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To celebrate the incredible DC Multiverse, DC is back to invite you to participate in the ultimate global fan experience, DC FANDOME, - a massive virtual fan-first experience that brings together DC fans from all over the world with an all-new epic streaming event.

Celebrate the future of the DC Multiverse by creating a one-of-a-kind poster artwork that shows us what upcoming DC projects you are most excited about. You may be excited by a comic book, movie, series, or video game, or perhaps you can’t choose and create a mashup of several things! Your work can be inspired by comic books to all aspects of pop culture including movies, television, video games, animation, and more.

Your work can be illustration or digital painting. Check out some of the DC Talenthouse entries from last year for visual inspiration.

A total of 5 pieces of artwork will be chosen as Selected Creators - including up to 2 x Early Entry Awards (Submissions by September 10th) and up to 3 x Finalists (Submissions by October 16th). Artwork submitted before September 10, 2021, may have the potential to be featured in the DC FanDome virtual event on October 16th. The Selected Creators will receive USD $2,000 each, and potentially have their work featured across select DC on- and off-line marketing campaigns and merchandise.


Fan Art Prompt Ideas Generator

A little more about our Fan Art Prompt Ideas:

  • Comic FanArt Ideas

    Comic FanArt Ideas

    Our extensive list of Comic characters (Superheroes and Villains) span decades! We’ve captured them and they're all locked up inside this idea generator ready for you to put on day release. Are you ready to illustrate or draw Superman like he’s never been seen before? Or perhaps re-invent an unsung Villain that everyone has forgotten about?


  • Character FanArt Re-Skins

    Character FanArt Re-Skins

    As if FanArt wasn’t fun enough; this Character reskin idea generator takes the most memorable and popular characters from Movies, TV, Games, Comics and fuses them with design theme twists to dramatically sylize the look & feel of your character fan art. There’s a broad range of Characters and themes so you'll end up with a truly unique design.


  • Game FanArt Ideas

    Game FanArt Ideas

    Thousands of the most iconic game characters are contained within this Fan Art Idea Generator, ready for you to reboot and paint with your own pixels. You’ll be tasked with ideas to help you illustrate and paint a fresh take on game characters from retro to modern day. Successfully designing game characters twists is a sure way to boost your concept art portfolio.


  • Movie FanArt Ideas

    Movie FanArt Ideas

    We’ve got Characters from all of your favorite blockbuster movies, animated movies and TV shows all waiting for you to give them some more limelight! You’ll be prompted with lead characters through to characters that just had a cameo yet memorable appearance, so you can demonstrate your art skills as a versatyle industry standard concept artist.


  • FanArt Re-Fresh

    FanArt Re-Fresh

    This FanArt prompts you with some of the most famous Characters around, and you'll be tasked to re-imagine them in a completely different light. These Art ideas encourage you to go against what has already been done and conditions you to think about how you can push and pull the Character to make them truly unique and never seen before.


FanArt is extremely popular but only a handful of artists seem to push the creative boundaries, which is why this idea generator gets you to think about drawing iconic character FanArt from radically new perspectives. Imagine how a popular game character such as Mario would look in a dingy blockbuster movie? Or how he would translate into a mythical Moba Game? Well, these FanArt Fusion task based ideas will help you to develop character designs that professional artists dream of creating in their day job.

You’ll be prompted with epic characters and a unique set of instructions for you to internalize and bring to life in a unique and fresh way. It’ll suggest the Character, ways to make them different by exploring different art styles, tasks, twists and also the format by which to present your character! This idea generator also offers great industry practice; by working with existing Character Designs and demonstrating you can do something different, or make them your own is highly valued by concept art studios.

Perhaps there’s a remake for a forgotten movie and you just happen to have nailed your version of the lead character… that says a lot in the professional industry. There's something for all interest groups for 3 main categories; Comics, Movies and Computer Games.

So give them a try and maybe you’ll gain some of your own fans with your fan art!

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Art prompts, character design challenges, along fandom art chall

Art Challenge 4: Spookify!

In the name of Halloween, draw a spooky dooky version of one of your characters, someone else, or a character from something! Just do the spooks!

Art Prompt 3: A Special Something!

Draw something that is important to you like your cat or dog! Or a stuffed animal, just a special something =3

Heyo! Sorry this blog has been inactive for a while TwT

Life got busy and I may have forgot a password or two 

Art Prompt 3: Persona!

One that I like to do sometimes myself! (and one day hopefully come up with one I’ll actually keep and use TwT)

1.Take yourself!

2. Draw yourself an avatar of you!

3. It can look just like you or just kinda like you, or just be a fun character you want to express yourself as!

4. It can be cutesy, realistic, or heck even cartoony, whatever works best for you, since its well, supposed to be a lil you!

Feel free to reblog this and add your Persona to it!

Art Challenge 3: Squiggles!

Another one I’ve seen a lot!

