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Dual Mount in Dragonspyre

Since I recently figured out how to get two accounts open on one computer I’ve been working with two wizards at a time much more than when I had to do it using two computers at once.  And experimenting a bit with getting around and how I want to use the two account advantage.

In many cases, I’ve been moving two wizards, one on each of two accounts, along at a similar pace so they can do the hard dungeons together.  Sometimes, though I have a wizard who’s all alone at some stage — like Heather on the third account, who’s only on membership, with the ability to go everywhere, on the occasional month when I join to get double gardening benefits — and I just send in a higher level wizard to second on tough dungeons.  Increasingly, though, since getting dual mounts, I have some of my same-quests pairs joining forces and doing all their quests together.  At the moment I have a wizard on each account just starting Celestia, so I’m thinking about seeing what it’s like to open all three accounts at once.

I have one dual mount on each account so I can just move it through the Shared Bank to whichever wizard needs a companion.  Sometimes, though, I just keep both wizards on their own mounts and have them porting to one another.  I haven’t quite decided which is better though I’m starting to conclude sometimes one serves and sometimes the other.  [Click here and scroll down for instructions on how to use a dual mount]

For some running around quests I find it’s much handier to have them together on one mount if they’re both on the same quest*.  But sometimes it works out quite well to just keep having one port to the other.  When I have a high level wizard along just to help, I find it works well to use separate mounts.  I can leave the one who’s not on a quest sitting at the perpetual return point and the other can keep running off on the various find and click and talk-to jaunts and keep porting back to her pal who’s hanging out with the quest-giving NPC.

Using a dual mount at a dungeon sigil has been a problem for me.  On the one hand, you can just click “X” for the wizard whose dual mount you’re using and they both jump on the sigil without having to click the second time.  But quite a few times the second wizard didn’t get credit for it and I had to do it over to clear the quest.  Now, even if I’m using the dual mount, I click “X” first for the wizard sitting in back, which takes her off the mount, and then click “X” for the wizard in front.  Every time I do that they both get credit for the quest that took them into the dungeon.  [As an aside, I’ve also had multiple issues with not getting credit for dungeons for which I’ve used Team Up.]

Dual mounts make fighting mobs a little easier generally.  You can plunge them both into the mob at once — although occasionally the mob somehow separates them and opens two separate dueling circles with each of your wizards in a different battle.  I generally have one of them flee, fill up and port back to the other.  As long as they both get pulled into the circle, it’s easier to time getting them both in at once if they’re both on the same mount.

One thing I don’t like about the dual mounts (at least the three I have), is that they’re unnecessarily huge, feel unwieldy to get around on and, because they’re sticking out all over the place, it’s really hard sometimes to get a good look at whatever you’re seeking in a given area.  I have to do a lot more turning the mount from side to side in order to see where a collect item is or where the mob creatures are, etc.  On that score, it can be easier to run one of them along on a broom — much greater visibility, smoother ride and easier to negotiate around the many obstacles — and just keep porting the other to the goal, whether it’s a collect item, a mob, an NPC or a dungeon.

In the few dungeons where you’re allowed to stay on your mount, the dual mount can make it a bit easier to get them both around (Shirataki for instance, in Mooshu).  Most dungeons, of course, strip you of the mount when you enter and you just have to run both wizards around.  For reasons I can’t fathom, the dungeons you’re not allowed to port into from outside you also can’t port around WITHIN, which is a big pain in the neck when you’re running two wizards.

Dungeons like The Great Spyre that let you port within the dungeon make it so much easier — I just have one wizard run to the crystal, for instance, and then port back to the other without having to get back through the mobs in Dragon’s Maw.  (You can also mark location in there, which also helps).  But in many dungeons I have to negotiate one through and then turn to the other account and negotiate the other through exactly the same stuff…

In spite of all the advantages sometimes I just open one account and quest with one wizard, enjoying the relative simplicity of keeping up with only one wizard and her quests.  But I’m enjoying being able to advance two wizards at once or to send a higher level wizard in with a lower level to make a long tough dungeon go quickly and easily.  And for right now, I enjoy switching it up between using the dual mount or using separate mounts and porting.

