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2021 Ghost Tours

Paducah is rich with history and some rather haunting tales as well! Join the MHT Ghostly Guides for lantern-lit walking tours of downtown Paducah and Oak Grove Cemetery, filled with stories of misfortune, murders, and the eerie cases of unsolved deaths! Ghost tours are an oral history of many of the legends and lore of Paducah and Western KY’s darker history drawn from newspaper accounts, books, letters and eyewitnesses to events. 

River City Ghost Tours:

The MHT ghostly guides lead you through the streets of Downtown Paducah while sharing the legends and lore, including the haunting histories of the ghost of the morning star saloon, the ghost of the laughing ladies, Popular Foot, The First National Bank, Harry Hank, Stella Cohen, the ghost of Maiden Alley, Paducah’s attempted witch burning and Devil Winston.
October 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23
Tours beginning at 6:30, 7:00, 7:30, & 8:30 PM
The River City Ghost Tours will last approximately one hour and will cover about 3/4 of a mile over a 5 block radius including the riverfront and are accessible by wheelchair.

EDC cups are welcome for the downtown Paducah Ghost Tours!

Oak Grove Cemetery Ghost Tours:

The MHT ghostly guides lead you through the cemetery while sharing the haunting history and stories about its residents, including Mannie Saunders Cobb, Huntington Row, Civil War soldiers, Oak Grove Cemetery legends, Della Barnes, Reuben Saunders, and the great flood.
October 29 & 30
Tours beginning at 6:00, 6:45, 7:30 & 8:15 PM

The Oak Grove Cemetery Tours will cover about 1 mile of walking through the cemetery and the mausoleum after dark.

Tickets are $15 for adults and $8 for children over 8. Purchase online or by calling the MHT Box Office: 270.444.6828.
All tours will start promptly on time and go on regardless of rain. Attendees should wear comfortable walking shoes, bring an umbrella if necessary, and wear warm clothing depending on the weather. Ghost Tours will be limited to 15 people and social distancing will be encouraged.


Haunted Attractions

True horror fans will only be satisfied with the scariest haunted houses this Halloween season, and luckily there are tons of terrifying ones in the Paducah area. If you’re looking for a surefire way to get your pants scared off, check out one of these haunted attractions near Paducah.

Sinister House

Sinister House in De Soto, Illinois, invites you into the farm of fictional serial killer Otis Hodge, who offered sanctuary to other murderers and occultists during the Great Depression. When you visit Sinister House, you’ll encounter the ghosts of Hodge and his evil companions, from clowns to genetically engineered war beasts.

Industrial Slaughterhouse

Industrial Slaughterhouse in Fancy Farm, Kentucky, follows the legend of Cyrus Blackthorne, a slaughterhouse worker who killed three teenage boys he believed to have killed his daughter in a drunk driving accident. Creepy costumes, gruesome prompts, and long, dark hallways make this a seriously scary haunt.

Talon Falls Screampark

Talon Falls is a whole horror theme park with tons of different attractions, from the Blood Creek Haunted Hayride to the Sinister Circus carnival to the House of Blood and more. The best part is that most of the attractions take less than half an hour, so you can go through four or five in just a couple of hours.

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  • C. C. Cohen Building

    Paducah, Kentucky

    C.C. Cohen's restaurant closed around 2010, and is now reported to be called Shandies. The place is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Stella Cohen Peine, the last member of the Cohen family, who died in her apartment upstairs. Chairs move by themselves, salt and pepper shakers fall ...

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  • Happy Hollow Rd

    Benton, Kentucky

    18.9 miles from Paducah, KY

    Supposedly Happy Hollow Rd here in Marshall County Ky is haunted by a girl who died this road. If you were to put your car in neutral & let it roll downhill you will see this girls hand prints on your windshield and feel her pushing your car back & ...

