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  • Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a practicing neurosurgeon, chief medical correspondent for CNN, and host of the network's podcast "Chasing Life." His new book, "World War C: Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic and How to Prepare for the Next One," is available now.

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  • Jessica Kirson is a standup comedian, television producer, and host of the "Disgusting Hawk" podcast. "The Call Girls," a prank call compilation album Kirson recorded with fellow comedian Rachel Feinstein, is available now.

  • Josh Dubin is an Ambassador to The Innocence Project, Criminal justice reform advocate, attorney, and president of Dubin Research and Consulting. On January 26, 2017, Robert Jones was exonerated of four separate crimes, including rape, robbery, kidnapping and manslaughter, which had terrified tourists and residents over a two-month period in 1992 in New Orleans. He is now a motivational speaker and community activist, poverty abolitionist and one of the co-founders of Free-Dem Foundations, Inc; a nonprofit organization that mentors and guides the youth in a positive direction. https://www.instagram.com/robertjonesofnola

  • Amanda Knox spent four years in an Italian prison following a wrongful conviction for the murder of her roommate: a sentence that was ultimately overturned by the Italian Supreme Court. She is now an author, journalist, and podcaster. Knox, along with her husband Christopher Robinson, hosts the podcast "Labyrinths."

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Honey Honey is a band, featuring members Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe, from Los Angeles, CA.

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Oh I'm Tellin, you every fuckin, tough for anybody to beat that offer so visit flee. The hour dot com, Slash Rogan. I use a special code, J R E does prize, your dad with a bottle of whistle pig piggy back right. It's fuckin awesome, enjoy your dad love. It go to flee the dot com, Slash, Rogan and use the J r E offer. My guess today. This is an inch saying sort of situation because I been friends with these folks for a long time we did. The end of the world. Show at the wool turned theatre, in LOS Angeles, with the great and powerful Doug stand hope and the goat Joey D. We all did show in December

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when I first two thousand twelve well here we are almost eight years later in the world still here what the fuck, but these guys are awesome these these people, these humans, I love them to death. Please give it up for Ben in Suzanne of Honey, honey. The job? Will experience Why should it seems like you just like start pigeon themes? Are you really love that Rowan whereby were grown regalia anyway. How did the bank about get exit literally the ban is back together. You know that expression. You say your friends, the birds varies. Gerda yeah said that shit the bands back together ban demands better.

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I am the bandages as it does in Bam as they like ditties, Amabel Basic, yet so bans back together started view. Overall, we weren't we kind of mad at each others will binds US airline The seller I really wanted to I really worried about ban the person I live with thoughts. We made maybe did have covered a diamond turns out. He tested negative, but he had acute, learn JANUS at the same time: just like I'll that, like all those other diseases, don't take a break out of its greatest note I'm kind of snowy acutely what either way I was like real mad at you at the time now, like I really love, Ben and I'd, be really bummed. If I didn't, if there weren't a ban and I know we started talking hang out our sometimes it's all takes in our

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you'll get set in our ways you get these grudges these stupid things that sticking out the best shit now, Wertheimer artery, not friendship and love. That's the best shit, it's like whatever you gotta do to most people want that if you ever felt that for some one to one point time, hobby would feel it again use whatever shit you have together, it's gotta talk it out, talk it out. I don't care grudges. Rearing grudges is the worst. We have we needed to step back from We haven't, we have some work to do ourselves and, like you know, we took two years took yet really where we didn't speak much when we. By one gets shouts balls of steel from the along our lives in four means that inside story, her God, how

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is to align ourselves down for those who live outside. My were right. You out of talented video he sent with you guys, do an angel of death acoustic on the roof of the building and allay crazy. They are just now building is right now on fire crown of rice Police Guide, goddamn it when we were practicing last night, there was an earthquake, oh Jesus, and I was just like watching like my living room, Canada and I looked up, and I was like What are you guys? Doesn't earthquake Gwig? Didn't I Bam decided. I said you or teaching: that's why don't they ban Cubans entities could have insane large parties God all languages and all things all the bad words God invented those too. Got invented Rachel slurs, so we have to work it out. In writing the work invented all of its. I really mean it. We need to find a good one for white people.

