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The First 3: Custom-built E21-generation BMW 320i

When it comes to classic BMWs, the E21 3 Series loses out on the lion’s share of attention, frequently playing second fiddle to 2002s, E9 coupes, E30s and any other number of admittedly cool classic Bimmers. In the U.S., part of that no doubt has to do with the E21’s relative lack of performance thanks to the added weight of U.S. bumpers and and power robbing smog controls mandated by our government. North American enthusiasts never officially enjoyed performance versions of the first generation of the 3 Series like the 323i, which featured a sweet, revvy little 2.3-liter straight six and clean styling thanks to its small, European spec chrome bumpers. Granted, there are a quite a few grey-market E21s in the U.S., but they’re far rare than the standard issue 320i that was sold here.

Edgar Fabardo started out as an E30 enthusiast, having owned a 1984 325ES coupe and a 1992 325i convertible. While those were fun cars to own, Fabardo admits the model is not exactly rare. Thanks to a tremendously enthusiastic scene and an ardent fan base, E30s of just about every variety are commonplace, particularly in Southern California, where Fabardo lives. “I find E30s very common,” he admits.

When he discovered a group of dedicated fans in the E21 Legion, he knew his next project car was going to be a first generation 3 Series. Through the Legion he met a fellow Philippine native who was moving back to the Philippines. Fabardo ended up buying his project 320i, which wasn’t completed but was an excellent base for a fast, fun BMW.

The 320’s 1.8-liter M10 had been enlarged and upgraded to 2.1-liters of displacement. Built by Top End Performance in North Hollywood, CA the motor is based around a 2.0-liter crankshaft. Stock rods actuate 92-mm JE pistons that provide a compression ratio of 9.8:1, while a custom ground camshaft adds more power and extends the redline. The head has also been ported and polished for better airflow. All told the motor was putting out about 150-hp.

BMW 320i E21 3 Series

With the help of his friend and mechanic Denmark Pascua, Fabardo went on to finish the project, resulting in the striking looking orange-hued E21 pictured here. Pascua ditched the aging fuel injection of the M10 in favor of more simple and performance oriented deal side-draught Weber carburetors, also sourced from Top End Performance. The change added another 10-hp to the motor.

More importantly than the power though, Fabardo says that his main motivation with the carb conversion was to help the BMW sound, feel and even appear more vintage. We completely agree. The exhaust consists of a Stahl header that feeds into a 2.5-inch Factoryworks exhaust and stainless steel Magnaflow muffler. On the spark end of the equation is an MSD 6AL ignition box. Ensuring that the motor stays cool on hot Southern California days is Ron Davis aluminum radiator paired with a Mishimoto coolant expansion tank and overflow tank.

BMW 320i E21 3 Series
BMW 320i E21 3 Series

When it came to the BMWs handling, Fabardo again relied on Top End Performance’s array of performance parts, installing the company’s coilover setup. Utilizing Bilstien Sport shocks and a threaded body, the coilovers allow a range of settings. Urethane bushings and a front strut brace sharpen up chassis feel, and urethane subframe mounts and K-Mac adjustable urethane control bushings and a strut brace do the same at the rear. Larger front and rear swaybars reduce bodyroll. Stopping power has been increased with vented rotors and braided steel brake lines.

Fabardo’s E21 was originally equipped with large and unattractive U.S.-spec bumpers, a look that would never do for what he had in mind. The bumpers were ditched for a super rare BMW Motorsport bumper cover at the front and a Euro-spec bumper at the rear. At the back, the conversion involved chopping off the existing valance and then welding on a European valance to allow installation of the slimmer bumper. Above the bumper is a rubber BMW Motorsport spoiler. “I wanted the car to look like a factory Motorsport car,” says Farbado.

BMW 320i E21 3 Series

Once some minor rust repair was performed on the body, Fabardo’s painter changed the original silver color to a bright, Persimmon Red hue. The color choice looks particularly great when combined with the black rear spoiler and blacked out window trim.

When it came to selecting the all important wheels for the project and after going through a few design, Fabardo ended up bolting on a set of 15-inch BBS RS alloys. Though they were “in terrible shape” when he acquired them, they have been completely transformed with a good deal of elbow grease. The centers were powdercoated and the bolts rechromed before the wheels were reassembled with polished 15x8-inch and 15x8.5-inch outer lips ordered from Germany. Tires consist of 195/50-15s at the front and 205/50-15 at the back.

BMW 320i E21 3 Series
BMW 320i E21 3 Series

Inside the 3 Series are first-generation VW GTI Recaro seats that have been recovered in black leather with contrasting red stitching to echo the exterior color. Fabardo also installed a crack free dash from an earlier E21 and Euro-spec center console that is cleaner thanks to the lack of AC controls. The interior upgrades are rounded out with a MOMO steering wheel and shift knob.

