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Mistakes in Wizard101 &
How to Avoid Them

In Wizard101, wizards have the benefit of being able to make multiple choices about which path they want to follow. While most paths all have the same end result, there are some steps that every wizard should take in order to have an easier time with their journey to finish the storyline or to become amazing at PvP. There are also some Wizard101 mistakes that are easily avoidable, and that’s really what this article will help you with.

Training A Secondary School

This is easily one of the most common mistakes in the game. When your wizard levels up, or completes certain quests, you gain a training point. One mistake that I was definitely guilty of investing all of my training points into was Death. It may have been a good maneuver up until getting feint, but I trained Doom and Gloom, and Wraith.

Doom and Gloom and Wraith aren’t exactly handy for a level 50 storm. Therefore, I would suggest avoiding investing all of your points into one single secondary school. Diversify and get the strengths of all of the schools!

How to use your training points?
Check out this article!

How many training points you’ll need?
Check out our calculator!

Not Crafting or managing Reagents

Crafted Gear is some of the best gear in Wizard101. The quests are sometimes difficult, but are definitely worth it. For a guide to these quests, check this out!

Some reagents may be tricky to find, but you can buy them in the bazaar or garden them! Never ever sell reagents, no matter how desperately you need the gold. They may be useful later on! Always pick up any and every reagent or chest you see in the game.

Not checking the Wizard City Bazaar

The Bazaar will give you the best deal for any gear, treasure cards, furniture, snacks, and reagents that isn’t marked as “No Auction”. Not selling here is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Quick selling from your backpack may be convenient, but you’ll be losing yourself a lot of gold. Additionally, you can buy some amazing gear here from levels 1-60 and some good decks until level 110.

Training a Pet

Pets can completely revolutionize your game experience. Some pets are able to provide you with massive stat buffs, granted they have the necessary talents – mine gives 22% damage and 40+ critical rating.

Pets can also provide a wide variety of useful item cards, such as blades, that are valuable in combat due to blade stacking. Thanks to hatchmaking, you have access to good pets to hatch with at any time. Hatchmaking can be accessed from the little kiosk in the Pet Pavilion, but as you may know it does cost plenty of gold.

To level up pets so they can provide you with even more talents you will need snacks. These can even be farmed from battles or you can obtain them from gardening. You don’t necessarily need crowns to get into a good pet. For those who aren’t as familiar with pets, check this out!

Not Gardening

Gardening can basically help you get anything you want in the game. This includes mega snacks, rare treasure cards, furniture, jewels, and a few other things. We definitely recommend getting the Red Barn Farm from the Crown Shop that is available for gold. This will make all of your plants grow faster!

Study what each of your plants likes and dislikes in order to speed up the growth of your plants. Common items include Garden Gnomes, furniture items dropped from the very same plants, and Pixies that are either summoned automatically on plants or by casting a gardening spell.

Not doing a little Fishing

Fishing is definitely not a mandatory activity in Wizard101 and perhaps its not for everyone but there are plenty of benefits for participating in it. For instance, fishing lets you:

  • obtain some mounts through crafting or even getting mounts from fishing up chests;
  • craft some mega snacks;
  • fish for some very cool and unique wands;
  • and get buckets of gold by selling fish!

Additionally, at higher levels you will require fishing to complete specific crafting quests as some reagents are only available through fishing. It can also be a relaxing activity to spend time on.

Being scared to use Treasure Cards (TC)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying go berserk on the Lifebane TC. What I am saying is, stack up on TC enchants, blades, and hits. These will come in handy for you later down the line.

Not Utilizing Discarding & Keeping a small deck

As far as Wizard101 mistakes go, this one can be a bit controversial. Do you really need 4 copies of StormBlade in your hand? By discarding, you can find other useful cards faster and thus having a healthier selection of spells in your hand. At the end of the day, it depends on your playing style preferences, but having less cards is more likely to speed up your combat.