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You know really need about this out. Good news from solid one Karen's briar in with the when Brok Track Chad's brand Ashley feels sure, yeah more broadly buttressing, otters, Bradley Psych. What's up proudly the actor Bradley Cooper Ass, he to really get actor super great secretly Bradley, but there's a lot of cool Chad. The Brad Pitt say: please Lot: Chad, Ward, Chad, Dawsons, not a great boxers named Chad, shit, can we go Chad, don't know Jamie little around turn it around the gene. Right they shed? He's gotta girls name are the wrong with that doubt, gender. Without my whole, I brung. I'm sure you do you know. I love you, Jerry Spilett though it no. I love you. You mean you good

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Definitely with girls is Jane. Am I really scarlet die before they? Even with the new e he's pissed off now these are big name, a boy's data, so that a rule out deliveries, gonna tell us on the Do kid? It's like a boy named, so it's an ash on its actions on Johnny Cash. The goddamn song about a stir scene with them that way, That's right! That's right! Giant kind of science has a great voted truth, that's a grand, I would boy names for girls? I think that always like Bobby or Billy. If there are the report, yeah yeah. I've auxiliary, as one doesn't mean Jerry. I want, if I, if I ever procreate it- and I am not a little girl a little too you ever she'd, be like the fucking cool is Gary on the planet. That's one thing: she would probably get over people fuckin with a real early in life, Sometimes laugh you don't know nothin, namely Susan, went out there

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I didn't say that, but there is no big deal within fifteen years. Is gonna, be crazy care? She's gonna go beyond that, I'm not ready to have children, so Well, then they don't have. I am the one thing that this kid's zealots like to do as they like dependent everybody's have kids in order to be valuable in this life need to have two sets of interesting lot of fuckin pressure on people sure it's unit is when someone's doing something they think you should be doing it right. Like you talk someone has just started meditating the cancer? That's may I can never shot a mock up about what I like doing. I'm always trying to get people to do things. You know, that's the thing that people kids! Do you guys for care? You gonna forget Trojan. Where's, your work for you. Do you know their children in other programmes, names are going to carry on. Their resonated with me, like a legacy of like

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have a pain. No we're like, as you know, but even with my career like I, I just wanna play music like I don't really think about like what's gonna last when I'm dead, there's nothing wrong, you're, a great Person is nothing wrong. With any way of approaching this life have children don't have children, sing music dancing? Music. You you do whatever the fuck. Do you want and idealism- and you do that France has a friend, but this thing there you can't pressure on Fox, but they have of kids or their life is not valid. Merciful because they're having trouble dealing with the pressure of having kismet, maybe all silly cause. You don't live forever, when no one you children won't live forever. No, unless forever you live, you die. You gotta, keep moving. Why you're alive? You should be happy because be happy. You're contributing everyone's contributing. What you have kids? Who don't have kids? When you don't have kids, you have the option to love and support the kids in your peripheral

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area like my nephew and stuff and in my friends, kids and then you can go home and you don't have to deal with the other shit shore slow, but you know, but then I felt that it was a strong, education's medication but humanity just learning how to be a person. A different kind of person to person that raises little people. Personnel responsible for for babies is a totally different fields like who fucks with your head in our just equipped for a lot of people, creates a type of anxiety and re texts, essential Anson fear, but the future. Well, the thing is, if I were to have kids, I would like being a mother would be like the number one priority nothing comes before then, and I would I would take that seriously and it says something that you know when you think about it. I'm like, like now's the time required now my lad, ass golly. I am thirty five. Are you going to stop?

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for aid. Shame you now have a where a man. I think that so funny when people get really squeamish about that. Well, they feel like they only have a certain amount of time to subscribe, that lightning the bottle and be validated and you know some people just think that you gotta look it's gonna burn. A quick and their life is gonna suck right. You know somebody, eight shamed me some, like you're, almost forty being met- and I think the throng of forty cause us on one now how much time, unfortunately knows in real life, so that guy you know no rude weak mean, and why would someone do that? They try to make you feel back. They zeal feel good. That's what it is. It's always the case. Cylinders feels graze. On top of the world Dalai Lama's out there now they're leaving shit. You comments. What was there was secretly link?