The driving experience that the E21 delivers feels old school in the best way. When we twist the key, the built M10 fires with muted burble that sounds exactly like a lot of the built 2002s we’ve experienced. When we blip the throttle, the Webers snort happily through their open air horns while the exhaust has a gruff, 4-cylinder bark. The BWW zips around corner with a minimum of bodyroll, the ride feeling stiff and somewhat unrefined, particularly in comparison to the later E30 chassis. With a low center of gravity and stiff suspension setup, the E21 is chuckable and predictable.

The larger 2.1-liter has tons of usable torque, but is also and enthusiastic revver. The combination of carbed fuel delivery and the open exhaust makes it feel a vintage racecar, even if it is completely usable on the street. Fabardo's striking take on the E21 is proof positive that the first generation E21 is getting the love and attention is has deserved all these years. Though the model has always had a small cult-like following, there is no doubt it’s appeal is becoming more universal with every passing year.

BMW 320i E21 3 Series

This Custom BMW E21 Is Breaking The Mould In More Ways Than One

I’ve been getting to know Becky—known by her online pseudonym “Queen B,”— over the last few months for two reasons: we’re both women, and we have a shared enthusiasm for cars. There aren’t very many women around these parts if you haven’t noticed. When we find our kind we tend to stick together like sugary sweets in a jar. Especially when one of you drives a red 1983 BMW e21.

She recently invited me to join her and her BMW on a supercar drive one Sunday in Northampton, England. Along with getting some time away from London with my friend, I wanted to find out what happens when you show up to a meeting of modern supercars in a classic with a fraction of the power and a wholly different style.

Our hosts on this run are supercar megaliths. Turns out, the ability to wrap a car in plastic adorned with superheroes is big business in the middle of England, which proves the adage that no one ever lost money underestimating people’s taste. They’ve made careers wrapping and tuning cars for celebrities and have grown audiences on social media so that they own their marketing channels. It’s a smart play, and at the same time it looks exhausting. At this event are big names and big shots both bonafide and not, and they’ve got big balls and they drive fast, loud cars. They live the dream they’re selling: live fast and make money to live it faster.

And then set against this is Queen B, but she is anything but timid. She gives good talk, our Becky. She’s streetwise and sassy, and I wouldn’t want to be pit against her either physically or on wit. But by contrast to these R8s, Huracáns, and slew of new Ferraris, Queen B is an Audrey Hepburn-like figure of pose and decorum.

With a demure nod and a wave to the owner of an Audi R8 who asked if we could swap cars, we headed off along the set route to Wrest Park. As the turbocharged, wild-revving, maxed-out supercars roared off into the distance, Queen B told me about her car and its place in the supercar community.

She bought it a few years ago for an absolute song: “I got it when I was 21. My mum had an E21 in Polaris Silver, so when I saw this car, I knew I had to have it.” She lives in London, an introverted city for extroverts that without some kind of release will send you mad. Queen B’s release is her BMW. She leaves it with her dad during the week and then takes the train up on weekends to take it out for Sunday drives.

“This is a 1983 E21 BMW. It was the first of the 3 series, a 316 with the original M10 under the hood—4-cyclinder, 5-speed, with a choke.” Becky rattled off while checking the wing of her eyeliner in the rear-view mirror, “I’ve been a car fan all of my life. My dad is into drag racing and now writes the rules for drag racing in the UK. I’ve been around American cars all my life but I fell in love with the classic shark nose design.”

“For me, supercars are great. They’re aspirational. But they’ve got no character. I have this real thing about cars with character. I like heritage, I like history, I like driving something that transports you to another time.” And then there’s the level of care required: “It’s another level of dedication and respect to own and restore a classic car. You can’t just go out and buy one of these. You have to search for it. It’s a labor of love.”

That’s all great, but why on earth is she hanging out with this lot in their quirk-deficient clone-mobiles? “I appreciate supercars and the engineering that goes into them. I’m going to own a supercar one day. I know it.” Queen B says, “But until then, I’m pouring all of my love into this.”

A love for speed and engineering is in her blood. Her father not only writes the rules for drag-racing in the UK but spent his career in the safety division of Rolls-Royce. He refused to drive his children in old cars above 40 MPH. That respect for safety has stayed with his daughter… to a degree. “You don’t really want to be going to fast in these cars because it feels like you’re doing 60 MPH in a fag packet.” Especially if you don’t have seat belts in the car yet, “Yeah, sorry Dad.” Queen B apologies as we zip up a ramp to join the M1 heading northbound.

She loves driving fast, and has picked up tips for taking corners around the narrow country lanes of surrounding Northampton. But if you want to go really fast on the road and do it safely, Queen B reasons that you can’t beat modern engineering.

The elephant in the room here should be addressed sooner or later. This car has a stance far removed, and lower, than it had from the factory. It’s a thing, a whole culture which is deeply respected round these parts, “The bigger your balls are, the lower your car is.” Queen B’s balls must be pretty enormous. While the stance isn’t what I’d consider a tasteful cup of tea, you’ve got to hand it to her for beating the boys at their own game. And she’s doing it in a car that cost a fraction of what these wild supercars do. Having endured the pain of a static lowered car in the form of a MK4 Golf, she has an air bag system on this car to set its height depending on the situation. The car when fully laid out is basically on the floor, and when the ride is raised up a fraction from that full drop the car feels tighter, allowing her to take sharper corners faster. I begin to understand why she’s chosen this system.

