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Best display Counter, lightweight frame which quickly assembls in 5-10 minutes, Utilizing stretch fabric and a simple frame this system literally clicks together in minutes giving an amazing look.

Our circle backdrop stand combines economy aluminum tube frames with zipper pillowcase fabric graphics. Essential tube structures are bungee corded and come with a one year limited hardware warranty. 

Our round shaped customized backdrop with stand is an ideal choice for Wedding parties, Birthday parties and many other occasions. This round fabric backdrop makes the event display beautiful with its unique shape. You can either print a customized design and insert it on the frame or just use the frame and decorate it with flowers or other decorative items to enhance its look. 

The frame is made of aluminum  which keeps the whole pop-up system balanced, stable and durable and the entire system takes 5 mins to assemble without any tools.

 Specifications and Features:

  • Dye Sublimation Fabric Print
  • Lightweight, portable, and sturdy framing
  • No tools needed to set up.
  • Aluminum frame is 1 1/4" D anodized tubing
  • All parts are in a bungee cord
  •  Kit includes: one frame, pillowcase zipper fabric graphic and canvas carry bag
  • Set-up Time :  About 5 mins
  • Turnaround : Ships in 4-5 business days
  • Fabric graphic is machine washable
  • Printing : Dye Sublimation Seamless Fabric Print
  • Case Dimensions: 
  • Diameter of the Circular Frame - 2m 
  • Item Includes : One Circle Frame with Print & 3 Counters
  • Three Counters (40cm D x 90cm H + 36cm x 75cm H + 33cm x 60cm H)



Shipping Circle: Paw Patrol

This is my own Paw Patrol shipping Circle and I know not everyone likes shipping is this fandom but I do so … I just did it xD

Here are the colors and their meaning:

Black = Dislike them
Blue = Don't like but acceptable
Yellow = Neutral
Pink = Like them
Red  =OMG!!! LOVE IT!!

And the interrupted connection (- - - - - -) are Shippings with three characters or more

But I wanna tell you something about my 5 favorite and my 5 least favorite Shippings:

My No. 1 Shipping is... MarshallXRocky (RockShall):
I love them because they are best friends and every time I see these two males together I just can't think of them as a couple. I mean, come one, a grey pup who is afraid of water and a dalmatian who always makes him wet by accident (and sometimes on purpose)... Perfect combination!

My No. 2 Shipping is... RyderXKatie: 
I think it is obvious why I like them... They are adorable! It is pretty obvious in the show that these two are having a crush on each other and I can just support it. It fits perfect and I like it

My No. 3 Shipping is... MarshallXChase (MaSe): 
Good friends, better boyfriends. Chase and Marshall are having this strict meet


, childish relationship and I love it. As if the makers of Paw Patrol were doing it on purpose. Also the looks Chase sometimes gives Marshall are awesome.

My No. 4 Shipping is... ChaseXSkye:
The same thing as RyderXKatie... It is just adorable to see Chase, who is always mature and focused on the case, getting totally worried about Skye. In the end she is alright and he loses his usual strictness for a short moment and tells Skye how worried he was. Adorable as … a little, fluffy bunny!

My No. 5 Shipping is... ChaseXCali (CaSe):


and a


? Yeah, here it is possible. In the show it is sometimes very obvious that Cali likes the German Shepherd! And I can just say: Good girl... Good girl...

Now my least favorite Shippings!

My No. 5 least favorite Shipping is... MarshallXRyder:
I just can't think of Ryder with an other pup than Chase! He and Chase are having this chemistry he has with no other pup. That's why I don't like this Shipping...

My No. 4 least favorite Shipping is... RockyXRyder:
The same thing I wrote before. Not the right chemistry!

My No. 3 least favorite Shipping is... KatieXAlex:
Too young, too young... And why should Katie accept it? She has a crush on Ryder and I think Alex is just not a good male for Katie. The difference between KatieXAlex and RyderXAlex is the fanboy-factor. Alex sees Ryder as his hero and that makes it interesting again

My No. 2 least favorite Shipping is... MarshallXSkye (MarYe):
They aren't made for each other... Marshall hates flying and Skye flies. Also Skye loves Chase and these two are having a special chemistry... I just can't see them as a couple...

And my No. 1 least favorite Shipping is... RockyXEverest (RockVerest):
No... Please no... I know many people love these two but I can't get myself to even dislike them xD I just hate them and please don't hate me for it... 

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Paw Patrol Circle of Pups Pixel Fleece Blanket

Officially licensed and personalized Paw Patrol Circle of Pups Pixel Fleece Blankets!Just add your name, select a color and we'll ship you your one of a kind masterpiece!

Cozy up with our PREMIUM throw blanket, the “Pixel Fleece Blanket”.

  • Standard throw size:50” wide by 60” in height.
  • Top Notch Comfort: Our super-soft Flannel Fleece is like sleeping in the clouds.
  • Machine Washable: Wash gentle/ cold, Tumble dry with no heat.
  • Printed in the USA: Printed right in North Carolina, keeping this beautiful blanket to our high standards.
  • Long Lasting Colors: With Dye Sublimation printing, your colors will remain bright until the day you part ways.
  • For Any Temperature: Summers in Florida or winters in Alaska, this thick plush blanket will be your favorite most comfortable blanket you own.
  • Patented Technology:Constructed as 1 entity with a flannel fleece backing and a micro mink front. Allowing for the highest resolution print on the market!

Order today, and you'll receive your package between and .

Products are intended solely for personal, non-commercial use. No license has been granted to use products for any business or organizational purpose.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

PAW Patrol Dino Rescue 30 MINUTE MARATHON! - Nick Jr.

Apparently, my reaction embarrassed her too much. The evening was drawing to a close. My daughter brought me a laptop, already in a robe. And she went to bed.

Patrol circle paw

It was already dark, and most of the families had supper at home, and I sat and sat at work. This rebellious device captivated me and its repair today seemed to me an obligatory proof of my experience and knowledge in electronics. In short, my passion for work took possession of me and I could not tear myself away from my occupation, when suddenly a phone call came from my neighbor.

Yes. Oleg and I are walking with friends in the bar opposite.

PAW Patrol Pups in Marble Race #2! 🏁 - Nick Jr.

Filled with fragrant shampoo with abundant foam and hold in my hand a glass of cold beer with exactly the same lush foam. I remembered yesterday's party, where I got drunk, out of anger from the fact that my boyfriend had prodded me for the umpteenth time. I have long noticed his coldness and tension in relation to me, and he was not fucking with me so hotly.

And passionately.

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A hollow between the legs - everything I like (well, I dont like assholes, like Brazilian women, you can punish me). Having entered this "vehicle", I deliberately stood next to her, insolently squeezing past the immense and muttering curses of grannies under my breath. And I didnt regret it.

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