1. Draw a squiggle. Doesn’t matter the size, shape, or thickness of the line, you just need squiggle.

2. Be sure you can’t accidentally erase/delete this squiggle cause you’re stuck with it.

3. Draw something around the squiggle! It can be anything, character, background, get creative with it!

Feel free to reblog this with your finished art!

Art Prompt 2: Super hero symbols!

Bit more complicated this one is!

1. Find or design a symbol of sorts! 

2. Draw a super hero based on the symbol you find or made, if you want you can add the symbol onto their butt kicking outfit or not.

3. Design some powers and a name for your hero, give a name and done!

Feel free to reblog with your art!

Art Challenge 2: Its redraw time!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy art challenge!

1. Take an old piece of art!

2. REDRAW it! Make small changes, do it in your new choice of medium, whatever you wish!

3. Compare the two and look at how far you’ve come as an artist and embrace the new found motivation!

Feel free to reblog with your redraw attached!

Art Prompt 1: Character Fusion!

A more popular done prompt, but still a very fun one! Rules are easy!

1. Take two characters, can be from same “universe”, two different ones, or just two of your own OCs!

2. “Fuse” them together! Take elements of the characters to make a brand new one!

3. A fun part is also to maybe figure out the fusion’s personality and name after just for fun ^-^

Feel free to reblog your art onto this post!

Art Challenge 1: 24 Hour Art Challenge!

 Rules: Rather simple for this one!

1. You have to spend least 24 hours on the art piece, this includes sketching and looking for references to use!

2. It is not in one sitting! Keep track of how long you do it by timing yourself and adding up the total amount of time spent!

3. It can be anything you wish in any medium! A landscape in ink, an awesome fight scene in digital, whatever works for you!

Main point of this challenge is to help you find ways to improve art work! Feel free to reblog this with your art pieces attached!

What your favorite Fandom says about you!

Big Bang

For the South Korean band see: Big Bang (Band).
For the exclamation mark (sometimes called a "bang") between two words denoting a trait!character relationship between them see: !

A Big Bang (or "Bang" for short) is a specific type of challenge usually involving long fics and accompanying artwork. This type of challenge is a reprise of the old zine tradition of collaboration between artists and writers for internet fandoms.

Most Big Bangs have a similar format: Writers sign up to take part in the challenge and begin writing stories. When the early drafts of the stories are available, each one is assigned one or more artists, or artists might claim stories from posted summaries. Artists create fanart to go along with the story. This art can take the form of illustrations, manips, photo collages, vids, icon sets, etc.

In 2008, the Bandom Big Bang provided each story with a soundtrack, rather than artwork, since it seemed more appropriate for a music-based fandom and because fanart is not as common in bandom. There was some fanart produced for the challenge as well.

Some Big Bangs have specific prompts for the authors to work from, or general themes, while others leave everything but the minimum word count up to the individual authors.

Open Big Bangs (as opposed to the "closed" big bangs described above where participants must sign up to take part) require no sign-ups or commitments and involve little to no moderation of content — participants simply produce and post their content during the designated time frame, usually under a designated hashtag. Fanweeks (and fan months) are a popular example of this kind of Big Bang, although some open big bangs are much longer. The HashiMada BigBang is nine weeks long.

A Reverse Bang is a type of Big Bang in which fanart is created first, and stories are written for those fanart pieces rather than the other way around.


A banner featuring Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter with the text 'Big Bang Baby' next to them
The banner for the first Big Bang, Baby Challenge taking place in 2005

The original Big Bang was a Harry Potter/Draco Malfoyfest taking place in 2005 called the Big Bang, Baby Challenge. It was run by shaggirl, Reena and Aja in an attempt to remedy the lack of "canon-based novel-length H/D fics in the wake of The Order of the Phoenix".

The hallmarks of the original Big Bang challenge included a strict 50,000 word minimum for the writers taking part in the challenge and a focus on artists producing high-quality illustrations for these stories - a minimum of two art pieces per fanfic.

In 2012, Ajarecalled:

I don't think any of us were prepared for the Big Bang. (laughs) Because we—essentially the other two creators of the challenge came to me, shaggirl and Reena and they both said to me, "We want to do this challenge and we want you to do it with us," and I was like, Okay! Essentially, they wanted to focus on fan art. And one of the things we've had issues with as a trio is letting go of the idea, because we specifically structured our Big Bang around the idea of illustrated fan art for these epic long sagas of Harry/Draco and their violent passion for each other.[1]

And then we had to be very strict about you know, how many, how many pieces of art every illustrator—every illustrator did, because we wanted the people who had written you know, 50,000 words of fic to feel like they had actually had gotten, you know, at least two pieces of art per. I think we actually bumped it to three pieces of art, or tried to, because we were really really concerned that people, you know, feel like had actually illustrated art for their stories and not just like one really crappy piece of art done in a hurry. So we really really tried to focus on the art, and we tried to focus on, sort of, rewarding the artists for rewarding the fan writers with this gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous art that we all really loved. And the artists were wonderful. We really had great artists the whole time we did the challenge.[1]

The "Big Bang" in the challenge name was not originally intended to refer to the challenge or the challenge format, but rather the relationship between Harry and Draco. However, many fans interpreted it differently, leading to the evolution of its meaning over time {see Terminology).