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  • Riverview Mansion Hotel

    Golconda, Illinois

    20.5 miles from Paducah, KY

    Now known as The Levee Lounge & Historic Riverview Mansion, the hotel is haunted by Miss Lucy Morse, wife of a former county bank president. Since the 1920's, her friendly spirit has been encountered on several occasions by guests and staff. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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  • The Grand Rose Hotel

    Elizabethtown, Illinois

    29.8 miles from Paducah, KY

    At this 1812 establishment with a view of the Ohio River, former owner Sarah Rose is said to linger beyond the grave. Her apparition has been seen walking in the second-floor hallways as well as climbing the stairs. Folks also have reported hearing a disembodied female voice and finding that ...

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  • Cave-in-Rock State Park

    Cave-In-Rock, Illinois

    36.1 miles from Paducah, KY

    The ghost story here starts with Samuel Mason, a robber who established a gambling tavern here around 1800. He attracted customers with alchohol, prostitutes and gambling, then robbed and sometimes killed them. Although now the site is known for its natural features, some witnesses have reported hearing moans and cries ...

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  • Upper Big Lake

    Charleston, Missouri

    40 miles from Paducah, KY

    A fisherman's ghost is purported to haunt Upper Big Lake. So the story goes, the fisherman accidentally killed his nephew with a shotgun, and the nephew's ghost came back and drowned his uncle while he was fishing on the lake.

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  • Baker Hollow Road Cemetery

    Marion, Kentucky

    40.6 miles from Paducah, KY

    Witnesses say Baker Hollow Road Cemetery disappears and reappears in different locations, so it is hard to find. They also describe overwhelming feelings of grief, music playing, laughter, screams, and the sound of something unseen trying to get into your car. Apparitions of soldiers, a ghost dog, and men hanging ...

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  • Crenshaw House

    Junction, Illinois

    47.8 miles from Paducah, KY

    This place is closed to the public. It is owned by the state of Illinois and there are numerous No Trespassing signs. You are cautioned not to attempt to visit this place. Crenshaw house was a major player in kidnapping freed and escaped slaves and returning them to ...

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  • Wynn Cemetery

    Clay, Kentucky

    47.8 miles from Paducah, KY

    According to local legend, two witches were buried in above-ground graves at Wynn Cemetery, and there are three trees here from which accused witches were hanged. Visitors have reported strange happenings on the anniversaries of their deaths and sudden temperature changes. Some witnesses have reported seeing a black apparition here ...

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  • The Old Slave House - Crenshaw Mansion

    Junction, Illinois

    47.8 miles from Paducah, KY

    Note: This house is no longer a tourist attraction; tours are not operated here now as they have been in the past. Trespassers have been known to be arrested. This residence was once a place where slaves were bred illegally. The attic was made over with stalls to house the ...

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  • Lick Creek Cemetery

    Dawson Springs, Kentucky

    52.3 miles from Paducah, KY

    At the small Lick Creek Cemetery, visitors have reported apparitions, glowing eyes, and objects that fade in and out of sight.

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  • Port Cape Girardeau

    Cape Girardeau, Missouri

    52.8 miles from Paducah, KY

    Port Cape Girardeau Restaurant and Lounge in Warehouse Row is housed in a circa-1860 warehouse. It is haunted by an unknown female ghost nicknamed Belle. The bartender who named her said that she showed him she liked the name he gave her. A few days after he thought up the ...

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  • Glenn House

    Cape Girardeau, Missouri

    52.8 miles from Paducah, KY

    Glenn House, built in 1883, is haunted by a Christmas ghost. The mansion was built by Edwin Dean for his daughter Lulu and her husband David Glenn. But banker Glenn lost much of his fortune and they moved out in 1915. The property fell into disrepair until it was renovated ...

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  • Rose Bed Inn

    Cape Girardeau, Missouri

    53.2 miles from Paducah, KY

    Alex is a ghost who haunts Rose Bed Inn, housed in a former home built in 1908. The Schrader Family owned the home originally, and eventually it was put on the market. A young man named Alex expressed interest in the home. He didn't have the money to buy the ...