*You also have to make sure you remember you have to click all the quest steps for both wizards (which includes having to run through all the NPC’s chat boxes twice in a row…) if you want to keep their progress synced.

Sours: https://leighswizard101.wordpress.com/tag/wizard101-dual-mounts/

Dropped Mounts in the Spiral

Mounts in Wizard101 have been an integral part of the game for a long time now. They were first introduced to the game in October 2009, shortly after the game’s release. Ever since, we’ve been seeing more and more mounts being added through different ways including the Crown Shop, packs, events and even as drops.

Kingsisle introduced some really amazing mounts over the years and some of them can actually be obtained as a drop for free (granted you have access to the area they drop in). Now that mounts have escaped the grasp of the Crown Shop, we can start hunting them down one by one. The only problem left is figuring out which dropped mounts are located where. Shall we take a look?

Additionally, for some extra help to defeat some of the above bosses, you can check out our guides about them below.


Event Dropped Mounts

Stormrider Hare

 Dropped By:

  • Under lvl 20 – Lord Nightshade
  • Under lvl 30 – Krokopatra
  • Under lvl 40 – Meowiarty
  • Under lvl 50 – Jade Oni
  • Under lvl 60 – Malistaire, Othin Stormfather
  • Under lvl 70 – Ptolemos, Astreaus, Mithraya
  • Under lvl 80 – Elephant Spectral Guardian, Starburst Spiders
  • Under lvl 90 – Pendragon, Sir Malory, Black Dragon, White Dragon, Young Morganthe
  • All lvls – Malistaire the Undying, Skurkis Screaming Moon, Huac Cries Blood, Yacate Farwalker

Hope this was helpful!
Let us know which dropped mounts you obtain.

Sours: https://finalbastion.com/wizard101-guides/w101-gear-jewels-mounts/guide-dropped-mounts-wizard101/
  1. Jaguar coupe 2009
  2. Widebody new beetle
  3. Plot matalb

Remember the time when the Horner Sweeper seemed like the best of the best when it came to mounts? Back when mounts themselves were about their speed bonus and not looks. Wait, when was that? Anyway, between the new hoards and charity events, Wizard101 has built up quite a collection of speed-boosting companions! Based on a survey of over 50 wizards, here's a list of the top ten most popular Wizard101 mounts!

May I first say that I'm very disappointed not to see MY favorite mount, the Swift Shark, on here. Why haven't you seen me on a Swift Shark, you ask? Well, I've never had one. They're so expensive that I'm not going to buy it myself. I'll either wait for it to go on sale, or win it as a prize!
Number 10... Swift Gryphon! Gosh, those periods really draw that out a few spaces, don't they? The Swift Gryphon (actually the original spelling of Griffin) is the first mount to come with a bundle - the Epic Bundle. This flying mount sits down when idle, and will rear back on it's hind legs. It otherwise flies gracefully. Users who say this is their favorite mount describe how they like the fact that the wings surround the wizard, and say that this mount is one of the more original ones. They also think that it's one of the more realistic mounts that looks nicer than most!

Number 9...... Bone Dragon! Back to the "firsts" theme, this clever mount was introduced with the first ever hoard pack - the Dragon's Hoard. This grand-prize mount is only available from the pack, making it all the more exclusive. Those that had it could proudly show off their prize! This mount was different than the Skeletal Dragon spell, it was said to be more realistic - if dragons were real. It was one of the largest of its time, and reared back like the Gryphon, but sent fire shooting into the air.

Number 8......... Run-Run Rickshaw!This creative little mount is based on an old(?) Chinese sort of business in which a person (usually male) would earn a living by pulling tourists and locals around the area. The tourists, not very knowledgeable about Chinese currency, would often overpay the Rickshaw runners! The mount features a one-seat cart with wheels, and a sheep pulling you wherever you wish to go. The originally of this mount, and the fact that it's fairly rare draws attention to it. If more wizards had this, they'd love it! When equipping it, you actually rotate and move from the sheep's perspective.

