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Apex Legends characters - the best abilities, playstyles and weaknesses

New Apex Legends characters arrive regularly. Bringing new abilities and options to the battle royale. Currently on its ninth season, Legacy, there's a roster of 17 Legends with unique abilities, playstyles, and personalities. The team-based battle royal has seen many changes over its nine seasons. New seasons mean new Legends but also nerfs and buffs to current Legends. This guide will break down all the Legends and their abilities, their strengths, weaknesses and their suited playstyles. 

How to pick the best Apex Legends character for you

As this is a team-based battle royal, picking Apex Legends characters that complement one another gives you a tactical advantage. For example, Bloodhound & Bangalore work very well together because Bloodhound's Scan ability can see through Bangalore's smoke grenade ability, making it easy to pick off an enemy squad. Additionally, a supportive character like Lifeline can patch you up quickly, ready to carry on the fight. 

Each Legend comes equipped with three abilities - a Passive ability which is always active, a Tactical ability with a short cooldown and an Ultimate ability which takes a long time to charge. 

Each Legend also falls into a class. Recon, offensive, defensive and support Legends and having a mix of each class can provide a nice balance in a match and give you many gameplay options. All you have to do is decide which Legend suits your playstyle. 

  • Recon Legends gather intel on enemy squads and traps, and can find the location of the next ring. If your playstyle is stealth, these legends may be for you. 
  • Offensive Legends have abilities suited for combat. Their abilities are usually large-scale attacks or quick movement. If you like fast-paced combat you probably want to play offensive. 
  • Defensive Legends can fortify an area and provide cover for incoming attacks. They can secure a building or create a safe space with traps, making it dangerous for enemies to enter. These legends are great for players who enjoy the strategic position. 
  • Support Legends can provide health or loot. These Legends provide essential support for any match. Equipping you with the best loot and any medical care before or after a battle. If you’re a non-aggressive player these Legends may be for you. 

Apex Legends characters

Bloodhound - Recon

  • Passive - Tracker. Bloodhound can see tracks left behind from other players who have passed through the area. The tracks reveal how long since foes have left the area. 
  • Tactical – Eye of the Allfather. Scans the area to reveal traps, clues and enemies. Bloodhound's scan can see through walls and buildings. 
  • Ultimate – Beast of the Hunt. Enhances Bloodhound's senses. Enemies are highlighted and tracked. Speed is also increased and tactical ability cooldowns are drastically reduced.

Bloodhound's abilities are great to get plenty of battlefield info but are balanced by a few cons. Scans can be seen and foes will know they've been scanned. Bloodhound's Ultimate is also quite loud allowing enemies to know you’re coming. 

 Gibraltar  - Defensive 

  • Passive – Gun Shield. A shield appears when aiming down. Giving your 50hp on top of the shield you have equipped. Additionally, Gibraltar also has Fortify which reduces incoming damage by 15%
  • Tactical – Dome Shield. Gibraltar deploys a dome-shaped shield that cannot be destroyed to protect his team. 
  • Ultimate – Defensive Bombardment. A concentrated airstrike on a specific location. 

Gibraltar is a defensive force not to be reckoned with. Although he takes 15% less damage, he does have a larger hitbox, making him an easy target. However, his shield and bombardment abilities can easily keep the opposition busy. 

Lifeline - Support 

  • Passive – A combat medic. Using her health drone D.O.C Lifeline can revive fallen teammates handsfree, allowing her to still fight. Additionally, she can open the hidden compartment in extended supply bins. 
  • Tactical – D.O.C Health Drone. Lifeline can deploy a health drone to heal herself and her teammates. 
  • Ultimate – Care Package. Lifeline can call in a care package, full of healing items and upgraded shields and attachments for her team. 

To get the most out of Lifeline's revives always use a golden backpack if you can find one. Golden backpacks restore 50hp for both health and shields, whereas a regular revives only restores 25hp. Calling a Care Package can help an entire team but it will give away your position.

Pathfinder - Recon 

  • Passive – Insider Knowledge. Pathfinder can scan a survey beacon to find the location of the next ring. By doing this the cooldown rate of Pathfinder Ultimate is increasingly reduced. 
  • Tactical – Grapple Hook. Can grapple to move quickly and to get to out of reach places. 
  • Ultimate – Zipline. Can create a zipline for everyone to use. 

Pathfinder’s obviously a great option for mobility as their grapple hook and access to hard to reach areas and move you around the map quickly. Insider knowledge is also an extremely useful ability for the team that likes to plan ahead. 

Wraith - Offensive 

  • Passive – Voices from the Void. Wraith can hear voices in her head warning her when there’s a trap nearby or when she is being aimed at. 
  • Tactical – Into the Void. Wraith can move within a void space to reposition herself in a fight.
  • Ultimate – Dimensional Rift. Wraith can create a portal linking two locations, allowing her team to pass through.

Wraith's tactical can be very useful to reposition in a fight, however, enemies can see you while running through the void and you can't open doors. However, in a battle the extra movement options can help you control the fight.   

Bangalore - Offensive 

  • Passive – Double time. When being shot at, Bangalore can move at double her speed to avoid damage for a brief time. 
  • Tactical – Smoke Launcher. Bangalore can fire two smoke canisters that can cover an area in smoke. Additionally, directly aiming the canister at the enemy can damage them for 10hp. 
  • Ultimate – Rolling Thunder. Bangalore can call in an artillery air strike that covers a large area. 

Bangalore's smoke launcher renders enemies blind which is as useful to breakaway from a fight as it is to win one. And, as we mentioned earlier, when teamed up with Bloodhound's Eye of the Allfather tactical to reveal enemies, it can help you easily defeat a rival team. Bangalore's airstrike can be devastating but can also damage you, so be sure to keep some distance. 

Mirage - Offensive

  • Passive – Now You See Me. Mirage automatically cloaks when using a respawn beacon or when reviving a fallen teammate. Additionally, he temporarily cloaks when knocked.   
  • Tactical – Psyche Out. Mirage can set out a holographic decoy to confuse his enemies. He can also control the movement of this decoy. 
  • Ultimate – Life of the Party. Mirage can deploy a team of decoys to distract his enemies. 

For an offensive option Mirage doesn't actually have any real attacking abilities and is, instead. all about distracting and confusing enemies. Be warned though: his Ultimate can be as distracting to his team as it is to his enemies.

Caustic - Defensive 

  • Passive – Nox Vision. Caustic can see enemies through his gas 
  • Tactical – Nox Gas Trap. Can leave canister gas traps that are triggered by enemies walking close by or being shot. 
  • Ultimate – Nox Gas Grenade. Can throw a gas grenade that will blanket an area in Nox gas. 

Caustic is all about controlling the area an enemy can fight in. By placing traps he can deny enemies space that might help them, like flushing them out of cover for example. However, like Gibraltar, Caustic has a large hitbox making him an easy target. 

Octane - Offensive

  • Passive – Swift Med. Octane can automatically regenerate health. 
  • Tactical – Stim. Octane can use a stimulus that allows him to run fast for a short period, however, it does cost health to use it. 
  • Ultimate – LaunchPad. Can deploy a jump pad that can catapult teammates in the air with an additional jump whilst still in the air. 

Octane is obviously all about movement, using his speed to reposition and flank enemies quickly. While his Launch Pad can help the entire team literally get the jump on the opposition. However, his speed boosting Stim takes a large chunk of health, so using it can make you easier to knock down when hit by incoming fire. 

Wattson - Defensive 

  • Passive – Spark of Genius. Ultimate Accelerant consumables fully charge Wattsons ultimate instead of just by 20%. Additionally, she can store two in her inventory slots instead of the usual one. 
  • Tactical – Perimeter Security. Wattson can deploy electrified fences to secure an area. Enemies who walk past them are dealt damage and are slowed down. 
  • Ultimate – Interception Pylon. Wattson can place an electrified structure that can block incoming attacks such as airstrikes and grenades

Like Caustic, Wattson is best used to take control of the enemies movement. Her abilities shine when placed at a strategic location - to block or bottleneck a route the enemy needs for  example. But because of that she's less useful when on the move. 

Crypto - Recon

  • Passive – Neurolink. Enemies and traps detected by Cryptos Drone and are shared with his team via neurolink. 
  • Tactical – Surveillance Drone. Crypto can deploy a drone that can scan the area and detect traps and enemies. Additionally, the drone can be used to open doors/Supply Bins/Care Packages, pick up squamates' banner cards, and use both Survey Beacon & Respawn Beacon.
  • Ultimate – Drone EMP. Crypto can get his Surveillance Drone to set off an electromagnetic pulse to destroy shields, traps and stun enemies.

Crypto's biggest weakness is that while using his surveillance drone, he is unable to fight and is an easy target. Finding a small corner to hide whilst using your drone or asking your teammate to guard you would be best. Additionally, Crypto’s drone is loud alerting nearby enemies and can be destroyed. 