Not Upgrading gear every few Levels

Gear stats can make or break a wizard. Even a 2% increase in accuracy can make a huge difference, especially at lower levels. Trust me, anyone that has quested between levels 1 and 60 knows what I am talking about.

If you are choosing to use Bazaar gear and not farming major dungeons, you should be checking every 3-5 levels and updating them then. There are other alternatives at some levels that you can keep an eye out for.

Farming, or NOT Farming Bosses for better gear

Some dungeons and their bosses offer gear that can be pivotal for the game such as Waterworks or Darkmoor. Other dungeons are, for lack of a better word, useless. Atlantea is ten levels higher than Waterworks, and its gear is worse than both Waterworks’ and Avalon’s Crafted Gear.

Understand which dungeons you should spend time farming, and which bosses you should do for the completion experience. I would recommend farming Waterworks, Darkmoor, and the Catacombs (WCU). If you are looking at farming more of the major dungeons keep in mind the below instances:

Hopefully, this helps you eliminate some mistakes you make in gameplay! Did we miss anything any common Wizard101 mistakes?
Let us know in the comments!

Sours: https://finalbastion.com/wizard101-guides/wizard101-mistakes-avoid-them/

What level should you be in each world Wizard101?

What level should you be in each world Wizard101?

Whatever level you want. But generally each world is tuned for every 10 levels.

How do you get to different worlds in Wizard101?

Once you have been given that quest, you can access the Spiral door by entering Bartleby the World Tree. After you’ve completed Krokotopia, you can move on to Marleybone, then MooShu, then Dragonspyre. You can visit Grizzleheim at level 5, but cannot return until level 20.

How many different worlds are in Wizard101?

Did You Know that Wizard101 launched in 2008 with just 4 worlds: Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, and MooShu. Now we have 17!

What level is required for Celestia?

Entering Celestia You have to be level 48 or higher to enter the underwater world of Celestia.

What is the highest level on Wizard101?

You’ll be interested to know that the max level currently stands at 130.

What level should you be when you finish Krokotopia?

If you do all side quests, you’ll generally leave Krokotopia at level 27 or 28. If you’re level 36 and haven’t left Krokotopia, then you’re doing a lot of needless fighting and/or you’re apparently not finishing a storyline quest.

What is the max level on Wizard101?

What world comes after Zafaria?

Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, Dragonspyre, Celestia, Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca, Khrysalis. The side worlds are Grizzleheim and Wysteria.

What level should I be for Khrysalis?

Definitely not level 100. When Khrysalis was brand new, people started it at level 90. Now that there’s no level cap before it, you’re likely to be a little past 90, but not by much.

What level is Wintertusk?

There technically isn’t a level requirement for Wintertusk. It is a quest completion that gets you in. However, the prequest that starts this whole chain requires level 40. So your answer is level 40, although wizards will always be higher than that starting in Wintertusk.

How many levels should a wizard have in each world?

As a general rule a wizard should have advanced 10 levels through each world. These are roughly the levels you will be at the start and end of each world. (Unless you do side quests, then your levels will be higher when you enter the worlds.

How many training points do you have for Wizard101?

Experience Level Experience to Next Level Total Experience Training Points Obtained Total Training Points 1 45 45 0 0 2 115 160 0 0 3 205 365 0 0 4 340 705 1 1

What are all of the quests in Wizard101?

Bartleby protects all worlds by eternally maintaining a connection to them along the Spiral. There are many quests that center around this Friendly tree as you advance through levels and worlds. Wizard101 Worlds & Quests.

Where do the wizards go in Wizard101 worlds?

Which is a fragment of a broken world lost to time. From the edge of this island, one can see the dark swirl of Khrysalis. The Wizards will explore Morganthe’s world. Searching for ways to disrupt her power and learning the secrets of her magic in order to have a chance of restoring the Spiral.

As a general rule a wizard should have advanced 10 levels through each world. These are roughly the levels you will be at the start and end of each world. (Unless you do side quests, then your levels will be higher when you enter the worlds.