Number 7............ Great Hornocerous!(Really adding suspense with these periods, hmm?) Ok, there must be a trend here - first mount to come with a bundle, first mount to be introduced with a hoard, first mount to change the perspective from the wizard, and now the first two-person mount! This Great Hornocerous is just that - great! Designed by the Lead Concept Artist for KingsIsle, Dave Greco, this huge, war rhino of sorts is sure to please. It's probably one of the more commonly seen mounts in-game. Users who picked this mount as their favorite because it really set that standard for two-person mounts.

Number 6............... Dragon Wings!I didn't expect to see this one here, but a surprising amount of people love wings! While I do like wings, I'd sooner have something like a Swift Shark, or a Malorian Dragon, or a Swift Shark, or something like that. These wings are really big, actually! When flying, they could easily stretch the length of the screen. That, plus the lack of magic and sparkles of sorts, makes this number six!

Number 5.................. Panther!For a long time, this mount was exclusively available as a 15-day rental from a magazine code. KingsIsle later decided to place it in the Crown Shop as a permanent mount! One person who said that this mount was his favorite stated, "they are quick, sneaky and can get you where you want to go without a problem." Others like this mount because it's rare and they don't see many, or it looks elegant and beautiful.

Number 4..................... White Stag!I think we'll all agree that this is a beautiful mount. It may even be my second favorite, if not for one thing - the cape goes to the side! My Death character, my main character, has a cape on his outfit, and when they go the side, it just causes trouble and doesn't look good. It's a shame, too, because this is an awesome mount. Besides saying it was gorgeous, those who called it their favorite said that it fit well with Ice and icy worlds (although I love how it contrasts the black Death colors).

Number 3........................ Blood Raven!If nothing else, this blood-red raven is very majestic. Another two-person mount, the Blood Raven is a reward from the Raven's Hoard Pack! A prize even beyond the Raven mount, this high-flying helper is a must-have. Whether it's your favorite because you consider it beautiful or you just like to drag people around "like food", then Blood Raven is a near-perfect mount!

Number 2........................... Meowmodon! This awesome white tiger mount is part of a charity event that I am sorry to have missed out on! I wasn't around when they released it, but KingsIsle charged crowns and donated that money from the mount to a charity... making it all the more appealing. The rarity of this mount, and the fact that you hardly ever see them anymore is really very attractive.

Number 1.............................. Owl!That's thirty of those dots right there (count 'em)! I'm not sure if it's the fact that this owl sits when idle and flies when moving or is just plain pretty, but this mount ended up being the most popular among the groups surveyed! This beautiful bird has people calling it cute, cool, impressive, and fitting. Whatever it is about this mount, it has people interested!

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!
Sours: https://www.swordroll.com/2012/07/ten-mounts.html
Wizard101: 2020 Summer Update - New Mounts [HD]

Wizard 101 Q&A


free forever mount wizard 101

defeat rattle bones 52 time or defeat 1000 fire elf and 20 elite fire elfs (the tuff ones)
and you will get 2 free mounts like a black horse,white wings and for rattle bones a swift

Posted: jul 24, 2011 8:37 am

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well you buy crowns(if you pay with paypal you get more crowns) click shop then click on
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Posted: jul 24, 2011 8:56 am

A cheat code

Is there a way around getting into Cyclops Lane and Firecat alley without paying?

Its kinda silly for them to charge someone for a free game. Just wondering....

Posted: jul 28, 2011 2:47 am

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does anyone wanna be friends with my wizard level 33 noahlegendblade balance

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Go to prospector zeke buy a mount then set your computer time 2 days ahead

Posted: jun 03, 2012 1:39 pm

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I need one!!! Does the second answer really work though?

Posted: jun 18, 2012 9:40 am

You can beat the jade oni 95 times or you can beat 125 the oleary burglers

You can beat the jade oni 95 times or you can beat 125 the oleary burglers

Posted: jul 09, 2012 12:54 am

free mount

You can defeat the kracken 8 times,and you will get a free 1 day starlight pony mount.

