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Best Button Maker: Reviews in 2021 (Recommended!)

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We all love a good button claiming our support for our favorite political party, or showing off which band is our favorite, don’t we? 

But we can’t always find the right buttons for the occasion, can we? Sometimes, wouldn’t you just love to make the buttons you want, yourself? So that you can get the words right, the pictures just perfect – to tell the world exactly what’s on your mind! Well, you can, with the right button maker. 

Yes, you can now get the best button maker available in the market – for your personal use, as well as for making buttons for your friends, family, support groups, book clubs, gardening groups, and anyone else.

You can even start your own button making business and get orders from other people who love buttons.

Best Button Maker Reviews

Big or small, compact or detailed – there are a large number of button makers to choose from, all effective and easy to handle. Here are the top 7 products that you can definitely consider. 

1. Mophorn Button Maker 

This is a compact and convenient button maker that you can use very easily handle. It’s extremely fast, too, and can make around 200 to 300 pieces of buttons every hour. This is quite important if you run a button making business; you can accomplish a large order of buttons within a few hours. 

The Mophorn Button Maker is a manual device, which means that you won’t need electricity or batteries to work it. It is easy to install and learn, and comes with 500 buttons ready for designing. All you need to do is to put the metal badge cover on the top cover mould, put the picture you want on the cover, put the transparent film and press. The button should be ready in a matter of seconds. 

The button maker is made with a metal body and a plastic base, and comes with 500 pieces of button. You can make numerous buttons for yourself, your friends and family, as well as for other people around you before you run out of material. 


  • Comes with 500 pieces of button base 
  • Compact and convenient 
  • Easy to install and use 
  • Comes fully equipped with push pins, transparent plastic and installation tools 
  • Manual with easy operation 
  • Works with just a press of a lever 
  • Makes 25mm buttons 
  • Can make 200 to 300 buttons in an hour

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2. 2¼-inch NEIL Button Machine

This is a complete button making set that comes with not just a button maker machine, but also with an adjustable rotary cutting machine, a base, and 100 metal buttons. Professional grade buttons can be made in this button maker in a very short time, and at no additional cost at all. It’s a manual machine that doesn’t require any batteries or electricity. 

This set comes complete with all the parts needed to make 100 complete buttons for yourself and your friends, including 100 pin-backed metal button pieces to make customized buttons. Whatever the design, you can make 100 2¼-inch metal buttons in under an hour with this button maker.  


  • Comes with a set of 100 button pieces, a button maker and a rotary cutter 
  • Manual device 
  • Doesn’t require any electricity or batteries 
  • Makes 2¼-inch buttons 
  • Works fast in making buttons

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3.  Seeutek 2¼-inch Button Maker

If you are thinking of starting a button making business or if you already have a button making business, this is the perfect set for you. This is a complete set that comes with a button maker, and the right ingredients to make 1100 pieces of button. Complete with 1100 pieces of badge inners and 1100 pieces of badges outer, as well as 1100 pieces of film, you have everything you need to make 1100 buttons. 

This machine from Seeutek is extremely fast and can make up to 200 to 300 buttons every hour, which is perfect if you run a button making business. The machine is sturdily made, and you can use it for years even if you use it every day. 


  • Comes with metal buttons and plastic films for 1100 buttons 
  • Can make up to 200 to 300 buttons in an hour 
  • Easy to install and use 
  • Sturdy built 
  • Perfect for business or personal use

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4. Badge-A-Mint Button Machine 

You can make a lot of fun and interesting buttons with this machine. Unlike professional button makers, this is a smaller and more convenient button maker for personal use. It is also small and perfect for your table tops, and you can use one hand to operate it. 

Compared to the other button makers that you can find in the market, the Badge-A-Mint can only make up to 50 buttons in an hour. The machine comes with all the accessories you need to make 10 buttons, but you’ll have to buy additional accessories for your next projects. Each button will be 2¼-inch and made to perfection.  


  • Convenient and lightweight machine
  • Manual machine doesn’t need batteries or electricity 
  • Comes with accessories to make 10 complete buttons 
  • Makes 2¼-inch buttons 
  • Can make 50 buttons in an hour 
  • Easy to use

5.  VEVOR Button Badge Maker 

You don’t just get a button machine in this set, but also everything you need to make at least 1000 buttons. This set comes complete with 1000 metal buttons, 1000 plastic films and 1000 pinned back – everything you need when starting your button making business. 