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  • Southeast Missouri State University

    Cape Girardeau, Missouri

    53.6 miles from Paducah, KY

    Southeast Missouri State University's Cheney Hall is rumored to be haunted by a female student who committed suicide in a bathtub. Folks say now the door slams by itself and unexplained noises are heard in the room. The Music Building is also said to be haunted by apparitions and slamming ...

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  • Lorimier Cemetery

    Cape Girardeau, Missouri

    54.4 miles from Paducah, KY

    Historic Lorimier Cemetery from the early 1800s is home to a phenomenon known as the Tapping Ghost. It is a sensation of something tapping you on the shoulder, usually making visitors think a nut has fallen from a tree. The tapping repeats, usually until the visitor gets freaked out and ...

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  • Southern Illinois University

    Carbondale, Illinois

    55 miles from Paducah, KY

    Southern Illinois University is reputed to have many haunted buildings; among them are Wheeler Hall, Faner Hall, Anthony Hall, Shryock Auditorium, and Mae Smith Residence Hall. One of the most famous ghosts here is Henry, who haunts the 1918 Shryock Auditorium. Henry, aka former university President Henry William Shryock, died ...

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  • Hundley House Bed and Breakfast

    Carbondale, Illinois

    56.1 miles from Paducah, KY

    Although Hundley House has not operated as a B & B since 2011, former guests claim that double homicide that took place there in the 1928's has left its mark, both literally and spiritually. A bullet hole from the murders can still be seen in the back staircase and people ...

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  • Bellwood Mansion

    Indian Mound, Tennessee

    60.7 miles from Paducah, KY

    Bellwood Mansion is reportedly an abandoned mansion in the middle of the woods, and it's a magnet for local legends about ghost sightings and witchcraft.

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  • Devil's Backbone and Bake Oven

    Grand Tower, Illinois

    63.3 miles from Paducah, KY

    The Devil's Backbone, a rocky ridge about a half mile long, sits adjacent to the Devil's Bake Oven, a larger rock about 100 feet tall near the river's edge. The formations have been used as landmarks, lookout points and hiding places throughout history. River pirates used it as a hideout ...

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  • Grapevine Cemetery

    Madisonville, Kentucky

    63.4 miles from Paducah, KY

    Grapevine Cemetery reportedly has a statue of an angel that cries blood and a ghost of a young man who committed suicide in after his girlfriend left. Witnesses say if he hears a love song playing from your car, he will scream.

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  • Robin Hill

    Mount Vernon, Indiana

    70.3 miles from Paducah, KY

    This historic house, reported to have been part of the Underground Railroad, stands empty and for sale. Since it has stood empty for a period, it is not surprising that it has developed a reputation for being haunted. Witnesses have reported seeing shadowy figures and hearing toilets flushing and other ...

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  • Austin Peay State University

    Clarksville, Tennessee

    78.6 miles from Paducah, KY

    Austin Peay State University's Trahern Theater is said to be haunted by Margaret, a ghost who haunts the third floor and the stage. Margaret is said to tinker with elevators and electricity, lock doors, bang on lockers and call the names of students.

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  • 107-1/2 East Main Cross

    Greenville, Kentucky

    78.7 miles from Paducah, KY

    The location is believed to have been a hospital in the 1800's. Currently it is a restaurant with apartments above. Before that it was a law office. Family just moved there and have seen a man on many occasions walking through the apartment. Strange noises, etc. ...

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  • Willard Library

    Evansville, Indiana

    83.6 miles from Paducah, KY

    The Grey Lady is said to haunt this historic late-1800s library building, and she brings apparitions, the scent of perfume, cold spots, strange noises, and more. The water and electricity are also known to turn on and off, and furniture and objects move by themselves. Ghost tours are held in ...

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  • Palestine Church

    Yuma, Tennessee

    84.9 miles from Paducah, KY

    The building is surrounded by a cemetery that dates back to the early 1800's, and the church and cemetery have been abandoned for years. There have been many reports of hauntings here, including shuffling footsteps when no one is around, voices talking, screams and doors opening and closing by themselves. ...