Posted: jul 14, 2012 12:44 pm

Iphone App

There is an app for iphone thats called wizardblox. I got a few free permanent mounts but
it does take a while!! If you dont reach like level 25, you will win a lot of good pet
snacks, and a whole lot of gold!! Have fun with your new permanent mount, pet snacks, and
tons of gold!!! :d

Posted: aug 01, 2012 6:47 pm

Is There any codes?

Hi, i was wondering if there was any free codes you could give me for a permanent mount. I
am on a lot, and it would be great to have a mount, so i coud do quests faster!!! I am
only 10, and dont have much money so if you please could help me out, that would be
great!! Thx :)

Posted: aug 01, 2012 6:49 pm

Please People Stop!!

All the people that are saying bad stuff about getting a free mount please stop!! I mean
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Check youtube!!! None worked for me, but you might be lucky!!! :)

Posted: aug 01, 2012 6:58 pm

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Omg no code deal with it gosh everyone wants cheats some work some dont dont lie i'm
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Posted: aug 13, 2012 3:54 pm


First go to triton avanew and defeat kraken 3 times

Posted: aug 14, 2012 12:19 pm

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Save up your money!! I did and guess what? 41,670 gold yeah... So save ur money

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Anyone know how to get a free mount forever?

How do you get a free mount forever?
If so can you plies post how>

Posted: dec 14, 2012 5:39 pm

Listen to him.

The guy who said about he iphone app, it really works. Even though it is extreamly hard to
pass lvl 7. Keep trying.

Posted: dec 15, 2012 2:44 pm

Cheap long lasting mounts

Go to zeke and buy a one day mount and set your clock a few years back then log out of
wizard 101 then back in.

Posted: feb 04, 2013 11:48 pm


How do you get a free perament mount i really need one all i got is the hawk perament

Posted: mar 05, 2013 10:52 am


Hurry up im so pissed off this makes me so pissed so you better hurry up!!!

Posted: mar 09, 2013 8:43 pm


Iknow how to make a time mount in to a permenet one

Posted: mar 26, 2013 8:16 pm


You go to zek in the commons and buy one of his mounts or go to the crown shop and buy a
time mount there then log out and go to your clock and chang the time to like a month or
week or a year later then your mount will be permenent

Posted: mar 26, 2013 8:19 pm


Ok so when you do that mount trick post back and let me know ok later

Posted: mar 26, 2013 8:23 pm


And if you boys girls and adults need help for wizard101 post back any time and i'll get

Posted: mar 26, 2013 8:26 pm


Hey it's daniel agine to tell you some wizard101 one tricks ok if you beat the kraken 60
times you will get a blood raven permenent and if you beat pagoda 15 times you will get a
shang lot dragon pet and some times a yellow ghost my name is daniel goodbye and i'll post
agine later

Posted: mar 26, 2013 8:31 pm


Hey it's daniel agine and i'll tell you how to get a free wepon at the crown shop it's
kind of boring but here we go you have to click on what wepon you want for 2 hours or so
yeah post back if you get the wepon you want ok bye

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Hey it's daniel agine and i'm going to tell some more tricks to do on wizard101 first you
can go to fire cat alley if you pade the zopne or if you have membership if you beat 100
fire cats you can win a pet frilled lizerd or snow ball or blue ghost yes it's very awsome
to me and one more thing try not to die post back if you get a cool pet

Posted: mar 27, 2013 3:55 pm


I know i made a mistake with my titel last time so hello it's daniel agine and i got
something to say to you if you go to triton av you know the wooden golems if you have a
really hard spell use it on them and it will give you something good when you beat them
same with a lost soul in unicorn way and with rattel bones ok post back if you get
something cool ok bye

Posted: mar 27, 2013 4:00 pm


Hi guys i haven't posted stuff in i long time so today i want to tell you guys something
and it's really cool all those cheats i said really work and i have all the mounts you get
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I have been trying to get a mount for forever and i cant find out a easy way that works
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I got sooo many mounts so i'm going to try to give some away to alot of wizareds in
wizared 101 any mounts you want

Posted: aug 13, 2013 1:10 pm

don't get codes from YouTube

Any code on youtube is fake don't use the codes they never work

Posted: aug 20, 2013 2:52 pm


Sup wizard101 players you know mount olympus the secret boss is sooo easy cencs i'm level

Posted: sep 10, 2013 9:25 pm

Any codes?