This is a commercial-grade button maker that can make around 200 to 300 buttons in under an hour, or even more when you gain some experience. Installing this machine is easy, as is using it. All you need to do is to assemble all the parts of the button on the machine and press the lever, and your button will be ready in seconds. 

The VEVOR button maker makes professional quality buttons in 1-inch sizes.


  • Comes with a button maker machine 
  • Comes with accessories to make 1000 buttons 
  • Can make 200 to 300 buttons in under an hour 
  • Makes 1-inch buttons 
  • Installing is easy and manual

6.  Yescom 2¼-inch Button Maker 

This professional-grade button maker makes the buttons of your choice in 2¼-inches, or 58mm. It comes complete with every accessory that you need to make 1000 pieces of pin-back patterns, and the finished product will be completely perfect. The main body of the machine is made from solid cast iron and extremely sturdy, made to last for years. 

This button maker comes with 1000 matching sets of button tops and backs, pins and clear films. The whole process is very easy to understand and handle; you can also use this machine to make key chains, rope ties, key chains and bottle openers, too. 


  • Can make 2¼-inch buttons 
  • Made from solid cast iron
  • Comes with 1000 button parts including fronts, back and films 
  • Sturdy built 
  • Easy to use and install 
  • Can be used to make key chains, rope ties and bottle openers

7. BEAMNOVA Button Badge Maker

You can make 2¼-inch buttons with this machine in a matter of seconds with this convenient and efficient button making machine. This is a complete set that comes with a button making machine, and everything that you are going to need to make 1000 buttons.

These buttons will only work with a BEAMNOVA button maker; after you have already made 1000 buttons, you can order more supplies from the company. 

This is the perfect machine if you want to start a button making business or already run a home business. It works very fast and takes only a few seconds to make a single button. You can use this machine to make a huge number of buttons in a short time, as well. 


  • Makes 2¼-inch buttons 
  • Comes with accessories to make 1000 buttons 
  • Easy to install and use 
  • Perfect for a home button-making business 
  • Can be used to make key chains, rope ties and bottle openers 
  • Makes buttons in seconds

Buying a Button Maker: Important Features

Not many people buy a button maker for themselves, but it can be an affordable and interesting way to make customized gifts for your loved ones, or to start a small home-run business in your spare time.

Most of these button makers are quite affordable, but you need to look out for a few important features when choosing a model. 

1. Size 

It is best if you choose a button make that is small and compact, as opposed to something large. You don’t really need a large space to make the actual button, so anything around the 2¼”  diameter is almost unnecessary. The smaller the machine, the easier it is to handle when making buttons. 

2. Speed 

If you are looking for a button maker for professional needs, you need a model that is fast. While some amateur-grade button makers can make up to 50 buttons in an hour, others can make around 200 to 300. If you are running a business or thinking about starting a business, you definitely need a fast machine. 

3. Flexibility 

Most button makers make buttons in a particular size, usually with a circumference of 2¼-inch. There might be other machines that can make slightly smaller buttons but unfortunately in terms of size, these button makers are quite limited.

You can’t use a 2¼-inch button maker to make buttons in another size. If you want to make buttons in two sizes, you will need two machines. 

4. Ease of Use 

Most of the button makers available in the market are manual and easy to use. You don’t need electricity or batteries to operate them. However, if you are looking for something easy and simple, you need to look for a model that requires the minimum amount of pressure to make a button. 

5. Complete sets 

Most of the machines also come as a set and not just as an individual machine. Although the price may vary, you can choose a machine that comes with button accessories – complete with anything that you need to make 1000 buttons.

If you run a business, you might need a huge amount of button accessories, but if you are going to use this machine for your personal needs, you might not need so many accessories. 

There aren’t many differences among the various button making machines that you can find in the market.

They usually come with the same features and accessories; therefore, the best way to choose a particular model is to determine if they fulfil all the criteria you need and whether the price is right for you. 

Different kinds of Button Press Machines

Button press machines come in many different sizes, purposes and shapes. While some machines are classic and old-fashioned, others are quite revolutionary and advanced. The prices and efficiency of these button press machines depend on what they can do, as well as how much they can do. 

Here is a list of some different kinds of button press machines that are available in the market. From the various types, you can get an idea of how much they cost, and why. 

1. Depending on Size 

You can choose your button press makers depending on the size of buttons it can make. For example, some machines make buttons that are 1” in size, and others make buttons that are 6” or larger in size. Besides, there are models and brands that can make buttons with a 1¾”, 2” and 3” circumference. 

