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Since 2006, February 7th marks a day dedicated to celebrating the life and birthday of the late J Dilla. In his heyday, the Detroit native produced for everyone from Janet Jackson to The Brand New Heavies, but it was his influence on hip-hop that continues to impact music in sizable ways today. His epic taste (and vinyl collection) in soul, motown and jazz alone was remarkable, but his ability to chop up samples of lost hits and recreate them into pieces of hip-hop that was both blissful and cutting edge deserves endless praise. He was a master of drum programming and an instrumental perfectionist – qualities that have gone on to inspire countless other beatmakers.

Dilla remains one of hip-hop’s most lauded producers and we’re fortunate that in his short career he was able to churn out so much great music. His catalog is full of soul anthems, head-bobbing gems and unquestionably some of the best hip-hop beats ever laid to tape. That is why when J Dilla’s birthday comes around every February, nobody hesitates to remind the world of how great he was. In celebration of what would have been Jay Dee’s 44th, here are my 10 favorite beats of his.

Honorable Mentions: Workinonit, Airworks, The Light, U-Luv, Get Dis Money

10. Gobstopper

Artist: J Dilla // Album: Donuts

This track makes the cut for it being one of Dilla’s most triumphant and inspiring instrumentals. The horns that loop throughout the whole song are so uplifting; if J Dilla ever would have gotten elected to the Hall of Fame, this should have been the song that played as he rolled his wheelchair to the podium. With it being on the back half of Donuts, it feels like one last salute to Dilla and his illustrious career as a true all-timer.

9. Runnin’

Artist: The Pharcyde // Album: Labcabincalifornia

Despite it being one of Dilla’s more popular beats today, when “Runnin'” was first released as a single for The Pharcyde’s second album Labcabincalifornia, most people were just starting to hear about the hot new Detroit producer for the first time. Still then referred to as Jay Dee, this beat helped put Dilla on the map and earned him serious recognition within the hip-hop and R&B communities. To date, the song remains one of The Pharcyde’s most popular tracks. The snare that welcomes in the rest of the beat at the beginning of the song is classic. The video below provides a great breakdown of all the elements that went into making the instrumental.

8. Last Donut of the Night

Artist: J Dilla // Album: Donuts

The epic closer to Donuts. It’s second to the last on the tracklist, but it might as well be the final song. As a friend of mine once said, it’s safe to say this beat was made 50% from heaven. The fact that J Dilla created the majority of his magnum opus – arguably the best instrumental hip-hop record ever made – on his deathbed makes the album seem even more divine than it already is. This track is the final flame that flickered before Jay Dee’s ascension into the next life.

7. The Diff’rence

Artist: J Dilla // Album: Donuts

This track is the perfect example that Jay Dee’s magic wasn’t limited to underground and abstract rap beats. The song features everything from an irresistibly catchy piano groove to lively jazz instrumentation to loud, stimulating refrains of the song’s title. It’s the perfect reminder that instrumental hip-hop can be really fun. I like to believe this is the song Dilla was listening to when they took the cover photo for Donuts.

6. Feel Like Makin’ Love

Artist: D’Angelo // Album: Voodoo

This watery love song from D’Angelo’s landmark neo-soul record was actually supposed to be a collaboration with Lauryn Hill. Although that heavenly pairing never manifested onto the final album, “Feel Like Makin’ Love” is another staple in Dilla’s beat discography. An updated rendition of Roberta Flack’s classic, he’s actually uncredited on the song, but the drums have his fingerprints all over them. Dilla is known to have played the role of silent executive producer for all of Voodoo, which was released in the at the Soulquarians’ creative peak. This track especially stands out to me, not only for it’s luscious groove, but also because of how important of a record Voodoo became for the neo-soul genre. A masterful beat on a masterpiece of a record.

5. Fall In Love

Artist: Slum Village // Fantastic, Vol. 2

This list wouldn’t be complete without at least one Slum Village track, Jay Dee’s main rap crew during the late 90s and early 2000s. The group dropped a lot of solid material around that time, but Fantastic, Vol. 2 stands as their most heralded work among fans and critics, mainly for its pristine production. The crisp drums Dilla laid down for this cut deserve a full page in the manual for ‘how to make dope beats.’ And of course, there’s the iconic sample of Gap Mangione’s “Diana in the autumn wind” – another example of Dilla’s remarkable talent for flipping a few keys into an instantly recognizable tune.