0:19:47 ▶

did your video you notice when he got cancelled for low while know what an idea the Dalai Lama goes? Hansel? Yes, yes, yes, I bet he dealt with this fine. He did this and we are even actually talk. Mothers exact same subjects who did this where they said. You know even yourself a bad and have you ever thought about being married having children. Is I've seen a lot of marriages, much wordy much cancer. There goes plus when they break our poor woman, get all the money like children and in Ladys like why the fuck this is the Dalai Lama, and then she goes. She actually tries to social justice. Her way out of it cuz she know, she's out you gotta, confront him. Actually sometimes the woman it's your own money and is a good one,

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but sometimes they just put it in time out- three million people are saying they should. We cancel the Dalai Lama was really funny. It was really funny. You can only be well to have it goes. I then I seem like couple years letter new person new girlfriend. Much worry cancer about, will hold malign posse talks about women. One spent all the guys money, unlike with this, is how I said. How did he had a girlfriend? Maybe doesn't know about that stuff? You don't worry, should tell straight guess we're. That's what I heard me. No life is a strange life. You know they picked him when he was a baby, a little kid rate. He was a little kid. They picked eminent said either.

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Man brown. Imagine when the last one day he was really, I think, even the last when dies, they pick a movement that they have a slate of little. Babies are like near where you could be. You could be how how fat monitored they does have a life is like account. All of these are a and aid. You put a bunch names in it or is it like I I'm not there, haven't seen, it done is required that he's celebrate as part of the gang imagining that so row here, because as those plans, you come to me with my fifty's Why can we weren't my worry me as a holy man? When I was seven yeah, you don't have to invite you cut off the sex at seven, never wait what now they are. Ok, we say I'm missing, put it I'm saying they are not allowed to every Saturday. Knowledge does in fact I didn't think so we got it. I was thinking about rude way. To put me, they were put it on me. There was no, it was already there a baby. You has already tat

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now announcing it about a jolly learners waiting here that they pay without ever thought. That would have no. I didn't either first time we share birthday. I think I should tell you you and Mamma is authorities attitude deadline. As you might people regular hilarity. Eighty four, eighty five, I share. I burnt programmers the Saviour, also conscious stream his consciousness to him. You know I was outside that. I haven't seen really in Finally, only ever saw it through a zoo andor, so guy area itself, ridiculous. Who am I it so another great, a great idea. A super vapid beautiful man now itself in Wales, really slap sticky, silly comedies, there's so much truth to it, though, that the heart- and why should I raise a You knew male models when you're doing manner, modeling male modeling due to remember going that is going on around here is what I was a male model news

0:23:21 ▶

things have changed now I I did. I did yeah, there's there's a means kind of like choose my words carefully here, was a thing. I think modeling in general is a very odd thing if I was a model from fourteen to eighteen, and ask the Dalai Lama. They just shows. You know me I won't. I went for it and my mom like took me to this agency that will make it money when I was I had like. I was just like working every every other week for like value city, depart restores anyone economically voters that eventually they kept getting. You know I never saw it like the end, all be all I will. I will. I wanted the bridge to something else, as I figured out like where my area of entertainment was an actor for a while, but you know if that's all you got and you're just sort of like paid to look beautiful like there's something really fucked up about that. Like none, I healthy mindset,

0:24:17 ▶

and I saw lots of eating disorders and all kinds of really sad shit that, like in people's identities, are wrapped up in this and I remember I I I gained a little weight when I was eighteen can I went on birth control and then I was in the middle, my agency in their measuring me in front of people and they are like you got a loose to it. Is an and it's a fucking hard thing, and I just quit. I sort of bargaining. I didn't. I didn't want that badly and I like pizza, tat such a weird things. So I now it's really to really much less so specific yeah Let me turn which were already difficult. I think I mean I don't writers them right, I mean well now they know not what I mean I didn't mean to compare use glee, hearing a training as a model. I've had ascended

0:25:13 ▶

but now it is a thing where you, both relying on your body entirely for your living. There's a lot of the end for women. I would imagine women already women, Eddie worry about being marginalized for their brain anyways than smells like some of you have to prove themselves extra because they happen to be pro and there are model and people just assume. There are more on issuing an issue. I mean yeah but an hour, but has also people figures. These girls do it, then they do other shit yeah they did decades there you go. I wanna be that's. Why get kind of annoyed when people who talk about any job being inherently toxic, bulky, Delano jobs of the potential for toxicity, everything, including the keynote fucking everything fit of all jobs? Could fuck you up on jobs, could distort represent, mean how about being a cop number that for industry,