The button press machines that make 1”, 1¾” and 1½” buttons are the most popular ones, as these are the machines that make buttons for shirts, pants, skirts and other clothes. The machines that make buttons of 2¼” and 3” make buttons that are usually too big for regular clothes, unless used as decoration on sweaters, woollen hats and jackets. 

Among the uncommon sizes, 2¼” buttons are popular for making photo buttons and especially pinbacks, used by political parties, schools and colleges, and many workplaces with their logos and names showcased on the front. A 2¼” button is roughly the size of the top of a soda can, which makes it easier to recognize any logo or name. 

2.Depending on Shape 

Although round buttons are most popular for every use, some machines can also make rectangular, oval and square ones. These may be completely different machines that can make specific buttons, or the same button press machines can come with separate attachments for different shapes. 

Rectangle-shaped buttons are mostly used for photo buttons and sometimes as decorative buttons on fabrics. The most common and popular sizes in rectangular buttons are 1¾”x2¾” are 2”x3”; they are quite popular as name tags, as well. 

On the other hand, square shaped buttons are also used as decorative buttons for clothes, as pinbacks, photo buttons and refrigerator magnets. The same machines can be used for making square and diamond-shaped buttons and the most popular sizes happen to be 1”x1”, 2”x2” and 3”x3”. Oval-shaped buttons, too, are used to make refrigerator magnets, pinbacks and name tags, and the most popular size is 1¾”x 2¾”. 

Since round buttons are the most popular shape, there are more size options for round-shaped buttons than for oval, diamond, rectangle or square buttons. 

3. Depending on Look 

Some buttons are made covered in fabric to give them color, design and a completely different look. For these buttons, the most popular size option is 1½” as it is large enough to be clear, but not too big. These fabric-covered buttons are used by students, teachers and nurses to make ID cards for themselves, or different colored badges for different departments, and so on. Other size options for these fabric covered buttons include 2¼”, 3” and 3½” buttons. 

Another kind of look on buttons happen to be glass- or mirror-covered buttons. These are used mostly in keychains, necklaces and fridge magnets and there are many different size options for these kinds of buttons. 

4. Depending on Purpose 

Button press machines for specific purposes are also available in the market, i.e. photo buttons. For making photo buttons, the most popular options are 3” and 3.5” buttons. These are the minimum sizes needed for photo buttons since anything larger won’t be visible or clear. Photo buttons are most popular for political campaigns and similar reasons, and they are widely popular. 

For making buttons for earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and other specialty buttons, usually button makers with a 1” circumference die is used. These specialty button press makers come with slots to insert the hooks and magnetic backs for the purpose. Button press makers for making buttons for pendants and necklaces usually make buttons in 1½”, 1¾” and 2¼” circumferences. 

Specialty button press machines for making keychains are also available for different sizes and shapes. The most common options are round keychain buttons in sizes 1”, 1¼”, 1½”, 1¾” and 2¼” circumferences. These specialty button makers come with special provision for inserting the hook for keys, making the entire process easier. The same goes for specialty button makers for making coaters, which usually make buttons of 3⅕” circumference; button press machines for making purse hangers usually come with die of 1¼” and 1½” circumference. 

How Much Does A Button Maker Cost?

The price of button press machines depend on a lot of factors: on their use, the size and shape of buttons they can make, and the brand they belong to. Usually, any of these machines start from $100 and can even cost up to $500, or more. 

If your button maker machine comes with separate attachments to make buttons of different shapes and sizes, as well as button parts, each set can cost up to $450 or $550 depending on the brand. 

Specialty button press makers are also quite expensive. For example, for making pinback buttons, keychains, mirror-covered buttons and fridge magnets, you need a machine with two dice: one for the front and one for the back. This makes the process of making keychains, pendants, magnets and pinbacks faster and easier, but these machines can cost over $200. 

Regular button press machines for making normal-sized and round buttons come at a price range of $100 and up; the price increases if the set includes separate attachments and button parts.

For any button press machine, the price is usually over $100, and keeps increasing the more special the machine gets. Brands matter in the price as well, but what’s more important is the build and the materials used in manufacturing these machines. 

Taking Care of a Button Maker 

Since a button making machine is usually manual and doesn’t require either electricity or batteries, taking care of it is relatively easy. You won’t have to do much to maintain your button maker except to keep it clean. 