Bartleby protects all worlds by eternally maintaining a connection to them along the Spiral. There are many quests that center around this Friendly tree as you advance through levels and worlds. Wizard101 Worlds & Quests.

Which is a fragment of a broken world lost to time. From the edge of this island, one can see the dark swirl of Khrysalis. The Wizards will explore Morganthe’s world. Searching for ways to disrupt her power and learning the secrets of her magic in order to have a chance of restoring the Spiral.

Sours: https://boardgamestips.com/collectible-card-games/what-level-should-you-be-in-each-world-wizard101/
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What Level Should I Be For Each World?

What Level Should I Be For Each World?
I've found a few different posts about this, but they are all outdated. Is anyone able to give me an updated list?

Also I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section. Not sure where to put it.

Re: What Level Should I Be For Each World?
As a general rule a wizard should have advanced 10 levels through each world. These are roughly the levels you will be at the start and end of each world. (Unless you do side quests, then your levels will be higher when you enter the worlds. For example, I do EVERY side quest and am level 95 and have just started Khrysalis, whereas my nephew [who speed runs the worlds] entered Mooshu at level 28)

Wizard City 1 -10
Krokotopia 11 - 20
Marleybone 21 - 30
Mooshu 31 - 40
Dragonspyre 41 - 50
Celestia 51 - 60
Zafaria 61 - 70
Avalon 71 - 80
Azteca 81 - 90
Khrysalis 91 - 100
Polaris 101 - 110
Mirage 111 - 120
Empyrea 121 - 125

Grizzelhiem is a special world that you begin questing in at level 20 and it progressively gets harder as you quest through the worlds. With Wintertusk, Grizzelhiem has quests for each level Wizard up through 60.

Hope this helps

Steven Ghoststalker

Re: What Level Should I Be For Each World?
Here's the rule of thumb I use: whatever the minimum level was when that world first came out. The main worlds are pretty easy to keep track of using this general rule.

10 - Krokotopia
20- Marleybone
30 - Mooshu
40 - Dragonspyre
50 - Celestia
60 - Zafaria
70 - Avalon
80 - Azteca
90 - Khrysalis
100 - Polaris
110 - Mirage
120 - Empyrea

As for side worlds, they went something like this at first release:

12 - Crab Alley
20 - Grizzleheim: Savaarstad Pass
25 - Wysteria, Kembaalung & Grizzleheim: Vigrid Roughland
30 - Aquila: Olympus
35 - Grizzleheim: Mirkholm Keep
40 - Barkingham Palace & Grizzleheim: Nidavellir
45 - Grizzleheim: Ravenscar
50 - Wintertusk (technically you can go in at 45 now, but 50 is better because of critical hits)
60 - Waterworks, Tower of Helephant, & Ziggazag
70 - Aquila: Atlantis
90 - Aquila: Tartarus
100 - Darkmoor

Alia Misthaven

Re: What Level Should I Be For Each World?
Whatever level you want. But generally each world is tuned for every 10 levels. Example: Krok is 10, Marleybone is 20, Mooshu is 30 and etc.

Re: What Level Should I Be For Each World?
Freshta on May 3, 2018 wrote:
Here's the rule of thumb I use: whatever the minimum level was when that world first came out. The main worlds are pretty easy to keep track of using this general rule.

10 - Krokotopia
20- Marleybone
30 - Mooshu
40 - Dragonspyre
50 - Celestia
60 - Zafaria
70 - Avalon
80 - Azteca
90 - Khrysalis
100 - Polaris
110 - Mirage
120 - Empyrea

As for side worlds, they went something like this at first release:

12 - Crab Alley
20 - Grizzleheim: Savaarstad Pass
25 - Wysteria, Kembaalung & Grizzleheim: Vigrid Roughland
30 - Aquila: Olympus
35 - Grizzleheim: Mirkholm Keep
40 - Barkingham Palace & Grizzleheim: Nidavellir
45 - Grizzleheim: Ravenscar
50 - Wintertusk (technically you can go in at 45 now, but 50 is better because of critical hits)
60 - Waterworks, Tower of Helephant, & Ziggazag
70 - Aquila: Atlantis
90 - Aquila: Tartarus
100 - Darkmoor

Alia Misthaven
Thank you for adding the side worlds.