After the first Big Bang in 2005, other fandoms began to run similarly-formatted challenges and the concept spread outside of Harry Potter fandom. Some other early Big Bangs were the Smallville Big Bang in 2006 and the SPN J2 Big Bang in 2007.


The name of the original fest was chosen to represent the sparks that would fly when Harry and Draco finally got together after years of UST simmering under the surface.

However, many fans interpreted the meaning differently than its creators intended, assuming it to mean a big explosion of long fics and art all at once. In an example of fannish drift, it is that meaning that spread to other fandoms,[2] which upset some Harry/Draco fans

In 2012, Ajasaid:

The term Big Bang was actually created by—I didn't really like the word actually, I thought it was kind of stupid, but I just let myself be overruled because I was just like, Whatever. They wanted a phrase that would encapsulate Harry and Draco's blinding passion for each other.


Nothing at all to do with fic length! That's what people always get wrong when they talk about the Big Bang. It had nothing at all to do with it. It was about, like, Harry and Draco come together and it's explosive like a Big Bang! (laughs) Literally, that's what it meant. And Shaggy has made a couple of rants about that on her journal too. You can probably look them up if you try.


Well, and again we were always trying to reward the artist or reward the writer with really really wonderful art, and the thing about Big Bangs is that (a) they almost immediately started going down in word limit and (b) they—they didn't require the illustrated art. Like you could patch, like and we—. I personally have really strong feelings about this and I know that the other mods do too. But Dana, Shaggy, actually made a post about it one time her beef was mainly with taking the word Big Bang and applying it to these other challenges that were really not staying true to the spirit of what we thought was the spirit of the challenge. And I thought that was a bit ungracious, but it was her opinion. But I think she was more concerned about the fact that this idea of the Big Bang, Harry/Draco Big Bang was being applied the wrong way, because it wasn't ever supposed to be about the challenge, like we talked about. It was supposed to be about, you know, this very special Harry/Draco thing, but I mean, I have no problem with people using the word and applying the label to the concept.[1]

In 2018, the fandom calendar tumblrNaruto Events got an ask from an anonymous user asking what a big bang is and responded:

Hi anon!! Thank you for sharing your doubts!


First of all, people tend to use the term to describe a lot of things.

But, the gist of a big bang event is that it is any event that results in the release of a flood, or explosion of content for a particular fandom.

There are various ways to go about organizing a big bang, so this is where fans can get a smite confused. Completely understandable! Here is our short guide:

Open Big Bang - centered around a theme (either character or ship), everyone is allowed to participate. Generally hands-off, there is no moderation of the content, so long as it is posted in a particular time frame and follows rules it’s generally okay. A ship week would be the most prominent example of an open bang; there is also a HashiMada Big Bang coming up soon.

Closed Big Bang - may or may not be centered around a theme (usually a ship), only people that apply to an event within a limited time frame are allowed to participate. Traditionally, writers will make a story and then artists are assigned to draw something for that story.

Closed Reverse Big Bang - may or may not be centered around a theme (usually a ship), only people that apply to an event within a limited time frame are allowed to participate.

The key difference between this and the regular big bang is that the order of content is reversed - here, the artists come up with a drawing concept, then create it alongside writers making a story from said concept. The KakuHida RBB is the only Naruto RBB that we are aware of.

And that’s it! Now you know how to big bang!

If you have any more questions, feel free to let us know! ✨😄[3]

Story Length

The minimum word count for the original 2005 Big Bang, Baby was 50,000 words. In the early years of Big Bangs, many had similar or even longer minimum word count requirements.

In recent years many challenges have cut word length minimums and new challenges have begun with minimums as low as 10,000 words. (See Polyamory Big Bang and Alternate Universe Big Bang as examples of fests with shorter minimums.) The result is a shift in the definition of Big Bang away from novel or near novel-length fiction to fests that include longish short stories. In some cases, this is done simply to ensure lots of signups and that a reasonable percentage of the writers who sign up can complete their story on time.

The definition for what is a long story suitable for a Big Bang, and the length that many writers are willing to commit to, varies by fandom.

The Smallville Big Bang in 2006, with a 50,000 word minimum had only 7 finished stories, while the Stargate Atlantis Big Bangs have always had 40,000 word minimums and have produced hundreds of works.

