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Insignia is one of the rising names in British shower brands, offering the latest in technological innovation and some of the best manufacturing quality on the market. Thanks to their signature hydro-massage body jets, Insignia's showers both clean and soothe with therapeutic, high pressure water streams, helping you receive a thorough and relaxing clean without any extra effort. These also offer relief from the pain of a number of physical ailments, such as muscle strains and some forms of arthritis. For added effectiveness, their steam showers replicate the functionality of a spa steam room in the comfort of your own home.

With an emphasis on integrating and streamlining modern technology, adding digital controls and Bluetooth connectivity, Insignia showers are designed to make the most of your time spent using them. Steam showers also feature their unique Aromatherapy Modular Injection (AMI) system, which emits a blend of natural oils to add an extra touch of relaxing luxury to your time in your Insignia shower cabin. All of Insignia's products include lengthy manufacturer's warranties against mechanical faults, a mark of their confidence in their range.

Who are Insignia?

Founded in recognition of a gap the shower market, Insignia have an emphasis on designing and manufacturing showers units that their customers will enjoy every second of using. On average, a person spends the equivalent of three full days a year in their shower and Insignia's goal is creating an environment that people will gladly spend this time within, starting or ending their day in the right way. Their "shower revolution" has progressed in a number of stages, at first increasing the range of functionality of traditional shower enclosures before adding digital features and the latest in lighting and Bluetooth technology. By constantly upgrading and improving their product range, Insignia have seen their status rise from newcomers in the bathroom industry to quickly becoming a household name. Their dedication to innovation and quality control means they will only continue to improve and that Insignia will be a name that customers can depend on for many years to come. Lengthy guarantees on their manufacturing are Insignia's assurance that they are a brand you can trust.

Hydro-Massage Showers

The signature feature of Insignia's shower range is their hydro-massage water jets, which emit a focused, powerful water stream at the user's body during use. This addition to their existing overhead monsoon rain shower makes a hydro-massage shower a full body showering solution with a minimal amount of effort by the user. Most of the units in Insignia's range also include a multi-functional hand shower, letting you ensure that you've washed away any elusive soap suds that might have escaped the many other water jets. The showers in this collection also include a built-in FM radio, perfect for listening to your favourite radio shows while getting clean for a perfectly relaxing washing experience (or to enjoy a little shower karaoke). Thanks to constant improvement, Insignia are confident that their showers are among the elite in modern bathroom design and functionality. Hydro-massage showers are so powerful and soothing that they have been shown to help ease some of the pains of medical ailments such as arthritis and muscle injuries.

Steam Showers

For the ultimate in luxury, Insignia's steam showers bring the experience of spa luxury into your home bathroom. With their patented "Tri-Jet Stream System", these showers emit steam as well as any professional steam room, bringing all the cleansing and health benefits traditionally associated with your time at a spa. The Aromatherapy Modular Injection (AMI) system lets you introduce a number of scented oils into your shower cabin for the ultimate in relaxation, a first in the home shower industry. The AMI comes as standard on all Insignia steam showers, meaning any purchase from this range will offer you the complete showering and steaming experience you desire. As well as the built-in FM radio, these showers also boast Bluetooth connectivity, meaning you can enjoy whichever music or podcasts you like during your time spent in the cabin. Chromotherapy lights complete the experience by letting you choose from several different colours or having the cabin automatically cycle through them to create the relaxing mood you want.

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A shower with steam, what's all that about then?

Insignia showers come with a built in steam function*. So not only do you benefit from the amazing showering experience that all Insignia products provides but you also get the functionality to essentially turn your Insignia shower in to a steam room. Being a self-contained enclosure, the steam is held within the shower preventing water vapour damage to the rest of your bathroom. Now the question you may be asking is "why would I not have a steam shower?"
*Model dependant

How does Aromatherapy work with a steam shower?

The Insignia Creative Team has developed a simple and innovative way to infuse the steam in your Insignia steam shower. Essential aromatherapy oils from Insignia can de added to special oil diffuser pads, these are then inserted in the newly developed steam guard, which is fitted at the steam outlet within the shower. As the steam passes through the steam guard and the oil diffuser pads it infuses the steam with the fragrance of the chosen oil. Insignia provide aromatherapy infusion kits for all steam products as well as a selection of essential oils and diffuser pads to give your showering experience that little extra touch of luxury.