S Gs

Sours: https://www.wizard101.com/forum/ravenwood-commons/what-level-should-i-be-for-each-world-8ad6a425631feb7b016324c2684a5c68
Wizard101: All Death Spells Level 1-140 (2021)

At what levels do you get training points Wizard101?

There are two ways to earn Training Points: Experience – Leveling up from 1-20, Wizards earn one Training Point every 4 levels. From levels 20-130, Wizards then earn one Training Point every 5 levels.

How do you get training points Wizard101?

You can earn training points in Wizard101 simply by leveling up. For every 4 levels from levels 1–20, you will receive one training point.

Where is the sun school in Wizard101?

The Zafaria Sun School Trainer is an obelisk in the Drum Jungle that becomes available during the quest Midnight Sun. The Azteca Sun School Trainer in Three Points becomes available during the quest Turn Up the Sun.

Where do you get the colossal spell?

Re: Colossal Spell Since you only have up to Monstrous, you will need the gargantuan spell in order to have learn Colossal. So, visit the Sun School Trainer in The Floating Land back in Celestia to obtain it.

How do you unlock Sun School in Zafaria?

The quest is called Astral Weeks. Follow this until you unlock the star trainer in Zamunda. Then when are high enough level and in Drum Jungle, Koko Smokesigh will have a side quest that leads to the unlocking of the sun trainer.

What level do you get sharpened blade?

Sharpened blade is a quest that takes place in Azteca. You need to be level 86 to use and, you need to fix the sun trainer school.

Where do you get elemental blade in wizard101?

You can get Elemental Blade & Elemental Trap from Niles in Krokotopia. He’s the tree in krokosphinx, next to the balance school.

Where can I find reshuffle?

Mildred Farseer in Colossus Boulevard has a Reshuffle Card (balance school) that costs 1 training point to get.

Where do I learn reshuffle spell?

Where can I learn/obtain reshuffle? In the first little “plaza” of Colossus Boulevard, you should see a little path leading down to a building. Go on inside, and there’s a spell trainer named Mildred Farseer (iirc) who will teach you reshuffle as long as you’re level 20 and have a training point.

What level is reshuffle?


Sours: https://www.mvorganizing.org/at-what-levels-do-you-get-training-points-wizard101/

Levels wizard101

A quick guide to Wizard101 Pets

Wizard101 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG for short!) that was originally created in 2008 by KingsIsle Entertainment. It has proved to be enormously popular, with over 50 million individual accounts being reported to have been created in 2014. In the game, the players take on the roles of students at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. You learn all the necessary spells and skills here to help you save the Spiral from various threats. The Spiral is the galaxy where the game is set. 




Players battle against enemies using different weapons and spells in a turn-based combat system that is similar to card games. When you first start the game, you have to choose a school – Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, Life, Death or Balance. Each of these schools has their own spells. While the game is largely based around turn-based duels, there are various hobbies you can get involved with too.  These include fishing, gardening and looking after pets. We’re going to have a look at Wizard101 pets in this article.


Wizard101 Pets

Some players in Wizard101 don’t go in for pets. But having a good pet can be an absolute game changer. Wizard101 pets can give you a whole bunch of really handy stats and talents, so they’re definitely worth your time. Wizard101 pets come from loads of different sources, but most often you are able to buy them through one of the many vendors in the Spiral. Some bosses in the game also drop them, or give them as rewards from certain quests. In some quests, the option to enter into other quests that will end up providing you with pets is also possible. Wizard101 pet quests are available at level 48, 58, 78, 98 and 118. You’re also able to hatch your own pet and even hatch Wizard101 pets with other wizards’ pets to create a hybrid!


