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Infantry Watches Review (2021)

Infantry watches review

Being exclusive and spending not all the money in the world on a unique detail for your look is real. In fact, there are lots of accessories that can improve your appearance, but today, we’re going to talk about classic things – watches. This review is dedicated to a brand that has been created not a really long time ago but has earned recognition by the quality and originality. WatchmakerNotes has spent more than 54 hours searching and selecting the best models that are described in the Infantry watches review. And, you’ll know nothing about them without reading this article.

Best Infantry Watches

Men’s MDC Minimalist Ultra Thin Dress Casual Watch

Men's MDC Minimalist Ultra

One of the most popular watches is MDC Minimalist Ultra Thin Dress for men. The date of its release is March 15, 2018. This timekeeper with a 40 mm display will wonderfully fit your daily life and make it comfortable as much as possible.

First, its leather strap that won’t cause any discomfort when wearing it. Second, it’s suitable for many kinds of sports and resists up to 99 feet deep, but not submerging and showering. And the third thing is its thinness and lightness that distinguish it from alternative samples. Moreover, its design allows wearing it wherever you want since it will match any look. Besides, who doesn’t want to have such a great combination of the quality, design, and manufacturer’s guarantee that says the watch will be refurbished if something happens to it within 12 months.

  • It’s thin and lightweight
  • Its design is universal
  • It’s really cheap
  • It doesn’t have a second hand
Before you go forward and read more about Infantry watches, take a look at the best men’s automatic watches. This article will give you a hint on how high-quality watches look like so you can compare them with the new brand.

Men’s MDC Waterproof Military Tactical Wrist Watches

Men's MDC Military Tactical

If you want to put something unusual but still useful on your wrist, then MDC Waterproof Military Tactical should be your perfect fit. This model is quite new since it became available on August 22, 2019 and has attracted lots of users.

This timepiece with a 40-millimeter face is a nice gift for a person who is a fan of hiking or staying in a forest at night. Besides, its luminous hands and large hour markings help recognize time in the darkness even if there is no slight sign of the light. Moreover, the date and day calendar should be useful as well. Along with the NATO strap and its construction, the watch can withstand the water pressure up to 165 feet.

The quality and performance are of a pretty high level, so the manufacturer guarantees its stable work for 1 year.

  • It is comfortable to wear
  • An ability to change the language of the calendar (English or Spanish)
  • The luminosity may be dim in the dark

Men’s MDC Minimalist Ultra Thin Wrist Watches

Men's MDC Minimalist

Did you like the Minimalist Ultra Thin model? Then check out the same model but in another color solution that was released on January 31, 2019.

Instead of a white background, the owner will get a 40 mm display on the blue one, and it will look gorgeous with a tuxedo or a pair of jeans. Besides, the leather strap will work as zest in your look. Luckily, the functions are the same as in a “white” version.

Like the previous models, this one is no exception, and it is also covered by a year of manufacturer’s warranty.

  • The dial looks wonderful under the sunlight
  • It’s lightweight and thin
  • The belt quality doesn’t correspond to the watch quality

Men’s Army Military Field Analog Watch

Men's Military Field

Someone may associate the next model with Hulk, a frog, or a goblin, but it doesn’t influence the fact that the watch attracts people’s attention greatly. The green timepiece was announced on November 6, 2017, and since that time, its popularity doesn’t quiet down. Thus, let’s figure out why.

First is its appearance that is totally khaki green. Second is the design of the 35 mm dial that is cute but still looks brutal. And finally, the water resistance of this watch is up to 99 feet deep. However, a potential user should note that it should be removed from the wrist in the swimming pool or a bath. In case of its breakage, you need to contact the customer service since the manufacturer guarantees a year of proper work.

  • A solid construction
  • The luminous hands
  • The luminosity is not durable

Men’s Aviator Pilot Watch

Men's Aviator Pilot

Buying a watch with lots of functions and at a low price is possible with the Infantry brand. The Aviator model that was announced on July 31, 2019 has received lots of fans and positive feedback. Moreover, it has become a really fierce competitor. The 42 mm face has all the necessary features for those who stick to the active lifestyle. Besides, the watch comes with a rubber band. This feature along with the water resistance up to 330 feet allows this device to be irreplaceable for people who adore diving or are not used to having a bath or a shower without the watch. And be sure you shouldn’t have any issues at least for 12 months; otherwise, it’s better to contact the manufacturer.

  • The face and hours markings are large and well seen
  • Many features
  • A luminous finish on hands and hour markings
  • The buttons shouldn’t be pressed while the watch is underwater
There is a great selection of watches that can compete with Infantry timekeepers. Despite being slightly more expensive, these models are definitely worth mentioning. Thus, you are invited to check the best Roamer watches review.

Top Infantry Watches in 2020 (Unavailable Now)

Men’s Military Digital Watch

Men's Military Digital

The truly unique design is absolutely about the Military Digital watch. Indeed, a user may think it has a square face, but there is a round 46 mm dial on the square stainless steel support. And since this model has been produced for the extremal purposes, it features the specially selected protective glass that is made of an anti-scratch mineral.

The large hour markings and a luminous finish on hands allow a user not to focus their eyes in the dark. Besides, there are 2 additional digital displays that have a backlight, and of course, it simplifies their usage greatly.

As you might have guessed, this watch shouldn’t be deprived of functions. Indeed, there are lots of useful things such as an alarm, a stopwatch, a chronograph, and a calendar. Thus, despite the fact that these functions cannot be used in water since the timepiece is totally nonwaterproof, the owner can rely on the manufacturer’s support that covers the item for 12 months.