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  • Resthaven Memorial Gardens

    Clarksville, Tennessee

    85.3 miles from Paducah, KY

    Behind the cemetery, reports say, is a house that was once the home of a slave owner. Rumor has it that one of his slaves forced himself upon his daughter and got her pregnant, and the master killed the slave. The slave's ghost is said to roam the house looking ...

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  • Loretta Lynn Ranch

    Paducah, Tennessee

    89.4 miles from Paducah, KY

    The Plantation House and surrounding areas have seen supernatural activity. Civil War soldiers have been seen walking or camping out nearby, and the house itself has seen its share of unexplained phenomena, attributed to the plantation's founders. Ghost Adventures featured the site on a 2011 show.

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  • Main Street Inn Bed and Breakfast

    Ste. Genevieve, Missouri

    100.6 miles from Paducah, KY

    Open since 1882, this inn is said to be haunted by a man who died here back in the 1890s. Although he makes a lot of noise up on the top floor in the early morning hours, he is said to be completely harmless. The locals say all he wants ...

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  • Jacques Guibourd Historic House - Guibourd Valle House

    Ste. Genevieve, Missouri

    100.6 miles from Paducah, KY

    Jacques Guibourd Historic House, aka Guibourd Valle House, is a 1784 Creole house museum and is rumored to be haunted. Witnesses have seen apparitions, heard footsteps in the servant's quarters, and have been awakened by banging, breaking glass, furniture being thrown and other sounds. The harpsichord has played by itself, ...

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  • Violin Annie - Elmwood Cemetery

    Centralia, Illinois

    104.7 miles from Paducah, KY

    Local legend says that Harriet Anne Marshall (Annie) was an accomplished violinist, and the daughter of a wealthy doctor. She became ill and died of diptheria, and at her grave her parents placed a statue of her playing the violin. It is said that cemetery visitors can hear the violin ...

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  • Original Springs Mineral Spa and Hotel

    Okawville, Illinois

    106.7 miles from Paducah, KY

    This historic hotel is said to have a great many haunts in residence. Included are a man named Meier, who died in an explosion in the 1880s, and J.W. Schreiner, an owner during the 1890s. At least 7 other spirits of folks who have perished during this hotel's long history ...

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  • Oakland City College - Cockrum Hall

    Oakland City, Indiana

    110.4 miles from Paducah, KY

    Cockrum Hall at Oakland City College was built 1876 and is haunted by namesake Colonel William Cockrum's wife. Legend has it that she hanged herself in the tower. Those who peek into the windows in the night may see doors opening and closing by themselves and a bright orange glow ...

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  • Blackfoot Cemetery

    Oakland City, Indiana

    110.4 miles from Paducah, KY

    Blackfoot Cemetery has graves that date as far back as the 1800s and is a hot spot for the ghostly folk, some say. Witnesses have described eerie lights, unexplained sounds, and one grave that appears to be separate from all the others. According to local legend, the grave belongs to ...

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  • Papa Vito's Restaurant

    Belleville, Illinois

    124.2 miles from Paducah, KY

    The current restaurant is housed in a historic residence dating back to the mid nineteenth-century. The building is rumoured to be haunted by four entities, including a ghostly stagecoach driver known as 'Charlie', a mother and her young child, and a ghostly headmistress who used to teach at a ...

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  • Lincoln Theatre

    Belleville, Illinois

    124.4 miles from Paducah, KY

    Lincoln Theatre is believed to be haunted by a prankster ghost. An apparition of a ghostly child has run up and down the stairs, a woman has appeared in the balcony, and tricks are played in the projection booth. Reports say there are seven ghosts who call this theater home.

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  • Lindenwood Auditorium

    Belleville, Illinois

    125.8 miles from Paducah, KY

    Lindenwood Auditorium at Lindenwood University, built in 1924, is said to be haunted by a teacher who passed away before the play she was producing made it to the stage. According to witnesses, the friendly ghost likes to move the props around.

