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World of Warcraft offers a few different flavors of PvP: fast-paced arena battles, War Mode fighting out in the world, or battlegrounds. Some players reject all of these in favor of a role-play take on the experience of a live fighting exhbition. Some of Azeroth’s heroes are setting up underground fight rings in the canals of Stormwind or the halls of an ancient monastery, and it’s because they’re chasing an experience the current game can’t offer them.

In the hidden corners of Stormwind City, characters are gathering for secret wrestling matches. They’re a fan community called Azeroth Championship Wrestling, and it’s the fantasy version of Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling — tiny indie wrestling events, staffed by a passionate crew of wrestlers for a few loyal locals. The ACW hosts practice matches and small test exhibitions where role-players gather and watch a good ol’ fashioned rumble. The group maintains “kayfabe,” focusing on putting on a show above all else.

There’s also the Azerothian Boxing Association, which hosts tournament matches at the Tian Monastery in Pandaria. Right now, the human William Hawke is cleaning up the circuit and picking up a huge win off the undefeated Night Elf Ranathiel Shadowsong. Fighters show up with names like “The Silver-Tongued Devil” or “The Doctor.” One player even went ahead and booked a wedding with her match back to back, so she could tie the knot and then beat the snot out of some opponents.

Role-play PvP fights don’t give in-game currencies, armored mounts, or sick-looking sets of gear. Instead, they just offer a narrative hook. Being a pit fighter, wrestler, or athlete is a cool story. People still watch Remember the Titans and Rocky, after all. If you’re a role-player looking for a juicy, low-scope, low-stakes way to hang out in Azeroth, it’s a great opportunity.

Why do groups gather for these social gatherings to form their character? Well, the in-game PvP system feels isolated. Take arenas, for example. First, you queue up from an in-game menu. You hit the ready prompt when it happens, and then you’re teleported into an arena set somewhere around the world of Warcraft. You have a short and dynamic fight, but it’s hard to explain to someone else without using a ton of jargon.

“Yeah, the druid kept me cyclone-locked until our mage got the interrupt off and we could burst the squishy down” is an entirely accurate statement, but it lacks narrative gravitas. After the match is done, you teleport back to your original location, and you’re marginally closer to buying a new piece of gear. Meanwhile, at the Azerothian Boxing Association, players get to talk smack before having a fist fight. That’s very relatable, or at the very least, entertaining.

World of Warcraft’s original iteration had a PvP system that felt much more personal. Everyone in a match was from your server, and over time, players could learn to recognize rivals and friends on sight. The vanilla PvP system had its own pitfalls, but it offered a sense of community and permanence that the current queues lack. Role-players have simply found a way to capture the best parts of that original experience, and share it in character as a bare-knuckle scrap between a werewolf and an elf.

Sours: https://www.polygon.com/2021/5/11/22430908/world-of-warcraft-pvp-role-playing-wrestling-boxing-arena-matches

The Deeprun Tram (or simply the Tram)[1] is a long, fully enclosed, underground (and partially underwater) set of double tracks upon which rolls two sets of three wagons, all credited to the gnomes' technical engineering. The service is fast and smooth, and is provided free of charge to travelers between the Alliance-aligned cities of Ironforge and Stormwind City. There is also a quest here that starts on the Ironforge side and ends on the Stormwind side that involves catching rats.

To keep the tram running smoothly and safely, there are gnomes that work on it daily. As such, any problems with it can be quickly addressed.[2] The underwater section of the tram is, in fact, a subterranean lake.[3]


In the aftermath of the Second War, the humans of the kingdom of Stormwind began the grueling task of rebuilding the war-torn lands surrounding their battered kingdom. In those days, the bonds of brotherhood that cradled the Alliance of Lordaeron were still at their strongest, and the dwarves of Ironforge were quick to lend aid to their human allies. King Magni Bronzebeard was frustrated, however, at the sluggish pace with which his country's aid was being delivered to Stormwind, and eager as well to establish a means of reinforcing the human kingdom with dwarven soldiers should the need arise. To address these two concerns, King Bronzebeard turned to Azeroth's most esteemed engineer, High TinkerGelbin Mekkatorque, who immediately began drafting designs for a grand subterranean railway system that would link the cities of Stormwind and Ironforge.[4] His plans would eventually include making a scale mock-up out of pie tins, which still exists in Sector 17, his quarters in Gnomeregan.[5]

In the end, his vision became reality, and the newly-built Deeprun Tram developed into an indispensable link between the two great capitals, providing swift and safe transportation for thousands of their citizens, and bolstering military cooperation between the armies of these two proud Alliance strongholds.[4]

Shortly after the petrification of Magni, Moira Thaurissan invaded Ironforge and closed the tram, isolating the dwarves in the city. Some time later, King Varian Wrynn led an elite strike team of SI:7 agents through the tram into Ironforge to liberate the city and rescue his son. After the Cataclysm, Bizmo's Brawlpub was opened under the tram, in Stormwind's station.


