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Hello, Minecraft Gods is a private server amoung friends and I one of our members decided to open a public server of the same name to try something different meet new people and maybe try start a new community.

This server is for players who want a Vanilla MC Experience with the ability to join jobs purchase player warps create land claims with grief prevention and have skills to unlock while playing with mcmmo. server is set to Hard mode to experience minecraft in all its glory.

As our server is very new we will over time approach players who stick around the chance to apply for mod rank.

Hope to see you on the server and hope you enjoy your visit and stay a while if not build a home instead. :)

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Sours: https://minecraftservers.org/server/604719

God’s fist is the ultimate overpowered tool for minecraft. It will break any and every block in its path and often multiple blocks at once.

You can walk up to a tree and within a few hits have a good portion or all of it down.

It’s especially effective when mining as you can clear a vast area around you with minimal effort and without even moving much. The picture below is all from standing in the same spot.

It’s even faster than breaking blocks in creative mode with the added benefit that it retains all the block drops while creative doesn’t.

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Sours: https://www.minecraftmods.com/gods-fist/
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League of Gods Minecraft Server


We provide you a tremendous gaming experience with most of the slime plugins, add-ons, and other services based on the ancient Greek theme. This server is ideal for all new high-tech builders as well as Greek myth lovers. Harness the powers of the Greek gods We also provide you the ability either to follow the ancient Greek pantheon or else follow another religion by building shrines and assigning priests.

IP Address: LeagueofGods.minecra.fr

Official Website of the Server: https://leagueofgods.xyz/

Discord: https://discord.gg/nywQJh5ZCG

Live Map of the Server (Live updating):

*We try our best to provide you the best gaming experience. Thank you and Enjoy !!

©️ vxnyrz Gaming

  League of Gods - MC
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Sours: https://minecraftlist.org/server/24705


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The plugin for adding Gods to minecraft!

A God is an entity that exist because a player has chosen to believe in it.

A player shows his faith in a god by building an altar for his god and using the altar to pray. In this way, many gods may exist at a time, all with names created by the players.

The main purpose for believing in these Gods is to gain from the help the Gods provide (see below) and to provide some basic faction play based on ideology and culture (I.e. "My god is better than yours because apples are holy!").

Another purpose is simply to get people inspired to build awesome churches and use them for their Gods.

With Holy Lands, players can easily protect their lands from grief by simply building alters to their Gods.


  • Install a Spigot server
  • Download Gods
  • Drop the Gods.jar into the plugins folder.
  • Start your Spigot/CraftBukkit server. (Using /reload can have unwanted side effects with players still online, and with complex plugins dependencies, so it's not recommended.)


Compiling Gods.jar

  • Gods must be compiled with Java 8 compliance. Make sure you have a JDK 8 installed.
  • Gods has been developed using Eclipse (But any other IDE should work as well)
  • Checkout the Gods repo using git in a Command Line:
  • Open the Gods project folder in Eclipse (or another IDE of choice)
  • Right click the Gods project folder in Eclipse and select "Run as maven build..."
  • Click the "Run" button in the configuration window that appears
  • The Gods.jar file will be compiled and available in the /target folder under your project folder
Sours: https://github.com/DogOnFire/Gods

Gods minecraft

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Minecraft If There Were GOD Swords…

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