Revenant - Offensive

  • Passive – Stalker. Revenant can walk faster in crouch and can climb and scale walls of any height. 
  • Tactical – Silence. Revenant can throw a device that can stop legends from using their abilities temporarily.
  • Ultimate – Death Totem. A death totem can give you a second chance at an attack. Revenant totem protects his teammates from death by allowing them to return to the death totem instead of being knocked. 

Revenant's mobility makes him useful in a fight by letting him move around cover faster and climb buildings to get some height over an opponent. His Silence tactical is also a useful way to nerf a dangerous enemies abilities while his respawning Death Totem give everyone a second chance to keep fighting in a big face off.  

Loba - Support

  • Passive – Eye for quality. Loba can see high tier loot in buildings and supply bins from a distance.
  • Tactical – Burglar’s Best Friend. Loba can use her bracelet to teleport too high to reach places or escape trouble. 
  • Ultimate – Black Market Boutique. Loba’s staff also acts as a device that allows her to shop for loot in the area. Two items per person and unlimited ammo. 

Loba is best used to support the team by getting them good gear fast. She's not much of a fighter but if her teammates are, then her ability to source the best gear can balance things out. Just watch out for her Black Market Boutique Ultimate - it's very handy, but emits a pulse letting enemies know your location. 

Rampart - Defensive 

  • Passive – Modded Loader. Rampart can carry an increased mag size for all Light Machine Guns. 
  • Tactical – Amped Cover. Rampart can build a crouch cover wall to block incoming fire but can support outgoing fire. 
  • Ultimate – Emplaced Minigun “Sheila”. Rampart can mount a machine gun that comes with a very large magazine size. 

Rampart can help a team under attack with her defensive cover and fire. Just be careful - her cover is handy in a pinch but takes a long time to deploy, this same goes for her ultimate Sheila. Additionally, her amped cover can be destroyed quite easily. 

Horizon - Offensive 

  • Passive – Gravity Lift. Horizon throws a device that reverses the flow of gravity lifting her team-up. 
  • Tactical – Spacewalk. Horizons specially designed spacesuit allows her increased air control, reducing fall impact. 
  • Ultimate – Black Hole. Horizon can deploy N.E.W.T, a small Robert named after her son, to create a micro black hole that pulls players in towards it.

Horizon can use her Gravity Lift to reposition her entire team which can give you a tactical advantage when used well. Her Ultimate is very disruptive when pulling your enemies in, but it can also pull in you and your team and be destroyed by enemy teams, so it needs to be used carefully.  

Fuse - Offensive 

  • Passive – Grenadier. Fuse can hold an extra grenade in his inventory slot and throw grenades further, faster, and more accurately than any other legend. 
  • Tactical – Knuckle Cluster. Fuse can launch a cluster bomb that continuously expels airburst explosives on impact. Fuse can launch two of these before a cool down. 
  • Ultimate – The Motherload. Unloaded a bombardment of flames creating a ring of fire encircling enemies within. 

All of Fuse’s abilities are offensive, however this makes him the least-mobile offensive legend. His attacks do all the talking so you have to be confident you'll land them. He can also take damage from all his abilities so they're best used at a distance. Not one for close encounters really. 

Valkyrie - Recon

  • Passive – VTOL Jets. Valkyrie uses a jetpack to fly around the map. Fuel is limited but will refuel after a short period. 
  • Tactical – Missile Swarm. Can launch a swarm of mini rockets that will deal damage and disorient enemies.
  • Ultimate – Skyward Dive. Valkyrie can launch into the sky and redeploy to another location. Her teammates can join her.

Valkyrie’s flight is quite useful for getting to high places and a Legend that can reposition easily can keep enemies on their toes. However, when in the air she can be an easy target for incoming fire and, additionally, she cannot fly and use a weapon simultaneously.

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Apex Legends

2019 first-person shooter video game

2019 video game

Apex Legends
Apex legends cover.jpg
Developer(s)Respawn Entertainment
Publisher(s)Electronic Arts
Director(s)Chad Grenier[1]
Producer(s)Ben Brinkman
Designer(s)Jason McCord
Artist(s)Robert Taube
Ryan Lastimosa
Jung Park
Writer(s)Mohammad Alavi
Composer(s)Stephen Barton
(Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Switch)
Unreal Engine 4
(Android, iOS)
  • Windows, PS4, Xbox One
  • February 4, 2019
  • Switch
  • March 9, 2021
  • Android, iOS
  • 2022
Genre(s)Battle royale, first-person hero shooter

Apex Legends is a free-to-playbattle royale-hero shooter game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in February 2019, and for Nintendo Switch in March 2021. A mobile version of the game specially designed for touchscreens titled Apex Legends Mobile has also been announced which is scheduled to be fully released by 2022 on Android and iOS. The game supports cross-platform play.

Before the match, players form into two- or three-player squads, and select from pre-designed characters with distinctive abilities, known as "Legends". The game has two gameplay modes. In "Battle Royale", up to 20 three-person squads or 30 two-person duos land on an island and search for weapons and supplies before attempting to defeat all other players in combat. The available play area on the island shrinks over time, forcing players to keep moving or else find themselves outside the play area which can be fatal. The final team alive wins the round. In "Arenas", players form into three-player squads and fight against another squad in a 3v3 team deathmatch over a series of rounds to determine the winner of the match. Teams win when their team has at least 3 points and is 2 points ahead.

Apex Legends is set in the same science fiction universe as Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall series. Work on the game began around late 2016, though the project remained a secret right up until its launch. The game's release in 2019 came as a surprise, as until that point it had been assumed that Respawn Entertainment was working on a third installment to the Titanfall franchise, the studio's previous major game. Apex Legends received positive reviews from critics, who praised its gameplay, progression system, and fusion of elements from various genres. Some considered it a worthy competitor to other battle royale games. Apex Legends surpassed 25 million players by the end of its first week, and 50 million within its first month. By April 2021, it had approximately 100 million players.


A gameplay screenshot showing the game's ping system.

Apex Legends is an onlinemultiplayerbattle royale game featuring squads of three players using pre-made characters with distinctive abilities, called "Legends", similar to those of hero shooters.[2] Alternate modes have been introduced allowing for single and for two-player squads since the game's release.[3][4] The game is free-to-play and monetized through microtransactions and loot boxes, which allow the player to spend both real money and in-game currency on cosmetic items, such as outfits for the Legends and new colors for weapons.[5][6]

Each match generally features twenty teams of three-player squads. Players can join friends in a squad or can be matched randomly with other players. Before the match, each player on the squad selects one of the 18 playable characters (as of season 10), with the exception that no character may be selected more than once by a squad. Each character in the squad has a unique design, personality, and abilities that provide different playstyles to the team. All teams are then placed on an aircraft that passes over the game map. One player in each squad is the jumpmaster, selecting when the squad should skydive out of the aircraft and where to land with the concurrence of the other squad members. However, players are free to deviate from the squad's path.

Once on the ground, the squad can scavenge for weapons, armor, and other equipment that is scattered around buildings, or in crates randomly distributed around the map, while keeping an eye out for other squads. Apex Legends includes a nonverbal communication "ping system" which allows players to use their game controller to communicate to their squad certain directions, weapon locations, enemies, and suggested strategies.[7] While the game offers movement options similar to other shooters, it includes some of the gameplay features of previous Titanfall games, such as the ability to climb over short walls, slide down inclined surfaces, and use zip-lines to traverse an area quickly.[8]

Over time, the game's safe zone will reduce in size around a randomly-selected point on the map; players outside the safe zone take damage and may die if they do not reach the safe zone in time. This also confines squads to smaller spaces to force encounters. The last squad with any members left alive is crowned the "Apex Champions" of that match. Players are awarded in-game currency based on their squad's placement as well as experience points. Players who become knocked down in the course of a game can be revived by their squadmates. Should a player be killed completely, they can still be resurrected if their team member(s) collect their respawn banner, which appears at the place where they died, and bring it to one of several beacons on the island. The banner, however, must be collected within a time limit, before expiring and fully eliminating the player.[2]

Season 9 introduced a new permanent mode named "Arena". In this mode, players form into three-player squads and fight against another squad in a 3v3 team deathmatch over a series of rounds to determine the winner of the match. Teams win when their team has at least 3 points and is 2 points ahead. Additionally, if a game should drag on to round 9 (where both teams have 4 points) a final sudden death round begins. Respawn stated this scoring system "prevents total blowout games from dragging on for too long" and also "lets more competitive games keep the heat going for longer".[9] Rather than skydiving onto the map and gathering equipment like in the battle royale mode, players spawn in a "shop" where they can purchase equipment and charges of their Legend's abilities using materials earned in the previous rounds to prepare for the next fight. This variation of the game borrows mechanics from other shooters such as Counter Strike and Valorant.[10] The mode is the first permanent deviation away from the battle royale format.