Can I use any essential oil in the system?

We do not advise to use an alternative essential oil with the Insignia aromatherapy systems. All of our essential oils are created for our systems only. Steam mixed with essence carries different properties and not all oils are suitable. Our essential oils are tried and tested with our systems to eliminate the possibilities of any adverse reactions that can occur when using a different oil. To ensure the safe use of oils in steam, a cosmetic license set by the E.U. should be obtained. 99% of essences on the market are not totally pure, this means that they are using synthetic products and do not have a license.

What is chromatherapy lighting?

Across the Insignia range of showers*, most models now come with the innovative chromatherapy lighting system. This feature allows you to bathe the inside of your shower enclosure with vibrant or soothing lighting to match your mood. The lighting system is contained within the shower itself and can be controlled and adjusted from the shower control panel. Select the colour you desire or slowly scroll through the built-in colour spectrum. A truly different way to enhance your showering experience.
*Model dependant

How does the Bluetooth Audio system work?

Insignia showers* have built-in audio speakers as a standard feature. These are directly linked to the shower control panel inside the enclosure. Activate the audio feature and the FM radio will come on letting you listen to your favourite breakfast show as you get ready for the day ahead. The system is also Bluetooth enabled so that you can pair your mobile phone or tablet to the shower and listen to your own playlist. Once paired the control panel will allow you to use all the usual functions of playback, pause, skip etc, without ever leaving the shower or risking water damage to you mobile device.
*Model dependant

How long is my warranty?

All Insignia products come with a 12-month parts only warranty. The start of your warranty is the date at which your product was collected or delivered. Insignia also offer extended warranties of 2 years and 5 years*. To qualify for the extended term you must register your product within 90 days of delivery or collection. There is no cost to extend your warranty but please do remember, this has to be carried out within 90 days.
*Model dependant

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Add Grandeur to Your Bathroom With Insignia Shower Enclosures

Insignia shower enclosures provide a practical and stylish showering solution. They are also an ideal replacement for an occasionally used bath. You can opt for Insignia steam shower enclosures on eBay if you need a complete set.

Should you buy a shower enclosure or a screen?

Your choice depends on whether you want a shower over a bath or a self-contained shower. In the case of the former, a screen is a suitable solution. Insignia shower cubicles and enclosures are suitable for completely separate self-contained showers.

Find an enclosure design that meets your space needs

Space is a key factor when buying a shower enclosure. Insignia shower cubicles and enclosures come in different sizes, shapes, and door configurations. The single-door quadrant shower cubicle is an ideal option for small bathroom spaces or corners. Other shower enclosure types are:

  • Showers with hinged doors: It is a stylish option where space is not an issue. They open outward and come with fittings of different materials such as metal, brass, and chrome.
  • Showers with sliding doors: They offer a streamlined modern look to your bathroom and come in different types of glass.
  • Bi-fold enclosures: They have two doors opening outward or inward. Tight spaces require in-fold enclosures.
  • D-shaped enclosures: These are uniquely designed enclosures that require only one wall to fit in.
Are steam shower enclosures water-efficient?

Yes. Insignia provides modular steam showers that take only simple plumbing and wiring works. The enclosures use an average of 2 gallons in 30 minutes. Normal showers use almost the same amount of water in a minute. Other features you can find on Insignia steam shower enclosures besides economical water usage are:

  • Temperature controls: Helps you to control the temperature of the steam to suit your bathing needs.
  • Multimedia: Insignia shower enclosures with multimedia options allow you to listen to your favourite playlist when taking a shower.
  • Aroma control: Enclosures with this option allow you to dispense aromatic oils such as eucalyptus with the steam. It is essential for a therapeutic shower experience.
  • Slip resistant floor: Soap and steam can make the floor very slippery. Having an anti-slip floor or mat keeps you safe from tripping.
  • Lighting: You can choose the level of lighting you need for your shower and customise the lights to include coloured lights or change the light levels.
The thickness of the glass enclosure matters

The glass in Insignia shower enclosures is of toughened safety glass. The thickness of the glass is one of the indicators of quality. You can opt for an 8 mm, 6 mm, or a 4 mm glass thickness. The thicker the glass, the better is its structural strength. Check the manufacturer’s site for dimension details.

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Insignia Twin Shower Installation - 2nd Generation Shower Range

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