Pet levels

Wizard101 pets always start off as babies. To progress to a teen, it will need 125 pet XP, which basically continues for all the different levels of the pet’s life. 


  • Baby to Teen – 125XP
  • Teen to Adult – 250XP
  • Adult to Ancient – 525XP
  • Ancient to Epic – 1050XP
  • Epic to Mega – 2125XP
  • Mega to Ultra – 2250XP


Every level your pet gains will give it a new talent (apart from when leveling up from Mega to Ultra). It’s worth avoiding leveling up to Ultra too quickly though. These involve Talents. 


Wizard101 pets – Talents

There are several types of Talents that your pet can achieve. Your pet will be born with a set of Talents, especially if it is a ‘first generation’ pet. If a pet has hatched with another pet, the Talents of the new pet are mixed from its parents. The most notable talent categories are as follows:


Wizard Stat Boost Talents

These help with resistance, healing, damage and the rest of your character’s statistics. 

May Cast Talents

  • These automatically cast a bunch of different spells, like global spells, charms, wards, heals or auras, amongst many, many others.

Selfish Talents

  • These boost the Wizard101 pet’s statistics – they don’t really benefit you as the wizard much though.

Combat Talents

  • Very similar to May Cast Talents, but you can actually cast spells on command.

Adventure Talents

  • You use these whilst exploring the Spiral. Wizard101 pets can only have one at a time though. Their function is to be able to retrieve items like chests and reagents.


There are certain Jewel Talents that require your pet to be Ultra, so it’s only worth leveling up to Ultra if you  need one of these Talents.


Pets and Snacks

Just like a pet in real life, you’ll have to feed your Wizard101 pet! There’s a variety of snacks you can choose from, and choosing the right one will impact how much your pet grows. Make sure you pick snacks that will help boost the stats that, in turn, will help your pet’s Talents. The best snacks to go for give 50-60 EXP, commonly known as Mega Snacks. Gardening is the best way of making these Mega Snacks. Wizard101 pets will also have their favorite snacks – you’ll probably have to try out a few different types of snack to see which ones your pet likes best. Snacks also give your Wizard101 pets happiness, which is a really important stat along with Strength, Intellect, Agility, Will and Power.


A Wizard’s Best Friend

So there’s a quick guide to Wizard101 pets. Lots of people wonder whether they are worth the time and effort, and in short, we say that they absolutely are! There is no doubting that Wizard101 pets are tricky though – they take some looking after and keeping happy. However, the rewards that a good pet can give you are really important, and can make or break a wizard. So keep on training your Wizard101 pets, and why not take it a step further and hatch some yourself?



Sours: https://www.bananatic.com/blog/a-quick-guide-to-wizard101-pets
Wizard101: All Myth Spells Level 1-140 (2021)


massively multiplayer online role-playing game by KingsIsle Entertainment

2008 video game

Wizard101 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) released in 2008 by KingsIsle Entertainment. In the game, players take on the role of students of Ravenwood School of Magical Arts in order to save the Spiral, the fictional galaxy in which the game is set, from various threats. Players battle enemies by casting spells using a variety of different weapons in a turn-based combat system similar to collectible card games.

Pirate101, a sister MMORPG set in the same universe, was released in 2012.


Screenshot of a player in The Commons, Wizard City during the Yuletide holiday season.

The fictional universe of the Spiral is divided into many worlds, each of which has multiple areas. Players can unlock these temporarily with "memberships" or unlock each area permanently with the game's premium currency "Crowns." A wizard first starting the game must choose a school: Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, Life, Death, or Balance, each complete with their own set of unique spells and playstyles.

The game is based around "duels": two teams made up of one to four players or computer enemies on each team who take turns casting spells. Spells can be cast using "pips." A player gains one pip every round, and there is a chance that that pip will be a "power pip," worth two regular pips for spells that are of the player's class. Spells can reduce the health of enemy creatures, increase the health of yourself or allies, add shields that reduce damage, add blades that modify the amount of damage done, traps, buffs which increase damage, and more. When a player reduces a computer enemy's health to zero, they are defeated; players with a health of zero can be healed by others on their team unless they "flee" the duel. When every player or computer on a team has zero health, the other team wins.