Each new season is intended to bring with it the release of a new playable character, usually new weapons and purchasable cosmetic items.[11]

The game's first season started on March 19, 2019. Associated with seasons are time-limited battle passes that reward players with new cosmetic items, should they complete in-game challenges during the season.[12][13][14] Alongside new cosmetic items, seasons can also bring changes to the map and additional gameplay elements.[15]

Season Title Period Description
1 Wild Frontier March 19, 2019 – June 18, 2019 The first season of Apex Legends introduced a new playable character known as Octane and included several bug fixes and quality of life improvements, including adjustments to so-called "hitboxes" (a predefined 'damageable' zone which is unique to each legend, based on their size and shape) and also unique skills of the game's characters. Season 1 also brought with it the game's first battle pass and a large number of new cosmetic items.[16]
2 Battle Charge July 2, 2019 – October 1, 2019[17]With season 2, the developers introduced another playable character called Wattson and also re-designed the layout of the game's island. Following an explosion (shown in the season's trailer), roaming alien wildlife, known as leviathans and flyers, have been attracted to the island and destroyed large areas, rendering parts of the map unrecognizable from the previous season.[15] Season 2 also released a new weapon and introduced a new ranked mode of play, allowing players of a similar skill to play against each other, and adjusting a player's ranking based on their game performance.[18]
3 Meltdown October 1, 2019 – February 4, 2020[19]A new legend named Crypto is introduced who has tried to rig the Apex games. A new weapon known as the Charge Rifle is added and changes to Ranked will be made. The season also comes with a brand new battle pass. A brand new map, named "World's Edge" is also introduced, which has players fighting through volcanic and frozen landscapes. The map also includes a train that travels throughout World's Edge. The season also changes up the meta by removing certain attachments and introducing new ones whilst changing what current items can do.
4 Assimilation February 4, 2020 – May 12, 2020[20]A new legend named Revenant is introduced, a Simulacrum with the memories of his human self. A new sniper weapon known as the Sentinel is added. World's Edge is devastated by a Harvester that has appeared in the middle of the map, creating lava faults and changing the environment. Major changes to ranked were made, introducing a new tier known as "Master" tier, while the Apex Predator tier is for the top 500 players on each platform, meaning players can be pushed out of it.[21]
5 Fortune's Favor May 12, 2020 – August 18, 2020[22]A new legend known as Loba is introduced, a thief with the ability to steal loot from nearby areas and teleport. Loba is out for revenge against Revenant, a simulacrum hitman who killed her parents. Ranked Series 4 is largely identical to Series 3 and reconnect is added which allows players to rejoin a session if they disconnect. A new "quest" system is also introduced, which allows players to fight in PvE missions either solo or with a squad to earn unique rewards. A new battle pass is also introduced.[23] Respawn Entertainment announced they would be expanding their Apex servers to the Middle East.[24] Skull Town and Thunderdome have also been destroyed.
6 Boosted August 18, 2020 – November 4, 2020 A new legend named Rampart is introduced, a gun modder who can emplace a minigun which she calls "Sheila", and provide amped cover for her team. World's Edge is updated with new points of interest built by Hammond Industries: Launch Site, Countdown, and Staging.[25] A new battle pass is added, which includes a new cosmetic reward of "Holo-Sprays", a new crafting mechanic allows players to upgrade their gear with materials found around the map, and the fan-favorite weapon from Titanfall 2, the Volt SMG, also makes its debut. Additionally, all normal armor (except gold armor) is removed from the game.[26]
7 Ascension November 4, 2020 – February 2, 2021 A new legend named Horizon is introduced, an astrophysicist who was trapped on the edge of a black hole for 87 real-time years. A brand new map, Olympus, is also introduced, known as a "city in the clouds". The new map also allows players to traverse it using "Tridents", a form of vehicle for the whole squad. A new battle pass is added, community "clubs" are also added to allow players to meet other like-minded players, and the launch of Season 7 also brings Apex Legends to Steam. The season also introduced a map rotation to the game’s normal mode, with Kings Canyon becoming unplayable for the season as a result.[27][28]
8 Mayhem February 2, 2021 - May 4, 2021 A new legend named Fuse is introduced, a psychopath who joined the Apex Games after his planet, Salvo, joined forces with the Syndicate. A new gun called the 30-30 Repeater is introduced, a lever-action rifle. The ranked system has received multiple changes, including increasing the number of people in the Apex Predator rank per platform from 500 to 750 players.[29] A new battle pass is introduced, and Kings Canyon has also been re-introduced into the map rotation, albeit changed from its previous appearance in the rotation.[30] These changes include adding a previously unplayable area in the north.[31] A golden rarity of an extended magazine has also been introduced, which automatically reloads your holstered weapon after a few seconds.[32]
9 Legacy May 4, 2021 – August 3, 2021 A new legend named Valkyrie is introduced, the daughter of known pilot Viper from Titanfall 2. A new gun called the Bocek Bow is introduced, which shoots arrows instead of the usual bullet types. A new battle pass is introduced, and Olympus becomes infested with natural plant growths and roots. The new season also introduces a new mode called "Arenas".[33][34]
10 Emergence August 3, 2021 - Present The newest legend named Seer is introduced, who was shunned by his community as a result of a conceived bad omen. A new gun called the Rampage LMG is introduced. A new battle pass is introduced, and World's Edge gets updated, with multiple locations being destroyed as a result of the Harvester. The new season also introduces a Ranked version of Arenas.[35]


In addition to the season contents, Apex Legends features limited-time events. These events offer unique, limited-time cosmetics themed to the event (for example, in the case of the Holo-Day Bash, Christmas-themed outfits) that can be earned in-game.[36] Events also provide unique limited-time game modes (such as shotguns and snipers only). Some events also introduced changes to the current season map with a new point of interest (known as a "Town Takeover"), which is themed around one of the legends.