Hi, can someone please tell me if there is any wizard101 codes that you can use that
doesn't expire? Thank you!

Posted: oct 26, 2013 8:57 pm

free crown pets

Go to midnight sun padagod with or without some one that's how i got a ninja pig,jade
oni,goat monk,spide,and other pets

Posted: jan 07, 2014 9:08 pm

Free Mount

Warning: need to be on the krokotopia level.

Follow what it says when you first arrive at krokotopia. At about the fourth of fifth
quest from krokotopia (they're all connected) it will give you a free mount. The mount is
the boar looking thing, for 24 hrs. Sorry, don't know permanent ones.

Posted: jan 10, 2014 8:41 pm

Free Mount #2

Warning: you may either get mount or citrine ring so don't argue!

This is in wizard city. Go to the kraken (when you're on that level) and defeat him 3-8
times. Once you get it, congrats. You get either a citrine ring, white pony, brown pony or
an odd inscect thing. Good luck!

Posted: jan 10, 2014 8:45 pm

Old code sry late response its useless now

Well their was a 12 days of spiral 2013 for free crowns the code was crownsplz and it
would give you 1000-5000 but its useless now. I ust wanted to post it.

Posted: jan 13, 2014 7:23 pm


Hey its daniel agine and if you beat a lost soul a lot you get a 24 hr alphin mount ok bye

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FREE stuff!!!!

Get the app wizardblox if u are in a far level u will get a free permenent mount i got
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I'm alex dreamsheild if u see me say hi!

Posted: jan 16, 2014 3:29 pm
Sours: http://www.cheatsguru.com/pc/wizard_101/questions/2180978/

Mounts wizard101 new

How to get a 7 day Mount in Wizard101?

How to get a 7 day Mount in Wizard101?

Second go to temporary mounts. Third click on a temporary mount that costs gold, or if you have a lot of crowns you can buy one with crowns either one will work.They only have 7 day ones, so pick a 7 day mount you like not all of them are for gold. Then buy it with crowns or [i]gold, I picked gold.

Which is the best mount for a wizard?

This flying mount sits down when idle, and will rear back on it’s hind legs. It otherwise flies gracefully. Users who say this is their favorite mount describe how they like the fact that the wings surround the wizard, and say that this mount is one of the more original ones.

How do you get a permanent mount in RuneScape?

Third click on a temporary mount that costs gold, or if you have a lot of crowns you can buy one with crowns either one will work.They only have 7 day ones, so pick a 7 day mount you like not all of them are for gold. Then buy it with crowns or [i]gold, I picked gold.

What’s the first two person Mount in RuneScape?

Ok, there must be a trend here – first mount to come with a bundle, first mount to be introduced with a hoard, first mount to change the perspective from the wizard, and now the first two-person mount! This Great Hornocerous is just that – great!

Where can I buy a gryphon Mount in Wow?

Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade is purchased for 1000 from Dread Commander Thalanor at Acherus: The Ebon Hold in the Eastern Plaguelands. It is the only gryphon mount available to Horde players. Grand Armored Gryphon is purchased for 2000 from Agent Malley in Krasarang Wilds.

When did the Wizard 101 mounts come out?

Mounts which allow a wizard to travel faster were first released in the October, 2009 Test Realm, then added to the live game October 16, 2009. – Most 1-day mounts provide a +20% speed boost; a few provide +40%. – All 7-day mounts provide a +40% speed boost.

Where do you get mounts in Wizard101 event 3?

Ravenwood and Digmoore pogosticks during 5 boxes event 3. Fishing (Hard) Did you know that all the bundle houses have a very rare fishing drop chance? The chests that are caught can occasionally drop the houses respective mount.

Where can I get a dusky waycrest Gryphon?

Dusky Waycrest Gryphon is purchased from Quartermaster Alcorn in Arom’s Stand, Drustvar. Requires Exalted with Order of Embers. Proudmoore Sea Scout is purchased from Provisioner Fray in Boralus Harbor, Tiragarde Sound.

