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    Previously released on Expansion records UK in 2006. This critically acclaimed record showcases Steve's collaboration with some of the finest acts in the modern Soul community. Also featured, some of Steve's longtime session crew Bobby Watson of Rufus / Jimi Macon of the Gap Band / Roman Johnson - Isley brothers & Gap Band / the late great Billy Preston / Gavin Christopher / Lyrica Anderson / Louis Van Taylor / Tony Patler and others.
    All songs were co written with each artist over rhythm tracks Steve and Bobby Watson birthed at Musicyard Malibu, CA.USA. -
    People can now finally download this version of the record in WAVE format, the highest quality download available on the net - THANKS TO THE INGENUITY and CREATIVITY of the people behind BANDCAMP :)

    check out the video for the duet "if we were alone" on you tube :

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I can't let you go 03:41


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I can't let you go v1 Your saying some things that I just cannot believe how could you let it just come out your mouth I can't believe that you could do this to me after everything I did for you B cooked your dinner been your fool saying everything is cool and now you tell me I'm not doing enough she can never treat you right I'm your woman I'm your wife I'm the one thats got your back and I ain't going out like that no Chorus.... Cause I've invested too much time I've ignored your many lies to let you just walk out my life that ..I can't let you go whatever it is we can get through it we made a vow let we stick to it can nothing and nobody even the next life take you away from me V2 Your doing somethings that I just cannot believe ain't no way that we are breaking apart you see I gotta make you stay you ain't throwing me away I don't want this life if I can't have you baby listen look at me I'm the one thats gonna save ya I think its time that we just kneel down and pray I'm the one that knew you when I'm your lover and your friend I'm the one thats got your back and I ain't going out like that Chorus


Time brings a change 04:31


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Where has the love gone? 04:06


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Where has the love gone ? When you see that man out in the streets, I wonder if you offer him something to eat or do you just turn and walk away if he asks you for some change do you say "no not today" open up your heart thats how we begin to change what's going on in this world today yeh we must face our fears through these coming years If were ever gonna find whats missing CHORUS Tell me where has the love gone My sisters and brothers what's going on more than talking about it, lets just be about it cause the way we been living, I know its wrong Everyday I pray God will come and show us a better way no more negative there's only positive if my brother needs some help I won't hesitate to give open up your heart thats how we begin to change what's going on in this world today yeh we must face our fears through these coming years If were ever gonna find whats missing CHORUS VAMP


If we were alone 05:59


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Stay with me 06:00


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Stay with me In your eyes I realize your the one for me your connected to the air I breath won't't you stay with me and if you leave I lose nights of sleep bad dreams I would keep how unhappy I would be why don't you stay with me Chorus Why don't you stay, stay the night with me don't you ever leave ... stay with me Why don't you stay, stay the night with me don't you ever leave ...stay with me In your smile life seems so worthwhile see your the one for me you bring life to things I believe so won't you stay with me oh please don't leave in you I need you've become the biggest part of me your the sunshine that I see so won't you stay with me Chorus Nothing could feel so right about how it feels tonight won't you stay with me boy, I'm begging please I'll get down on my knees won't you stay .. Chorus Nothing would ever be the same that would be a shame I'd be a lonely girl in this great big world Chorus Vamp


Get your name out my mouth 04:54


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Troubled times 04:14


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Troubled times troubled times you work too hard and you cannot sleep now we don't rhyme anymore, so are we cause it makes me sadder than I ever knew that I could get cause you are the finest man in the world that I ever met Chorus You will give me romance You will light my dream You will make me feel like life is more than it may seem You are my twin spirit, who knows what I am all about so why you wanna quit it just because were having doubts? Troubled times stressing you, now we can't meet there ain't a dime and you know there ain't no heat I wonder what makes me want to hold on to what ain't there still you are the finest man in the world baby that ain't fair Where will I go, where will I go tell me now who will I be, who am I supposed to be if your not here, if your not gonna be here who will marry me Chorus


Shake it off 05:17


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Shake it off Some days it rains and sometimes it feels cool still it remains you never learn til you do and sometimes the pain makes you feel hollow inside but in the appreciate the ride don't ever think your the only one going through what your going through.. listen your not the only one you'd be surprised to know there are many like you there are many other like you so you know what you should do Chorus So just shake shake shake it off get up, come on, just run so just shake shake it off get up, come on, come on (repeat) For every two steps you may 20 back your make your own mistakes but you remember that experience, take it where you go split the difference, be more than what you know don't ever think your the only one going through what your going through I know cause I been in your shoes you'd be surprised to know there are many like you don't let it get you down, get up, come on Chorus It will be alright give yourself some time dust yourself and be proud of what you've done for you, yeh what you've done for you Chorus VAMP


That's the way 05:20


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I can't leave you alone 04:43


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Steve Harvey is a multi-talented man, and a gentleman to boot. His talents, in my opinion, are seriously undervalued by many, and his sturdy efforts all under his own steam only add authority to this man’s credibility, persona and aura. This new effort is a lot more grittier, funky and even rockier in places, although more in a Rufus mode than anything else. I know some who did not find this work as appealing as his previous material, and to be honest I can see where they come from, even though I do not share the same strong point of view.

