Creative makeup challenges

Creative makeup challenges DEFAULT

Halloween is going to look a little different in 2021. Chances are, you won't be crammed shoulder to shoulder, jamming out to Monster Mash with your nearest and dearest, bobbing for apples (eek!), or playing that pre-pandemic party game where someone hangs donuts on a string. (Please, no.) So what does that mean for those of us who live for Halloween and the incredible makeup opportunities it brings? It's a virtual feeding frenzy, honey. Last year, the creatives fled to Instagram to share their spooky glams and amazing FX makeup looks, and this year will go the same way.

We've gathered all the inspiration you need to push the limits and rock the most over-the-top looks without being judged. You've got the time and the makeup brushes, and we've got 100 breathtaking spectacles, whether the category is gruesome-but-gorgeous, startling-but-stunning, or creepy-chic. Halloween 2021 is all about Instagram, and here's all the beauty inspo you need to rake in those likes.

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50 Beauty YouTube Video Ideas

Have you ever been stuck for a video idea? Want a video idea bank that you can come back to when you aren’t sure what to film next? No problem! I’ve compiled a list of 50 beauty YouTube video ideas so you will never be stuck for ideas.

Don’t let a lack of inspiration stop you from filming and uploading consistently. Come back to this blog time and time again or add these ideas to your video idea bank for reference later.

Tutorial Videos

When it comes to tutorials, your imagination is the limit. There is a tutorial video opportunity for every possible look or occasion.

1. Full Face Of Drugstore Makeup
2. Halloween & Costume Tutorials
3. Wedding Makeup
4. Makeup For Beginners
5. A ‘No Makeup’ Tutorial
6. Everyday Makeup
7. Makeup Throughout History
8. How To Contour, Create A Smoky Eye, Etc
9. Celebrity Tutorials
10. First Day Of School Makeup
11. Holiday Tutorials
Makeup for makeup video idea
12. Best Of Beauty

Let everyone know about the best of the best in beauty this year or this past season.

13. Travel Makeup

Give your audience a rundown of what your go-to travel makeup bag looks like.

14. Makeup Favourites

Get in the habit of letting everyone know about your favourites (makeup, skincare, and general life favourites) from the past month.

15. Get Ready With Me

Get ready with me (GRWM or Chit Chat GRWM) videos give you a chance to make a beauty video and just chat with your audience and update them about your life.

16. How I Did My Makeup In High School

Give your audience a laugh for the day. Show them a pic of you in your blunder years and recreate the look for everyone to see.

17. This Not That (Dos and Don’ts)

Be the big sister every young girl needs and show your audience what to do – and more importantly what not to do by doing a half face of each.

18. Reacting To Old Makeup Videos

Been on YouTube awhile? Give yourself a good cringe and re-watch your old videos with your audience

19. Full Face Using Only Kids Makeup

It’s a tough one, but you’ll go down in beauty guru infamy if you can make a full face of kids makeup work.

Beauty Videos For All Occasions

20. The Power Of Makeup

Show everyone why you do what you do. Do half a face of makeup and let them see the power of makeup.

21. My ____ Does A Voiceover My Makeup Routine

Is your boyfriend or dad already making fun of your videos (what do they know?), then make the most of it, and let them voice over your makeup routine.

22. 3 Minute Makeup Challenge

Disaster or a pleasant surprise? Show your audience what you’re made of by trying to do all of your makeup in under 3 minutes.

23. No Mirror Makeup Challenge

Ever said “I could do this with my eyes closed” well, prove it. With the no mirror makeup challenge you won’t be able to see anything your doing.

24. My ____ Picks My Makeup

Stuck in a rut? Want to mix it up? Let your friend, boyfriend, or dad pick out the makeup you have to put on your face.

25. Dollar Store Makeup Challenge

Make it work. Spend a few bucks and get a full face of makeup from the dollar store.

26. Drugstore Versus High End

Half-face drugstore versus half-face high end.

27. $20 Makeup Challenge

Give yourself a $20 limit to buy everything you need for a full face of makeup. Make it even more compelling – compete with a friend.

28. Testing Makeup

First impressions can be extremely useful to your audience, and if it all fails – extremely entertaining.

29. Makeup Reviews

Thousands of people are searching for makeup reviews every day. Give the people what they want, review products and tell them how it really is.

30. New In Makeup

Love buying or researching new products? Let your viewers know about the best and worst new products.

31. Empties

Save that trash and show the world. Let people know what you thought of your used up products.

32. Full Face

One of the toughest challenges – full-face videos have been done with lip gloss, highlighter, and even eye shadow.