1. Always keep your button maker clean. Dust may very easily accumulate inside the outer and the inner rings, which can lead to misfitting. Because you’ll be using paper and occasionally cloth pieces inside the button maker, miniature dust can accumulate inside. These have to be cleaned with a piece of wet cloth, or a small brush to clear off the dust particles. 

2. Some button makers require oiling, and it is important that you do so regularly. Be careful that you only oil your machine if it is mentioned in the user manual or the instruction guide that comes with the machine.

Usually, a button maker requires oiling after ever 1000 to 5000 buttons have been made, but that will be mentioned in the manual, as well.

3. Your button machine might also need some tightening at times. Since you will be putting a large amount of physical pressure on your button maker to work, some of the screws holding the machine in place may get loose over time.

Every now and then, tightening them with a screwdriver will keep your machine’s body sturdy and durable. 

4. Besides oiling, you can also use grease in some of the parts. Even if you regularly oil your button maker, it is better to occasionally add a few drops of grease to some of the parts, especially the levers and joints that undergo pressure.

This will keep the machine working better and for longer. Grease is more important in between the base plates and the die carrier plates.

As mentioned earlier, button making machines are easy to maintain and take care of. Cleaning, oiling, tightening and greasing – that’s all you need to do to keep using your simple, manual button maker for years to come. 

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the different sizes available for making buttons? 

A. Button makes can usually make buttons in three to four different sizes: 1.5-inch, 2.25-inch, 3-inch and 3.5-inch circumferences. While the two smaller sizes are adequate for logos, text or names, you need the 3-inch and the 3.5-inch buttons for pictures and photos. 

Q. Can I use a single button maker machine for different sizes? 

A. Unfortunately, a  button making machine can only be ake buttons of a particular and specific size. For different sizes, you need seperate machines.

A few models have come up with different die sizes that can be used in the same machine, but this will require you to change the die again and again. This can actually lead to damaging the machine. 

Q. What else can I use my button maker for? 

A.  You can use your button maker to make key chains, rope ties, bottle openers, mirror buttons, fridge magnets, coasters or medallions, etc. 

Q. What paper should I use for the button graphic? 

A.  You can print your graphic on regular paper to use inside a button, or on high-quality paper if you want better results. Any paper with a thickness between 22 lbs and 28 lbs is perfect for button makers. 

Final Words 

Whether you want to make buttons for yourself, your family members or friends, a button maker is going to be a big help. When you have a button maker at home, you can make buttons of any designs and sizes for yourself.

If you love making buttons, you can definitely turn it into a profitable business, as well. In short, a button maker is a small, convenient and affordable crafting machine that you can keep at home, for any time when the need arises. 

Sours: https://www.richardcastle.net/best-button-maker-reviews/

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About We R Memory Keepers Button Press Collection

Making personalized buttons, magnets, keychains, and more are made easy with the We R Memory Keepers Button Press Collection. With an easy-to-press handle and cutting inserts, you’ll be able to cut your paper and press buttons with the same machine. For small or large projects, cutting your material with the correct size can be achieved.

To operate the button maker for cutting, you need to attach the TOP CUTTING PART INSERT to the TOP HOUSING by aligning the notch with the arrow and pressing upward to magnetize. After that, you need to place the BASE CUTTING INSERT into the BASE HOUSING. Now, you’re ready to cut.

For the button system setup, you need to attach the TOP INSERT to the TOP HOUSING by aligning B with the arrow and pressing upward to magnetize. Please note that the outer ring will drop when the center is secure. Next, you need to place the base insert into the base housing and rotate until the insert clicks into place. Now, you’re ready to make buttons.

The Button Press Button Maker kit comes with the Button Press Tool, Medium Press Inserts and Die, and other pieces to make 5 medium buttons. With this kit, you’ll be able to create buttons out of paper and fabric. Use the Button Press and Small Inserts for the Bobby Pin Backers and Paper Clip Backers. For the Keychain Kit, use it with the Button Press and Medium Inserts. Also, you need to use the Large Inserts and Button Press for the Mirror Backers.

With so many kits to choose from, including the paper clip kit, mirror kit, bobby pin kit, key chain kit, rosette kit, and more, you’ll have endless creative possibilities with We R Memory Keepers.

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Choose Friendship, My Image Button Maker, Kids Badge Button Kit, Blue/Yellow

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Product Description Kids will get a kick out of making their own cusomized wearable pins and magnetic badges with the My Image Button Maker from the Choose Friendship Company. The kit includes everything required to start creating right away with 12 button fronts and backs, 12 pins, 12 magnets, and six pre-printed clipart cards. The kit also includes access to the MyPhotoSizer website and app for transforming personal photographs into fun fashion statements. From the Manufacturer Use the Myphotosizer software to create your own wearable pin buttons or stackable magnet buttons! Picture window lets you line up your photo for easy cutting! Use your own photos and the fun images included to make awesome pin and locker magnet buttons!.