For me, this is another chapter in the evolution of Steve Harvey, and offers us some pointers into where this man is headed. More important about a man, so some say, is the company he keeps. Well, going by the list of soulful folks attached to this project, this says a lot about him, and it’s all positive. OK, not every track is 100% to my taste, but most of it is, and it goes without saying that this is a mandatory purchase for anyone interested in quality, real soul music. Steve keeps it real with the likes of Ledisi, K.K., Rahsaan Pattersonand N’Dambi and throws more real instrumentation into the mix than many do today, therefore creating a heady infusion of raw playing, raw talent and real, gritty soul music.

Ledisi kicks off with a superb 70s styled groove, much in the vein of The Temptations "’Round Here" and boy does this Lady shine. What a talent we have with Ledisi! She’s a gem. K.K. is a new name to me, and his smooth Gospel driven delivery perfectly complements the smooth groove. Stylistically he is a mix of Calvin Richardson / Jo-Jo Hailey with the phrasing of Parkes Stewart. Very nice indeed. Bobby Watson adds some brilliant guitar work too, and the Hammond Organ, flute and solid drumming create a perfect atmosphere befitting a summer5 afternoon.

A hero in many people’s eyes is Rahsaan Patterson. His unique vocal style fits Steve’s funky stye perfectly and "That’s The Way" is equally as good as anything on his last set for UK label, Dome. Steve and Donnie are no strangers to each other, and if you loved his 2003 set for Giant Step / Motown, then you will also appreciate the quirky and retro "Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth" which follows on organically from this album. Here’s to his new album!

My personal favourite is the SUPERB "Troubled Times" by Linn Segolson, who is a new name to me. This is a dreamy, unhurried masterpiece – the kind of groove that Kindred SHOULD be doing now. Lynn’s stylish, smooth and sexy performance atop the summery groove is a real first-past-the-post effort. Gold medals all round for this. Many are highlighting "Shake It Off" as a cream track, and I certainly don’t disagree with this prognosis. I have been interested in many lauding Pretty Terry as a new name to look out for. As soon as I heard him sing I knew this was, in fact, no-one new to us seasoned ears at all. It is – as Steve himself confirmed with me – Terry Stanton from the Dazz Band. I love this guy’s voice and immediately spotted it. This is a very welcome collaboration, and Terry does appear to be striking out on his own as his recent collaboration with Jeff Lorber’s Shades Of Soul testifies. A memorable track and a memorable performance. It's one of those grooves which will stick in your head and refuse to budge. In truth, the last thing you can do is "shake it off"!
There’s a pretty duet with N’Dambi and Keite Young at the sunset of the CD, and rates highly against their individual songs on the set. It is sexy, close-knit and irresistible. I cannot recommend this set enough. Here’s looking forward to Volume 2!
-Barry Towler

Ledisi, Frank McComb, Brigette, Donnie,Kindred, N'Dambi and Rahsaan Patterson are just a few of the artists who have turned to composer, musician and producer Steve 'The Scotsman' Harvey in recent years. When producing his unique style of classic soul and funk, he involves the cream of LA's musicians, central to these being bobby Watson (bass) and Jimi Macon (guitar).In the summer of 2004 Steve, with brand new ones showcased here for the first time. From Scotland, Steve produced hits in the UK on acts inc. Total contrast before moving to Malibu, California where more recently his sound landed him work producing the temptations for Motown. His last work for Expansion was the Brigette album Starlite Lounge. 2006.

You'll probably remember Steve Harvey from the early eighties when he made two 12 inch singles entitled "Tonight" and "Something Special", both released on London Records. He also produced tracks for the debut albums of both Total Contrast and Five Star. Steve got little sleep during the late eighties and nineties! Behind the scenes he worked with other great artists like Impromp2, George Duke, Jeff Lorber, Gary Brown, Gerald Albright and many more. He wrote six of the tracks on the last two Temptations albums 'Legacy' and 'Reflections' both of which he produced. -

