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After gaining an international following for creating the very popular dessert table trend, Sweet Stylists and Party Planner Amy Atlas introduces her first book, Sweet Designs: Bake It, Craft It, Style It. Atlas has been featured on The Today Show, Anderson, and featured in magazines such as O Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, People, The New York Times, InStyle, Martha Stewart, Good Housekeeping, and many more. Atlas also runs the award winning blog, Sweet Designs. She has created sweets tables for Brooke Shields, Kelly Ripa for Electrolux, Martha Stewart Weddings, O Magazine, and now she's sharing her styling secrets and her best sources.

Renowned for bringing fashion and a designer's flair to the dessert field, Atlas has created a guide that is both cookbook and craft-book in one, the first of its kind. With 15 chapters and over 270 never before seen photos, over 100 recipes, and 75 DIY crafts to give a party that elusive "wow" factor, SWEET DESIGNS lays out--from the candy aisle to the finishing touches--how to "bake it, craft it, and style it" to add designer touches to family celebrations and create a sweets centerpiece for an event people will be talking about for months to come.

Atlas shows how to find inspiration for breathtaking dessert tables almost anywhere--whether it's from Coco Chanel tweed, a checkerboard, a buzzing bee, or a preppy tie. The results are stunning layouts and decadent treats sure to please both children and adults. Readers can tackle an entire spread, or pull out select treats or crafts (like mini-apple pies that work fantastically as a hostess gift or signature candy boxes that add panache to family movie night). Atlas also includes ways to "grow it up" or "grow it down" depending on the formality of the event, a guide to all of her sources, as well as styling tips to get similar results when crunched for time. SWEET DESIGNS is the next best thing to having Amy Atlas in the kitchen with you!


"Amy Atlas is the dessert guru. She's taught me that the dessert table is the pinnacle of any event. She's an inspiration to all bakers!" --Tori Spelling

"Coming from someone who not only loves candy, but collects it too, I think that I have met my match. Amy not only knows her candies, but she knows her cookies, cupcakes, sweets and crafts too. She takes her sweets to a higher level and puts them on a runway where they take center stage. Amy looks at candy the way I wish I could, in an organized color coordinated fashion. And if you look closely the end result is not only amazing, but very doable. Sweet Designs is chock full of great decorating ideas. You can go the whole nine yards or choose snippets for your next fete!"

-Karen Tack, Author of Hello Cupcake!

"Amy Atlas, dessert designer extraordinaire, shares her secrets in SWEET DESIGNS and shows you how to create your own stylish sugar scapes for any occasion. Whether baking, creating or designing, it's inspiring the way she showcases sweets."--Bakerella

"Amy has transformed the way we all see desserts. No wedding (or event!) is complete anymore without a whimsically sweet and delicious dessert table to top off the night."

--Carley Roney, Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Knot

"Personalized dessert tables have become such a big part of weddings and celebrations. Amy Atlas is known for creating fun and colorful tablescapes of sweets. This book is full of inspiration and amazing DIY tips and tricks to help couples make memorable candy/dessert bars on their special day."

-Darcy Miller, Editorial Director of Martha Stewart Weddings and Celebrations Expert

Sweet Designs: Bake it, Craft it, Style it. I say "BUY IT!" There is no one sweeter than Amy Atlas except for her Fabulous dessert tables! Amy was the first and true innovator of these amazing displays of deliciousness! Thank you for sharing your talent with us! - Mindy Weiss, Celebrity Event Planner

"Amy Atlas has revolutionized the dessert category, bringing style, sugar and innovation to everyone's favorite course." --Colin Cowie

"Amy's dessert displays are always the talk of the party, returning every adult to a state of childhood glee while making every sugar fantasy come true for the little ones. SWEET DESIGNS is the next best thing to having Amy at your own affair."