Some 2012 comments by Aja on the original challenge's wordcount requirements:

Other Big Bangs were always shorter, or tended to be shorter, and other Big Bangs were in fandoms that were in their heyday. The one that comes to mind is Merlin. Like, Merlin actually is like one of the only ones that had the fifty thousand word limit. Or maybe they were above thirty thousand, but they had like they had a really high world limit compared to some of the ones that run now, and they got hundreds and hundreds of fics. [snipped] Yeah, [the word count] almost immediately started going down.


It was always supposed to be 50,000 words, no limits—I mean, no—no exceptions. We actually have kicked a couple—we kicked a couple people out of our challenge because they didn't meet the word requirement. And now we're just like, Enh. (laughs) Even if they got—. We had one guy get—he had like, I don't know—he was like two-thirds of the way done, but it was like the day of, and we thought he had no chance finishing, so we just ditched him. He's very angry, he's still very angry with us. But that was just how—. I mean as mods, we were trying to be like very very strict about the word limit so that the artists wouldn't feel like they had been let down.[1]

The term Mini Bang is often used to refer to a Big Bang with a lower wordcount requirement - typically between 3,000 and 10,000 words. There is also "Mega Bang" which is used to refer to Big Bangs with a high wordcount requirement of 50,000, 75,000 or even 100,000 words. In 2016 the first Mega Bang reportedly originated in Supernatural fandom with the Supernatural Mega Bang, on Tumblr which had a minimum wordcount of 100,000.[4]

But prior to that date, on May 1, 2011, was created by race-the-ace and welfycat the Supernova[5] a multifandom and original super Big Bang where the minimum word count limit is 100k. Most likely he can be considered a precursor to Mega Bangs.

Some Big Bang challenges will have multiple tiers that participants can enter at different wordcount levels. Artists are often expected to create more art for the higher tiers.

Hosting and Accessibility

Many Big Bangs provide websites or archive space to host the stories and art all in one place, but some leave the hosting up to the participants.

For fandoms centered on journalling sites, a choice has to be made between hosting offsite or keeping the fest on the journalling site itself. The size of the stories in a Big Bang ensures they will require multiple Livejournal posts. Many fests require writers to submit a Master Post to the community and have their actual story hosted elsewhere. Some fests, such as the very large Supernatural J2 Big Bang have been produced almost exclusively on LiveJournal sites, with most of the stories posted on personal journals in multiple parts.[note 1]

Having stories only exist in multiple journal posts, sometimes as many as a dozen or more, creates problems for people who want to read offline, on an e-reader or use technology like screen readers to access the work. Some authors provide single file formats for download or host their stories at archives that allow for single page viewing. Other fans will create PDF or ebook formats for stories on their own time and make them available.

Archive Of Our Own Collections

The fanworks archive Archive Of Our Own (AO3) has a "collections" feature[6] that, among other things, can be used to submit works created for a particular challenge - including Big Bangs. Big Bang participants can therefore use AO3 to host their fanworks and submit them to the collection. The AO3 hosting system automatically makes fanworks accessible to screen readers and offline downloads in various formats.

The earliest Big Bang collection created on AO3 appears to be Paper Legends Big Bang, a Merlin Big Bang. The AO3 collection was created in August 2011.[7]

List of Big Bangs

See List of Big Bangs and List of Reverse Bangs.

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  1. ^In 2011, Morgan Dawn and Amothea set up the Supernatural and J2 Big Bang Challenge master collection on AO3, which although not officially promoted by the challenge moderators, allowed writers to voluntarily add their SPN J2 Big Bang stories to the collections and readers to more easily find them on the archive. Having this collection available may have encouraged more writers to crosspost their SPN J2 Big Bang stories to the AO3.


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Challenge fandom art

Lego Movie Fan Art Challenge

Love drawing/photographing/cosplay/etc. your favourite Lego Movie characters? Now we have taken art and the fandom to a whole new challenge: themes!

That’s right! Every month, a new theme will be chosen by YOU (the fans) and your duty is just to be as creative as possible to doodle your favourite Lego Movie characters along with the theme given each month. 

All arts submitted/posted for the challenge will be tagged as ‘legoartchallenge’! 

Fan Art Challenge starts on:

Date: March 30th, 2015

Deadline: April 30th, 2015

Theme: Easter


Rules & Guidelines:

  • No limited entries! Feel free to post as many arts as you wanted as long as it is related to the theme.
  • Pairing is allowed. Like constructioncop, emmetstyle, etc. 
  • No inappropriate images please! Bear in mind there could be a user who is under the age of 18+ might be joining the competition as well.
  • Any arts besides drawing like photography/cosplay/crafting is allowed. Just do what you feel like it suits you the most :) 
  • We are not critical of quality! It is up to you if you want to post a doodle, W.I.P or completed artworks, we don’t mind at all! We just want you to have fun doing this challenge.
What your favorite Fandom says about you!




