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A Closer Look at Our Mini Patches

Scaling Things Down

Over the years, we’ve made patches in every size and shape you can imagine. Some are large enough to cover the entire back of a leather jacket, while others are as small as a quarter. We talk a lot about the different types of patches and the best ways to attach your patches to a surface, but today, we wanted to scale things down and take a look at some of the mini patches we help design.

Patch sizes vary depending on the type of patch you need and the type of design you are looking for, but on average, custom patches tend to be around the 4”-5” mark. When we’re talking about mini patches, we’re not referring to any patch that’s below average in size. We’re talking about the patches that fall below the 2” mark.

A lot of these patches are working with about one square inch of surface area, so it’s important to get creative and use up all the available space to create a fun design. If you’re looking for a small uniform patch, a custom label, or maybe you just want to change things up, take a look below, and see what our mini patches are all about.

What’s the Deal With Small Patches, Anyway?

Choosing between an average-sized patch and a mini patch comes down to how you plan on using the patches once they’re made. Police badge patches, for example, need to be large enough to include legible text, state seals and other important information, so a mini patch is out of the question.

But not all uniform patches need to be large. Some can need to be extra small, like a school mascot patch or a club member's patch. The mini iron on patches that we help design are usually created as fun giveaways for clubs, nonprofits and churches, or as rewards for school students or loyal customers at a specific store.

Mini patches are useful labels as well. If you’re selling hats, bags, or clothing, a mini patch designed to look like your company’s logo can go a long way in establishing your brand. The design can be anything you want, so, whether you’re in the market for a custom label, a mini school mascot patch, or any other type of design, we’ve got you covered.

However, before you get started, there are a few design considerations you should keep in mind.

Using Shape to Your Advantage

When you’re making an oversized patch or even an average-sized patch, you don’t have to worry about how to make everything fit. A 5”x3” shield-shaped patch or a 4”x4” square-shaped patch has plenty of surface area to include text and artful design. 

When you scale things down to a mini patch with only one square inch of surface area, you need to get creative if you want your design to make an impact. This is where shape comes into play.

Instead of making a small shield-shaped patch or a round patch, why not make a custom shaped patch that takes the shape of your design? It’s the difference between designing a round patch with a fish embroidered at the center and designing a patch in the shape of a fish. Take a look for yourself.

Something else to keep in mind when making a mini patch design is the edging. We offer two different types of edging for patches: Merrowed edges and hot cut edges. A merrowed edge needs to be embroidered around the entire border of the design and is best suited for geometric shapes like squares, circles or shields. A hot cut edge, on the other hand, is created by using a hot knife to cut around the border of the patch design. This seals the border of a patch and stops any stray threads from fraying.

When it comes to custom shape patches and micro patches, using a hot cut edge will always be your best bet. While the hot cut edge provides a crisp, clean shape, the process of embroidering a merrowed edge will use up a lot of the limited space available on a small patch. 

A Word About Attaching Your Small Patches 

There are several attachment options available, but when it comes to small patches, we always recommend an iron on backing. Iron on patches, no matter their size, can be secured in place in as little as a few minutes using nothing but a few household items that most people have lying around.

You can opt for a standard backing or a hook and loop backing, but tiny sew on patches are very difficult to secure in place. Larger patches have room for your fingers to find a good grip and they provide a wider sewing channel that will obscure the thread from view once the patch is in place.

Small patches have very thin edging, so if you end up sewing them in place, odds are that you will be able to see the thread going around the edge of the design. One solution is to use clear fishing line instead of colored thread, however, the best solution is simply choosing an iron on backing.

Mini iron on patches only take a few moments to secure in place, and you don’t have to worry about any unwanted thread showing in the design once you’re finished. So, if you’re in the market for a small patch of your own, or you just want to change things up, give us a call today! We’ll help you dream up the perfect mini patch design that is sure to make a big impression.