0:26:09 ▶

some have been a doctor mercy, room, doktor, everyday bullet wounds, stab wounds, car accidents deal with every day that that shit's gotta be bad for you that you can be good for you, how to resolve a model is going about losing to answer. I should now like to highlight- and you know the dogma, that, fourteen years old, that's a different, oh yeah you're only super hard, not only soup. Jesus like I had a very low level for sure like there is. I was like catalogue. I was. I mean, I know it's all kind of crazy right. You just get this amazing rule the dice with your bone structure and then everybody

0:26:50 ▶

here's money like what I have to do for this yet they're doing. Ok, I gotta get US grants like among their. Why are you gonna be smart with it? You gotta know what it is now, there's a there's, an expiration date on it waiting. Do the money make. What are you going to do with any the you know I got so I started acting, I loved it. You know it's kind of crazy. They rode stop and think about those like the biggest lottery in life. For a lot of folks is how do you look? You know If you Jason Mama, it's amazing good guy, It's amazing he's a good guy because he's too beautiful yeah, he's too good luck. You know he was sitting next to us at the startle concert, it was on one side and then Johnny burned the Punisher was on the other and Ngos like one of the best days of my life, well, lighted, joy, the very much I dont get to see concerts like it was so great and and go over the same with you. That was really fun. We have zombie together, Where was the shop

0:27:48 ▶

treated or the troubadour item, and it was the fire and fury this new newly showing that it is doing, but is also a lot of stuff from his old is old, catalog too, so it was just. It was awesome news, real intimate like what is that four hundred people or something I've got to resolve it out, We now don't like one of the greatest moments of honey honey in recent months when the great been using its double decker, but it still intimate it's real. Rare in the way. The way it set up a new set of amazing like will we where was incredible, looking up above when you're in a little balcony area? Next, the punishment a lot of my time. Cities are we talking about, as I think I told you this, but we want to dinner afterwards. Ya. John price was right in front of us and I really really wanted to tell him how much I love his music and I chickened out

0:28:39 ▶

yeah. I remember we are talking about it. I didn't know we was the first time ever heard of him the answer and then, when I heard he died from Cove it s like this. That too him damned here now he's worth checking out and like really really digging into who he was and is urgent love them here, he's magical measure for long beautiful Can you remember a specific famous onward people would render Montgomery what's the Hendrick Anita and we wonder how mess it up. So what Ten zero people are familiar with less than one of us when the best music shows I've ever seen in my life. You guys want stage Gary Clark and you were singing that rising others. Now raising that we're that shit, I pulled off the path that amateur others orders or whoever and yet when you, and more than three times a cancer fucking account yeah, ok, might be the only light, look at that

0:29:35 ▶

Oh, my god is again. This was a do the binary, lateral accused of them, but put its fun yet Forgive her we're fine in a key and might be weird. Zammit teeth are fine. With this Don't worry about this! The weirdness like people, love C, how musicians put together a song? after we got you just Ok, you hire and then, jump into an awesome song then decided a very rational, there's, no pressure that we enjoy in the vast way, like it's good for you My heart is racing for us and I would ask you to explain this. Was again burned down. Ski uncle nearest is Ganem. Nathan Green was at least to my knowledge. The first recognised master, distiller

0:30:33 ▶

an african American taught Jack Daniels. How to do this thing freed slave after civil? After this work- and this is the way you brought enough. Thank you very much because eighteen, fifty six hours that backing who is sitting in the version Ronnie Rate on Iraq last year that living man Mama Is it not?

0:31:30 ▶

eyes son, these his land oh Joe, gone applause? in writing. Job pride of work that out in a bowler version with the younger does more to do. One of you go on what Europe really big,

0:32:29 ▶

MA am both. Keep ok. Give me an answer. Is so good a big and to that I want to do that now. I was a young now for you just 3rat no just go well again, dear me

0:33:26 ▶

to the yeah The man is those beautiful uniform its machinery, and I am one hundred percent. That's wonderful! percent remunerated standing. You did, but you should put them on something that was awesome. We can, for you don't you have to do. I will do it for years A brief, and just what ever humble man aren't you and you begin since we're here: tuna boats, Chile New, is it chilean who'd want to ac on point?