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  • Sours:
    Whitehaven; Paducah, Kentucky (part 1)

    Haunted House in Kentucky - Talon Falls Screampark Haunted House, Paducah, Kentucky


    Talon Falls Screampark


    There are often fables that rise up and spread around from campfire to campfire about old places that once were that disappeared because of some unexplained catastrophe.  Not all of those stories, however, are completely false.  What if one of those old ghost towns resurfaced, 100 years later, and was filled with exactly the spooky things that were originally said to have driven the townsfolk away?  I, Todd Ferren, believe I found one of those places whenever I stumbled upon the evil community... of Talon Falls.

    One night, sitting around his very own campfire amidst the extravagant outdoor Theme Park Studio by which he earned his accredited notoriety as a photographer, Todd Ferren, his wife Shell, and a group of their friends realized just how eerie the quiet sets were, set against the backdrop of only partially populated forestry.  That night an idea happened into Todd’s creative mind: ‘What if I were to turn this photography Theme Park into a veritable nightmare – my very own haunting grounds?’  What happened next, as they say, is history.

    Paducah, Kentucky Haunted House

    The Evil Community of Talon Falls Haunted Scream Park got its official start in 1999, opening for the last three weekends of October each year, allowing their creative team to travel to other haunts and enjoy the season as a spectator before diving into the business of running a haunted attraction.  Set on two acres of land, the park never truly had a ‘humble’ beginning, but compared to what it has grown into, one could say that it is obvious to see how Todd’s passion and ambition for the haunting business has grown over the years.

    Looking back to before the idea of Talon Falls blossomed, it is not hard to recognize Todd Ferren’s creativity.  In 1989, the one of a kind Theme Park Studio broke ground and began its own unique growing process.  Over the years, the park had upwards of 100 or more outdoor sets including a Wedding Garden and Chapel, three waterfalls, tiki huts, a Bronx, a South Beach setting, plus so many more!  Using these sets as a foundation, Todd then had his team go to work building mazes that he could place within or around his photography sets and suddenly a waterfall would become a swamp land and a the Bronx would become a junkyard, etc… (

    So, now that we see what he has accomplished and continues to build upon, we have to take a moment and ask, ‘Who is Todd Ferren?’

    Todd Ferren has been a professional photographer for 25 years, with his home base being in Western Kentucky.  From the very get-go of his photography career, Todd has quickly climbed ladders to become now nationally known for primarily swimsuit fashion photography in magazines and calendars.  When he endeavored to combine his photography studio with a new concept for a haunted attraction, his creative and his business mindsets married to birth a brilliant conclusion.  By building Talon Falls around his studio, he was able to cross promote both by the other to high school and college age kids.  With his photography, he would promote Talon Falls by offering those for whom he would shoot senior pictures roles in the park, and he would promote his photography by offering those who portrayed characters the opportunity to also come and get their pictures taken.  The marketing was genius.

    Paducah Haunted House

    Todd’s Theme Park Studio has now been featured on “Extra” and Fox Television as one of the countries hottest spots for fashion shoots.  Yet every fall Todd and Shell transform their beautiful top hot spot into a grotesque, gory ‘shock spot!’  Honestly, I think they prefer the screams and moans to the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’, but that’s just my opinion.

    So, why then the name ‘Talon Falls’?  Easy!  Already working with his own moniker ‘Todd Ferren’ attached to his unique concept ‘Theme Park Studio’, he simply wanted to take a frightening, entertaining play on words and create his haunts name.  Thus, Todd Ferren became Talon Falls, and ‘Theme Park’ became exactly what he intended should happen: ‘Scream Park.’  Todd utilized the word talon based on the viciousness of an eagle’s talon and he used falls because the primary attraction of his studio were the three beautiful water falls.