Sours: https://signaturepatches.com/a-closer-look-at-our-mini-patches


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Make a logo patch and add it to you team bag, cap, jacket or sport mom tote. Commemorate a tournament with an embroidered patch. We'll help you every step of the way! Send us your logo or sketched idea, tell us your team colors, we will take your art and convert it to an embroidered patch. An embroidered patch is easy to iron on your jersey or jacket. Start an embroidered patch collection or add it to one that you already have. Embroidered patches are easy ways for a club to promote their brand or logo and embroidered patches are made to your specifications. We take pride with the appearance and quality or our custom embroidered patches.


Wearing a patch on your jacket lets others see what you are about. Present a patch to your players for excellent sportsmanship, winner, champion, team logo, division, travel level. Whatever your idea, we're here to help make you look good.


Embroidered patches may represent the group or club you belong to. Employees wear embroidered patches on their uniforms or business attire. Club members may wear them on warm up jackets or other club member garments.


A embroidered patch can be presented to participants in your event or fundraiser.


There are so many uses for embroidered patches. Stock patches for your various size garments and not the garments. Order garments as needed and apply the embroidered patches when necessary. Some other types of patches that you see all the time are Police Patches, Fire Department Patches, Motorcycle Club Patches, FBI Patches, Government Agency Patches, Merit Patches for the Scouts and may sports teams have patches on their uniform.

Sours: https://www.ministicks.com/embroidered-crests-and-patches-s/128.htm
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Small Embroidered Patches


Official Merchandise from Lucy’s Delicatessen on 6th at the Rockefeller Centre, these patches are great for emblazoning bags, denim jackets, leather jackets, just about anything you can to show your love of the softer side of life! Generally these patches are around 5/6cm wide except for the Lucy’s patch which is slightly larger! 🙂


Felt artist Lucy Sparrow is one of the most exciting and original artists working in the UK today. Her practice is quirky yet subversive, luring the audience in with her soft, tactile, colourful felt creations. She took the art world by storm in Summer 2014 with the opening of her fully stocked felt Corner shop installation in London’s East End. With queues around the block and wall-to-wall media coverage, the installation was both a commercial and critical success.

Lucy since then has opened a Convenience Store and is shown in galleries from London to Los Angeles with no sign of slowing down.

Art Work Care


About Art Work

Handmade Lucy Sparrow artwork painted and signed on reverse.

80% Felt

10% Acrylic Paint

10% Blood, Sweat and Tears

Additional information

Weight0.01 kg

Basil, Sushi, Macaron, Sweetcorn, Croissant, Watermelon, Lucy's Logo, Steak, Salmon, Oyster

Sours: https://www.sewyoursoul.co.uk/product/patches-10-designs/
OML Embroidery Live! Mini Quilt Embroidered Patches

Small Embroidered Patches


Whether it’s for your school,  club, clothing label, motorbike gang or thrash metal band, we can create bespoke patches to suit your needs.
Made here in the UK, your embroidered badges service includes a variety of different colours, shapes and sizes. AND we have quick turn arounds (normally within a week).

We have a zero tolerance towards off the shelf so all your badges are treated with a bespoke attitude. Price are structured around your design and patches constructions providing full benefits to you the clientte

Return Policy for Customized Items

Once a custom order has gone into production and shipped, the order cannot be returned for a refund due to the nature of the product being custom to you. However, if the order has been produced and there is an error in your wording or customization, we will work with you to rectify the issue and resolve it.

Keeping this in mind, we strongly recommend the purchase of an electronic typesetter’s proof to be able to review the order exactly as it will be printed before it goes to print.

Sours: https://echo3world.com/product/small-embroidered-patches/

Embroidered patches tiny

Custom Patches

Make Your Own Online With
No Minimums and Free Shipping

Making custom patches is easy when you partner with The/Studio. We help creators manufacture small to large batches of their dream designs, with incredible quality and industry-leading customer service. Our passion is bringing the benefits of on-demand manufacturing to everyone — which is why we offer rapid turnaround times, fair pricing, and low minimum quantity orders for every custom patch project you create with us.