0:34:24 ▶

and this is why not but when I well shit. The crazy that you know how, whether it's warm or cold, based on the strings, My son, you running that thing across with something called the wand better than what is God's call it call them want it's got about, is a really accords ban a further by it of course, I'm gonna call one ones on better music want, because I've always wanted to be a wizard you kind of on hours. I was watching this one thing on Tik Tok, were they This girl, who is a witch- and they said You know we want to know like have you actively cursed the police officers and have you curse to lose

0:35:17 ▶

and she was gone. Yet we ve already done that already has all right, like there's active, which, on the road to check Jack, I mean what I want. I have comments on other comments on which is not more intentions of like what a spell is, unlike the way that people orchestrate that it's kind of just opened a powerful like it. It's like prayer unaware that, like the answer here but it gets, weird. Well, we all want people like us and all someone who does not like you ferociously and that can make you upset, knows how much aid spells and I'm here now, but I'm just stand. That's the beginning of a right of if someone has a lot of intention and they put intention yeah on you like Harry, terrible lie for you getting disease. Yeah and you hear about that. It probably factually ahead of me: that's what voodoo is probably all very sure and for our intensive twitter is. I think there are ramifications if that is the trajectory. If you're like really like putting bad vibes into something tat, you ll have to combat

0:36:17 ▶

in a really shading way they, but the only dont because their life's locks, I think people that do shit like that they do it because their life sucks not hope their letter. Here, let's do that, let's give them the tools for them actually not. This is what we want to do this for them. No, not, that we really are Jesus did George Floyd, because you know his name was big. Floyd were big Yannick. Oh, I didn't obviously didn't know why not, although lyrics line up, but it does its an almost to a great man who good past originally in it, just feels apropos to do it now.

0:37:09 ▶

Being made, Israel buggy he's gone It was a true pull.

0:38:06 ▶


0:38:12 ▶

when I believe they will grow, will drag you see

0:39:09 ▶

I was bad, berry d,. Oh I see Annie He looks. He was a man now

0:39:33 ▶

mad man all that has been going on lately. You know given early commoner, dedicating to George Floyd. Why weren't around

0:40:31 ▶

yeah. It's everybody the intense time. I think. Ultimately, society needed this. That did, he didn't need. I gotta die, but they needed this event to snap out of whatever whatever bullshit relationship, particularly the black, the ass with police in the videos that have come out since of of police officers, doing shit, while this is all going on during this like it's like they have, they have of a pattern. Some of these cops. They can't break out of it there there used to be. People like shit. They used to violently assaulting people. Yes, the directive. There's so much of it is so much crazy. Shit have guys using buttons on women just standing there. We also say never steadied, using the baton on the front of her thighs and throws, or on the ground like fucking, come on man. He. How are you doing this? Could someone won't comply like the position of being a person gets back that has that kind of power over

0:41:30 ▶

people were people have to comply to you, it's a psychologically fraught with peril. You know whether it's black people or there's a lot of it doing a white people there. So there's a horrible video on my friend, Joe Schilling, page Joey on Joe Schilling Kickboxer he's got a page on his instagram has been putting after posed is police brutality, shit post after posts is like exist to serve our protect, and this is old man and the guy has a cow. Talks are slam an unknown with their shield and eagles flying falls and hit his head on a bike rack, it's fuckin, horrible, it's horrible! All I mean there's some that is, that has been going on! It's been going on in the black community. Clearly we have such a shitload of evidence has been going on with all kinds of people. It's an overall problem is a racism component to it, but the problem is police brutality. I was reading about. So forty percent of police officers have sleep disorders,

0:42:27 ▶

and PTSD. So there are just constantly forty percent of police officers, have sleep disorders and admit you air on the job. I e falling asleep in their cruisers. Violent acts, anger issues and, you know a lot of us, I'm trying to understand as much as possible cause it's so fucking sensitive. Let I need to apply the same. Rehabilitative man said to the police force as people calling for in communities a color as well. Obviously, Latvia, a joy ass. I ever the gap to do something did here and at some something has to be done to psychologically dress what the real consequences of seeing violence and murder and horrible horrible things. Every day there's gotta. There's a cycle. This is a price, your pain, if that's what you're doing with your life, like you're a you open the door, guy killed himself to shot gun out Jesus, just brain splatter over the were opened the door. There's a girl was raped and staff.