Maps and subregions


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In the stations
In the underground lake
Bizmo's Brawlpub
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Wild creatures


CataclysmThis section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

Before entering the tram from Stormwind, a short ramp was added in patch 4.0.3a. When inside the actual Tram and looking back through the instance portal you just came through, you could see the old entrance without the newly-added ramp. This was fixed in a later patch.

In the RPG

Gnomish inventors organize into pairs, an odd crazy-guy/sane-guy relationship. One is always trying to push the limits of his devices to unknowable extremes while the other does everything he can to keep the invention from becoming disastrous. It was two pairings of just this type that created the underground railroad that connects Ironforge to Stormwind Keep.[6]

Notes and trivia

  • You cannot be "run over" by the Deeprun Tram. Should you fall off the platform, the train will pass harmlessly over your head. There are ramps in the two stations to climb out.
  • While whether or not it is speedier than taking a flight path is debatable, it is free, fast, and carries a scenic touch. Notably, however, if you take a gryphon flight, it will carry you to the other city on demand; if you take the tram, you must first step onto the tram, and then you'll have to step off at your destination (if you are about to go AFK for a minute, the flight will be better for you).
  • The transit time between each end is 60 seconds and remains at each stop for 12 seconds.
  • The Tram itself has its own loading screen, but it functions like a regular public space, and not like the party-exclusive dungeon instances. This was done to prevent having player's computer load each zone between the two cities load as they pass under them. Furthermore, even though Ironforge and Stormwind are geographically North and South in relation to each other, the tram appears to run East and West on the mini map upon entering the zone.
  • In many official Azeroth maps, including ones in the RPG books, earlier games, Blizzard's website, and even WoW's manual, Stormwind is located along the northwestern portion of the continent of Azeroth, near the northwestern coast of "The Great Sea". Whereas Dun Morogh is located northeast of Stormwind in those maps, with Kul Tiras and other islands to the west of its western shore. In these maps, the Deeprun Tram actually passes under a very small portion of "The Great Sea", directly south of Kul Tiras and other islands.
    • Due to limitations of the game's engine, and because zones are roughly the same size and fit into roughly rectangular shaped area, they had to be placed next to each other for the paths to line up, this forced most of the northeastern dwarven lands west, just north of Stormwind. Even some locations are forced to overlap the world map, and exist in instanced zones, due to limitations. One example includes Alterac Valley which actually overlaps the Alterac Mountain zone in its own instance, and cannot be seen on the world map. The same occurs with Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch. The Deeprun Tram is forced to "overlap" several locations it does not actually pass under because of the same world scale limitations.
  • The large body of water the tram passes through is considered to be inaccessible, but does contain a few notable objects. Scattered inside the body of water is a treasure chest, a diver, shipwrecks, a large beast named "Nessy", a giant clam, two Naga Sirens, and a Basking Shark.
  • Unlike Horde zeppelins, the Deeprun Tram is not guarded by Alliance guards. It is also especially handy to Horde players wishing to get from Ironforge to Stormwind or vice versa. On PvE realms, the Deeprun Tram is neutral territory, so Horde players may stay there as long as they like once their PvP flag drops. However, because the entrances to the Tram are deeply entrenched within Stormwind and Ironforge, it may be more difficult to infiltrate than Zeppelins; you must get through an entire city first.
    • For Horde raiders who have just raided Ironforge, the Deeprun Tram can be useful to then raid Stormwind with an attack from inside the city.
  • The goblins who run the zeppelin systems, eternally jealous of the gnomes' engineering skills, try to pass the Deeprun Tram off as a rumor and a myth to members of the Horde, who will probably never see it for themselves, as evidenced by comments made by Hin Denburg.
  • As of patch 5.1, it is also the home to the Brawler's Guild for the Alliance, which is located on the Stormwind station.
    • Although there is a map for the station in Stormwind added with the Brawler's arena, there is not one for Ironforge's.
  • When the tram was first opened in patch 0.10, the patch notes mentioned the Gnomish Engineering Corps being hard at work building a subway to connect the great cities of Ironforge and Stormwind City.