Start Your Project

Custom Patches
Custom Embroidered PatchesCustom Embroidered PatchesCustom Embroidered Patches

When a fabric backing and high-quality threading come together with your design, the result is a wearable form of art. Embroidered patches are the most traditional and popular patches on the market, and for good reason.

Choose this option if: you have a high-contrast design that needs texture and depth.

Custom Woven PatchesCustom Woven PatchesCustom Woven Patches

Woven patches are produced with thin threads and a tight weave, which produces a high-resolution finished product. This patch style works well for designs that require crisp detail work.

Choose this option if: you have a complex logo or small lettering you want to show off.

Custom Printed PatchesCustom Printed PatchesCustom Printed Patches

Printed patches are photo-realistic depictions of your design, with a high level of detail and endless color options that wouldn’t be possible with any other patch type.

Choose this option if: you want to see your design look as real as a picture.

Custom Bullion PatchesCustom Bullion PatchesCustom Bullion Patches

Also called “crest” patches, these small pieces of artwork create 3D designs with tight wire stitching. With their unique shine and texture, Bullion Patches are great for classy logos.

Choose this option if: you’re looking for an patch that looks entirely unique and will last years.

Custom Chenille PatchesCustom Chenille PatchesCustom Chenille Patches

Chenille patches are the "fluffy" style famously seen on letterman jackets. These tend to work well for designs with large open areas of color or where a large patch is required.

Choose this option if: your design is simple and you want the timeless fuzzy style.

Custom Leather PatchesCustom Leather PatchesCustom Leather Patches

Leather patches add a high-quality touch to any apparel or accessory product. Choose the size, embossing, and color of your leather patches for fully customized flair.

Choose this option if: you’re looking to add a classic, urban, or natural look to a product.

Custom PVC PatchesCustom PVC PatchesCustom PVC Patches

Looking for something durable, bold and totally unique? Choose PVC. This rubberized style is truly 3D and can weather the elements with its extreme durability.

Choose this option if: you need a patch that will survive any condition.

Our Online product creation tool lets you mix and match

Polyester Blend Twill
Black Ballistic Nylon
Reflective Mylar

Velcro Hook/Loop
Thin Plastic

10+ Colors
Puff Embroidery
Glow in the Dark


Use our DIY online product creation tool to create the patch of your dreams. Here's how:

Step 1:

Start With The Basics

Choose your patch size and how many patches you need

Step: 2:

Use Your Imagination

Customize everything about your patch, from the backing to shape and color options.

Step 3:

Submit Your Design

Upload your own artwork or get help from our free design service. We’ll make your ideas factory-ready in no time at all.

After you place your order, we'll send a photo sample or a physical prototype for you to approve.

Step 5:

Receive Your Patches

Get free shipping in the U.S. or select rush service if you're in a hurry. All of our patches come backed with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Start With The BasicsUse Your ImaginationSubmit Your Design

Start Your Project

At the/Studio, we believe custom manufacturing should be accessible to all creators — from fashion brands to small businesses and individuals alike. Here’s what creators in our community have to say about making patches with us:

Whether you're making a patch for your scout troop, coffee shop, apparel brand, or military unit, we've got a custom solution for you. Our most popular patch categories include:

Ready to start your custom made patch ?

Visit our DIY creation tool and make your product in just a few clicks.

Start Your Project

Sours: https://www.thestudio.com/custom-patches/
OML Embroidery Live! Mini Quilt Embroidered Patches

Take a shower, brush my teeth and hook a couple of hot sandwiches left by my mother on the table before leaving. Almost all of the clothes were dirty, because we usually do the laundry on weekends. I had to put on a tight red dress - a birthday present from my parents - which, as a rule, I wear only for exceptional reasons. Be it a celebration or going to an important event.

A delicate silk dress with straps neatly emphasized the femininity of my figure and slender, moderately long legs.

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