4. Didn’t Cha Know

Artist: Erykah Badu // Mama’s Gun

Erykah Badu’s second album reasserted her presence as female ruler of neo-soul. Right at the center of the project’s success was “Didn’t Cha Know”, a deep and dreamy groove that features a hypnotic loop sampled from Tarika Blue’s “Dreamflower.” Also using elements of funk and jazz, this song is a personal favorite from Dilla’s time as a part of the Soulquarians. A lot artists must feel the same, as the beat has been sampled and rapped over multiple times, most notably by J. Cole in 2010.

3. Two Can Win

Artist: J Dilla // Album: Donuts

Out of all the amazing Dilla beats, this may be the one I could loop forever. It’s peppered with a number of different vocal samples, spliced up perfectly to enhance the song’s euphoric feel. The drum pattern is borderline tribal, but the overall intensity of the music is too great to focus on just one aspect of it. It’s basically a two minute climax of high pitched soul on steroids. It’s a dreamlike composition that shows just how ‘out of body’ hip-hop can get. I still get the chills when it comes on.

2. So Far to Go

Artist: J Dilla feat. Common & D’Angelo // The Shining

A soft and smooth slow jam and the most heartwarming love song on this list. Originally titled “Bye.” and released on Donuts, this lush beat appeared again extended on The Shining with vocals added by Common and D’Angelo. Although both those guys are great artists in their own right, this is a case where the music alone is more than enough to satisfy the ears. Their performances aren’t particularly bad, but they get in the way of one J Dilla’s prettiest instrumentals ever. The great thing about the full version is the addition of the piano on the back half – absolute ear candy.

1. Time: The Donut of the Heart

Artist: J Dilla // Album: Donuts

My #1. This track is a favorite for lots of Dilla fans and for good reason. As the title implies, it’s perhaps the most emotional piece off of Donuts. Using a sample of The Jackson 5 ballad “All I Do Is Think Of You”, Dilla turns smooth motown guitar licks into a mesmerizing mash up of rhythm, soul and lust. In a production catalog filled with so many bright spots, I think this is J Dilla’s best beat. It’s got the great sample, vintage drum programming and it strikes a sentimental chord with me that few other instrumentals do. Case closed.

Artwork taken from DJ Booth. For more on the celebration of J Dilla and his legacy, I highly recommend watching this episode of Crate Diggers.

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J Dilla – Ruff Draft: Dilla’s Mix (Instrumental)

The producer’s own mixes – recently rediscovered – of his seminal EP, expanded with bonus tracks and now available in a special instrumental edition. Single LP. Contains download card for WAV files.

RAPPCATS EXCLUSIVE– yellow colored vinyl. LIMITED RUN, not to be repressed.

Also available: J Dilla Ruff Draft – Dilla’s Mix

When Ruff Draft saw its initial release in 2003, J Dilla possessed production skills on par with anyone in hip-hop – technically and creatively. “At the top of his game,” says longtime friend and collaborator, Karriem Riggins. After years of building while modestly deferring to others of both greater and lesser notoriety, Dilla finally completed the first solo endeavor on his own label, entirely on his own terms. The significance of such an autonomous success often gets overlooked, and partly accounts for why Ruff Draft is one of the lesser-referenced entries in Dilla’s oeuvre. “It’s a mysterious little project,” says his mother, Maureen Yancey. “But out of his entire career, that was the happiest time.”

Prior to recording the EP, Dilla found himself at a crossroads. Estranged from his label, MCA, and separated from the mother of his youngest daughter, frustration abounded both personally and professionally. Dilla spent parts of 2002 and 2003 working on an album for MCA that featured his rapping over contributions from other producers with whom he had connected and whose music he respected. At the time, he was known primarily for his beats, yet reviled for his MCing by most anyone not from his hometown of Detroit. The project was to be an intentional freak of the industry.

The project would go on to spur his collaborative album with Madlib, Jaylib, and would first showcase the template that he would take to his greatest heights with 2006’s Donuts. The Stones Throw reissue of Ruff Draft from 2008 featured remixes of the songs from the album, done without Dilla’s involvement. This version of the album takes Dilla’s recently discovered mixes of the album and restores his vision for the project.

