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Bentley said his office was working to get absolute confirmation from Craigslist, but added that Ontario was ready to take “whatever steps” it could to protect the vulnerable in the province.

“When we raised this we took the position Craigslist should do the same for Ontarians that they did for Americans,” he said.

Craigslist did not immediately respond to requests for comment from The Canadian Press.

Earlier this year, the website’s reaction to Canada’s request for action had been nothing more than asking for a meeting with Ontario officials. Meanwhile, it continued to allow hundreds of ads for prostitutes to be posted on its Canadian sites every day.

The realities of trafficking on the website made headlines in November when Chilliwack police arrested a 14-year-old British Columbia girl and charged her not only with prostituting herself, but with pimping out other under age girls through ads on Craigslist.

While many weekly newspapers in Canada carry explicit ads, the federal government had said they are more likely than Craigslist to exercise some editorial control to make sure the ads don’t promote child exploitation or human trafficking.

The Canadian Press

Sours: https://www.hamiltonnews.com/news-story/2181533-craigslist-pulls-prostitution-ads-from-canadian-sites/

Hamilton man says he was too drunk to notice his friend was taping him abusing 7-year old girl

A Hamilton man who pleaded guilty last week to sexually abusing a seven-year-old is back in court fighting the accusation that he knew his friend was filming the abuse with a smart phone.

The 37-year-old man has pleaded not guilty to a charge of making child pornography. He's the last of five adults in court in relation to the sexual abuse of a little girl, whose mom's then-boyfriend offered her up to adults on Craigslist.

The man — the former boyfriend's friend — pleaded guilty to sexual interference last week. But he still says even though someone was holding a camera phone with a light on it a foot away from him, he was too drunk to notice it.

"I'm telling you the truth. I didn't know he was taping it," said the man, who took the stand in his own defence Monday.

The case is a horrific one in which five adults have pleaded guilty to their roles in abusing the girl.

At the heart of it is the then-boyfriend, who not only abused her, but took thousands of images and videos of it over an 18-month period. He is now serving 13 years.

The latest defendant was working as a truck driver in April 2016 when he invited the boyfriend to his Barton Street East place to party. The pair did cocaine and drank 24 beers.

As they did, the defendant testified, the boyfriend showed him more videos of the little girl — as he'd done about 10 times before — and encouraged his friend to come over and "try it."

The pair bought more beer and cocaine and drove to the boyfriend's house. They roused the little girl from sleep, and in the dark, the defendant sexually abused her while the boyfriend filmed it.

The video file appears to have been taken around 4:19 a.m., said Sgt. John Tselepakis of Hamilton Police Service.

The defendant drove home afterward, but later said he was too drunk and high to remember much, or know whether the boyfriend was filming him.

In court, the Crown showed a May 2016 video of the man's first police interview, where he repeatedly told investigators he wasn't the type to abuse a child, and that he thought it was "gross."

"I was so gone," he said in his police interview. "I was really bombed."

"Just because (the boyfriend) does that, I shouldn't be getting involved. Just because I was his friend doesn't mean I do stuff like that. I go to work every day. It's just not right."

"I just drank way too much and I don't know, I must have just did it or something."

The defendant isn't being named to protect the identity of the victim. 

Sexual interference and making child pornography both come with sentences of one to 14 years in jail. The girl's aunt has been vocal throughout the court appearances about the need for mandatory minimums for people who sexually abuse children.

Justice Joe Fiorucci will give a verdict in Hamilton court on Aug. 28, with sentencing on one or both counts to follow.

Sours: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/craigslist-sex-abuse-1.4721569
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Man sobs as he pleads guilty in Craigslist sex abuse case of 7-year-old girl

The man in the prisoner's box cries for 20 minutes straight, but few in the courtroom seem to feel bad for him.

The 37-year-old Hamilton man, in jail for two years now, is pleading guilty to sexual interference with a seven-year-old girl, his good friend's stepdaughter. Police found a video of the man sexually abusing the girl and say he said he was "really bombed and just wanted to try it." Investigators identified him by the tattoo on his hand.

"Guilty," he squeaked in a small voice when the judge asked him how he pleaded. He pleaded not guilty to making child pornography, and that charge will go to trial next week.

The man is the last of five people charged in relation to the sexual abuse of the girl. The others include her mom's then-boyfriend, who officials say offered her up to pedophiles on Craigslist. The ex-boyfriend is now serving 13 years.

The court heard Monday that the ex-boyfriend was living with the little girl's mom and her three children in Hamilton's central lower city.

The 37-year-old friend was over at their house when he watched the ex-boyfriend's homemade child pornography of his step children, including video secretly recorded of the 16-year-old stepdaughter naked in the bathroom.

The ex-boyfriend then roused the seven-year-old from bed and abused her while the friend watched, said the agreed statement of facts.

The friend "disclosed that he 'got really bombed and just wanted to try it' and sexually abused (the girl) himself," the court heard.

Police arrested the ex-boyfriend in early 2016. Investigators searched a laptop and found an April 16, 2016 video depicting the lower body of a man assaulting the girl. Police identified the friend by his clothes and a tattoo on his hand.

As the friend cried in the prisoner's box Monday, the little girl's aunt sat in the front row of the gallery, as she has through court appearances of all the accused. She didn't flinch as she watched the man take off his glasses and cry into his hands.

For a few minutes, though, his tears stopped.

The court watched video of a police interview between the little girl and an investigator, where she used a crayon to mark the spots on a drawing to describe her abuse.

The man watched in silence while the aunt broke down in tears.

The name of the accused is withheld to protect the identity of the victim.

Sours: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/craigslist-guilty-plea-1.4711498
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