Title Season Period Description
Legendary Hunt 1 June 4, 2019 – June 18, 2019 First limited-time event. Introduced event collectible items, and the first limited-time game mode: Elite Queue. To enter this game mode, one must have made it to the top 5 in their previous match.[37]
Iron Crown 2 August 13, 2019 – August 27, 2019. The event introduced the first Town Takeover in the form of Octane's Gauntlet. The new area replaced West Settlements and is themed around the legend Octane. The event also featured a limited-time Solo mode.[38]
Voidwalker 2 September 3, 2019 – September 17, 2019 The event is themed after the legend Wraith. A new point of interest known as Singh Labs was added to Kings Canyon. A limited-time game mode was available: "Armed And Dangerous" (limited armor with Shotguns and Snipers only).[39]
Fight or Fright (2019) 3 October 15, 2019 – November 5, 2019 The "Shadowfall" mode is similar to the Solo mode, but with a twist: players that die become a part of the "Shadow Squad". These players lose their abilities and have reduced health while having increased speed and strength. When there are 10 Legends left, they'll automatically become a team that must escape to an evacship in the current circle. The Shadow Squad has to either kill all of the Legends or make sure that none of them make it to the evac ship in time.[40]
Holo-Day Bash (2019) 3 December 12, 2019 – January 7, 2020 The "Winter Express" mode is a domination-style game, with squads dropping in with full gear, attempting to capture the Winter Express.[41] A new location, Mirage Voyage, was added alongside the event.[42]
Grand Soirée 3 January 14, 2020 – January 28, 2020 The event had 7 modes that lasted for two days each. The modes are (in order of appearance): "Gold Rush Duos" (duos but all weapons are legendary), "LIVE.DIE.LIVE" (dead players in alive squads automatically respawn each time the ring closes), "Third-Person Mode", "Always Be Closing" (the ring constantly closes into a small area), "Armed and Dangerous on World's Edge", "Kings Canyon After Dark", and "DUMMIE's Big Day" (all Legends are replaced by Dummies that have abilities that are different to the Legends, albeit with them all having the same ones).[43][44]
System Override 4 March 3, 2020 – March 17, 2020 The "Deja Loot" mode removes all randomly-generated events from the game, meaning all loot drops (excluding Care Packages) and ring locations (which change daily) will be the same every single match. The event also introduced Evo Shields, shields that can be upgraded by dealing damage to enemy players. It was introduced in Deja Loot and was added to all modes after the event ended.[45][46]
The Old Ways 4 April 7, 2020 – April 21, 2020 The event is themed after the legend Bloodhound. Bloodhound's Trials were added to Kings Canyon. There was no limited-time game mode during this event. However, the Duos game mode was added permanently, as well as a map rotation so players can play on Kings Canyon, World's Edge, or Olympus depending on the time of day and season.[47][27]
Lost Treasures 5 June 23, 2020 – July 7, 2020 The "Armed and Dangerous Evolved" mode based on the previous event of similar name forces players to use shotguns and snipers, in addition to all armor being unavailable to loot, forcing players to use an Evo Shield they get at the start of the match. A new item was introduced, the Mobile Respawn Beacon, which allows players to respawn their teammates in most areas of the map. It was added to all modes after the event's conclusion.[48][49]
Aftermarket 6 October 6, 2020 – October 20, 2020 The limited-time game mode "Flashpoint" is a game mode where no healing items spawn on the map. The primary way to heal is by getting to "Flash Points", which are massive zones where players can auto-heal when they are out of combat. A healing kit ("Phoenix Kit") can also be crafted, but costs crafting materials that are found in certain areas of the map.[50]
Fight or Fright (2020) 6 October 22, 2020 – November 3, 2020 The "Shadow Royale" mode is a hybrid of the normal Trios mode and the previous Fight or Fright mode, "Shadowfall". Like Shadowfall, dead players become "Shadows" that lose their abilities and have lower health, but have faster speed and more powerful melee attacks. However, unlike Shadowfall, they also get the ability to wall-run and will permanently die if all Legends in their squad are killed.[51]
Holo-Day Bash (2020) 7 December 1, 2020 - January 4, 2021 The event reintroduces the “Winter Express” game mode with some changes, such as adjusted spawn locations and the inclusion of a new station, Derailment.[52]
Fight Night 7 January 5, 2021 - January 19, 2021[53]The "Airdrop Escalation" mode is a ”takeover” of the standard game modes, where Supply Drops spawn at an increased pace in addition to the loot in them increasing in rarity over time. Pathfinder also gets a Town Takeover, where players fight each other exclusively with melee attacks.[54]
Anniversary 8 February 9, 2021 - March 2, 2021[55]The "Locked and Loaded" takeover has all players start with low-tier gear. However, only loot from above that tier (excluding scopes) spawns on the map. Additionally, various ”fan-favorite“ skins have returned with a new coat of paint.[56]
Chaos Theory 8 March 9, 2021 - March 23, 2021 The "Ring Fury" takeover has a various number of "Ring Flares" spawn in the ring that deal damage to players equal to the current ring's damage. The event also introduces several new mechanics to the game, including "Heat Shields" (used to protect players from Ring Flares or the ring itself), a "Survival Slot" (where you can store "situational utilities", aka the Mobile Respawn Beacon and Heat Shields), and escalation takeovers (takeovers where the mode receives various changes consistently throughout the event). The Heat Shields and Survival Slot were permanently added to the game after the event's conclusion. A Town Takeover for Caustic was also added.[57]
War Games 8 April 13, 2021 - April 27, 2021 Similar to the Grand Soirée event, the War Games event features multiple modes that change throughout the event. The modes are (in order of appearance): "Second Chance" (every player gets one free respawn per match), "Ultra Zones" (each match has multiple "Hot Zones" - a special type of area that contains higher-quality loot over all other locations in the map[58] - instead of the usual one, in addition to said Hot Zones being in Flashpoints), "Auto Banners" (banner cards are automatically retrieved), "Killing Time" (the ring timer shortens every time a player is killed), and "Armor Regen".[59]
Genesis 9 June 29, 2021 - July 13, 2021 The "Legacy Maps" takeover changes Kings Canyon and World’s Edge back to their original state.[60]
Thrillseekers 9 July 13, 2021 - August 3, 2021 "Thrillseekers" is the first Arena-focused event and adds the "Overflow" map. The event does not contain a limited-time mode.[61]
Evolution 10 September 14, 2021 - September 28, 2021[62]The "Arenas Extravaganza" takeover - the first takeover for Arenas - provides various upgraded weapons at discounted prices. In addition, Rampart gets a Town Takeover.[63]
Monsters Within 10 October 12, 2021 - November 2, 2021 2021’s Halloween event re-introduces the "Shadow Royale" mode for the event’s final week, and a new Arenas map, "Encore", is added.[64]

In addition to these major events, there are occasional minor events which only introduce cosmetics available to purchase (such as "Summer of Plunder"), or limited-time game modes (without limited-time collectible items), such as the Battle Armor mode (April 28, 2020 to May 12, 2020).[65]


Apex Legends has a diverse cast of 18 characters. Many of the character designs are based on Titanfall.

  • Bloodhound
  • Gibraltar
  • Lifeline
  • Pathfinder
  • Wraith
  • Bangalore
  • Caustic
  • Mirage
  • Octane
  • Wattson
  • Crypto
  • Revenant
  • Loba
  • Rampart
  • Horizon
  • Fuse
  • Valkyrie
  • Seer

Respawn also deceived their player base when they announced a character named Forge to be the season 4 Legend; he was killed by Revenant in the "Stories from the Outlands" video Up Close and Personal.[66]


Developer Respawn Entertainment had previously developed Titanfall (2014) and its sequel Titanfall 2 (2016), both of which were published by Electronic Arts (EA) who eventually acquired Respawn Entertainment in 2017.[67]

According to design director Mackey McCandlish, initial design on Apex Legends started before Titanfall 2 had shipped in 2016 and as of 2018 the entire Titanfall team at Respawn Entertainment was working on the project;[68] however, executive producer Drew McCoy stated that work on the game did not begin until the spring of 2017. He also confirmed that the game had approximately 115 developers working on it, making it the studio's most labor-intensive project. Titanfall 2, by way of comparison, had around 85 developers.[69]

According to McCoy, the studio was not sure what their next game would be after completing the post-release support for Titanfall 2, though they knew they wanted to keep making Titanfall games. As with the development of Titanfall 2, the studio broke into several small teams to create "action blocks", small game prototypes that showcase a gameplay element, a weapon, or similar feature of a game that would fit into a Titanfall sequel. One such "action block" was inspired by the success of the battle royale game genre led by PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds; this prototype, which applied gameplay mechanics of previous Titanfall games in a battle royale format, was considered very successful and the studio decided to expand this model.[70] The designers decided that having the pilotable Titans (large mecha) from their previous games would not work well in a battle-royale setting and instead focused on creating strong character classes which felt appropriate for the Titanfall franchise.[71] They also found that some maneuverability features of prior Titanfall titles, such as wall-running, would make gameplay too challenging in a battle royale format, as identifying the direction of threats would be too difficult.[70]

Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella told VentureBeat that Apex Legends, as a live-service and free-to-play battle-royale game, was a new challenge for the studio and represented a new way for them of developing games. Their design philosophy was focused on "chasing the fun" and designing all the mechanics around team-based play, rather than solo play. The final decision on major design factors, such as the size of the teams, the number of teams and the size of the map, were all based on what felt "most fun" to the developers and were strongly guided by "gut feeling".[72]

Design director Mackey McCandlish also stated that with Apex Legends, they were looking to challenge the conventions of the still relatively young battle-royale genre and to add their studio's unique touch to that class of games. They felt that the choice of three-man squads and a limit of 20 teams gave players on average a greater chance to win and also felt more in line with the type of intimate gameplay they were hoping to achieve. McCandlish claimed that the studio felt the need to create a "defensible space" in the battle-royale mode which could not be easily imitated and that the communication system, the three-man squads, and the smaller playing area were all aligned with this goal.[68]

As part of the development process, the game underwent extensive play-testing to ensure that all elements felt fun and balanced. Collectively the developers spent 100 to 200 hours a day trying out the game, a process which executive producer Drew McCoy called "probably the most important part of development".[69] To refine the game's non-verbal communication system, the studio play-tested the game for a month without the use of voice chat and applied fake names to the play-testers to predict how most players would experience the game.[73]

With the game mostly completed, Respawn's director of brand marketing, Arturo Castro, began working on how the studio would name and market it. Castro recognized that the game featured many elements which players would expect from a Titanfall franchise game, but lacked core elements such as Titans, Pilots and a single-player experience.[70] Additionally, it had already been reported that Respawn was working on Titanfall 3 from a source at the studio.[74] Respawn therefore decided that attempting to market the game as part of the Titanfall series would have been difficult and would risk alienating Titanfall fans. They, therefore, opted to treat the game as a new intellectual property (IP).[70][74] Respawn were also concerned that as they at that time had recently been acquired by EA, players would think that EA had forced them to make a battle royale game.[70] McCoy affirmed that they had to convince Electronic Arts to allow them to make this game: "we decided to make this game. Not to be throwing EA under the bus, but this wasn't the game they were expecting. I had to go to executives, show it to them, and explain it and...not convince but more, 'Hey, trust us! This is the thing you want out of us.' [...] This is a game where we had to say, 'This is what we want to do. Help us get there.'"[69]

Concerned that a standard six-month marketing campaign for the game would have generated negative publicity from disgruntled Titanfall fans, Castro claims they eventually took inspiration from musical artist Beyoncé whose release of her self-titled album came as a surprise to fans—a strategy which proved financially successful.[70][74] Wanting to generate some buzz about this new product before its release, the studio secretly arranged for about 100 social media influencers to travel to their studio to try the game and then instructed them to "tease" news of it on their social media accounts during halftime of the Super Bowl LIII, the day before Apex Legends' formal release.[70] Respawn CEO Vince Zampella felt the approach was "gross", according to Castro, as he found it reminiscent of the infamous Fyre Festival "hype" which later turned out to be a fraudulent event. However, as Apex Legends was already ready for release at this point, Castro felt the approach was an appropriate marketing strategy.[70] Because of the game's performance in terms of player-count and viewership on streaming services, Castro felt vindicated in this decision.[70] This approach was uncharacteristic of any prior EA title.[67]