    After a few years of testing the waters, then the addition of the remaining weekends to the attraction, Todd realized he wanted to do more – he knew he could make it even better than it already was.  Talon Falls had outgrown its beginnings.  Add to that the second attraction he added in the Dead End Haunted House – an homage to one of his favorite dual haunts in St. Louis’s own Darkness and Creepyworld – Todd soon realized that having two separate locations in a smaller area such as western Kentucky was not as economical as it might have been in St. Louis.  Therefore, in 2007, Todd began to move.

    To initiate the move, Todd commissioned the building of a brand new Dead End Haunted House (moving it from its abandoned warehouse near the original Talon Falls out to its own private location), using the skilled hands of his son, Kathan Ferren and long-time friend Thomas Bostic.  Over the course of the year, leading up to the inaugural opening night, the two worked with a small crew, around the clock, to build a brand new building and fifty foot façade and create an entire new haunt.
    Kentucky Haunted House
    During the second year of the new Dead End, Todd began work on building a new Talon Falls, starting with the creation of his third haunt, ‘The Pirates of the Dead End.’  This third attraction actually became a crowd favorite and a wonderful stand-alone, albeit short, walk through.  By the third year of the new location, Todd managed to build an entire new Talon Falls Scream Park.  Therefore, in 2008, the 10th year of haunting, Todd Ferren held one last ‘Hoorah!’ at his original, beloved starting grounds, and then shifted his entire product out to the massive acreage on which his other two haunts were located.

    The move was definitely a huge crap shoot.  Having to prepare two Talon Falls, since he was working on building the new park while the old park was still running, was a financial risk, to say the least.  Add to this the possibility of taking the location within the metropolitan area of Paducah and shifting it 30 minutes into the middle of county farmlands in Melber, KY, Todd was in jeopardy of losing a lot of his customers to the drive.  The gamble, however, paid off big time.  Bigger and better than ever, curiosity brought people to the new location initially, but the grand scale and amazing team kept them coming back over and over again!  One of the big reasons for the move is to expand and take Talon Falls Screampark to the next level and create a hayride,  after visiting the 4 best hayrides in the country the Headless Horesman,  Spookywoods, Bates Motel Hayride and CreepyWorlds Tombstone gave Todd many great ideas from each to create his own unique style of hayride.
    I would go so far as to say, in my humble opinion, that once he added the third attraction – Blood Creek Haunted Hayride – Todd and his wife Shell solidified the success of a masterpiece haunt for as long as they endeavor to have it.

    So, what will someone experience when they visit his massive, elaborate three haunts?  A whole-freaking-lot!

    Blood Creek

    Blood Creek
    First, a person who has a three-haunt combo ticket will be escorted through an elaborate labyrinth of roped off lines to a saucy saloon girl who’ll introduce them to an amazing CGI zombie attack, getting them warmed up for what’s to come.  Then they’ll be taken to get on a tractor-pulled wagon to visit the decaying ruins of Blood Creek, the Haunted Hayride.  From there, that person will be taken on a 15-20 minute journey through a half mile of various intricate sets including the Wolf Barn, the Slaughter House, and the Black Widow Saloon.  Just past the saloon the wagon comes to a stop in the old western town of Blood Creek, where a few ghastly zombie cowboys have it out over and over in an old fashion, western shoot out.  Once the shots are fired, the wagon trails them through the towns old cemetery and finally through the Mine Shaft before returning safely to the 21st century loading dock from where they came.