  • A large display
  • Luminous hands and hour markings
  • Lots of functions
  • It’s nonwaterproof
  • The glass may be flimsy

Men’s Big Face Heavy Duty Watch

Men's Big Face

The really aggressive design will definitely attract lots of people passing by. The model that was announced on July 5, 2018 has a 50-millimeter face that is covered by a mineral glass. Underneath, there is a combination of analog and digital displays that allow tracking 2 time zones simultaneously. Besides, there are functions such as an alarm, a chronograph, a stopwatch, and finally a day, date and month calendar. Moreover, the digital dial has a backlight, so the time is well seen in the dark.

Despite the brutal appearance, the timekeeper has a weak point – its water resistance. Thus, keep that in mind when you go to the shower or, worse still, to the swimming pool. However, in other cases, this device will work properly and for a long time. Otherwise, if something happens to it, you can contact the manufacturer’s customer service for 1 year.

  • A large face
  • Lots of functions

Men’s MDC Ultra Thin Leather Watch

Men's MDC Ultra

The Ultra Thin watch from the Infantry brand is truly considered to be a simple but reliable device. The release of this timekeeper was announced on September 1, 2019. And the secret of this item is in its simplicity.

The dial has a white background with silver hour markings and hands that is a classic solution. Besides, all of them fit in a 40 mm display that is enough for seeing the time. In addition, the watch comes with a leather band. However, some may be confused by its colors since not everyone prefers such a loud combination, but it is totally fixable by replacing the current strap with another one.

As for its quality and performance, potential users can forget about its breakage at least for 1 year.

  • The display is large enough to read the time
  • It’s lightweight and thin
  • The leather band is comfortable to wear
  • It’s not suitable for big wrists
  • There is no second hand

Women’s MDC Minimalist Ultra Thin Leather Watch

Women's MDC Minimalist Ultra Thin

Now, it’s time for the only women watch in this list. And the item that was released on February 7, 2019, may be a cup of tea for young ladies that follow the trends.

The timepiece comes with the 36 mm rose gold display that is enough to see the time. However, the manufacturer decided to make this model without a second hand that may be quite challenging for some people. Perhaps, the comfortability of wearing a leather band will cover this weakness.

Its performance is really good in order to work without any breakage within 12 months. However, a user should also follow some recommendations. In particular, they should avoid wearing the watch when taking a bath or a shower or visiting a swimming pool.

  • The size of the dial is pretty big
  • There is a leather band

Men’s MDC Pilot Watch

Men's MDC Pilot

Being an owner of the Pilot watch from Infantry will make everyone envy you. This timekeeper is an awesome model for men that was announced on November 18, 2018.

There is a 42 mm dial that comprises lots of functions necessary for pilot watches. As a bonus, there is a tachymeter. The display is well protected by a stainless steel case. And for comfortable wearing, there is a leather band.

The device is promised to work for at least 12 months; otherwise, you need to contact the customer service.

  • It’s reliable
  • A leather band
  • Many functions



Since this brand is relatively new, the majority of watch ⌚ lovers may not be familiar with its history and interesting facts. Thus, there may appear lots of questions from potential users. For your comfort, this section is fully dedicated to the common search queries so you can find all the missing information here.

Who Makes Infantry Watches?

The Infantry watches distinguish a lot from lots of competitors of the same price 💲 range. This brand was founded by two people who wanted to make something of high quality but still affordable for any person. The part of their business is in Hong Kong. Since 2010, when they announced their brand existence, founders haven’t even slightly changed the main idea – the military style.

Where to Buy?

Some potential users may be confused 😵 by the number of offers and the price range that differs from state to state and from store to store. This might be the main reason why people prefer to wait for a sale or clearance. However, you should know that online platforms such as Amazon and eBay always have the best offers for you. Thus, you are highly recommended checking them before you make your decision.


For sure, you can find lots of high quality but relatively expensive timepieces. However, now it’s really boring if you prefer not to blend in. Instead of this, you may want to have the item for everyday usage and of high quality but still at a really low price. That’s where the Infantry watches may be an appropriate solution. And no matter whether you want this piece for yourself or to give it as a present. In both cases, the watch will be a perfect option.



Watches tend to be a staple accessory for a lot of people but they can also be quite costly. Aviateur Co wanted to create something that was fashionable and functional, which is why they launched their Kickstarter Campaign to fund their range of Infantry DIY Modular Watches.

The Infantry campaign is the third one to be created by the company because of the success they had from their first two launched with and initial goal of $10,000 CAD, but they actually raised over $200,000 with 1,155 backers.

Doesn’t matter how old we become, we will also have our toys. Whether its cars, shoes, or watches; we all have things that we collect. The Infantry watch is designed to resemble fighter jet engines and combines style and an aspect of childhood back into people’s lives by allowing consumers to put the parts together themselves and customize it the way that they want to. This particular watch took over 2 years to be developed and during testing, they found out out that there can be over 1000s of different combinations to match any style. 

There are already companies that have dabbled in the modular watch concept, but Aviateur Co wanted to create a product with unique designs, great materials, array of colors, and delicate craftsmanship. They saw that the concept was very limited and other companies had compromised build quality for price and there weren’t a lot of styles and varieties.

The current watches are available in four base models; The Skeleton MKI, Skeleton MKII, 24 hr Military Time and Analog with Date. The modular design of the watch allows the wearer to interchange the dial with movement, face plate, ring, strap. The Infantry watches come in 42mm unisex cases, featuring stainless steel, silicon, or genuine leather straps and are waterproof up to 100 meters. Backers of the Kickstarter Campaign will also receive a 2-year components warranty and a luxury wooden finish box.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign here and the perks when people sign up include a special Super Early Bird price of CA$ 300 which includes infantry modular watch, any components and a luxury box, saving over 45% off the MSRP and all watches deliver worldwide for free.

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