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Special Services

Aside from the public radio broadcast service known and trusted throughout northern New York, western Vermont and southern Ontario, NCPR facilities provide other services to the North Country community.

Studio Production Services: North Country Public Radio has one of the most up-to-date recording facilities in the North Country. Our 323 square-foot performance space is ideal for a classical ensemble, jazz combo, rock band, or spoken-word production.

New Media Services: North Country Public Radio Online brings expanded news and cultural programming to our audience through our new streaming package. This makes the station's signal available online. We add national depth to our online offerings through Public Interactive's Public Newsroom and Public Arts pages. We have expanded our local coverage through on-demand streaming of regional newscasts and through the creation of News by Topic pages. North Country events can be found in the Community Calendar; area art exhibitions can be found in the UpNorth Gallery, and downloadable performances by regional musicians can be found in the Upnorth Concert Hall.

UpNorth Music Project:
A two-year project to identify, record, compile, promote and distribute new music by North Country composers and performers. 

COVID-19 vaccination rates are higher across the St. Lawrence River, but opposition remains

Only here.

You're here because NCPR brings you something important, necessary, and unique. Help us keep it up! Make a donation to NCPR during our Fall Fundraiser. Thank you!

So far we've raised $239,058 of our $360,000 goal!

Donate any amount and we'll send you our brand new NCPR Photo of the Day calendar or our locally designed "only here" poster. At only $5/month choose our new Northern Light mug, or NCPR pint glass, at $10/month our new NCPR winter cap or ball cap, and at $15/month our special edition "only here" t-shirt.

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NCPR Public Radio App

NCPR Public Radio App:

The North Country Public Radio App allows you to listen to North Country Public Radio live, pause and rewind the live audio, and view the program schedule for all the North Country Public Radio streams at once! You can explore On Demand content, search for stories, bookmark a story for later, and wake up to North Country Public Radio with the alarm clock!

Live Streaming
• DVR-like controls (pause, rewind, and fast forward). You can pause the live stream to have a conversation and pick up right where you left off! Or rewind to catch a comment you just missed!
• Listen to live streams from North Country Public Radio even while traveling! Start the app and your favorite station starts playing – no clicks to start listening.
• Integrated program schedules for every station. You can display up to three of your favorites at a time or flick once to see the schedules for all of your favorite stations.
• One click stream switching – flip over to the program you noticed on another stream with a single click.
• Listen to North Country Public Radio in the background while browsing the web or catching up on your emails!

On Demand
• Access public radio programs from multiple content providers (NPR, PRI, APM and NCPR) easily and quickly.
• DVR-like controls. Pause, rewind and fast forward your program with ease.
• When listening to national programs, individual story segments (when available) are listed so you can review and choose one or listen to the entire program.
• Easy to access past programs.
• The North Country Public Radio App displays the web page associated with the program or story segment you are listening to On Demand so you can explore for more information.

Radio Bookmarks
• Save what you were listening to (Live or On Demand) so you can replay, follow-up, or share it later by simply clicking “Bookmark”.
• Compatible with the popular Radio Bookmark device (

• The unique “Search Public Radio” feature finds stories or programs across hundreds of stations and web pages and makes it easy to play instantly.

Additional features
• Easily share stories and programs with family and friends via the “Share” button.
• A built in Sleep Timer and Alarm Clock allows you to go to sleep and wake up to your favorite station.

The North Country Public Radio App is brought to you by the people at North Country Public Radio and Public Media Apps. We work to provide our valued listeners with great solutions to find what you want, when you want it, and where you want it.

Please support North Country Public Radio by becoming a member today!

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