This Contest is intended for viewing and participation only by U.S. legal residents of one of the 50 United States, Washington D.C. or Puerto Rico. Please do not enter if you are not a legal resident of, and not located in, the 50 United States, Puerto Rico or Washington D.C at time of entry. VOID IN THE U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS AND ALL OTHER U.S. TERRITORIES AND POSSESSIONS, QUEBEC AND WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

1. CONTEST PERIOD: Submissions will be accepted starting May 30, 2018 at 12:00:00 am Pacific Time ("PT") and ending June 27, 2018 at 11:59:59 pm PT (the "Contest Submission Period"). Voting begins June 27, 2018 at 11:59:59 pm PT and ends July 4, 2018 at 11:59:59 pm PT. The judging will take place beginning on: July 11, 2018 through July 18, 2018.

2. ELIGIBILITY:To enter and be eligible to win, you must be a legal resident of the 50 United States, District of Columbia or Puerto Rico. Residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands and all other U.S. territories and possessions are not eligible to participate. All entrants must be the age of majority or older at the time of entry. Persons in any of the following categories are NOT eligible to participate or win prizes: (a) any person who, at any time on or after July 1, 2017, was or is a director, officer, agent, representative, or employee of Hot Topic, Inc., BoxLunch, HU Merchandising, Imaginary People or Cartoon Network

1 The age of majority is 18 for all states except for: Alabama (19), Arkansas (18 or graduation from high school, whichever is later), Delaware (19), Mississippi (21), Nebraska (19), Nevada (18, or if still in high school at 18, 19 or graduation, whichever comes sooner), Ohio (18 or graduation from high school, whichever comes first), Tennessee (18 or graduation from high school, whichever is later), Utah (18 or graduation from high school, whichever is earlier), Wisconsin (18, or if still in high school at 18, 19 or graduation, whichever comes sooner), Puerto Rico (21).

("Cartoon Network") or their respective parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, franchisees, or service agencies (collectively "Contest Entities"); (b) individuals engaged in the development, production or distribution of materials for the Contest or engaged in the administration or execution of this Contest (all such individuals and entities collectively referred to herein as the "Contest Entities"), and (c) persons who are or purport to be immediate family members (defined as biological or step-mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, dependent or spouse of any of the foregoing, regardless of where they reside) of any person in any of the preceding categories, regardless of where they live, or who reside in the same household (i.e., live in the same household for at least 3 of the 12 months preceding the start of the Contest Submission Period, whether related or not) as any person in any of the preceding categories. This Contest is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Void where prohibited. Cartoon Network is not responsible for the collection, submission or processing of entries, the selection of winners, the provision or delivery of prizes, or the administration of the Contest.

3. HOW TO ENTER:During the Contest Submission Period, enter online by downloading the submission kit and digitally uploading up to ten (10) designs at Please click if you would like to download a submission kit. In order to submit, contestants must visit the submissions page during the Contest Submission Period and follow the on-screen instructions to upload their original artwork and complete an official entry form, including agreeing to the terms of the user generated content submission agreement ("Submission Agreement") and click the "Submit Your Design" button to complete the submission form. The uploaded original artwork together with the Submission Agreement and official entry form shall be collectively referred to as the "Entry." Only ten (10) entries per person will be accepted. All online entries must be received no later than 11:59:59 PM PT on June 27, 2018. Attempts made by the same individual to enter by using multiple e-mail addresses/social media accounts or otherwise will be disqualified. Mass entries, or entries generated by a script, macro or use of automated devices will be disqualified. Winning designs may be used on product and featured in Hot Topic/BoxLunch stores and websites.


  1. Must be original artwork inspired by Steven Universe as a digital file in the dimensions of 1,000x1,000 pixels at 72 dpi under 20 megabytes in size. You are allowed up to three (3) additional optional submission images to help showcase your design;
  2. Must include the title and the description of the design. Titles for submissions are limited to 20 characters including spaces. Descriptions for submissions are limited to 140 characters including spaces;
  3. Must be in one of the following file formats: GIF/PNG/JPG;
  4. Hi-res files must be in layers, a vector, or a PNG file with a transparent background;
  5. Must be the original creation of the entrants submitting them;
  6. Must not be offensive or inappropriate, as determined by the Sponsor in its sole discretion, nor can it defame or invade publicity rights or privacy rights of any person, living or deceased, or otherwise infringe upon or violate any person's or entity's personal or property rights, intellectual property rights, or any other third party rights;
  7. Must not contain material which is sexually explicit or suggestive, violent or derogatory of any ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional or age group, profane or pornographic, contain nudity or any materially dangerous activity;
  8. Must not contain material which promotes illegal drugs or firearms (or the use of any of the foregoing), or any activities that may appear unsafe or dangerous, or any particular political agenda or message;
  9. Must not contain material which is obscene or offensive, endorse any form of hate or hate group;
  10. Must not contain material which defames, misrepresents or contains disparaging remarks about Sponsor, Cartoon Network or their respective products or services, or other people, products or companies;
  11. Must not infringe upon, or include material that infringes upon, the copyrights, trademarks and logos, rights of publicity or privacy, or any other intellectual rights of any person or entity;
  12. Must not contain any malware, worms, viruses, Trojan horses, or any other destructive elements;
  13. Must not include any personally identifying information, such as license plate numbers, personal names, or email addresses;
  14. Must not include materials embodying the names, likenesses, photographs, or other indicia identifying any third party, living or dead, without written permission from that third party;
  15. Must not communicate messages or images inconsistent with the positive images and/or goodwill with which Sponsor or Cartoon Network wishes to associate; and
  16. Must not depict, and cannot itself be in, violation of any law.