33. Makeup Haul

It’s a great excuse to go shopping. You pretty much have to buy it.

34. Full Face Of One Brand

If you’re a true makeup junkie, the likelihood is you can create a whole face of makeup using just one brand – it’s a great way to change up your routine and talk about why you love that brand.

35. What’s In My Everyday Makeup Bag

A girl’s bag can tell you a lot about a person. Let your audience in and show them what you are hauling about.

36. Morning & Night Routines

Give a bit of insight into what you get up to each morning or night.

37. Skincare Routine

Beautiful skin, beautiful you. Show your audience what skincare you use and love.

38. Best Of Brand / Ever

Let your viewers know what to buy from a brand, and what not to buy.

makeup brushes for makeup video

Tag Videos

Easy, fun and quick – tag videos are not only popular but they are a great way to collab with other YouTubers as well.

39. Ride Or Die Makeup Tag
40. YouTube Made Me Buy
41. ___ Does My Makeup
42. Used Abused Makeup Tag
43. This Or That Tag
44. 7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty Tag
45. Would You Rather Beauty Tag
46. Top 5

Show off the best of the best. Whether it’s top 5 products, top 5 mascaras, top 5 brand products, there is plenty to cover.

47. DIY Beauty

Show them what you can do with what you have at home, whether it’s a face mask or homemade lip-gloss, there are plenty of DIY video opportunities.

48. New Releases

Let your audience know about what’s coming out in the coming month, what to look forward to, and to put in their wishlist.

49. Mail Opening

Are you being sent PR packages or fan mail? Your audience might be interested in knowing what you’ve been receiving.

50. Daily Vlog

Give your audience some insight into your daily life by vlogging.

I hope those were helpful and gave you a few new beauty YouTube video ideas.

Can you think of any other beauty video ideas? Help out your fellow readers and let us know in the comments below. Or check out this blog about the top beauty hashtags.

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Looking for a way to wear your favorite lipstick while wearing a mask during your socially distanced outings — and have it actually be seen? Well, social media has the mildly disturbing, giggle-inducing solution for you: the #tinyfacemakeupchallenge.

Of all of the creative, fun, and funny beauty-related challenges that have popped up on social media while we've been staying home — and there are a lot — this is easily the most amusing. Although the idea has been around for a few years, it was recently turned into a challenge by the talented and hilarious Jaime French, a makeup artist and comedian with more than 167,000 Instagram followers. And those followers got a treat when she decided to share the process of drawing a smaller nose on her actual nose and a mouth around her nostrils for a completely silly result.

Her nearly six-minute video has gotten more than a million views, and it's literally impossible to get through it without laughing.

French credits fellow makeup artist Anna Lingis-Zavros for coming up with the idea in 2014, but a number of other bored makeup lovers have tagged French in their equally goofy yet well-executed #tinyfacemakeupchallenge posts. Check out some of the most ridiculous — and ridiculously wonderful — interpretations of the trend.

And by the way, there's more than one way to do the #tinyfacemakeupchallenge. French followed up her viral video with another in which she painted eyes on her cheeks, and — yeah, you just need to see it to fully appreciate it.

More "challenges" on social media:

Now check out a ballerina's morning makeup routine:

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Emoji Makeup Challenge Compilation🐲

The craziest makeup challenges on YouTube

1 The No Thumbs Makeup Challenge

Yup, you read that right. YouTuber are applying their makeup without the thumbs! Do you know how hard it is to do the perfect winged eyeliner?! Now, imagine trying to put on liquid liner without your thumbs. We are laughing just thinking about how disastrous that would be. Check out an example of this challenge below!

2. The No Mirror Makeup Challenge

This challenge is the funniest thing to watch. Even just the idea of doing your make up without mirror sounds hilariously daunting. But, if you are a makeup guru, and you have relatively good spacial awareness, we think mirrorless makeup application could definitely work! Watch Patrick Starr attempt this challenge below!

3. The Kids Makeup Challenge

Remember when you used to use sparkly green eyeshadow on your lips, and super slick and shiny lipgloss on your lips?? Do you ever look back and middle school pictures and cringe at the terribly makeup you actually wore out in public and thought looked cute? Well, the kids makeup challenge will take you on a trip down memory lane. Now all you need is a Lisa Frank binder and dial-up Internet to make the memory completel.

4. The Reverse Makeup Challenge

If you’re like us you have a method to how you apply your makeup. Primer, then foundation, then blush, etc. But imagine if you had to do your makeup routine in reverse. For example, you would apply your mascara before you applied your eyeliner! The horror! Well, a few of our favorite YouTubers gave this wacky challenge a try. Check it out below.