As the player progresses, more worlds become available. There are many main worlds, with a few smaller side ones that are optional. When wizards level up, they gain new badge titles and automatic increases in their base statistics: health, mana, and energy. Most equipment also has level restrictions. Hobbies such as training pets, fishing, and gardening require energy; crafting instead requires various resources called "reagents". Players can duel each other in the PvP arena and some houses. As of September 2021, players can achieve a maximum level of 140.[1]

The game holds a rating of E10+ from the Entertainment Software Rating Board for crude humor and mild fantasy violence.[2][3][4]

Payment model[edit]

The game offers a choice of either a subscription or a "Free-to-Play" option with microtransactions. Free-to-Play customers can purchase access to different areas of content using an in-game premium currency called Crowns. Such areas only need to be bought once, but other actions in the game may be necessary before accessing them. Crowns also can be used to purchase exclusive in-game items and access PvP tournaments. The fee for PvP tournaments vary, depending on whether the player has an existing Wizard101 membership. Crowns can be purchased with a game card, from the online store or earned in small amounts through SuperRewards.

Subscriptions unlock all playable worlds, as well as allowing players to compete in ranked PvP matches and ranked Pet Derby races, enter tournaments for gold, store more items in their backpack, and gain the ability to post on the Wizard101 Message Board, along with other minor benefits for the duration of their membership.

In the European version of Wizard101, players are able to buy Subscriptions or Bundles with Crowns.

Also, certain areas and dungeons in Wizard101 can be rented for a certain period of time such as the 6-hour rentals for Mount Olympus, Atlantea, and Tartarus in Aquila.[5] Unlimited access to ranked PVP and Pet Derby matches can be rented on a per-match or daily basis.

Player interaction[edit]

Due to its young core audience, Wizard101 restricts player interaction when compared to other games in the massively multiplayer online genre. There are four different types of Chat: Menu Chat, Text Chat, Private Chat and Open Chat. Menu Chat only allows the player to choose from a variety of predetermined phrases or sentences and prevents them from typing anything else in Chat. In Text Chat, what the player types can be seen by every other wizard in the area either from a word bubble on top of the speaker's head or in the chatbox. Private Chat is when a wizard wishes to speak in private, or "message" to another wizard. This appears on the screen in a white box to the left. The type of communication is restricted based on the age of the player. When typed, words that appear in white are words that everyone can view. Yellow words can only be seen by players who have their accounts set to "Open Chat." Open Chat is obtained by players identified as 18 years or older by using their credit cards. Red words are not allowed and can be seen by no one, not even the player who wrote it. If an adult chatter types red or yellow words, younger players will see ellipses (...) in place of the word. Also note that when players do not have Open Chat and say a Red word, players with Open Chat will not see that word either, and will see ellipses as well. Red words include not only profanity but also words that would allow players to share real-life information, including phone numbers, their ages, or real-world locations.

Players may fight each other, either in free Practice dueling or Ranked dueling, which must be purchased with Crowns or a membership. Unlike Practice matches, Ranked matches affect the player's ranking badge or title and grant the victor or victors Arena Tickets, yet another type of in-game premium currency. Duels between players are available only in a special player versus player arena designated for the purpose.[6] The PvP arena can be found upon entry to Unicorn Way from the Commons in Wizard City, in some houses, and within Outer Yard in Avalon.[7][8]

Rewards for combat or completing a quest are distributed automatically among a group if players decide to stay together, so players need not argue over spoils.[9] Players may trade a special type of spell card called a "treasure card," which can be rearranged by clicking the golden card icon in the player's spell book and then can be used in battle when the player discards cards and then clicks draw to pull a random treasure card they put in their deck. These cards can only be used once and can be used by any player from any school of Magic. A treasure card is typically stronger than the standard variant of the card. This spell will disappear from the player's spell deck once it is used. So far, players are unable to trade items other than treasure cards between one another. (It is possible, however, to trade most items to one's other wizards on the same account, through the use of a shared bank).[3][10]

Online safety features[edit]

Parental controls[edit]

Wizard101 has various parental controls available that can be managed by a "Master Account" through the game's website. Once a setting is changed on the Master Account, it goes into effect on all connected accounts in a family of accounts.[11] Parental control options include changing the chat settings to restrict the account from certain chat functions.