Ruff Draft, like 2016’s The Diary, sees release on the Pay Jay, the official imprint of the Estate of James Yancey, founded on behalf of Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey, John “Illa J” Yancey, Monica and Ty-monae Whitlow, Joylette Hunter and Ja’mya Yancey.

Sours: https://www.rappcats.com/shop/j-dilla-ruff-draft-dillas-mix-instrumental/
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Unreleased J Dilla Instrumentals to Feature on ‘Motor City’

Nearly 20 unreleased J Dilla instrumentals will be the focus of Motor City, a collection of the late producer’s work curated and sequenced by his mother, Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey.

The compilation serves as both a tribute to Dilla’s native Detroit as well as “letter” from Ma Dukes to her son; accordingly, the CD and vinyl copies of the album are packaged in a limited-edition mailing envelope with a handwritten letter from Ma Dukes to Dilla inside.

In addition to the 19 unheard instrumentals on Motor City, Beat Junkies founder and Dilla’s friend J Rocc has created blends utilizing the instrumentals found on the posthumous release. In the first sample of that digital-only free download that accompanies Motor City purchases, J Rocc combines a bouncy Dilla instrumental with Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy.”

Motor City, due out April 21st, will be available on CD, LP and a deluxe edition packed with the album on CD, cassette and LP, a T-shirt, vinyl slipmat and a J Rocc flexi disc. Preorder all varieties at the Dillatronic site.

Motor City follows the 2016 arrival of Dilla’s lost vocal album The Diary, which the producer initially planned on releasing in 2002 before his then-label MCA dropped him before the album came out.

Sours: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/unreleased-j-dilla-instrumentals-to-feature-on-motor-city-192003/
J Dilla - Dreamy (Homework Edit)

OkayPayer premiered this really, really solid mixtape put together by Chocolate Sunday's resident DJ:s Manuvers, Sharpsound and Louie Arson. Titled "Bangin' Like a Dilla Instrumental" this expertly crafted mix blends some of the most legendary Jay Dee instrumentals for other people, to classic solo work and group settings, and rare beats "straight from the fucking cassette". It's amazing how fresh these beats still sound today and one thing that's pretty amazing with DiLLA beats is that they are usually just as interesting with or without vocals on top. Enjoy this shit but be sure to TURN IT UP!!! A LITTLE LOUDER!!

Also released via OkayPlayer is this rare studio footage of The Soulquarians in action (with Dilla on the drum set), jamming out a track that would eventually transform into "Aquarius" on Common's underrated "Electric Circus". Read more about the session @ OKP. Last but not least in this selection of DiLLA news, FatBeats and Ne'Astra Music Group are reissuing both the original Slum Village albums with JayDee on wax and cassette, so if you don't have those gems you better grab them both. Read more over @ FatBeats.com.

Sours: http://claaa7.blogspot.com/2015/02/j-dilla-bangin-like-dilla-instrumental.html

Instrumental dilla

  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Classic J Dilla Beats on high quality vinyl.

    Includes unlimited streaming of The Shining Instrumentals via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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  • Streaming + Download

    Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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James ‘J Dilla / Jay Dee’ Yancey leaves behind an impression on Hip Hop that will last the test of time. A bridge between Hip Hop’s underground and mainstream, Dilla’s contributions ranged from single handedly defining Detroit Hip Hop as a founding member of Slum Village to providing his production talents to Common, D’Angelo, Busta Rhymes, Erykah Badu, A Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde, The Roots, Janet Jackson and Macy Gray.

The Shining marked the reunion of J Dilla & BBE, who had released Welcome 2 Detroit, J Dilla’s debut album. The Shining was near completion when J Dilla passed on February 10, 2006. In pursuance of his mother’s plan that his musical legacy continue, The Shining was released on August, 22nd, 2006.

To add to that legacy, The Shining Instrumentals are to be released; allowing the listener to hear the intricate warmth of Dilla’s beats completely untouched by MC vocals.


released October 16, 2006

2006, BBE


all rights reserved

Sours: https://jdilla.bandcamp.com/album/the-shining-instrumentals
J Dilla - Life (Instrumental)

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