Sours: https://boardgamestips.com/collectible-card-games/how-to-get-a-7-day-mount-in-wizard101/
Wizard101- FREE Mounts From Farming!


Mounts are very useful as they help you get to places faster, which saves time and some even provide stats. It also makes you look cool that you can show off to your friends. In this guide, I will explain the ways you can obtain permanent mounts without spending crowns or real-life money!

How can mounts be obtained in wizard101?

Mounts can be obtained through:
1. The Purchase of Gold via the Crowns Shop
2. The Purchase of Arena Tickets via Khalkos Coppersmith
3. Boss Drops
4. Crafting
5. Fishing

Purchasing mounts with Gold

There are a total of 8 permanent mounts that can be purchased with gold via the crowns shop.
1-Bengal Tiger – 90,000
2-Proud Lion – 90,000
3-Royal Lioness – 85,000
4-Enchanted Broom – 50,000
5-Horned Sweeper – 70,000
6-Blue Dragon – 85,000
7-Chestnut Pony – 50,000
8-Black Stallion – 70,000

Purchasing with Arena Tickets

There are a total of 6 permanent mounts that can be purchased with arena tickets via Brandon Mistborn who is located just outside the Arena.
1-Fire Wyvern – 9,000
2-Blue Kirin – 9,000
3-Unicorn Charger – 9,000
4-Gorilla Juggernaut – 9,000
5-Unicorn Courser – 10,000
6-Gorilla Skirmisher – 10,000

Wizard101 free mounts

Boss Drops

This is a Gold key boss located in Polaris and drops a total of 8 permanent mounts:

I highly recommend farming this boss as the drop rates are high and due to potentially dropping 8 mounts, the probability of you getting a mount is high.

This is a Wooden Skeleton Key boss that is located in Krokotopia and drop a total of 7 permanent mounts:
3-Mander Palaquin
4-Moonlight Pony
5-Starlight Pony
6-StarShine Pony
7-Sunshine Pony

This is a stone key boss located in Azteca and drop a total of 8 mounts:
2-Arcus Cloud
4-Feathered Raptor
5-Gold-Wrought Eagle
6-Jeweled Scarab
8-Tyrannosaurus Rex

This is a Gold Key Boss located in Empyrea and drops only one permanent mount, Aethyr Cloud.
This is a very rare mount.

This is a Stone Key Boss located in Zafaria and drops only 1 permanent mount, Pirate Rowboat.

This boss is located in the one-shot dungeon called “Zeus Exalted Challenge” and drops a total of 3 permanent mounts:
1-Fire Whirlwind
2-Life Whirlwind
3-Storm Whirlwind
(These can also be crafted)

This boss is located in the one shot dungeon called “Meowiarty Exalted Challenge” and drops a total of 2 permanent mounts:
1-Balance Whirlwind
2-Ice Whirlwind
(These can also be crafted)

This boss is located in the one shot dungeon called “Rattlebones Exalted Challenge” and drops a total of 2 permanent mounts:
1-Death Whirlwind
2-Life Whirlwind
(These can also be crafted)

This boss is located in the one shot dungeon called “Rattlebones Exalted Challenge” and drops a total of 3 permanent mounts:
1-Fire Whirlwind
2-Myth Whirlwind
3-Life Whirlwind
(These can also be crafted)

This is a boss located in Polaris that drops 1 permanent mount that gives a stat of 2% outgoing, it is called the Mommoth Mini.

This boss is in the dungeon called ‘Hollow Mountain’ which is located in Keembaalung village, Krokotopia. The boss is behind a Wooden Skeleton Key door. He drops a total of 3 Permanent Mounts:
1-Blue Kirin
2-Gold Kirin
3-Silver Kirin


Permanent Mounts can be crafted, there are 2 persons that sell these recipes:

1-Khalkos Coppersmith (located in garden of Hesperides just outside of Mount Olympus).
He has a total of 7 recipes for the Whirlwind mounts for each school.