Player chat[edit]

If a player is under 13 years of age, they aren't able to see text messages and are restricted to "menu chat," a selection of phrases that can be used to interact with other players (must have made a debit/credit card purchase). However, with a master password, the parent can allow a child under 13 to use text chat. If the player is 13 years or older, they can send and see text messages, but word filters are in place to censor profanity, numbers, and personal information such as emails or names. Filtered words are marked red while typing, and will be sent as three dots once sent.[12] If the player is 18 years or older and has verified their account via credit card, text messages become much less restrictive, allowing them to see and type some words that are usually filtered, though some are still restricted. Filtered words that are generally restricted by 13+ text chat is visible to 18+ chat, and are marked yellow. Those with 18+ chat can see them, but not 13+ chat.[13]


A player's name must be decided through predetermined names made up of a first name and a one-part or a two-part surname. The official game forums are also heavily moderated, and forum posts must be checked by a moderator before they are made visible.

Development history[edit]

Location Release date Status Language
North America September 2, 2008 Active English
Europe February 15, 2011 Active English
Taiwan April 27, 2012 Closed October 15, 2015 Traditional Chinese
China Closed November 1, 2015 Simplified Chinese

The development of Wizard101 began in 2005, soon after the founding of KingsIsle Entertainment. Company founder Elie Akilian hired J. Todd Coleman, who served as creative director of the game from its launch through 2013.[14] The game entered open beta on August 6, 2008, and it launched successfully on September 2, 2008. On August 25, 2010, it was announced that Wizard101 would be released in foreign territories later that year.

Wizard101 launched a European Beta version on December 15, 2010, and then released the game on February 15, 2011, in partnership with Gameforge.[15] This eventually included releases of the game in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Polish, and Greek. It was announced on August 17, 2011, that KingsIsle Entertainment and Taomee Holdings Limited had an agreement to launch Wizard101 in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Wizard101 Taiwan officially launched on April 27, 2012, with the others to follow.

The Chinese version of Wizard101 had changes made to the game to conform with laws or appeal to the gaming culture in the country. Any references to skeletons or death had to be censored or removed. Quests required more monsters to be defeated or more items collected. The game would suggest players take breaks if playing for long periods and after two hours, or the player will enter a "fatigued" state, where rewards and stats are cut in half, and after five hours, the "unhealthy" state would cut all rewards given completely.[16]

In 2012, KingsIsle Entertainment released Pirate101, a sister game of Wizard101, also set in the 101 universe. It was described as "comfortable and familiar" to Wizard101, but featuring "entirely new design, setting, and gameplay mechanics."[17]

In 2014, Taomee no longer advertised Wizard101.[18] In April 2015, Wizard101 Taiwan announced that it would shut down on May 25, 2015, but the date was rescheduled to October 15, 2015. Wizard101 China announced its shutdown date as November 1, 2015.[19] In September 2018, to celebrate the game's 10 year anniversary, the game was given a separate re-release on the gaming platform, Steam.[20] Prior to the ten-year update, the graphics for Wizard City, the starting area of the game, were revamped along with the character models and animations. When the update did appear on September 8, 2018, players were able to get two housing items and a wand (sparkler) to celebrate the ten years. To get one of the housing items, the players are forced to go on a short quest, in which the company, Kingsisle Entertainment, thanks to the supporters of its game through the use of well-established characters in the game. This was a limited-time event, which ended shortly before November 2018.