Entries that are not compliant with these Official Rules are subject to disqualification, at the sole and absolute discretion of the Sponsor and/or Cartoon Network.


  1. From July 11, 2018 to July 18, 2018, a panel of qualified judges to include representatives of the Sponsor will judge all of the eligible Entries received during the Contest Submission Period and will select up to one (1) winner and four (4) runners up based on the judging criteria described below.
  2. Judging Criteria: (each criterion is followed by its weight in parentheses) submissions digitally uploaded to must depict the character(s) from the Cartoon Network franchise Steven Universe. Submission will be judged based on (a) Creativity (25%), (b) Originality (25%) and (c) Fits the Steven Universe theme (50%). In the event of a tie, an additional, "tie-breaking" Contest Judge will determine the winning Entry based on the criteria listed herein. The grand prize winner and finalists will be eligible to win the Prizes described below subject to verification of eligibility and compliance with these Official Rules. The Contest Judges' decisions shall be final and binding.
  3. The Potential Grand Prize Winner may be subject to an interview by the Contest Judges to confirm the eligibility of the Entry, and may be disqualified if the Entry has not complied with these Official Rules, as determined by the Sponsor or the Judges in their sole discretion. Failure to comply with any of these requirements may, at Sponsor's sole and absolute discretion, result in disqualification and the next highest scoring Entry may then be selected by the Judges.

6. PRIZE: One (1) Grand Prize and four (4) runners up prizes are available. Prize will consist of: One (1) grand prize winner will receive $2,000; and four (4) runners up at $300 each. TOTAL APPROXIMATE RETAIL VALUE OF ALL PRIZES: $3,200. Winners are not entitled to exchange or transfer prizes or to obtain cash or other substitutes, but Sponsor in its sole discretion may substitute prizes of equal or greater value.

7. WINNER NOTIFICATION: Winners will be notified via email beginning on or about September 7, 2018 with instructions on how to be confirmed as a winner and claim their prize. Potential grand prize winner will be required to execute and return an affidavit of eligibility, a liability release, a certificate of authorship documentation assigning all rights, copyright, title and interest in the Entry to Cartoon Network (the "COA"), a W9 form, and, where imposing such condition is legal, publicity release, within the time period specified by Sponsor. Failure to complete and return any of the aforementioned documentation within the allotted time period specified by Sponsor shall result in such Potential Grand Prize Winner's disqualification from the Contest. If a Potential Winner is found to be ineligible or not in compliance with these Official Rules, declines to accept a prize, or Sponsor is unable to contact a Potential Winner within three (3) business days, or in the event that a prize notification or prize is returned undeliverable, the prize will be forfeited and, at the Sponsor's sole discretion, prize may be awarded to an alternate Potential Winner. Potential Winners may be required to furnish proof of identification. If the Potential Grand Prize Winner's entry is accepted for use by Sponsor and Cartoon Network, such Potential Grand Prize Winner hereby irrevocably, in perpetuity assigns any and all rights to the entry to Cartoon Network including all copyrights. At the time Potential Grand Prize Winner is notified that their entry has been selected as the Contest's winning entry, the Potential Grand Prize Winner agrees to execute such documents as requested of them by (including, without limitation, the COA) to effect/confirm the rights assignment to Cartoon Network.