    The Evil Community of Talon Falls, which features a new, interactive theme every year with an all-original cast.  You will not run into any Hollywood monsters in this haunt!  You will encounter over 100 live actors to entertain and terrify you throughout your 40+ minute journey.  Talon Falls is a combination of indoor mazes and outdoor paths being the main and original product, has held onto its dominance as Todd’s most popular haunt, largely to do its variety of mazes.  In the year 2011, in fact, the haunt will include seven different, unique mazes, including:

    Toxic Waste
    A combination of large culverts joined together by rooms, one being with a grid floor to allow fog to rise from beneath, it then takes you up through a huge culvert into a fan room, which only functions to slowly blow more fog at the guest, keeping him completely disoriented.  From there, you choose either the stairway or the slide, which most people crawl through a 4’ diameter, 20’ foot long tunnel until they reach the slide room.  The last stop in the Toxic Waste maze is the Toxic Bus, filled with dummies and an actor or two, so the guest is constantly guessing which guise will prove to be alive!  If that wasn’t enough, add more fog, loud music, and strobe lights, and disoriented becomes the persons state of being for even a few minutes beyond exiting the bus.

    Next she will find herself in the cemetery.  Zombies abound, roaming in and out of larger than life tombstones, Mausoleums, a rocking hearse, and a large Manor façade featuring a statue of the Angel of Death.

    Crypt of the Vampires
    For obvious reason, this is one of the constant most popular mazes within Talon Falls itself.  This maze features an abundance of aspiring models dressed in Victorian dresses, pale skin and vampire fangs who work for the haunt during October to earn photo credit with Todd for shooting their portfolios.  With a dozen beautiful women and a few grotesquely painted men, each turn offers a sensory overload of seduction and scare tactics to keep the guest completely off guard throughout.

    Crypt of the VampiresThe Asylum
    The Asylum features Talon Falls iconic characters Dr. Feelgood and Nurse Cadaver, who obviously have their hands full with a hospital filled with bizarre patients.  This is one of the most detailed mazes in Talon Falls, however, and alongside its intense cast, it is thus also one of the top frights.  The luck of the draw would have it that Todd managed to buy a lot of authentic props from a hospital auction, and then he went overboard on creating the façade.  You start your walk through in an old hospital, pass through a long hallway that, with a little haunt magic, seems to neer end, and then lastly you pass through the padded rooms and cages of the Asylum itself before passing by the Krazy Kristen animatronic at the exit.

    Pirate Ship
    Before Talon Falls was located where it is, the Pirate Ship was its own haunt.  Once Talon Falls moved, it became an integrated, integral part of the attraction.  The maze is a two story series of themed rooms that, from its crow’s nest first room to its end, truly makes you feel like you are exploring the innards of an old wooden pirate ship.  As you walk up and down the stairs leading through, portholes showing skeletal fish swimming by, plus the chilled atmosphere and eerie soundtrack of a rocking ship, truly create a fantasy-come-true environment, if it weren’t for the wenches and scallywags leaping out to terrify you every time you catch your breath!
    Killer Clown College
    Killer Clown College
    As you leave the Pirate Ship and move on, you suddenly pass through an outdoor carnival with the Ring Master urging you forward and into an Ice Cream truck and leads you right into an indoor maze.  The clowns within the maze range from ridiculously funny to ridiculously frightening, and you never know which is going to be which.  By combining old high school props with locker rooms, classroom settings, and a collage of color combinations, you truly get an atmosphere of learning – unfortunately the education is how to kill with pun and punch!  Finally, you end with the dizzying vortex and disorienting dot room, where tiny people dressed like the walls wait to pop out of nowhere!

    Voodoo Lagoon
    This is Todd’s favorite outdoor maze.  To get through this part of the park, you first walk through a Tiki Hut porch, around through a detailed Voodoo Shack complete with witch doctor, then onto an old, rickety rope bridge crossing the lagoon itself, filled with gators and snakes and the infamous half-woman, half-creature swamp lizard, who hides in the murky waters.  Finally, the guest comes face to face with a two story shack and an amplified Voodoo Queen!

    Talon Falls is carefully planned so that the maze walls and fencing can be taken down and rearranged to create new, unique paths for the next haunt season.  Many of the facades, in fact, are double sided!  This means that one side of them, for instance the que line Mausoleum that has a movie screen on it (with a projector hidden in a tombstone), which is the opposing side of the Tiki Hut a guest would see as they walk across the porch.  To add to it, the inside of that same building is actually a break room for the ‘ Midway’ actors. The largest set located in the heart of Talon Falls is a two story theme room,  which has a different two story facade on all four sides of the building, a Crypt, Industrial Warehouse, Swamp Shack and a Manor.