The game is built using a modified version of Valve Corporation's Source engine; Source had previously been used for Titanfall 2, however for Apex Legends several necessary adjustments to allow for the increased draw distances and the large game map were made. Apex Legends is believed to be pushing at the technological limits of its game engine and as a result, the game compromises on dynamic display resolution, with the quality of the image and frame rate suffering particularly on console versions and on lower-end PC devices.[75]

Prior to launch, McCoy confirmed there were plans to implement cross-platform play to the game in the future, though claimed that game progression and in-game purchases cannot be transferred across systems due to hardware limitations. McCoy has also expressed the desire to eventually bring Apex Legends to iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.[76][77]

According to anonymous reports, the Chinese corporation Tencent is working with Electronic Arts to bring Apex Legends to China, as partnering with a local Chinese firm is a requirement for Western media companies wishing to make their products legally available in the country.[78] In January 2020, EA confirmed to investors that it was working with a local partner in order to bring the game to PC in China, though it did not mention the partner by name.[79]

Respawn established a new Vancouver, British Columbia, studio, within the EA Vancouver campus, dedicated to supporting Apex Legends in May 2020.[80]

As part of the June 2020 EA Play presentation, Respawn announced that Apex Legends would be brought to the Steam storefront for Windows players, as well as to the Nintendo Switch by late 2020. Further, the game would support cross-platform play across all supported platforms on these releases.[81] Cross-platform play was introduced into the game with the Aftermarket Collection Event.[50] In a blog post by Respawn in late October 2020, it was revealed that the Steam version will launch on November 4, the same day as the launch of season 7. However, the Nintendo Switch version was delayed to March 9, 2021.[82][83] The Nintendo Switch version of Apex Legends was developed by Panic Button, known for their Switch ports of the DOOM series and Rocket League.[84]

Electronic Arts also confirmed that mobile launches on iOS and Android were in development in collaboration with a Chinese mobile company. The mobile ports are set to release by the end of 2022.[85] In April 2021, Electronic Arts announced that the mobile version of the game would be titled Apex Legends Mobile, and would begin beta testing in the coming months.[86] In July 2021, Apex Legends was hacked by individuals wishing to draw attention to persistent problems with cheating in the Titanfall series that had been unaddressed by Electronic Arts and Respawn. Large banners pointed players of Apex Legends to a website outlining their concerns.[87]


Shortly after Apex Legends' launch, it was seen as a potential esport competition, and Respawn had anticipated establishing events once the game had been established. As early as March 2019, various esport team sponsors began to assemble Apex Legends teams for these competitions.[88]ESPN launched its EXP program to showcase esports events running alongside other ESPN-managed sporting events. The first such event was the EXP Pro-Am Apex Legends Exhibition, run on July 11, 2019 alongside the 2019 ESPY Awards.[89] An EXP Invitational event with a $150,000 prize pool took place alongside the X Games Minneapolis 2019 from August 1 to 4, 2019. However, as a result of the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings that occurred over that weekend, both ESPN and ABC opted to delay broadcast of the event out of respect for the victims of the shootings.[90]

Respawn and EA announced the Apex Legends Global Series in December 2019, consisting of several online events and twelve live events during 2020 with a total US$3 million prize pool. The Global Series follows a similar approach as Fortnite Battle Royale by using multiple tiers of events to qualify players. Players will qualify for the Global Series through Online Tournaments. Top players and teams from these events will be invited to either regional Challenger events or to global Premier events, where the winners have a chance for a cash payout and invitations to one of the three major events. Three Major events will be held for one hundred teams to accumulate points in the Global Series to vie for placement in the final Major event as well as part of a US$500,000 prize pool. The fourth Major event had up to sixty teams competing for a portion of a US$1 million pool.[91]

Year 2 of the ALGS began in September 2021.



Upon release, Apex Legends received generally favorable reviews according to the review aggregatorMetacritic.[92][93][94] Some publications, including Destructoid,[96]Game Informer,[97]GamesRadar+,[99] and PC Gamer,[102] called it one of the best takes on the battle royale genre thus far, and a worthy challenger to Fortnite Battle Royale's dominance of the genre.

Critics lauded the combat in Apex Legends. Destructoid referred to the gunplay as the best they had experienced in a battle royale thus far; however, they felt let down that some of the mechanics from the previous Titanfall games were not present.[96] Javy Gwaltney of Game Informer, on the other hand, claimed that the omission of the Titans and other elements from previous Respawn games was not a problem and found the combat to be satisfying and the gunplay powerful. He added that the addition of heroes can make for more exciting combat than in other battle royale games.[97]

Reviewers praised the non-verbal communication system in the game (known as the "ping system") with most considering it to be highly innovative. Polygon's Khee Hoon Chan opined that it "rendered voice chat with strangers largely unnecessary", and was emblematic of Apex Legends' accessibility and astuteness.[2]Destructoid likewise enjoyed the mechanic, predicting that it would become the new norm for the video games industry in battle royale games.[96]Rock Paper Shotgun called it the "gold standard for non-verbal communication in games" and noted that, while not an entirely new concept, Respawn Entertainment had refined the idea.[104] While Electronic Arts had received a U.S. patent for the ping system in 2021,[105] the company announced that the ping system patent and four others related to game accessibility would be made available for free to game developers to use without fear of litigation starting in August 2021.[106]

Apex Legends received critical praise for the perceived diversity of its playable characters. Several characters are LGBTQ, including one non-binary character,[107] though some reviewers felt that the nature of the game did not allow for a narrative which properly highlights this diversity.[2][108][109]


Player-count and revenue

Eight hours after its launch, Apex Legends surpassed one million unique players,[129] and reached 2.5 million unique players within 24 hours.[130] In one week it achieved a total of 25 million players, with over 2 million peak concurrent,[131] and by the end of its first month it reached 50 million players in total.[132]

Within the first month of its release, Apex Legends made $92 million in revenue across all platforms, the highest amount earned by any free-to-play game during its month of launch.[133]

As news and popularity of Apex Legends spread, analysts saw the game as something to challenge the dominance of Fortnite Battle Royale, and by February 8, 2019—four days after the game's release—EA had seen its largest growth in stock value since 2014 on the basis of Apex Legends' sudden success.[134][135]

Throughout April, the game was estimated to have earned $24 million in revenue, representing 74 percent less than the amount it earned during its first month, as the game failed to sustain the same level of interest generated by its launch.[136]

In July 2019, EA told investors that the game had 8 to 10 million players a week[137] and also credited Apex Legends with the company's recent upturn in live services earnings as their Q1 2020 financial results exceeded expectations.[138]

With the release of season 3 in October 2019, Apex Legends reached a playerbase of 70 million people internationally and is believed to have earned $45 million in that month alone.[139]

In February 2021, EA's CFO, Blake Jorgensen, confirmed that Apex Legends has surpassed $1 billion in revenue.[140]

In April 2021, right before the release of the games 9th season, Respawn announced that Apex Legends had reached a playerbase of over 100 million people and was expected to pull in $500 million that year.[141]

'Iron Crown' event and loot box controversy

With the introduction of the 'Iron Crown' limited-time event in August 2019, the developers released several purchasable in-game cosmetic items. The vast majority of these items could only be acquired through purchasing loot boxes, and the most sought-after item (a cosmetic ax for one of the player characters) could only be purchased at an additional cost after first having obtained 24 other purchasable items.

Players and media outlets decried that as a result of this transaction model, the cost of the most sought-after item was approximately $170[142] (or £130[143])—a pricepoint which Forbes called "hilariously out of touch" and compared negatively to most other major microtransaction models in the industry.[144]

This resulted in a negative backlash from the player community and industry journalists, particularly on Reddit, where members of the Apex Legends community forum traded insults with developers of the game with the increasingly strong language being used by both parties.[145]

As a result, Respawn Entertainment apologized for what they agreed was unfair monetization and promised to allow players the chance to purchase cosmetic items directly (rather than rely on loot boxes), albeit at an increased price.[146] Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella later apologized for members of the development team "crossing a line with their comments", while also defending that they stood up for themselves against alleged death threats and insults aimed at their family members.[147]

Save Titanfall campaign

Around July 4, 2021, unknown agents appeared to have broken EA and Respawn's server security as to change in-game messages to point to a website that purportedly was trying to "Save Titanfall". The site and messages spoke of the weak security that both Titanfall and Titanfall 2 servers had, leading to the games becoming unplayable due to the number of other hackers using denial of service attacks to bring down the servers.[148] A community-led investigation determined that the owners of the website were directly involved in hacking the Apex servers were also behind some of the denial attacks on the Titanfall servers as a type of false flag to get Respawn to bring back the cancelled Titanfall Online game.[149]


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Non-player characters are characters relevant to the setting of Apex Legends that are not playable Legends.