  1. Contest Entities and other participants have access to and/or may create or have created ideas and concepts which may be similar or identical to the entrant's Contest entry materials, ideas and/or concepts.
  2. The entrant will not be entitled to any compensation or other consideration because of the use by Contest Entities or any other participant of such similar or identical material, ideas and/or concepts.
  3. For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and legal sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, each entrant into the Contest hereby irrevocably grants the Contest Entities a non-exclusive, fully sub-licensable and assignable license (but not the obligation) to reproduce, publicly perform, stream, exploit and otherwise use the Entry and any associated materials throughout the universe, in perpetuity, for any reason whatsoever in any and all media, throughout the universe in perpetuity, without further notice to, consent by, or payment to entrant. Without in any way limiting the foregoing, the Contest Entities shall have the right, in their sole discretion, to edit, composite, morph, scan, duplicate, make derivative works of or alter the Entry for any purpose which they deem necessary or desirable, and each entrant irrevocably waives any and all so-called moral rights they may have therein.
  4. By submitting an Entry, entrants agree to indemnify and hold Contest Entities harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, damages, costs or expenses brought against or suffered or incurred by the Contest Entities, or any of them, arising out of or in connection with the participation by the entrants in this Contest, any breach by the entrants of the warranties or agreements contained in these Official Rules or the use, in whole or in part, by any Contest Entity of any Entry (or portion thereof) submitted by the entrants in this Contest.
  5. By entering this Contest, entrants consent to the use of their names, addresses (cities and states), and statements relating to the Contest or Contest Entities, and video clips and photographs or other likenesses (provided by entrant or otherwise captured by Sponsor) without further compensation, notification or permission in any publicity, promotion or advertising carried out by Sponsor, the Contest Entities or any related entities in any and all media now known or hereinafter developed without territorial or time limitation, except where prohibited by law.
  6. By entering, entrants (i) acknowledge compliance with these Official Rules including all eligibility requirements and, (ii) agree to be bound by the decisions of the Sponsor and/or Contest Judges, made in their sole discretion, which shall be final and binding in all matters relating to this Contest.Entrants who have not complied with these Official Rules are subject to disqualification, at the sole and absolute discretion of the Sponsor, in which event all Entries submitted by such disqualified entrant will be void.
  7. The Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any entrant's registration in the Contest (and void all associated Entries) or entitlement to a prize, if, in the sole and absolute discretion of the Sponsor, the Sponsor determines or reasonably suspects that the entrant has attempted to undermine the legitimate operation of the Contest by cheating, hacking, deception, or other fraudulent, deceptive or unfair playing practices (including any Entries generated by script, macro, robotic, programmed, or any other automated means).
  8. If a dispute arises regarding who submitted an entry, the entry will be deemed to be submitted by the authorized account holder of the email address provided at time of entry and must comply with these Official Rules. "Authorized account holder" is defined as the natural person who is assigned to an email address by an Internet access provider, online service provider, or other organization responsible for assigning email addresses for the domain associated with the submitted email address.
  9. As a condition of entering, entrants (or their parent or legal guardian if an eligible minor) agree: (a) to release Sponsor, Contest Entities, Administrator, Cartoon Network, each of their affiliates, and each of their officers, directors, employees and agents, from any and all liability, loss or damage incurred with respect to participating in the Contest or the awarding, receipt, possession, and/or use or misuse of any prize or any travel related thereto. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to the Contest shall be settled by binding arbitration in a location determined by a single arbitrator as set forth herein (provided that such location is reasonably convenient for claimant), or at such other location as may be mutually agreed upon by the parties, in accordance with the procedural rules for commercial disputes set forth in the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association ("AAA") located at The judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. The arbitrator shall be selected pursuant to the AAA Rules and Procedures. The arbitrator shall apply the laws of the State of California consistent with the Federal Arbitration Act and applicable statutes of limitations, and shall honor claims of privilege recognized at law. In the event that the claimant is able to demonstrate that the costs of arbitration will be prohibitive as compared to the costs of litigation, Sponsor will pay as much of the claimant's filing and hearing fees in connection with the arbitration as the arbitrator deems necessary to prevent the arbitration from being cost-prohibitive. If any part of this arbitration provision is deemed to be invalid, unenforceable or illegal (other than that claims will not be arbitrated on a class or representative basis), or otherwise conflicts with the rules and procedures established by AAA, then the balance of this arbitration provision shall remain in effect and shall be construed in accordance with its terms as if the invalid, unenforceable, illegal or conflicting provision were not contained herein. If, however, the portion that is deemed invalid, unenforceable or illegal is that claims will not be arbitrated on a class or representative basis, then the entirety of this arbitration provision shall be null and void, and neither claimant nor Sponsor shall be entitled to arbitrate their dispute. Upon filing a demand for arbitration, all parties to such arbitration shall have the right of discovery, which discovery shall be completed within sixty days after the demand for arbitration is made, unless further extended by mutual agreement of the parties. The prevailing party shall be entitled to an award by the arbitrator of reasonable attorneys' fees and other costs reasonably incurred in connection with the arbitration.THE ARBITRATION OF DISPUTES PURSUANT TO THIS PARAGRAPH SHALL BE IN THE ENTRANT'S INDIVIDUAL CAPACITY, AND NOT AS A PLAINTIFF OR CLASS MEMBER IN ANY PURPORTED CLASS OR REPRESENTATIVE PROCEEDING. THE ARBITRATOR MAY NOT CONSOLIDATE OR JOIN THE CLAIMS OF OTHER PERSONS OR PARTIES WHO MAY BE SIMILARLY SITUATED. DO NOT ENTER THIS CONTEST IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO HAVE ANY CLAIM OR CONTROVERSY ARBITRATED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THESE OFFICIAL RULES.