--David Stark, President, David Stark Design and Production

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Sweet-Designs-Bake-Craft-Style/dp/1401324401

 I feel like I'm slipping...like a lot. It dawned on me when I was looking through pictures of this time last year...hardly any pictures of my boys or our life, not any of crafts, projects, or tablescapes either (which I realize is not important, but still a big part of me). You guys know I take pictures all. the. time. and of everything. I haven't been present for a very long time and it bums me out. I realize that chemotherapy was occupying the majority of everything.....I just haven't been myself. Looking at pictures and the huge gap in time made me painfully aware.

I'd like that to change, but I really don't know if it will. My latest CT scans are positively depressing. Tumors are growing and more appearing, and there's another mass growing in between my liver and stomach.

Thanks to the beauty that is Instagram,  I have some pictures of my trips to MD Anderson. I've finally started the trial medication and the doctor said  we are "cautiously optimistic" that the medicine will stop the cancer from growing. For some reason cautious and optimistic used together isn't very soothing, but I know I'm in God's hands and well, that's soothing.

I've been taking the drug for 10 days now and been to Houston 4 times. I find Houston VERY intimidating, busy and crowded. I just have to get use to it, I know. 

Palms. Can we talk about palm trees? I find it very strange, maybe because I spent my life on the east coast, to see palm trees in Texas. Florida, yes, South Carolina, yes...Houston? Are the winters mild? Must be....I should Google that.

The day the trial started. I've been fasting since midnight, coffee deprived and completely cranky. Give me the flippin' medicine already....errr....I mean, I'm so thankful they chose me to participate in a potentially life saving study.

Down the hatch. My MIL took this picture for me. 4 little capsules and a 7 hour blood draw-meaning I had to stay in the hospital and they drew blood every hour to make sure everything was going ok.  I had another blood draw the next day (Friday) and was able to leave. We got home late and I was soooooo exhausted. We left Monday returned on Friday and I felt much like a lab rat myself. Luckily, Elaine kept Logan for me because I slept Saturday and Sunday away.

 But then I was better and able to listen to this guy talk and tell me about his week with daddy and me-maw-maw (great-grandma)

 I also went to my hair stylist for a trim...at least that's what I wanted. I got a holy crap that's short cut instead. She is extremely gifted with a pair of scissors, but I was bald just a few months ago-I feel like I'm practically starting over again! I know, it'll grow out again. Justin asked me: "Are you ever going to let your hair grow long again?" I'm getting back to him on that.

Back to Houston again (keep in mind I have to go back weekly for a month). This time I went alone because it was just two days and I decided to fly. They took a shocking amount of blood and I made the flight back out that afternoon. I met a lady in the lobby while waiting for my shuttle to the airport. She has thyroid cancer and we "talked shop" for about an hour. It's nice to talk to someone who has cancer that understands what you're going through, as weird as that may sound. I have friends that I have made here that I write that are battling too, I finally fit in a club! ;)

Back home again...Football season has started. He's been training and practicing for months now. I knew it was coming and it's finally here. If you live in or around Webb City Missouri, football is where it's at (I got 2 turntables and a microphone...name that song ;) Anyway, scattered-11 time state champs and Keegan is proud to be a part of it. Friday morning happiness.

I made it to the game. In the sweltering heat, and stayed the WHOLE game (barely). It was crowded and hot and no one cared. We won-a great start to the season. Selfies with this guy too? I'll take it.

 P.S. I refashioned a tee shirt that wasn't girly enough, you can see a little of it here. I used THIS tutorial and while Cathy's tank is much more sophisticated, I loved the look for the football game too. Pom-pom shoulders!! I'm channeling the inner cheerleader I never was!! 

The only thing I did differently; I tied the shoulder strings in knots to hide the stitching instead of gluing on beads, you'll see what I mean when you get over there, and I used 7 instead of 5. I did this literally the same afternoon as the game.

So even though I don't feel like I'm doing enough, I'm not present enough-I need to start thinking about all the things that I am doing and know it's enough. Man, that's hard to do. 

Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers, I can't say that enough.

I hope everyone has a GREAT Labor Day!

Sours: http://sweetsomethingdesign.blogspot.com/
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This is the photograph that made me fall in love with Michelle Edwards.

A few years  ago I was idling away an hour on Houzz, looking for great Christmas ideas when I hit upon this photo. I was smitten the moment I saw it! Be still my heart...tartan! Who uses a tartan blanket in a tablescape? Who hosts a dinner on a rustic picnic table when it's cold outside?  Visions of a Pacific Northwest winter's day in the woods, friends gathering for a bowl of hot chili and apple cider, sitting at a beautiful, rustic table replete with hurricane lamps and tartan swirled in my imagination.

I had to see more design by this gifted lady who's art had touched me so profoundly. Lucky me...she had a blog called "Sweet Something's Design." I was hooked. It was filled with gracious, lovely home designs. And it was authored by and equally lovely and gracious woman; Michelle. Her posts were so intimate...like her designs! No wonder she had such loyal followers. I became one of them.
Most of her writing and photos were about her craft; but occasionally she posted personal things. I'll never forget her first post informing us that she had a very aggressive form of cancer. It was heartbreaking. She had everything to live for...a handsome husband, two adorable sons, a great business, a pretty home...and a gift for making everything around her beautiful. She continued to share her designs, but increasingly we would read about chemotherapy sessions, loss of hair, and her longing to beat the disease. I remember reading how she cried because her first session of trying an experimental treatment would prevent her from her youngest son's first day at school. (Not first day ever, but the first day in mid-elementary school.) I cried too, knowing that she was afraid that this might be the last 'first day' she would have the opportunity to share with her boy.

"How does a mother face the possibility of leaving this earth before seeing her children safely raised?" I wondered as I read her posts.

She faced it. Bravely. Candidly. With hope and resolve to fight.

Michelle Edwards fought hard. She lost the battle with cancer but she won the hearts of each of us who read and watched and cried and prayed with her; hoping for a miracle.

I've been thinking about Michelle in heaven. I've read accounts from those who've visited and been sent back-- that there are glorious things we've never imagined there. Dazzling colors of hues we cannot see with our mortal eyes, grass that somehow breathes and sings beneath your feet. Paradise for anyone; but especially for an artist! I imagine her in some heavenly woodland; gathering sticks and leaves, berries and flowers for some kind of wreath or centerpiece to adorn her new home; the one Jesus promised. Waiting and preparing with anticipation for a day she'll be reunited with her precious sons and husband.

I fell in love with Michelle Edwards the designer for her lovely, creative, and gracious art.

I now love Michelle for her gracious, lovely and courageous life.

Michelle, I haven't hosted that rustic dinner in the woods yet; but I plan to. And when I do, I'll be thinking of you!

Rustic Dining Room by Webb City Media & BloggersMichelle Edwards

Sours: http://thingsthatarelovely.blogspot.com/2014/01/my-tribute-to-michelle-edwardssweet.html
Something Super Sweet (Official Audio)

To his chest, and a tear glistened in his eyes. Three months later, Vlad began to smile, after half a year he began to remember some of his acquaintances. Dad kept telling him about me, but he only listened, and he never said anything, never even said my name.

Do you know why he is silent. - Igor Romanovich once asked me.

Designs sweet something

I thought, beating off another onslaught of a neighbor. It was not a conversation, but a monologue, another masterpiece of my inner anti-nihilistic halves: Calm down you. You will rest on the hacienda, and then he will come, and everything will work for you. You could visit your friend as well.

Sweet Somethin'

He just laughed mischievously in response, but his ass itself stretched towards Donna's magic fingers. It's hard to believe, but that time that you found was our first sex and so far. The only one. Yes, then I experienced my first real anal orgasm, which just blew my head off. It was then that I found my true self.

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