5. The Art Supply Makeup Challenge

We love browsing the aisles of our favorite art store to get inspiration from all the supplies. But imagine using your craft store as your beauty counter! Well, YouTubers have started a challenge where they do their entire face with nothing but art supplies! We must admit, the results are sometimes very beautiful! Who knew art supplies could be the latest beauty trend?

6, The Opposite Hand Makeup Challenge

We got a little nervous when we saw this challenge. All we had to do was remember how terrible our handwriting is when we try to write with our opposite hand to imagine how challenging it would be to do your whole face with your opposite hand. Let’s just say, our makeup look wouldn’t be nearly as polished as it normally is.

7. Blindfolded Makeup Challenge

It seems like the latest trend in YouTube challenges is to suppresses your senses, this time you have to apply makeup without being able to see! YouTubers have been getting together and one of them will blindfold themselves and apply makeup to their friend. The result is completely hilarious.

8. My High School Makeup Challenge

High school is a time of learning for many makeup gurus. They are trying to figure out what looks best on their face, while also being bold with unique colors and styles to make themselves stand out. However, we have noticed that many people change their makeup routine dramatically once they are out of high school. It has been so interesting to see how YouTubers did their makeup back in the day.

9. The No Blending Challenge

It pained us to even write the title of this challenge. No blending?! Gasp! We couldn’t possibly. But YouTubers are throwing caution to the wind and doing their makeup with no blending whatsoever. The results are — interesting, to say the least! Watch this challenge in action below!

10. Five Minutes Makeup Challenge

Do you think you could do your makeup in just five minutes? We think we would barely be done prepping our face before the time was up. But YouTubers are racing the clock to get a full face of makeup done in just five little minutes. Check out what happens below!

11. Using No Makeup Makeup Challenge

This challenge is hilarious. Imagine rummaging through your house for random ingredients like flour or sugar and trying to do your makeup with them! We love watching this challenge because it is the perfect blend of funny and creative.


Makeup challenges creative

TikTokers Are Creating Makeup Looks Inspired By Emojis & They're Artsy AF

An easy and fun way to show off how creative you are is to participate in a TikTok challenge, like the emoji makeup challenge. In this particular trend, TikTokers are completely transforming their faces with makeup to resemble emojis and emoji-inspired characters that are sure to make your jaw drop. The final results are definitely works of art, and these emoji makeup challenge TikToks will make you want to try doing the challenge yourself.

Before you get started, gear up for the emoji makeup challenge by listening to the sound most of the TikToks are paired with: Katy Perry's hit, "Dark Horse." During the dramatic beginning of each video, TikTokers tease viewers with a sneak peek of the emojis they're going to recreate with makeup. Some of these emojis include the banana, UFO, mountain, and frog. When the beat to the music drops, TikTokers reveal their stunning makeup artwork one at a time, leaving followers totally in awe.

If you want to participate, simply pick out your favorite emojis. Then, like the users in these emoji makeup challenge TikToks, grab your palette and get to work creating your first masterpiece. You can show behind-the-scenes clips in your video, or simply reveal your #lit makeup looks. The final results are sure to be so snap-worthy.


This Video Includes One Of Your Favorite Memes

Let's start with TikToker @chayeimodel who crushes a series of emojis in this makeup challenge video. They begin with a purple devil, then a ghost, and end with the Kermit the Frog meme. It's a must-see — especially if you want to try out the challenge for yourself.


This Video Combines Emojis For A Jaw-Dropping Look

You'll likely have a lot of trouble picking a favorite out of the four looks in @illumin_arty's emoji makeup challenge TikTok. The video is filled with props that make each entry appear even more fascinating than the last. For the last look, this TikToker combines the skull and heart emojis, and the result will make your mouth drop.


This Video Starts Off Basic, And The Ending Is Epic

TikToker @cindychendesigns starts off simple in this emoji challenge video by drawing basic lines with makeup. Spoiler alert: The beat drops to reveal the most beautiful interpretations of the lollipop, mountain, bacon, and moon emojis. This TikToker proves that your face can be a blank canvas for actual art.


This Video Is A Total Transformation

The makeup looks in @evehenderson123's challenge are so realistic that you'll want a tutorial on how this TikToker went from a blank face to a full-on ice cream cone. Watching this video, you'll likely swear that this TikToker's "third eye" is real.


This Video Features Cute And Moody Characters

Getting creative with the emoji makeup challenge is a #must, and @sydney_art is certainly a pro. This TikToker's video takes lovey-dovey emojis like the rose and beating heart, and turns them into characters with different personalities.

Makeup Inspired By Emojis - TikTok Emoji Makeup Challenge

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