelled hands, and painful, too; in fact the hands of all such workers become much thickened by the constant pressure of kneading the dough.
    -- Bernardino Ramazzini


  • You could live without the opera singer, but not without the services of the baker. On this ground you might say that the baker performs a greater service; but no lover of music would agree.
    -- Bertrand Russell


  • Kyle Baker's work is really funny, but it's also got a very clear vision
    -- Bill Sienkiewicz

    #Vision#Bakers#Clear Vision

  • No matter what the recipe, any baker can do wonders in the kitchen with some good ingredients and an upbeat attitude!
    -- Buddy Valastro


  • In those days Mr. Sherlock Holmes was still living in Baker Street and the Bastables were looking for treasure in the Lewisham Road.
    -- C. S. Lewis


  • Bakers of bread rolls and pastry cooks will not buy grain before eleven o'clock in winter and noon in summer.
    -- Cardinal Richelieu


  • Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker seemed so sophisticated and bad. I wanted to be like that.
    -- Carla Bley


  • I don't think they'd ever make a movie about Chuck Baker but I'd love to play Chuck Baker
    -- Cillian Murphy


  • My opponent called me a cream puff. Well, I rushed out and got the baker's union to endorse me.
    -- Clay Pell


  • I don't think I've ever been accused of being faddish. I'm more Marks & Spencer than Ted Baker.
    -- David Miliband


  • The wheat bought by a farmer to sow is comparatively a fixed capital to the wheat purchased by a baker to make into loaves.
    -- David Ricardo


  • Pattycake, pattycake, baker's man; good morning, madam, I'm a psychiatrist
    -- Eric Idle


  • The muse of music isn't just from Greek mythology, but living in people like the Beatles, Chuck Berry, Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin.
    -- Ernie Isley


  • A comedy isn't about being funny," said Mrs. Baker. "We talked about this before." "A comedy is about character who dare to know that they may choose a happy ending after all. That's how I know." "Suppose you can't see it?" "That's the daring part," said Mrs. Baker.
    -- Gary D. Schmidt


  • I handed the test in five minutes before the end of the day. Mrs. Baker took it calmly, then reached into her bottom drawer for an enormous red pen with a wide felt tip. "Stand here and we'll see how you've done," she said, which is sort of like a dentist handing you a mirror and saying, "Sit here and watch while I drill a hole in your tooth.
    -- Gary D. Schmidt

    #Mirrors#The End Of The Day#Bakers

  • Me writing about tennis is like a baker baking bread.
    -- Ion Tiriac


  • We need more fruitcakes in this world and less bakers! We need people that care! I'm mad as hell! And I don't want to take it anymore!
    -- Jimmy Buffett


  • Republican secretaries of state from Kissinger to Baker, Powell to Rice, President Bush, 71 United States Senators all supported President Obama's new START treaty, but not Mitt Romney.
    -- John F. Kerry

    #President#United States#Bakers

  • I have a treasure trove of Baker memories, all of which reinforce my sense of Howard Baker as one of the most decent people with whom I have worked. While I was simply a young staffer, he never treated me or my colleagues as anything else but equals.
    -- John Yarmuth


  • I was moved no end by the work of LaVern Baker.
    -- Johnnie Ray


  • I'd love to own a bakery at some point. My grandmother could help me run it - she is an amazing baker! I'd also love to do a cookbook.
    -- Jordin Sparks


  • I live in a beautiful part of the world - western New Hampshire along the Baker River - and my family and I spend a lot of time outdoors.
    -- Joseph Monninger


  • Don't ask me who my favourite monster was because I'm sick of saying Tom Baker.
    -- Lalla Ward


  • Ryan Baker sustained a penalty of play, and we withheld him from play today based on the rules violation.
    -- Les Miles


  • ...We have seven people who knew the skewers were there: the wedding planner, the reception hall manager, the dressmaker, the florist, the veil-maker, the cake-maker, and the caterer. I haven't ruled out the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker, either.
    -- Linda Howard


  • My mom was a great cook and great baker all her life.
    -- Mandy Patinkin

    #Mom#Bakers#My Mom

  • Never tell anyone to be careful, never ask what that noise was, and for the love of God, never, ever say that you'll be right back." —Evelyn Baker
    -- Mira Grant

    #Noise#Bakers#God Love

  • I'm not a baker so I'm not about to sugar coat it for you.
    -- Shelly Crane


  • You're a painter. You're a baker. You like to sleep with the windows open. You never take sugar in your tea. And you always double-knot your shoelaces.
    -- Suzanne Collins


  • Sours:
    The Ballad of Beaker - Muppet Music Video - The Muppets

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    Sayings baker

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