In July 2020, Kingsisle introduced an update highlight where it retouched their character experience, introduced the daily spiral, new beastmoon event along with new beastmoon forms, along with adjustments to pvp, shadow pips, and spell rebalancing.[21]

On September 2, 2020, players were able to redeem the code to receive gifts from Kingsisle as a celebration for the twelfth birthday of Wizard101. These gifts are used in-game to assist and gift players as a celebration for the annual event.[22]

On November 18, 2020, players were introduced to the candy-themed world of Karamelle, raising the level cap to 140. Other changes included updates to Castle Tours, PvP matchmaking, combat balance changes, and pet lending.


In 2008 composer Nelson Everhart was asked to write the music for Wizard101. The team initially asked him to compose a Harry Potter style track, which got him the job. That music eventually became the score for Marleybone.[23]

In 2010 When the second world Celestia was released. In association with Selena Gomez's released single Round and Round, a questline for the popstar was made and players who completed the quest were given a statue of Gomez. However, the questline has since been removed. [24]

In 2011 a campaign centered around a "mystery composer" was launched in anticipation for Wizard101's upcoming Wintertusk expansion. It was finally revealed that Nick Jonas was the mystery composer. He worked with KingsIsle for two months, writing a total of seven atmospheric tracks for Wintertusk.[25]

As of 2020 Everhart still actively composes music for the game's expansions.



According to KingsIsle Entertainment's press releases, the game has experienced a steady growth in the number of accounts: 2 million in April 2009,[27] 5 million in September 2009,[28] 10 million players by June 2010,[29] 15 million by January 2011, 20 million by July 2011,[30] and 30 million by July 2013. As of November 2014, there are currently about 50 million accounts created. In terms of reception, the game currently scores an average of 77.5% from ratings on GameRankings.[26]GameShark reviewer Toni Dimayuga noted the game's overall ambiance and graphic setting as well as the overall fun nature of Wizard101 in the pro column, while the combat (in particular defeats) and the restrictive (at the time of the review) nature of chat were seen as the major minus points.[31]


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06. May 2013

Karlsruhe, 06.05.2013 – Gameforge is publishing an expansive update for the enchanting MMO Wizard101, allowing players to dive into the legendary Azteca. As the largest published world up until now, Azteca offers countless new quests, items, spells and much more. Azteca is suitable for adventurous wizards that have already completed Avalon. The maximum wizard level increases from 80 to 90 here too. Azteca is therefore the most challenging world of Wizard101 and will appeal to young apprentice wizards between the ages of 8 and 12 in particular, offering an enchanting game world.
Floating mountains, dewy swamps, mystical pyramids
The ancient jungle world of Azteca was long thought lost, destroyed by a terrible misfortune.
But now a cry for help has arrived in Ravenwood: a messenger from the home of the Aztecosaurs has asked for our help on behalf of the people of Azteca!

The world of Azteca at a glance

  • The maximum level increases to 90. The new title for the most experienced wizards is “Prometheus”. Alongside that there are also equipment items in the style of the Mayas and Aztecs to discover and powerful level 90 class spells inspired by the myths and legends of South America, such as the Celestial Calendar (Myth School) or the Sun Serpent (Fire School).


  • Azteca consists of a total of 13 exciting zones, each with their own individual charm: from the airy bird village of Alto Alto, high up in the tree tops, to the depths of the Pitch Black Lake, up to the Floating Mountains of the Jaguars and across to the damp Mangrove Marsh: foul bugs, vicious fish and wild quetzals become obstacles for the young wizards.


  • Helpful new Astral School spells including quests: the Astral Schools are three additional magic schools (Sun, Moon and Stars) whose magic anyone can learn, providing they have completed the corresponding quests. There’s lots of new magic to be discovered here in Azteca.


  • New crafting level: in Azteca skilled crafting Wizards can expect a new crafting quest including a new crafting level and other useful recipes.
  • New mounts: amongst other mounts, players can ride a wild T-rex through the jungle!
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