Wizard101 free mounts
Wizard101 free mounts

This can be crafted by having the following reagents:

25-Wyldfire TC
5-Firecuda fishes
1-Ultra Helephant Ears
1-Mote of Transport
25-Perfect Ruby

Wizard101 free mounts

This can be crafted by having the following reagents:

25-Balefrost TC
5-Icecuda fishes
1-Ultra Snow Apples
1-Mote of Transport
25-Perfect Sapphire

Wizard101 free mounts

This can be crafted by having the following reagents:

25-Darkwind TC
5-Stormcuda fishes
1-Ultra Boom Shroom
1-Mote of Transport
25-Perfect Amethyst

Wizard101 free mounts

This can be crafted by having the following reagents:

25-Sanctuary TC
5-Lifecuda fishes
1-Ultra Tiger Lily
1-Mote of Transport
25-Perfect Jade

Wizard101 free mounts

This can be crafted by having the following reagents:

25-Doom and Gloom TC
5-Deathcuda fishes
1-Ultra King Parsley
1-Mote of Transport
25-Perfect Onyx

Wizard101 free mounts

This can be crafted by having the following reagents:

25-Time of Legend TC
5-Mythcuda fishes
1-Ultra NInja Fig
1-Mote of Transport
25-Perfect Periodt

Wizard101 free mounts

This can be crafted by having the following reagents:

25-Power Play TC
5-Balancecuda fishes
1-Ultra Trumpet Vine
1-Mote of Transport
25-Perfect Citrine

2-Rose Piper (located in telegraph box during the 5 B.O.X.E.S Event).
She has a total of 2 recipes for the Digmoore Pogo Stick and Ravenwood Pogo Stick mounts.

Wizard101 free mounts
Wizard101 free mounts

This can be crafted by having the following reagents:

10-Clockwork Spider TC
10-Brain Sturgeon Fishes
1-Sonic Spring
10-Silver Trumpet Vine
25-Scrap Iron
10-Leather Strap

Wizard101 free mounts

This can be crafted by having the following reagents:

10-Snow Shield TC
10-Catfish Fishes
1-Sonic Spring
10-Trumpet Vine
25-Scrap Iron
10-Leather Strap


The $40 Bundles that gives a house contain fishing spots, and in these fishing spots, you can fish for the mount that the bundle usually gives.
For example, the Dino Bundle gives the Pyramid of the Lost Horizon House and the T-Rex mount (2 person mount).
If you go to that house and fish you can potentially get a chest that contains the Perm T-Rex mount.
I recommend using housing tours and going to someone’s house and fish for them. (The drop-rate is very rare though!)

Wizard101 free mounts

Pet Guide For New Players

Pet Hatching Guide

Sours: https://wizard101folio.com/free-mounts/

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Wizard101™ Mounts Fast Facts
Announced at the 2009 Austin Game Developers Conference

The next major new content being developed by KingsIsle Entertainment for Wizard101 is a series of Wizard Mounts that provide a fun, fast, and stylish way of getting around. Many different types of Wizard Mounts will be available with more to come in the future. Initially, four will be introduced: Brooms, Horses, Cats, and Dragons!

Wizard Mounts may be rented for a day or a week. They may also be purchased permanently. The one and seven day rental gives Wizards a chance to try out the mount and decide which one they want to own permanently. One day rentals add a 20% movement speed increase. Seven day rentals and permanent purchases add a 40% movement speed increase.

One day rentals may be purchased with in-game gold. Seven day rentals and permanent Wizard Mounts may be purchased with in-game gold or Crowns. All mounts may be purchased at the Crown shop (player user interface that will be available in October) or Zeke.

Wizard Mounts are expected to launch in October 2009.

Wizard Mounts Fast Facts:
• Four types at release: Brooms, Horses, Cats, and Dragons!
• Available in a variety of appearances that favor male and female styles.
• May be rented for 1-day or 7-days, or purchased permanently.
• 1-day rentals give 20% movement speed increase; 7-day and permanent purchases give 40% movement speed increase.
• May be purchased for in-game gold and Crowns from the new, upcoming Crown shop or Zeke.
• Available in October 2009.


Sours: https://www.wizard101.com/game/press/september152009

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