0:43:21 ▶

Jesus Christ, you open the door, there's somebody just an overdose from faint another eighteen years old. I guess that's what you're seeing all day long you're, you're you're, just always like fuckin, die, then and european solution. Isn T just pay a more like all here here: darling, pay or well. My friend Dakota Mired Code Meyer is a guy who served overseas and had some horrific, instant, His worry literally had to fight a man to death and kill him with a rock. You know and Jesus clear, yeah, heavy shit. They talked about it on the pot, castles like FARC, You know it is also vital for as little as guy they were in war. The guy was enemy in

0:44:00 ▶

to kill a bunch of guys that day, an end? Save his front, those are the two crazy stored its best told by him, but anyway point is. He was talking about this shot that they're doing on PETE soldiers of PTSD. It was it's some kind of a block or shot you member that shot Jamie. I could text him, we have two, but they give it to soldiers and people of PTSD and whatever that anxiety is all that fuckin pent up shit, that just you just can't be normal. It goes away and it can last for as long as year but it give lights. Yea there is shit. Is the shopping list call they got it. Elephants. Gangs word its administered by healthcare professionals into the knack of an individual screens. Suffering for piteous de treatment is not a cure for PTSD. He was talking about how amazing, does he really was saying it? Gate was sera theory that second article there. It says something about prolong relief for the debilitating symptoms, yeah it's on

0:45:00 ▶

cure. However, its highly effective, well torrid, fast, acting inexpensive, biologic technique that provides prolonged relief from the debilitating symptoms of PTSD. I think just our doing runs out of the grand new thing. Yeah yeah. I think it's pretty recent, but I also think that you like your brain when it encounters a lot of things that are awful. I think it really alters the chemistry of your brain is a really off alters your ability to make good decision. So you can. You can make a real rational case that Ramos and talk the kid it yeah yeah hundred percent on the running on adrenaline right. When you see these cops do see when there are clear now the square for Trump to worry, I have his bible. You got cops slamming the people. How do they get that wrapped up they're doing that? Could you ever do that he's walk right up to someone and slam on with a shield. Of course, you wouldn't you have to go

0:45:53 ▶

Arafat rather obvious the cops terrify for sure. But you have to get to a point where you can do. The rain is something has to happen. We ass a biologic drug that your mind is produced and these guys junkies their agenda. I mean I literally, like I told you about the therapy I just did. This is like what I've been trying to like weed out of my life. Is my insomnia in and get my my brain levels, and might you know I've just been running on adrenaline and now I'm like levelling out it's so weird to live. I can, I can function better. I can process,

0:46:26 ▶

I stress the way that I never could for over a decade and do you know the reason I was I was reading about the Sarah set. I think they did the study Yosemite at some point that we proposed it. But you know the the conditions that police officers are under physically, like from night shifts just to stress to what you said: opening the door in seeing all ages horrifying things and not having the therapeutic elements and rehabilitation, and then you factor in racism or or just described, nation. Like I mean it, is it's a lethal combination and it's so crazy too, to see it like. We are every day now, it's just now, all out in the open, and now it's like what do we do to help these people like get to the point? The place that they're supposed to be, which is protecting us and when I go clean how here you gotta clean house, you gotta go in there and you gotta get rid of any one who exhibits any sort of behaviour like that in any way in any abusive, you can't have any abuse should have an extraordinary

0:47:25 ▶

the ability to control people unit you not allowed a normal person is not allowed to treat people like that so few. To be able to do that, you have to show that you're an unusual person, your powerful person, you can control it. You get. You can be a good person even under the pressure of conflict What would life or death conflict on a daily basis? That's not a normal person and by the way, when these guys around fifty twenty years like how fuckin sick are they by twenty years and how unprepared are there when they ve been train of hers. Months and boom done you're on industry about a day on their comes up cited for law enforcement and their eight years all crazy, we're not even fully Mt Buckley exact like that that in and of itself you get like a big strong kid now and I'm I'm I'm primarily speaking about men in I'm sure women could do it too, but, like it's different and you know their brains are fully formed, then their life is in your you're, like this,

