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Over time, the bottom seat side bolsters and cushion lose their original shape and sag. The seat becomes uncomfortable and the leather looks old and baggy. This repair kit adds a layer of new high-density foam to restore the bolsters to their original shape and a tough, wear resistant ballistic nylon fabric to eliminate the support wires from cutting into the foam. If an even firmer seat is preferred, the kit includes a " high-density pad to add between the original seat foam and support wires.

The kit includes enough material for 1 seat:
* Upholstery grade high density foam.
* Tough, wear-resistant ballistic nylon fabric.
* Zip ties to replace the metal hog rings.
* " thick high-density pad
* Detail step-by-step photo instructions.

Working slowly, it takes about hours. The detailed instructions with photos will take you through it step by step. No special skill or tools required although you will need to purchase separately a can of spray glue.


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Net Weight
Car Years 1
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Chevrolet Corvette Seats

Corvette seats complement your vehicle and enhance your overall driving experience. You need seats that are comfortable, stylish and safe for all passengers to get the most out of your sports car. No matter if you drive a C1 or a C7, Corvette seats see regular use and are prone to tears, scratches and cosmetic wear.

Chevrolet production runs across all Corvette generations are known for their signature colors and leather materials. After years of enjoying the open road, your vehicle&#;s interior seats may not appear as they used to. Fortunately, Top Flight Automotive is here to help with restoration efforts of any size.

Experts at Top Flight Automotive bring you the tools you need for replacing vintage and modern Corvette seat components. From reconditioning services to fully mounted seat sets, we keep your Corvette in pristine shape for generations to come with our Corvette seats for sale. Our team speaks fluent Corvette and connects you to parts and accessories for custom and factory setups.

As the largest manufacturer of Corvette parts anywhere, Top Flight Automotive is your one-stop-shop for Corvette seat repair and replacement.

Corvette Seat Repair: Belts and Hardware

Wearing a seat belt behind the wheel of a Corvette is essential. When traveling at high speeds, these devices can only keep passengers safe if in working condition. Luckily, Top Flight Automotive caters to Corvette models ranging from the C1 through the C7 for seat belt hardware and replacements.

Often times, Corvette owners are intimidated by the restoration process in fear that parts will not match factory features. However, Top Flight Automotive brings our customers seat belts designed to recreate Chevrolet production runs. Our online store contains seat belt configurations by specific make, model and year at your convenience.

Top Flight Automotive seat belt replacements include:

  • C1 chrome seat belts
  • Seat belt sets
  • Non-retractable lap belts
  • Retractable seat belts
  • Lift latch seat belts
  • Dual retractor seat belts
  • Seat belt extenders
  • And more

Sales representatives at Top Flight Automotive will gladly assist you with seat belt compatibility. We even stock hardware components for restoring original parts if only part of your vehicle&#;s seat belts need replacing. Common seat belt restoration pieces at Top Flight Automotive include:

  • Seat belt buckle brackets
  • Seat belt bolt kits
  • Anchors
  • Retractors
  • Seat belt pockets
  • Hardware repair kits

Corvette Seat Tracking Replacement

It is important to adjust your seat for comfort and visibility. At Top Flight Automotive, we offer our customers a variety of services for improving the condition of seat tracking in your Corvette. Depending on your restoration needs, our online store consists of seat track sets for manual control.

Our reproduction seat tracking is engineered to meet or exceed the original specifications of the Chevrolet factory. C3 replacement tracking features a mounting bracket and release handle design. tracking products have a back locking mechanism, steel construction and are painted silver to fight corrosion.

Refurbished Corvette Seat Tracks

Top Flight Automotive offers used original tracking assemblies for your restoration needs. Our experts check to make sure tracking is in working condition as we straighten setups, replace springs and degrease parts for a simple installation upon arrival. Refurbished Corvette seat tracks are sold in pairs for driver and passenger seats.

Additionally, Top Flight Automotive is proud to offer our customers Corvette seat track reconditioning services. Through this process, we take your original seat tracks and return them to you in like-new condition. We will media blast, wash, paint and lubricate your factory seat tracks for long-term results.

Simply contact a sales representative at Top Flight Automotive for details on your Corvette model and year.