Balls and general machoism is something that comes up in conversation several times, which isn’t surprising. Getting standing within this group and in the wider community doesn’t come from being a wallflower. The comments she gets on her videos when she collaborates with some these guys should probably be reported to the police. But the negative reactions she gets on the internet are mitigated by working with and around cars and the joyous reactions she gets when people come across her car in a sea of new McLarens and Ferraris.

At Wrest it becomes apparent why Queen B’s fight to get noticed on YouTube as a face and a presenter is important. At least three small girls, one called Senna and dressed in a mini racing suit from Goodwood, come over with their fathers to meet her. All these girls—just as Becky did when she was little—love cars. And were it not for people like her, there wouldn’t be any other women around to show them that it’s possible to be a girl in this environment. By putting herself out there in the firing line, Queen B is chipping away at the assumption that cars are just for boys, or that supercars are the only cars that can get you fired up.

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Custom tailored carcover for BMW 3-Series E21 1975-1983 with mirrorpockets

Star Cover indoor car covers are made of a 2-layer woven combination of stretch lycra and polyester. The inside of the cover is made of a scratch-free fleece material, which feels extremely soft. The outside is made of a shiny polyester, which provides protection and makes the cover strong.
Because the fabric is woven in 2 directions with super technology, it becomes 4-way stretch . This means that the material is stretchable both horizontally and vertically, the cover follows the curves of the car. Which makes for a very breathable cover with a tight fit. The breathability of the cover is 5000 grams per m2 per day. Which stands for very high breathability, the highest in its segment and very good protection against condensation.

180-190 g / m2 material density

Star Cover car cover is manufactured with a material density of 180-190 grams per m2 . This makes the cover very durable and lightweight, yet extremely strong in combination with the weaving technique. The cover has a UV resistance of 15 UPF which stands for limited protection, which is more than sufficient for storage in a closed greenhouse or garage. The cover basically has the color of the raw materials, but the cover gets a color by means of pigment paint. This color penetrates the fibers, but does not make the fibers unnecessarily stiff, this method of dyeing has the possible disadvantage that the cover can discolour after exposure to UV light.

Breathability index

The breathability expressed in the number of grams of moisture that can pass through the material per square meter within 24 hours. Either condensation and moisture that can disappear under the cover.


Breathability 800-3000 g / m2 / d
Medium breathability, we often see in sail covers.

Breathability> 3000 g / m2 / d (Star Cover cover)
Very high breathability, whereby condensation and moisture generated under the cover are well diverted. Within 24 hours, approximately 5000 grams per m2 of moisture is evaporated, which minimizes the risk of damage.

UV protection index

How much harmful UV radiation does a material filter?


UPF> 15.20 (Star Cover cover)
Offers good protection and absorbs significantly more than UPF

Rising moisture

This problem is also called rising damp and is caused by ground moisture evaporating and striking the surface of an object as condensation.
BMW e21 \u0026 Shiny Garage Yellow Snow Foam


Tech Spec: Custom BMW E21

Engine & Transmission

M20B23 straight-six bored and stroked to 2.7-litres, diesel crankshaft, M20B20 con rods, 84.5mm high-compression pistons, 304° Schrick camshaft, Schrick 090 valve springs, heavy-duty rocker arms, smaller volume combustion chambers, triple 44mm Weber IDH carburettors, custom exhaust manifold and exhaust system with twin centre-exit tips. ZF five-speed manual gearbox from 328i, Sachs 618 pressure plate, BMW LSD rear axle


9×17” (front) and 10×17” (rear) BBS 090 wheels custom-widened with matt black centres, gold hardware and gloss black reverse lips, 205/40 (front) and 245/35 (rear) Hankook Ventus V12 evo2 tyres, D2 coilovers


Full respray in Sikkens 245 solid black, engine bay painted in candy red over black base with gold flake and 10 layers of clear coat, custom metal wide-body (60mm front and 120mm rear), 318i grille and single headlights, front and rear bumpers welded into single piece and mounted with rubber strips removed, rebuilt rear bumper to fit number plate, door mirrors removed, custom aluminium front spoiler and rear wing, tinted front indicators and rear lights, monochrome boot roundel


VW Passat CC seats (front and rear), door cards and side panels dyed to match leather, Nardi wooden steering wheel, tall gear lever with custom wooden knob, custom wooden handbrake handle, tinted glass all-round, Excursion Audio install with MXT 8” mids and MXT 1” tweeters (front and rear), SHX 15 D2 subwoofer, HXA 45 MKII, HXA 85SQL and HXA 3K MKII amps


E21 custom bmw

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BMW e21 \u0026 Shiny Garage Yellow Snow Foam

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