0:48:20 ▶

ass, yet like what wild in one, nothing that came out of this whole cove id thing and then with this coming afterwards is like when you dealing with perpetually perpetually crime ridden neighborhoods like of them, they ve had crime in them for ever and a lot of these neighborhoods or african american neighborhoods that have had chronic whether its south cargo or how to Baltimore like when you see how the government can spend so much money bailing out corporations that are far right, but they dont bail, cities that are fucked you not hold on. You knew thought and more was fought like no one had me questions whether parts about what we just fucked in factories laws. These two red lines You weren't allowed to buy a house in certain areas. If you were an african American, so we know that so how come Your bail out corporations, you never bailed out these inner cities. It would cost a fraction.

0:49:16 ▶

To set of community centres, build more bit much better, affordable housing. Leadership is too short sighted for that, and that that's like a spiritual deficit that what's crazies. They all want to pretend that their pro American, if you are problematic- and you would want less losers- you would like- what more people that have an opportunity to get out of bed circumstances and whatever those bad circumstances are you'd want to keep people safe in one or even if we appear always gonna run into bastard who people have drug addiction or people you're, not gonna cure all that this a human issue. Humans are crazy, you're, not gonna, stop broken families and all that stuff. That's just a part of being. But you can do is way better job of protecting people from crime away, but is rather silly in them from drug deal

0:50:05 ▶

it is in all our shared one, shielding them or or integrating people in a healthier way into an economic system that addresses their needs. You know and but that's what we're so vulnerable from from a leadership perspective because of lobbying and because it just like a natural instinct. Of self Protectionism and, like Y gotta, make sure the my family to incur first and not the cornerstone speech that color might encourage people to read. Did you guys we that as yet it it's really intense, and you know it was written by name's escaping metabolic confederate, yeah, ok, the vice presidency present, or vice president, the confederacy and like, for all intents and purposes like the first half of the of the speech, was like pretty logical in terms of commerce and how to care for your cities and, like you know, just Yo Economics and

0:50:55 ▶

You just gets down to this part where he talks about African Americans is, like you know, their sub human, like they're, not they're, not actual, like, like it's just oh clear, cut and dried his mind that the superior races white by God he was quoting, but the Bible and like like thousands and millions of people, millions of people like followed that ethos and that doesn't just go away. You know they're so like in terms of red lining when people want to know why you know ghettos it so hard to get out of How do you know like this has been made by design and even further back just the thought that, like blood, yet black people are the slaves like they're they're beneath us, so they need to be in their places and like it just nuts like to read this speech, it was its end to think about how many people were behind it and that's what we're up against, even though it was three or four hundred years ago. Those six

0:51:52 ▶

hundred eighty six, which weird adopting a cool Nile, eighty cents, adults in twenty twenty in not having anything to do with an even happened in the 1800's, but you walk into the wake of of that era into the echo of that era. Something long ago, fifty years ago there was fifty two years ago there were slaves. That's crazy! I know that's not even deal I'm telling you it's a blink of an eye, not that long and which really crazy is like we We have a thing that we do with native Americans right. We kind of acknowledge that our settler, the Europe in settlers original great, whether there, Your relatives are. Not mine, aren't mine. All came third on third generation, so my family arrive the twentieth century, but the people had arrived.

0:52:46 ▶

Earlier than that? I give your family goes all the way back. Sixteen hundred some fuckin native american blood on your hands. This is, if you get well, why Father was in the railroad business. How did he get tough luck in railroad through country? Yoda kills people man yeah like yeah. So what do you know states is kind of acknowledged that they fucked up and they gave the native Americans reservations That was the whole ideas. Like you have your own laws. You can make casinos, he can do wild shit. He do it. All right here would still leave you alone yeah, but it's it's real slippery right but I didn't you know. That's a false privatisation will neither Moliere started lining. You know wealth on there and then they would like the minutes. I just read this book called killers of the flower Moon, which is just a horrifying thing that happened in our,