Seen characters[]

Aleki Gibraltar[]

Aleki Gibraltar.png

Dr. Aleki Gibraltar was a scientist and, as part of "The Group" working on Project Iris, one of Pathfinder's creators. He also was Gibraltar's grandfather.

He was one of the first people to warn Lillian Peck about an upcoming energy crisis in the Outlands. He died on December 25, 2658 due to the explosion caused by the Phase Runner accident on Olympus.[1]

Amélie Paquette[]

Amelie Paquette.png
They're almost here. MRVN, we need you. Your existence is proof that the Outlands can survive. People must be told about [...] You are our Pathfinder. We made you for a great purpose.
— Amélie's message to Pathfinder.

Dr. Amélie Paquette was a geologist and, as part of "The Group" working on Project Iris, one of Pathfinder's creators. She also was the mother of Luc Paquette and grandmother of Wattson.

She died on December 25, 2658 due to the explosion caused by the Phase Runner accident on Olympus.[1]

Amer Singh[]

Amer Singh.png

Dr. Amer Singh was an IMC scientist and lead scientist of the Project Wraith. Originally a colleague of Wraith, he evidently turned on her once she became the primary test subject for the project. The Singh Labs are presumably named after him.

Though he is deceased in Apex's main dimension, he is alive in Wraith's home dimension, and is the reason Voidwalker Wraith stayed there.

Amer Singh (2).png

Anastasia Oliveira[]

Anastasia Oliveira.png

Dr. Anastasia "Stay" Oliveira was a mechanical engineer and, as part of "The Group" working on Project Iris, one of Pathfinder's creators. Afraid that Reid would betray the group somehow, she implemented a fail-safe system into Pathfinder, allowing him to operate the security measures by himself.

She died on December 25, 2658 after being shot by Ashleigh Reid.[1]

Angela Fazia[]

Angela Fazia.png

Angela Fazia is a reporter for the Outlands Journal. She frequently reports on stories surrounding the Apex Games, including an interview with Bangalore and a report on the damage to Kings Canyon following the collapse of the Repulsor tower.[2]

She was on Olympus in the aftermath of the Icarus Fleet's return to Olympus. She was with Grace Rasheed inside the Icarus when she was infected and designated "Patient Zero" of a disease coming from the genetically mutated Medusa Vines.

Armen Fletcher[]

Armen Fletcher.png

Dr. Armen Fletcher was a medical doctor and, as part of "The Group" working on Project Iris, one of Pathfinder's creators. He was known to like dessert, especially ice cream.

He died on December 25, 2658 due to the explosion caused by the Phase Runner accident on Olympus.[1]


Nei, young one. Nei. I lived to see you pass the test. It was not the gun that protected them. It was you... Perhaps there is more to the old ways, than the weapon we chose. A beast none has slátra. You... will be the first... Blothhundr...
— Artur's last words.

Artur was a hunter living in a village on Talos that rejected technology and worshipped the Norse gods, with a particular focus on Odin, the Allfather. After his brother Johann was killed in a flash freeze, Artur took care of his brother's child, Bloodhound, for ten years. Artur was killed by a Goliath that attacked the village. Before dying, he gave Bloodhound his hatchet and his blessing.

Artur also had a raven. After his death, the raven helped Bloodhound slay the Goliath and the raven became Bloodhound's. Bloodhound named the raven Artur.



Dr. Ashleigh Reid was Horizon's apprentice, and as part of "The Group" working on Project Iris, one of Pathfinder's creators. Through her work, she comes to know Darion Che and Eduardo Silva when they are kids running around the Peck Labs. However, she was secretly working with the Apex Predators to take the Branthium.

She departed with Horizon on a dangerous mission to prove the existence of Branthium. After successfully extracting the Branthium from a black hole, Reid betrayed Horizon and left her to die in the black hole.

After betraying the rest of the Group on December 25, 2658 and trying to take all the Branthium for herself, she was killed by Amélie Paquette.[1]


Sometime after her death, Ashleigh was made into a simulacrum, who then became a Pilot and a mercenary who worked under Kuben Blisk as one of the Apex Predators. She piloted a custom Ronin-class Titan. She was destroyed by the Frontier Militia Pilot Jack Cooper and his Titan BT-7274 during the Battle of Typhon, however, Ash was later rebuilt by Vinson Dynamics.

Eventually, she reunited with Blisk. At some point, they made a deal which involved Blisk throwing her head into a portal; her headless body was stashed on top of a charge tower inside one of the IMC's terminal stations under Kings Canyon. The head landed in the dimension where Revenant rules over Solace, and was split into nine pieces scattered all over that dimension's Kings Canyon.

The Legendsrebuilt Ash for Hammond Robotics in exchange for the coordinates of Revenant's source code. Ash is then delivered to Hammond Robotics, where the codes are extracted from her memory banks. Pathfinder later finds her into a dumpster, without any knowledge except for her name. Pathfinder takes her to the warehouse he woke up in and they live together in Solace City.

Because Ash is a girl and she is his "friend", Pathfinder boasts to other Legends that he has a "girlfriend" which pique the interest of Mirage and Rampart. The pair visits Pathfinder and Ash, but Rampart accidentally triggers Ash's memories, alerting the attention of Blisk. After all the Legends leave and Ash is alone, Blisk comes to the warehouse. Ash prepares to fight but Blisk explains he was not trying to kill her, he had no choice, and they had left on good terms. He then tells her an old friend of hers is back. Ash runs off with Blisk and leaves a note behind for Pathfinder, thanking him for his help.

Ash eventually became the host and announcer of Arenas.

Ash and Revenant are currently the only two known simulacra to have fully regained the memories of their human selves, the former thanks to Horizon successfully inputting the code to do so.[3]

Ash's human identity had been teased since Season 5.svgSeason 5. At the end of "The Broken Ghost" quest, Ash says several inexplicable things, seemingly pulled randomly from her memories:
  • Just a wee bit of betrayal before breakfast, eh, dearie? (imitating Horizon's Scottish dialect, and also directly spoken by her in an audio transmission)
  • X equals the temperature of the negative space, NOT the specimen itself. (also said by Dr. Lillian Peck in a letter to Somers inviting her and Reid to Olympus to help solve the energy crisis)
  • Duardo! Darion! (refers to Eduardo Silva and Darion Che, who would play rambunctiously in Peck Labs as children)
  • Fail-safe, fail-safe... who's got the fail-safe? (spoken by Dr. Anastasia Oliveira as a taunt to Reid, who failed to shut down the fail-safe implemented in Pathfinder, which foiled her plan of deactivating the Phase Runner)
  • All roads lead to Branthium. (spoken by Dr. Milly Delgado, one of the members of the Group)
  • Who doesn't like ice cream? Every kid likes ice cream. (the first words spoken by Pathfinder, which was created by her along the rest of the Group; the line was likely influenced by Dr. Armen Fletcher who loved ice cream)
  • "Six. Eight. Two. Four. One." "Oh. Eight. Six. Nine. Two." "Four. Four. Two. Oh. Eight." "One. One. Oh. Nine. Five." "Two. Seven. Eight. One. One." (The code sequence, when spoken in such order by someone else, allows Ash to fully awaken her true self.[4])


  • In "The First Ship" quest, Blisk tells Ash that "an old friend of hers is back", with Horizon resurfacing at almost the same time.
  • Ashleigh was skilled with a sword similarly to Ash, as she quickly drew out one from a nearby mercenary and sliced off Dr. Amélie Paquette's right hand, catching it before it fell.
  • Ashleigh was working for the Apex Predators as a commander during her betrayal.
  • During Decrypt the Passcode, if the player is playing as Horizon, Ash will say "Do you think you have what it takes to impress me, [glitch] dearie?" instead of "Do you think you have what it takes to impress me, Legend?"
  • While checking up on Horizon's Progress to resolve the Medusa Vines, Ash brought up the topic of her son Newton, despite Horizon not having said his name to her previously. Wattson proposed though that Ash may have learned it through the inscription on Pathfinder's statue.[5]. At the end of of the Medusa Vine crisis, Ash reminisces about Lillian Peck with Horizon before walking away.
  • In the "Finding a Path" comic, it was shown that originally only Lillian Peck had the Olympus Access Code, yet Ash somehow also has it. Furthermore, both she and Lillian reiterated the phase "You're never alone".

Big Sister[]

Big Sister.png

Big Sister is a masked figure who leads a gang on Gaea. Her gang attacks Rampart's shop after the latter wins a gauntlet match.