    Dead End Haunted House
    Last, but certainly not least, you embark on a journey through the Dead End.  Once inside this massive façade, you step onto the ‘Hellavator’, which transports you (through some more haunt magic!) from the entrance to the inside, revealing a house full of peeling wall paper, cracked plaster, and antiques and props everywhere.  This journey lasts about 15-20 minutes, taking you from the house, through the cellar, through to a butcher shop room where you get to meet a variety of gory, slaughtered animals (including a giant cow, several pigs, and some turkeys) and also the room’s feature creature, Pervis the Butcher.  As you walk through, you come across countless actor drop panels and animitronic frights, all keeping your nerves racked within the claustrophobic environment, only to finish the maze by going through the claustrophobia room, forcing yourself between two giant ‘balloons’ which threaten to squeeze the life out of you!
    Todd & Shell created the Ultimate Midway at Talon Falls, which is one of my favorite parts of the event.  Guests are greeted by erie music, movie screens, massive facades, three concessions, Miss Shells Ghoulish Gifts, and this year the all new Deadly Desserts Cafe. With scarecrow stilt walkers, stalkarounds, and originally themed icon characters many guest entering this festive midway say “Talon Falls atmosphere is like Disney”.

    The Scream Team consists for approximately 150 actors, 75% of them volunteers and the other 25% support staff from managers, security, tractor drivers, concession and gift shop workers, and parking attendants.  The team has two airbrush artists and four make-up artists who work with prostethics and their own artistic talents to create fantastic creatures and special effects.  The volunteers are all offered photography credit for family portraits, senior pictures, or modeling portfolios.  Also, a portion of the profits earned are donated to Child Watch, Red Cross and Crime Stoppers.  To date, Talon Falls has raised over $80,000.00 for these charities.

    Todd uses several forms of advertising radio, television media and mall displays.
    Mall advertising has been a huge success for Todd’s local photography business,  so he built five 1880s style hurst and put them in malls in the five state area  with large posters inside and flyers for guest to pick up to promote Talon Falls.
    Talon Falls Future
    Since Talon Falls is in a smaller market, Todd wants everyone to be able to afford to experience his shows, so he has multiple tickets to fit any budget.  
    Guest can easily get up to $10 off combo tickets with a Hardee’s Talon Falls souvenir cup and  a $2 off of any single haunt with a Hardee’s coupon.  Hardee’s is the title sponsor and exclusive coupon outlet with over 40 Hardee’s  restaurant locations in the quad state area marketing the Talon Falls Screamfest.  This year Hardee’s bumped the production of Talon Falls cups from 100,000 to 300,000 and had a contest for the Hardee’s employees that sold the most large sodas.  The reward for the most sold was passes for all the employees and one guest to visit Talon Falls. (

    Talon Falls Future
    Talon Falls is only moving onto bigger, better things!  The Pirate Ship is coming out to create a new prison theme maze, ‘Cell Block D’, there is going to be a more intense focus on the actors and quality of the show.  The Dead End will feature its first ‘theme’ as a ‘doll factory’ theme, with its main attraction being ‘Dollface’ and adding several new additions to Blood Creek Hayride. With 40 acres to grow on for future expansion Todd & Shell will continue to create one of the most unique Screamparks in the country! (




    NAME OF HAUNT: Talon Falls Screampark
    LOCATION:   Paducah, Kentucky
    ANNUAL ATTENDANCE:  30,000 plus
    ADMISSION:  $12.00 to $40.00 for Combo
    NUMBER OF YEARS IN OPERATION: 13th year of Fear
    AD BUDGET: $35,000.00


    Check out Transworld pre-Convention,
    Talon Falls Haunt Tour on March 8th,  2011

    Talon Falls Haunt Tour




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