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Obituary of Dennis Beard

Dennis Beard
Dennis Beard

Dennis Beard

1947 - 2011

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Dennis Guam Beard WEST COLUMBIA:Funeral service for Dennis Guam Beard, 63, will be held at 3 p.m. Sunday, April 3, 2011, in the Chapel of Thompson Funeral Home of Lexington, officiated by Rev. Tim Sieberhagen. Interment will follow at Southland Memorial Gardens. Serving as pallbearers will be Rick Vaughan, Forrest Byrd, Jack Kaigler, Jay Jones, Kendal Jumper and Kolby Jumper. Honorary pallbearers will be the Ehrhardt Motor Company and The Rebels Softball Team. The family will receive friends from 6 until 9 p.m. this (SATURDAY) evening at the funeral home. Memorials may be made to Kitti Wake Baptist Church, 420 Kitti Wake Dr., West Columbia, SC 29170 or Morningside Baptist Church, 112 Bates Ave., Union, SC 29379. Mr. Beard died Thursday, March 31, 2011. Born in Orangeburg, SC, he was a son of the late George Ervin Beard, Sr., and Helen Miriam Squires Beard. He served in the U.S. Army; and he attended Kitti Wake Baptist Church. Mr. Beard was a 1965 graduate of Union High School; an avid hunter; baseball and softball player. He was also a diehard Gamecock Fan and a lifetime supporter. He was the owner of University Books, at Francis Marion in Florence and retired from the S.C. Bookstore in 1996. Mr. Beard was a devoted and loving husband, father, grandfather, brother and uncle. Survivors include: his wife, Kay (Mull) Beard; daughter Kim Beard Huneycutt; son, Rodney Beard (Aubrie) all of West Columbia; sisters, Linda Beard Smith and George Anne Beard Osborne (Wayne) all of Union; brother, George Ervin Beard, Jr. of West Columbia; grandchildren, Kayla Huneycutt, Gracie Beard and Sophie Beard all of West Columbia; half-sister, Jewel Ann McAlister. Mr. Beard was preceded in death by a son, Lawrence Travis Beard. Family and friends may sign online guest book at

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That Beard Tho


Solving the Plastic Avalanche

There’s probably a cabinet in your kitchen that’s full of assorted Tupperware. But, if you’re like 90% of America, that cabinet is so cluttered that you can never find the right lid for the right container.

What’s worse, when you finally find the right lid, it usually causes all the other lids to tumble out in a plastic avalanche.

The Container Store just released a new series of TV spots aimed at solving these every day, frustrating problems. Do you know what happens when you grace a Container Store with your presence? Any storage problem you ever had is now solved.

Can’t find the right tool in your garage? The Container Store’s got you. Have a kitchen “junk” drawer where you can’t find anything? The Container Store will give you more room.

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The Evolution of "That [Noun] Though"

How is language evolving on the Internet? In this series on internet linguistics, Gretchen McCulloch breaks down the latest innovations in online communication.

You may have seen comments like this online:

dat pic tho
that look though
that backflip doe
that face tho

What's going on here?

First of all, let's establish what we're looking at. We've got several parts: "dat" or "that" at the beginning, a noun like "pic" or "face" in the middle, and a variously-spelled "tho/doe/though" at the end. And the overall effect is positive: to say "dat hair tho" means that you approve of someone's hair.

Here's an early example of a popular Vine ("dat backflip tho") that popularized the "dat ... doe"/"that ... though" construction:

We can see there's already variation in how it's spelled: the creator of this video, @KingBach, tags it #ButThatBackflipTho in June 2013, while another video titled "dat dagger tho" went up on YouTube in April 2013. The second spelling is also used on Know Your Meme, which links it to an earlier image meme. It does look like the full "that … though" version is the newest: Urban Dictionary, for example, has "dat … doe" entries from late 2013 ("dat [blank] doe" from November 2013, for example) but the earliest "that … though" entry isn't until July 2014—almost a year later.

Why might the spelling have changed? The pronunciation of "th" as "d" has a long history in many English varieties, including African American English, which is where this and many other slang terms have been taken from (see bae). The use of "dat ... doe" is a form of eye dialect, a way of spelling out non-standard pronunciations, but it can be unclear whether the spellings come from within the community, or from outsiders making assumptions about what they think a dialect sounds like. The gradual increase of the spelling "that ... though" may reflect the bleaching of its associations with African American English as the construction spread—and the diversity of spellings overall may be linked to people often picking it up via speech rather than writing.

But "dat ... tho" hasn't just changed spelling—it's also changed meaning. The earlier uses of "that … tho" tend to present it in a larger context where the "though" indicates a mitigating factor in comparison to some other thing that's not as good. For example, in "that backflip though," KingBach runs in calling "I'll save you" after a woman's purse is stolen. But instead of chasing after the thief, he runs up a wall and does an—admittedly impressive—backflip. Wait, what?? "Yeah but that backflip tho" acknowledges that the backflip is both well-executed and completely unexpected.

Similarly, the earlier Urban Dictionary entries for "dat booty doe" and similar expressions come with example scenarios which start with a negative comment about someone's face—a response like "but dat booty doe" or "dat smile tho" is clearly intended to express a mitigating factor.

But by a year later, it's become a general way of expressing approval without the initial setup of surprise or disappointment. A commenter on Reddit around the same time adds another contradiction-free example: "Watching a football game. Receiver makes great catch. 'That catch tho!'"

You could think of it as the speaker preemptively contradicting the objection you haven't even made yet. That superlative though.


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Beard Hairs for Charity!

I wrote to her that I was free on Tuesday. I went into a cafe, Yana was already sitting at the table. When she saw me she waved her hand.

Beard tho that

I arrived at the meeting place before Larik. And Emma came before me. For some reason, she was warmly dressed, despite the fine Indian summer weather.

That beard tho ✌️🤭😂 😂

The experiment will show who I really am and how I see myself from the outside. I want to learn to live without guilt, I want you to be happy. I hope you can help me with this.

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