Chico Sawtelle[]

Chico Sawtelle.png

Chico Sawtelle is a presumed blogger who likes to gossip about the Legends. He is the brother of Creighton Sawtelle.

During the events of The Legacy Antigen QuestThe Legacy Antigen, he was contacted by Lifeline after finding out about a recording detailing Eduardo Silva's involvement in the terrorist attack at Malta led by Creighton.[6][7]

Conan Shelley[]

Conan Shelley.png

Dr. Conan Shelley was an engineer and, as part of "The Group" working on Project Iris, one of Pathfinder's creators.

He died on December 25, 2658 due to the explosion caused by the Phase Runner accident on Olympus.[1]

Creighton Sawtelle[]

Creighton Sawtelle.png

Creighton Sawtelle is a violent man who aspires to rule the Outlands. Chico Sawtelle is his brother.

He led mercenaries hired by Eduardo Silva[8] to attack a party that the Ches are attending in Malta, in hopes that the Ches could relay his demands to the Syndicate to relinquish Psamathe. His plans are thwarted by Lifeline, Gibraltar, Octane, and Pathfinder; and is presumably arrested.

Darion and Cherisse Che[]

Darion and Cherisse Che are Lifeline's parents. Darion is the CEO of Chevrex, the Outlands branch of robotics company AI Logic, while Cherisse has connections with the Syndicate. War profiteers from the Frontier War and presumably also the Outlands Civil War, they appear as kind and loving while in public, but are actually cold and cruel, even to their only daughter, who left home in disgust after finding out about their war profiteering.

Darion collects antique robots; Gibraltar calls him "the drone guy." Darion is childhood friends with Eduardo Silva.

When the Apex Games came to Olympus, Lifeline reunites with her parents at a party. To her surprise, they hug their daughter, though Cherisse makes it clear that it is only for show. Darion demands Lifeline to come home, but their conversation is interrupted by an attack on the party. Lifeline deals with the attacker, Creighton, and Darion gives her an antique MRVN battery as a reward.

Cherisse has connections to the now-Supreme Warlord of Salvo, Sandringham Kelly, seemingly having a hand in the negotiations that led to the admission of Salvo into Syndicate Space. She is also aware of Eduardo Silva being the one behind Icarus Fleet's arrival on Olympus, but instead tells Eduardo how to get Lifeline off his back.

Eduardo Silva[]

Eduardo Silva, informally nicknamed as "Duardo", is the CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals. He is Octane's father and a childhood friend of Darion Che. When Eduardo was young, he played around in Pecks Lab with Darion.

After Octane's gauntlet accident, Octane forged a letter from them stating they were offering him an office job, which Lifeline knew was something he didn't want. This would lead to her putting her job down the line to get him his bionic legs.

Despite basically not caring about his son, he still nonetheless warned Octane of the attack (orchestrated by him) during the events of Family Portrait. However, when confronted by Octane, he instead becomes dismissive toward Octane as a disappointment, unlike him who is going to achieve greatness. When he tried to leave the Silva mansion, Eduardo is confronted by Lifeline, who had discover he was the one that sent the Icarus fleet. However, he persuaded Lifeline to back away from her investigation by revealing it was Octane who scrubbed the name off the Icarus fleet. Nonetheless, his name eventually "mysteriously reappeared" on the ships. When confronted, Duardo stated that it's one of the many conspiracies to distract from failures of Syndicate, and suggested that Syndicate need new leadership. Lifeline believed that Durado is trying to take over the leadership himself, which Octane agreed, as many of his schemes made the syndicate looks bad.[9]

Evelyn Witt[]

Evelyn Witt.png

Evelyn Witt is Mirage's mother and a famed engineer specializing in Holo-Pilot Tech who used to work for the IMC. She helped modify the unit used by her son in the Apex Games and is popular enough that Wattson knows and respects her work. She is presumably suffering from memory loss as implied by a recording of a phone call between her and her son.

She was in Olympus to participate in the celebration for Pathfinder when the Medusa Vines disease outbreak occurred.

It is implied Droz from Titanfall 2 is her brother.



Frances is a member of Big Sister's gang. Frances calls Rampart, telling her to lose the underground gauntlet match because people have money on it.[10] After Rampart wins, Frances and five others from the gang attack Rampart's shop.

Frances is voiced by Allegra Clark.[11]

Franklin Humbert[]

Dr. Franklin Humbert was the head of Humbert Labs, a manufacturer of pesticide gases in Zaldana City, Gaea. Humbert was murdered by Caustic after he discovered his experiments on living tissue. Caustic later faked his own death to avoid justice.

Grace Rasheed[]

Grace Rasheed.png

Grace Rasheed is the Director of Security (presumably of the Syndicate[12]).

She was with Angela Fazia inside the Icarus examining the ship when the latter was infected with the mysterious disease brought by the ship.[13]

Jackson Williams[]

Lieutenant Jackson Williams was a Pilot for the IMC and one of Bangalore's four older brothers.

Jackson went missing in action in an accident while serving on the IMS Hestia, apparently falling to his death above Solace. Despite this, Bangalore is convinced he's still alive and well, though her memory of the battle is hazy and unreliable. She last saw evidence of him being alive in 2727 while looking through IMC files on one of the abandoned labs in Kings Canyon. Said evidence is then taken by Voidwalker Wraith.[7]

According to the manifest in the spherical pod on Olympus, he is considered AWOL.



Jaime is a friend of Loba, skilled in electronics. In the past, Loba saved him from a group of thugs and they became partners. He discovers Revenant's whereabouts online and informs Loba. He gives Loba the access key to Revenant's source code which was hidden in the IMC base beneath Kings Canyon.

James "Forge" McCormick[]

Main article: Forge

Forge Up Close and Personal.png
Look, the legends are great, and they deserve respect but they've NEVER faced anyone like me. And when we hit the ground, I dare anyone to bring the fight up close and personal.
— Forge moments before his assassination.

James McCormick, also known as Jimmy, was a five-time champion of the Hyperfighting Federation. James was sponsored and ready to join the Apex Games looking for a new challenge; however, during his interview with Lisa Stone, he was killed by Revenant.[14]

There was a Forge museum on Gaea, but it soon filed for bankruptcy.

Johann and Brigida[]


Johann and Brigida were the parents of Bloodhound.

They were engineers who settled in World's Edge before the meltdown.[15] They were killed in the flash freeze accident, with Johann being killed in front of a young Bloodhound. After their death, Bloodhound was taken in by Johann's brother, Artur.

Katerina Ticacek "Mystik" Nox[]

Katerina Ticacek Nox (born 2663), nicknamed "Mystik", is Caustic's biological mother, and Crypto and Mila Alexander's foster mother at Ticacek Orphanage in Suotamo, Gaea. After the supposed death of Caustic and the death of her husband, Katerina bought out an orphanage. Through unknown means, Crypto knows about Caustic real identity and thus his relationship with Mystik, but kept it to his heart until the events of The Legacy Antigen QuestThe Legacy Antigen. Even after reinventing his identity, Crypto still maintains contact with Mystik, and she is partially involved in his efforts to infiltrate the Apex Games. Her nickname, as Pathfinder proposed, is that as a schoolteacher, Katerina only use her maiden name, and since "Ticacek" is hard to pronounce, her students shortened it to "Ms. Tic", which eventually became "Mystik". She named Mila's last name after her son who "died". She is a fan of Mirage, despite Crypto's annoyance with him.

Kuben Blisk[]

Kuben Blisk.png
It's simple, eh. They kill you, they're better. You kill them, you're better.

Kuben Blisk is a South African mercenary pilot and prominent antagonist in Titanfall 1 and Titanfall 2.[16] He is the leader of the Apex Predators, an elite mercenary unit within the Mercenary Syndicate that was frequently contracted by the IMC during the Frontier War.

Born on Earth in the Core Systems, Blisk began his career as a fighter at a young age in the old Thunderdome games on Kings Canyon. When the Titan Wars began, Blisk enlisted in the IMC’s army and quickly climbed the ranks to commander. However, the politics and corruption of war pushed him into the life of a mercenary, where he could control his own fight and answer to no one but himself. He eventually went on to lead the Apex Predators, the Mercenary Syndicate's elite mercenary unit.

During the early days of the Frontier War he served as a direct advisor to Vice Admiral Marcus Graves of the IMC Frontier Command. Following the discovery of a then-unknown colony on Troy, he led the expedition to the planet which resulted in a massacre of the colonists, the surviving members of which sent a distress signal that was picked up by the Frontier Militia's First Fleet. During the resulting Battle of Troy, Blisk led a team of pilots to assassinate the leader of Colony G21 and former IMC commander James MacAllan, an attempt that ultimately failed. He also led an assault team during the Battle of Airbase Sierra, with the intent of killing Militia commander Sarah Briggs. The mission ultimately also ended in failure although they were able to wound Briggs.