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Underground Kings

NWC3L Underground Kings's profile

Underground Kings (Clantag: 1uk1) is a Warcraft III clan from The Netherlands created in 2004. The team is currently participating in the New WarCraft 3 League with well known Dutch players such as Ikbencool, SushiLicious, ArminvB and Sasuke. Underground Kings is the main BeNeLux Warcraft III community with over 100 members. In 2018 the team participated in the WTL 4v4 League.


ID Name Position Join Date
NetherlandsZwarteKatManager 2004
NetherlandsKiezelCo-Manager 2015


Sours: https://liquipedia.net/warcraft/Underground_Kings
Warcraft 3 - Underground TD

Analysis: Defense of the Ancients - An Underground Revolution

[Defense of the Ancients is a fascinating, still-played Warcraft III mod which helped inspire Tower Defense, and in this analysis piece, Michael Walbridge looks at the design underpinnings of the game and the vibrant community supporting it.]If you've played Warcraft IIIon Battle.net lately you'd feel like more people were playing Defense of the Ancients, popularly called DOTA, than the actual Blizzard game it’s based on. In fact, DOTAis likely the most popular and most-discussed free, non-supported game mod in the world, judging by the numbers. (It's also been a notable inspiration for the plethora of Tower Defense Flash gamesin recent years.) Over at the “official” DOTA Allstarsforums as I write this, there are 800 people logged in and over 100,000 total topics and over 23,000 topics in the general forum in the last month. By comparison, Warcraft III, the game it is modded from, only has a few thousand topics at most over on the Battle.net website. Competitive RPG Action the Way We Want It The game itself is technically played in RTS format but is often described as “RPG combat.” Many players were disappointed by Warcraft III; some were disappointed it wasn’t more like Starcraft, and many found that the heroes system watered the game down into an experiment that was interesting enough to play, but not fun enough to worship. Warcraft IIImatch strategies are centered around the selection, leveling, and gearing of heroes, with all units simply being support for the hero. Turning points, victories, and defeats are hero-centered. DOTAturns Warcraft III’s hero system on its head—instead of playing an army with an important leader, you simply play the important leader while the computer takes care of the army. Like any brilliant game, the concept is simple and the strategy is complex: each side has an Ancient and the object of the game is to destroy that ancient. There are three paths from base to base with three defensive towers on the way to that base. At precise and frequent intervals, each base sends a set of computer-controlled creeps towards the enemy base. Players control heroes who receive earn money as time passes and for killing enemy creeps and enemy heroes. The maximum level is 25 (instead of Warcraft III’s10) and each team gets 5 heroes. There are over 70 heroes to choose from. At level 1, a hero can barely take on two creeps by himself. At level 25 and with the right items, a hero can wade through a dozen creeps with little to no consequences. The strategy focuses on leveling, getting hero kills, pushing the enemy’s base with your allied creeps and defending against the same. There are also a large number of items for purchase, some coming from “recipes” that mix multiple items to make single powerful items, a necessity since each hero has only 6 slots. If a player dies, he loses money and valuable time to be leveling while providing a lot of experience to the other player. If he dies frequently, he’s called a “feeder” and his team will usually become venomous. DOTAis no small mod; only Counter-Strikecan compare for depth, fun, fan-base, and community depth. DOTA Allstarsis frequently updated, tested, and changed. The changeloghas a professional quality to it; DOTAis well-balanced to the point that it had its own tournament at Blizzcon in 2005 and it is represented in numerous Esports leagues and other cash prize tournaments. A Mod Made by Legends and the People The only thing about DOTAthat is as fascinating as its gameplay and success is its history and evolution. Its designers and programmers are largely anonymous. The original designer is only known as Eul; he released DOTAeven before the expansion Warcraft III: The Frozen Thronecame out. After its release, Guinsoo, another anonymous modder, took over and converted it for the expansion. Dota%20heroes.jpgHe later stopped developing for it; the also-anonymous Icefrog took his place. Icefrog responded to an interview request with “I usually prefer to not do interviews” (he hasn’t done one anywhere yet). Players debate the validity of reports of his even being seen playing the game; what little information that is offered about him is only offered by people who claim to know him. There is no verifiable or documented information about