9. The Official Rules and the Contest are governed by US law and are subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of the Contest Official Rules, or the rights and obligations of entrant and Sponsor in connection with the Contest, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of California, U.S.A., without giving effect to the conflict of laws rules thereof, and any matters or proceedings which are not subject to arbitration as set forth in the above of these Official Rules and/or for entering any judgment on an arbitration award, shall take place in the State of California, in the City of Los Angeles.

10. Sponsor reserves the right in its sole discretion to cancel, modify or suspend this Contest at any time if fraud, technical failures, including any network server or hardware failure, viruses, bugs, errors in programming, or any other errors or other causes corrupt the administration, security, integrity or proper play of the Contest and, if cancelled, at Sponsor's discretion, to select the Winners from all eligible entries using the procedure outlined above.

11. Sponsor and the Contest Entities do not warrant that access to the Contest will be uninterrupted.

12. Any attempt by an entrant or other individual to deliberately damage any website or undermine the legitimate operation of this Contest, including but not limited to any fraudulent claims, is a violation of criminal and civil laws. Should such an attempt be made, Sponsor reserves the right to seek remedies and damages from any such individual, to the fullest extent permitted by law, including criminal prosecution. Entrant engaging in any of the foregoing activities may be disqualified, will forfeit any prize(s) won, and all associated Entries and/or scores will be void.

13. In the event of any conflict with any Contest details contained in these Official Rules and Contest details contained in contest marketing materials, if any, (including but not limited to point of sale, television, and print advertising, promotional packaging, and other promotion media), the details of the Contest as set forth in these Official Rules shall prevail.

14. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of these Official Rules shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision. In the event that any provision is determined to be invalid or otherwise unenforceable or illegal, these Official Rules shall otherwise remain in effect and shall be construed in accordance with their terms as if the invalid or illegal provision were not contained herein. In particular, Sponsor's employees are not authorized to waive, modify or amend any provision or provisions of these Official Rules in any manner whatsoever.

15. This Contest is solely sponsored by Hot Topic, Inc., 18305 E. San Jose Ave, City Of Industry, CA, 91748 United States and Administered by Fan Factory.

16. For any legally required notice of the Prize Winner, send a self-addressed postage stamped envelope to: Steven Universe Fan Art Contest – Winner List Request", 18305 San Jose Ave, City of Industry, CA 91748, to be received by December 31, 2018. Winner's notice will be sent after all prizes have been awarded.

17. Odds of winning depends on the number of entries received, and the judged level of creativity, originality and relevance, per the judges' criteria, of the entry submission.

18. To see how we use personal information obtained in connection with this Contest, please visit or Personal information may be collected, used or disclosed. Neither Sponsor, Administrator nor Contest Entities will sell, share or otherwise disclose personal information of entrants with third parties or agents, other than to third parties or agents engaged by Sponsor to fulfill the above purposes or as permitted or required by the applicable laws. If you are selected as a winner, your information may also be included in a publicly-available winner's list.






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Welcome to the Fanart Challenge!

It's time for the second challenge beginning on March 1, 2018! Before we get to the prompt this month, let's get some how-to-do things out of the way. :la:

The way it works: Each month we will introduce a new thematic/genre prompt that should be used to create a new piece of fanart or fanfiction! The monthly prompts will be broad and non-specific to any particular fandom to allow participants the freedom to create what they want so long as they keep to the fanart/fanfiction only rule and stick to the prompt. Submissions for each prompt will be accepted to the group during the month of the prompt only and all submissions must have been created during the month (basically, you cannot submit an old piece of work to the Fanart Challenge). The idea is to use the prompt to create something new in the theme of the prompt!

For those who prefer to have a bit more direction, we will also be giving two sub-challenges that are for specific fandoms that fit within the broader monthly theme/genre. These two sub-challenges will be provided along with the monthly prompt and will be chosen by the admin team. You do not need to draw fanart/write fanfiction for the sub-challenges but, well, this is a Fanart Challenge after all! So if you can, try and push yourself to take on one or both of the sub-challenges! You can do it! We believe in you!

Submitted work does not have to be a finished piece, but we want to encourage you to try and finish at least one piece each month! If you have any questions, please reach out to the group or to neko-yashadirectly!

Now that the business is out of the way, let's get to the good stuff! THE PROMPT!!


:star:MAIN PROMPT: Superheroes :star:

Sub-Challenge One: Marvel/DC
Sub-Challenge Two: My Hero Academia


The deadline for the challenge is ***March 31, 2018*** at 11:59PM CST. Have your submissions completed by then! Remember that in addition to finished artwork, cleaned up sketches and lineart will also be accepted. Unfinished sketches will not. So push yourself to create something new for this challenge! If you can't participate this time around, look out for the next challenge dropping on March 31, 2018!

Now get out there and make those fan creations!

EDIT: One of our admins, MegziePegzie, suggested a hashtag you can use when posting your artwork on Twitter or any other social media website! Please use #FanartChallenge2018to make sure we can find your submissions on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever else! :highfive:



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