He would then take part on the Battle of Demeter, leading a portion of the ground troops tasked with making sure MacAllan does not overload the refueling facility's reactor. He was able to corner MacAllan in the reactor but had to resort to hand-to-hand combat due to the danger of damaging the reactor. When the reactor's meltdown was not stopped, Blisk would evacuate and come out as one of the few survivors of that battle.

In 2715, he took part on the seminal Battle of Typhon, leading the Apex Predators. During the early stages of the battle, he and Ash, another Apex Predator, would mortally wound Tai Lastimosa of the Frontier Militia Special Recon Squad and disable his Titan BT-7274. After the crash of the hijacked IMS Draconis, Blisk was present in the mop-up operations and personally oversaw the capture of Militia Pilot Jack Cooper, who he threatened to kill if his Titan won't open up his hatch that contained the Ark, a power source for the weapon the IMC is fielding on Typhon. He would eventually be able to get the Ark after nearly being wounded/killed by the defiant BT-7274.

After Slone's death, he offered Cooper a place in the Apex Predators, stating that his contract with the IMC was up and that he doesn't work for free, ignoring the General Marder of ARES Division's orders for him to kill Cooper. He would eventually be able to escape the destruction of Typhon and rebuild the Apex Predators.

After the Frontier War, Blisk would relocate to the Outlands and became the commissioner of the Mercenary Syndicate's bloodsport, the Apex Games.

In 2732[17], for reasons unknown, Blisk decided to go off the grid without telling the Syndicate. Before doing so, he was recommended to add Rampart to his "list" by an unknown person. Blisk ceased contact with anyone for a year but kept a watchful eye on Rampart in Gaea. Blisk eventually returned when he saw Rampart's shop being attacked by Big Sister's gang. Impressed by her performance, Blisk personally hands Rampart his card which allows her to join the Apex Games.

Later, Blisk moves to Solace. After noticing that Ash has returned, he personally visits her and informs her that an old friend of hers is back.

In 2734, he met up with Valkyrie, the daughter of deceased Apex Predator Viper. In a uncharacteristically heartfelt talk with Kairi, he would encourage her to pursue a legacy of her own, free from the one of his fathers'. He also gave her an Apex Card, which allowed her to join the Apex Games.

Afterwards, he would sanction the expansion of local Arenas matches and asked Ash to oversee them.



Leeki is Gibraltar's aunt.

She was with her great-niece Samaria and her nephew Makoa to take part in the festivities for Pathfinder's heroism organized by the Syndicate when the Medusa Vines disease outbreak occurred.[18]

Lillian Peck[]

Lilian Peck.jpg

Lillian Peck was a billionaire humanitarian who created the floating city of Olympus.

The Peck Foundation is presumably named after her. Peck was very close to Horizon and was the godmother to her son, Newton.

Lisa Stone[]

Lisa Stone.png

Lisa Stone is an interviewer for Outlands Television. She was interviewing Forge when he was killed by Revenant. She made it out alive with no physical harm. She later interviews Mirage at his bar after Loba sunk Skull Town.

Luc Paquette[]

Luc Paquette was the lead electrical engineer for the Apex Games and the father of Wattson. He worked with her to create The Ring, only to die the day it was completed. However, he would rather have it be called "The Forcefield".

Margaret Kōhere[]

Margaret Kohere.png

Margaret Kōhere, better known as Maggie or Mad Maggie, was a childhood friend of Fuse and the boss of the Cracked Talons.

She was discontent with the fact that Salvo is now part of Syndicate Space and viewed anyone who did not share her opinion as "traitors" to Salvo. Maggie and Fuse had a falling out after Fuse decided to join the Apex Games, and she accidentally blew off Fuse's arm in a fit of rage. During Fuse's official introduction to the Apex Games in Kings Canyon, she hacked into the ceremony ship and attacked the gathering civilians, before blowing off the mountains at the north of the map with explosives. She made numerous attacks on the Syndicate after this, including hacking into the Ring system of the Apex Games and blowing up Fuse's ship on Solace City. She died in 2734 during the latter attack after refusing help from Fuse and subsequently falling to her death.

Maggie was the announcer of the Ring Fury takeover during the Chaos Theory Icon.svgChaos Theoryevent and the War Games Icon.svgWar Games event takeovers.

Marcos and Alanza Andrade[]

Marcos "Griftor" Andrade was a notorious con-man and thief. He ran a Bonnie-and-Clyde operation with his wife, Alanza Andrade, and they had a daughter, Loba. A huge bounty was offered for his death after he stole an artifact from an unknown person, which led to his murder by Revenant in 2708. He was 41 at the time of his death.

Michael Gentile[]


Michael Gentile is Nikolas Gentile and Vanessa's son.[19]

He first met Gibraltar in 2727, awestruck that a famous person was in front of him, calling him "Jibrodder". He eventually learns the truth from his mother about his father and Gibraltar's relationship and the fallout from a lie they made before, and came to hate Gibraltar.[19]

He and Nikolas were invited by Gibraltar to the celebration of Pathfinder's heroism on Olympus.[20][18] During the security check at the entrance to Olympus, he reportedly said that he wants "to make [Gibraltar] suffer for what he's done."[21]

While unpacking their bags on Olympus, he contracted the Medusa Vines disease that came from the Icarus.[18] He was eventually taken to the quarantine facilities, only having 49 hours left to live until a cure was made for the disease.[19]

Mila Alexander[]

Mila Alexander.png
But imagine what this could do for us! It's one time, one risk to give us that second chance we've been searching for! The chance for a new life.
— Mila about a new chance for life after finding out about the prediction algorithm.

Mila Alexander is Crypto's foster sister. Her last name is named after Mystik's son who "died". She and Tae Joon had day jobs as computer engineers for drone software but were more notorious as hackers. Mila was captured by the Mercenary Syndicate after discovering their prediction algorithm for the Apex Games, and Crypto was quickly framed as her murderer. After her capture, Mila escaped the Syndicate and laid low. Mila later contacts Crypto, tells him about her escape and warns him that someone inside the Syndicate is watching him.

Milly Delgado[]

Milly Delgado.png

Professor Milly Delgado was a scientist and, as part of "The Group" working on Project Iris, one of Pathfinder's creators.

She died on December 25, 2658 due to the explosion caused by the Phase Runner accident on Olympus.[1]

Newton Somers[]

Newton Somers.png

Newton Somers is Horizon's son. He was part of "The Group" working on Project Iris, and subsequently one of Pathfinder's creators.

After his mother was left stranded in space, he became close with his mother's colleague Ashleigh Reid, and eventually wound up as an intern on Project Iris. His fate after the Phase Runner accident on December 25, 2658 was left ambiguous, although Reid said she "dealt with him", implying she either personally killed him, or let him go and didn't consider him a threat.[1] According to official records, he had checked into the lab that day but didn't check out; he was marked as officially deceased, but his body was never recovered.

During Horizon's attempts to research a way to get back to him on 2734, she uncovered video messages from a child Newton that showed her being able to fulfill her promise to him.

Nikolas Gentile[]

Nikolas Gentile.png

Nikolas Gentile, commonly called Nik, is Gibraltar's ex-boyfriend and Michael Gentile's father.

The two had a reckless relationship: they shared their first kiss in the cage at Thunderdome and got caught in a landslide after stealing Gibraltar's dad's motorcycle. The two broke up after the landslide accident, as a result of Nik taking the blame for the accident and being sent to juvenile detention. His stint at the juvenile jail led him to have a hard life. During this time, he had a son, Michael, with a woman named Vanessa. Their relationship ended badly in 2727, they were fighting for custody of Michael[19] which Nik presumably have won.

Nik eventually stumbles upon Gibraltar in a party down in Malta, much to his annoyance. The party gets attacked by Creighton Sawtelle and Nik aids the Legends in defeating Sawtelle. In the aftermath of the attack, Nik and Gibraltar begin to reconnect, but as friends.[22]

He and Michael were invited by Gibraltar to the event honoring Pathfinder on Olympus when the outbreak of the Medusa Vines disease occurred.[20]



Samaria is Gibraltar's niece.

She was with her great-aunt Leeki and uncle Gibraltar to take part in the festivities for Pathfinder's heroism organized by the Mercenary Syndicate when the outbreak of the Medusa Vines disease occurred.[18]

Apex Legends: Thrillseekers Event Trailer

The main thing is to feed, give money, drink. And of course a horse to boot, and I also want a dacha here. In an instant, the villagers agreed and bowed to the Jew.

Legends alex apex

Parents died of the plague six years ago. And I lived alone. In life, I was not lucky and it so happened that I was childless.

Apex Legends: Emergence Gameplay Trailer

And I want to. If you only knew how you want. Well, you could say so, - she smiled.

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Not girls, in general, no one from the design department was at the construction site. Then I was sent to a new facility in the neighboring area and had to stay there for several days until the scope of work was clarified and the work process. Itself was adjusted. It was a serious project and we had to share part of the design work with another design organization from this city.

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