him—the only proof we have that someone named Icefrog is even involved is by his email on getdota.com, his name in the load screen, and the few people who have truly, if unverifiably, interacted with him. Over at the DOTA Allstarscommunity, the highly loyal players suggest many, many changes and ideas. “Eul, Guinsoo or IceFrog alone did not make the map. The DOTAcommunity…makes the map”, one player said. Loadscreen art is drawn by fans. Some bugs are found and some items and heroes are made, erased, and changed almost entirely because of community outreach. Seven mirrors on getdota.comare responsible for its dissemination. Once a new hero, the fairie dragon, was found by the community to be too powerful. Icefrog must have agreed—the fairie dragon was changed in less than two weeks. But despite all of the community’s help, it is still Icefrog, a man who may be named Jeremy, who may be from Boston and who may study at UCLA, which makes the final changes. The masses may be the power of the movement, but the figurehead and initiator of all that changes is still focused on a mysterious, almost spiritual figurehead. As curious a figure as Icefrog is, his identity ultimately doesn’t matter to the game’s progress. The community has faith that if one leader leaves, another will take his place. Previous modders Eul and Guinsoo did much for DOTA; they have in-game items named after them. If Icefrog steps down, doubtless another will take his place as the Zorro of Battle.net. Give Us the Tools and We’ll Make the Rules DOTAis played using custom map settings on Battle.net, which is a setting that anyone would have said couldn’t be governed by anyone other than Blizzard. Warcraft IIImatches are made randomly by Battle.net to prevent abuse of the stats system, which is a way of measuring player skill for practice or clan acceptance. It also ensures that players are close enough geographically so that disconnecting doesn’t interfere with stats or matches. In a custom map, none of this is available. Anyone can join any game no matter how poor or distant the connections, and there are no stats. A round of DOTAis usually at least half an hour long, and if someone leaves the teams become imbalanced. It seems impossible to get ten people to stick in an online game for approximately an hour, but the DOTAcommunity has found ways to do this with consistency. One program allows the host to check the country from which all users originate. Some games that are hosted now say something like “DOTA 6.48 –apem BR!”, which means that it’s DOTA, it’s the 6.48 version, it’s the –apem game modes, and it’s only for players in Brazil. Even if you speak Portuguese, you’ll likely be booted. Personal banlists ensure that if someone doesn’t like you or if you leave within 5 minutes, you will be kicked the next time you join that person’s matches. Team Dota Allstars is a committee dedicated to mature and complete games. TDA has rules, its own forum, channel, certification process (getting on the “safelist”) and banlist. The process to be safelisted, which proves your willingness to not start games you know you can’t finish and to work as a team in what can only be a team game, is highly inconvenient, necessary, and effective. The Underground in Public DOTAis a delight to all who play it: it’s surprisingly addictive and even pastiche, mixing the highs and lows of gaming and gaming culture. DOTA’s quirks, governments, outlaws, and innovation show us that it’s much easier to renovate for the masses when the masses are involved. The vision of one leader alone is required, but never sufficient.
Sours: https://www.gamedeveloper.com/pc/analysis-i-defense-of-the-ancients-i---an-underground-revolution

Underground warcraft

Warcraft Underground - Illustration, HD Png Download

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London underground world of warcraft

The Underground Festival 10/24!

The Underground Festival will be returning this month with a twist of the Halloween theme.

The usual sparring will be present, with the addition of an auction sporting unique items that could become event starters, and a costume contest with gold prizes!

We always offer these as neutral, but we are looking for a Horde guild to coordinate with consistently to provide a more organized inclusivity for Horde folks! If any Horde GM’s or officers are interested, feel free to contact me on Discord - Evelynn#4468

Event Information

Time: 8pm server time
Date: Saturday October 24
Location: ICly it will be an unimportant abandoned village for spook factor, but the proxy will be in Gilneas city in Greymane Court, focused around a couple of open buildings and the catacombs!

Warmode OFF

We are also keeping an eye open for folks that might be interested in signing up to be peacekeepers!

Discord server – discord.gg/Q6uGnXU


Sours: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/the-underground-festival-1024/674093

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