A sublime set of contemporary soul -- headed up by drummer/producer Steve Harvey, and featuring vocals by a host of great guests who include Donnie, Ledisi, N'Dambi, Rahsaan Patterson, KK, and others! Steve's been kicking things up strongly on the west coast for a number of years -- lending his talents in the studio to some great soul projects for artists young and old, and always bringing a deeply soulful vibe to the table -- one that mixes old school roots with the best modes of the current Neo Soul scene, a sound that's especially great because Harvey's always in-the-pocket with some snapping acoustic percussion -- not the overdone flurry of beats! This set is Steve's first as a "leader" -- a really great little record that showcases the soulful mode he's building with his Everyday People group -- a unified groove at the bottom that's freshened up nicely by the shifting singers in the set! Titles include "I Can't Let You Go", "Where Has The Love Gone", "That's The Way", "Stay With Me", "Keep My Name Out Your Mouth", "I Can't Leave You Alone", "Shake It Off", and "If We Were Alone".


released January 1, 2006


all rights reserved


If you want to get caught up on Family Feud or you’re in need of a hearty laugh right about now, then watch this 20-minute compilation video filled with hilarious bloopers and "fails" from the game show over the years. The best part? Steve Harvey's various reactions to them all.

Among the dozens of mishaps are contestants who clap excessively (erm, Gary), folks who miss their mark during Fast Money rounds and family members who can't figure out how to hit the red buzzer. Take, for instance, Heather from the Schneider family (you can watch her at the 13:01 mark in the video below), who made the grave error of slapping the red button while Steve was in the middle of asking a question.

“You can’t play no more! This game’s called Family Feud. This ain’t Hit the Buzzer,” Steve hilariously snapped back after she tried to play again.

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Of course, the 64-year-old TV personality has said that he loves having enthusiastic contestants on the show. But sometimes it’s not what Feud contestants do while they’re in the spotlight that gets Steve's attention — rather, it’s what they do after their turn is over. This epic video also shows one particularly hilarious moment with Brian from the Allen family at the 18:50 mark. Without giving too much away (you'll want to see it for yourself!) Steve really went after Brian when the contestant lost his way on stage — and the crowd couldn't stop laughing.

Family Feud fans watching the YouTube video from home couldn’t get enough of the bloopers. “Family Feud never lets me down with these hilarious videos 😂🤣,” one person wrote. “This has to be the funniest Steve Harvey reacts anything compilation on Family Feud history!!” a different fan said. Another added, "His reactions are priceless!” You got that right!

Selena BarrientosAssociate Entertainment and News EditorSelena Barrientos is the associate entertainment and news editor for Good Housekeeping — she writes and reports on the latest shows and movies, in addition to spotlighting Latinx celebrities.

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Steve Harvey Shows off His Suit Game as He Shares a Video Compilation of His Looks

Renowned comedian and TV show host Steve Harvey showed off his debonair looks in several stylish suits. See his impressive style game captured in a video.

Acclaimed TV host Steve Harvey recently wowed his fans on Instagram with a video of himself sashaying down hallways and on stage in various suits. 

The video showed the 64-year-old international TV star confidently walking while wearing sharp suits in eye-catching colors, including red, pink, yellow, blue, and green. 


Harvey didn't just spread warm vibes with his personality; he also exuded cool vibes while wearing suits in silver, metallic blue, and purple, as well as in leather and velvet. The acclaimed comedian wrote:


Another part of the clip showed Harvey jamming to certain songs backstage while his makeup artist brushed his bald head. His signature looks left thousands of followers speechless. 

Many fans praised Harvey for keeping up his fashion, while others noted his mustache, another signature of the game show host. A supporter wrote, "You sharper than a razor blade."

Aside from his stellar looks, Harvey has long been a favorite host of many. Among his most remarkable hosting gigs was the Miss Universe pageant. Unfortunately, he did not host the 69th Miss Universe this year.

In an April 20 announcement posted on Twitter, the Miss Universe Organization revealed that Mario Lopez from "Access Hollywood" and former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo were chosen as hosts for this year's pageant. 

After the announcement, Harvey quickly chimed in to say that he would miss the show. Harvey was infamous for hosting the 2015 Miss Universe, where he mistook Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez as the winner instead of Miss Philippines' Pia Wurtzbach.

"The Steve Harvey Show" star and the pageant organization have not publicly shared the reason for his absence this year when Mexico's Andrea Meza was crowned, but it appeared that conflicting schedules may have been the cause.   

Many fans felt sad about the organization's decision, but Harvey wrote he will see them in the next pageant, which was good news to his followers.

Besides Miss Universe, Harvey has hosted both regular and celebrity editions of the hit show "Family Feud" in the US, South Africa, and Ghana.

Harvey also recently hosted a Verzus battle between the Isley Brothers and the Earth, Wind & Fire, which led to a public backlash. Twitter users claimed he interrupted the show with never-ending stories.

Nevertheless, EWF came to Harvey's defense. Verdine White, the founding member of the band, said they were more than happy to see him take the stage and admired him for being a dynamic host. 


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