Corvette Seat Replacement: Seat Backs and Buckets

Vintage Corvette seat backs crack and wear away over years of use. With the help of Top Flight Automotive, you can restore these seat components with selections for C2 and C3 generations. Our online store contains replacement seat backs for Corvette models and

All seat back designs at Top Flight Automotive are separated by year for a perfect fit. We supply seat backs in the following signature colors for ordering and installation:

  •  Green, black, red, maroon, bright blue, dark blue, saddle, silver, teal and white.
  •  Black, tobacco, red, dark blue, bright blue, dark orange, saddle, gunmetal, green and more.

Are you searching for seat buckets to fit your Corvette? Top Flight Automotive carries exact reproductions with pre-drilled seat backs and bottoms. Choose between factory original colors or paint-to-match options to suit your restoration vision.

Seat buckets include seat foam mounting clips for seamless installation into your C3 model.

Corvette Seat Foam for Sale

If your Corvette&#;s interior seating seems flat or is breaking apart, why not create new seats from scratch? Top Flight Automotive brings you seat foam solutions for C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 and C6 Corvette models. We manufacture our reproduction foam to achieve accurate feel, density and size for your specific Corvette release.

Seat foam is available in the form of backs, bottoms and four-piece sets for total or partial seat replacement. We create seat foam products with formed and inserted wire supports for long-lasting shape and superior comfort. New foam from our online store should always get encased by one of our seat covers for the best results.

Corvette Replacement Seats and Covers

Top Flight Automotive brings our customers leather and vinyl seat covers for new seat foam purchases. Ideal for Corvette generations C1-C6, we enable drivers to create a custom or factory interior match with a choice of materials to keep restoration projects on a budget. Select solid colors, two-tone combinations and more for a classic or modern appearance.

When shopping for seat covers, keep the following material guidelines in mind:

  • Leather-like materials: Top Flight Automotive&#;s highest grade vinyl. These products are an economical solution that resembles real leather.
  • Driver leather: Products are crafted for the budget-minded everyday driver. Driver leather seat covers at Top Flight Automotive consist of the same leather content as Chevrolet production runs at a lower price point.
  • % leather: Get original looks with the finest supply of genuine leather. These covers are for upgrading current setups and you should install them on new seat foam.

For seat cover restorations, we recommend purchasing one of our seat cover installation kits for all necessary hooks, clips, wires and hog rings. These packages give you everything you need for attaching our covers to new seat foam.

Corvette Seat Mounting Services

Customers can also consider professional mounting and installation services from Top Flight Automotive. You can purchase a set of seat covers and have one of our experts mount your selections to seat foam. Mounted seat cover sets include:

  • Two seat backs
  • Two seat bottoms
  • Four pieces of seat foam
  • All installation hardware
  • Labor costs

With a mounted seat cover set, all you have to do is snap orders into place for quick seat replacements. One of our sales representatives can walk you through the bundling process for your convenience.

Contact Top Flight Automotive for Corvette Replacement Seats

Top Flight Automotive is part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies which has been serving the Corvette community for over 40 years. All of our experts speak fluent Corvette and will help you discover compatible replacement seats for your specific make, model and year. For more information or to place an order for seat repair and replacement, contact Top Flight Automotive today.

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C5 & Z06 Corvette Seat Track Repair

Step-By-Step Installation Instructions Included Up until now your only option for eliminating annoying seat rocking was to fork out over $ per seat + labor to Chevrolet for new seat tracks. Now you can repair instead of replace the seat tracks by installing (4) new self-lubricating shims in the seat tracks. These shims replace the original shims that deteriorate and wear out over time. Installation is not difficult and is easily accomplished by any self-respecting do-it-yourselfer. The kit includes (2) short arm, stubby Torx wrenches for three reasons 1. the larger wrench allows you access to the worm gear that is between the seat tracks (it’s the tight quarters that doesn’t allow normal hand tools to fit) 2. most people will not have these size wrenches and they are not commonly available at local home stores and 3. it saves you the big expense of buying a complete tool kit to get these special tools. Step-by-step installation instructions are included to make the job easy to do.


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