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  2. big discount prices Refills compatible with Badge-It Badge-Maker (Pack of 30) - Button Badge Kit 30 mm with printable inserts: Toys & Games new branded
  • PREMIUM QUALITY BADGE PARTS IN STYLISH GIFT BOX: Complete sets suitable for 30 mm Bandai® Badge ItTM Button Maker consisting of metal badge front shells, pre-pinned metal backs, pre-cut clear plastic mylar discs and paper inserts.
  • PRE-PINNED: Safety Pins are already mounted to badge backs and attach nicely to clothes. Please note that they need to be lined up in the badge maker to avoid incorrect pin placement.
  • PRINTABLE INSERTS: Create your own themes and designs with our blank paper inserts. For convenience, we offer an MS Word template. Just print your own button designs on the provided paper sheets with pre-cut circles and detach paper circles along perforation with your finger. And if you would like to do without a computer and printer, just write your own text or draw your own artwork by hand.
  • REFILLS ONLY: You need a "Badge Maker" machine by Bandai to produce badges with this refill pack. This is sold separately.
  • These components are not made or endorsed by Bandai®. Artwork or cutting guide are not supplied in this kit.

These button blank components are delivered in a beautifully designed card board box consisting of:

  • 0 x elegantly arched 0 mm metal badge front shells.
  • 0 x metal backs with mounted safety pins.
  • 0 x plastic mylar discs (diameter: , mm).
  • sheets of A paper (paper weight: 70g /m²) with pre-cut paper inserts each for quick and easy badge printing.

Delivered with blank paper inserts for creating your own themes and designs.

There are no stickers, artwork or cutting guide supplied with this kit.

You need to have the Bandai® Badge ItTM Badge Maker to assemble the badges as it presses the paper and plastic around the backing to form the badge. The backside plates are already pre-pinned including safety pins, saving you the time to manually insert the pin into the back part after producing your badge.

These components are not made or endorsed by Bandai®. We are not associated or affiliated with Bandai® or any of its trademarks. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

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  • Garcia de Pou Ring Case for 45 Keys, 30 x 24 x 8 cm, Metal, Grey, One Size
  • VGLOOK Womens Feather Mesh Fascinator For Cocktail/Tea Party/Wedding/Derby (Light blue)
  • Breast Pump, Manual Breast Milk Pump and Lid, Silicone Adjustable Breastfeeding Pumps for Mother [2 Pack]
  • Lifreer 1Pack Khaki Armchair Cover, Armrest Chair Covers, Couch Covers, Soft Polyester Stretch Armchair Arm Covers for Chair, Sofa Furniture Protector(Khaki), 10PCS Twist Pins
  • kiss me Mens Casual Trench Coat Long Jacket Slim Fit Long Sleeve Lightweight Jacket Parka Warm Pea Coat
  • Dupé Summer Sandals for Men, Beach Surf
  • large quality heating pad is perfect for cramps
  • made with soft microplush fibers for cozy feeling
  • offers low, medium and high temperature heat settings
  • skin-friendly fabric and machine washable
  • high-quality flannel, soft material and better insulation effects
  • provides 4 timer auto shut off range from 30 to 120min

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We R Memory Keepers • Button press Refill pack Small Badges Ø25mm

This refill pack from We R Memory Keepers contains materials to make 35 small badges measuring Ø 25 mm. With the Memory Keepers Button Press (660524), it’s easy to make your own badges out of paper, cardboard and fabric. Use your handmade decorations on cards, as embellishments on scrapbook pages, attach your creations to bags and clothing or use them for parties and events.

The button press starter kit contains all the essentials to get started right away, such as the badge maker, materials for 5 badges measuring 37 mm, a cutting die and the corresponding components for badge-making. You can extend the badge machine and circle cutter with various accessories. The refill packs with craft materials can be obtained separately. The same is true of the machine inserts, so that you can make badges and key rings in different sizes. The three available sizes are: small (25 mm), medium (37 mm) and large (58 mm).

Read moreRead lessSours: https://www.vaessen-creative.com/eu/we-r-memory-keepers-button-press-refill-pack-small-badges-o25mm

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