0:53:38 ▶

history. That is not well known with the Osage native american tribe in Oklahoma, and they were all forced onto this wretched reservation and it turned out to be millions and millions of dollars rich in oil Then all of the members of the tribe were given head rights and day every year. All these white people would come in and it they would. They would like rent their land, basically for for oil rigs and they each member of the tribe, had millions of dollars, but that the government in Red, nice them as full citizens, so they were given stewards to manage their wealth, so a lot of them are living in poverty, while their fuckin babysitters were robbing the murdering them and the whole book. As of now told his wife series of murders and also how the FBI was how birth jammed up after yeah yeah, so Box Hoover use this as his platform, because, but that the sad part is there was like three

0:54:37 ▶

it's that went to jail for killing like twenty five people, one they weren't, given they weren't put to death because no white jury could kill them for for killing native Americans because they weren't considered full human rights and a picture. The dates for it's insane and is heartbreaking, and it really echoes what's going on now, with the way that the black people are treated. It's like people than give a fuck about native Americans and, like and then they got rich and the like. What's fuck em again, you know make sure that they like we can still steal from them like its horrifying, but the thing is: there is no there was no justice for their murderers and there were so. It was a coup. There were just so many people that would come in and Mary and Osage try. Member enters learner lounge just to get there have again, it was most Tewksbury. Murdering do knows it was everything poisoning that meaning there's a lot of poisoning. What is this James? The new this book was

0:55:35 ▶

option into the new Martens mills. Polly said just now. We just did Joe Rogan Pike, wow Appleton, you I'm one of our member states, a pretty old buddy. It's not that I presented the other way. Really under my parents without maize and has in Turn Frio Martin scores easy, Deniro and Dicaprio. Adam article has almost no boundaries. On. Again raising. I did. I really got into a big long stretch of being fascinated with native american history from a book somebody recommended to be called empire the summer Moon about the command, She and it is really like why Texas is the way Texas is Texas. Is the way taxes is mostly because they fought off the foot currently committee at the people that add to Mexico

0:56:30 ▶

so snaky Mexico was telling why people to move to taxes they, like my friend, is a good place. They dig did Shreck these people into moving into Texas because it was a buffer between them and the Comanche they want. The Comanche worthy Fucking, while this most ruthless band, Indians and the most successful of all though, all the west, it took hundreds of years to conquer them. They are the reason why people didn't make it all the way to California sooner but when they got to play comanches with fuck them up in it. The fuckin that book is fascinating. A change might change my purse. Active of what happened in the West. Like you realise that there is some people that came over here from somewhere in the neighbourhood of between eleven thousand and five thousand b c. They made it a crime the bearing land Bridge from Asia into America. There are basically the same kind of people

0:57:24 ▶

lived in Siberia and they were stone age when they got here. They weren't even on horseback, and they live that way for thousands, thousands and thousands of years exactly the same way and it wasn't till the sixteen hundred. They started. Writing horses, Dominate motherfuckers wound was like this giant shift and who they were before they were like really unsuccessful in war they had. No. History? They had no songs, they had no stories and very little artwork. All they did is like rats and squirrels whatever they could kill and barely crash by and state alive, but they figured out how to ride horses. First, they figure out of control. Worse is better and they figured out tat. It is the other people's how's course, because the life was so hard to pursue so scratch and Claude. They were ruthless. So once they got horses, they would just these wild little store scrappy mother fuckers who had run, run these horses round and kill everybody figured out how to shoot off horses in the white people did not do that. Yet the why people get off the horses and go

0:58:23 ▶

let wait way where we are we gonna uniformly alive. You stand, there are three: they were shooting like an arrow, a second electing Are you going on the horses he's doing it up and so no one until they figured out how to make a revolver until they figured out a way a gun. Shoots more than once, because those muskets where a cabinet re like they just kept informed, whereas the ten observer birth it it was all. During that time, the Texas Rangers were the first to incorporate the revolver against a Comanche, they did a Texas Rangers became the Texas Rangers because of this fucking, unbelievably ruthless tribe of the UN's dominate the area. So these dudes, instead of being like regular soldiers, adopted the way of the Comanche, they were buckskin clothes They slept without fires to Texas Rangers yeah yeah. In fact in Savage Savage the Comanche, a lot of the FBI agents that were commission to find the killers in the Osage murders. They were exe,

0:59:22 ▶

Texas Rangers plot is an amazing chart. Floors tv show why logs come here again the laws of the unknown I give you can never have How else is incredible book I'm about to retired Texas Rangers, but like a classic West, now, and I actually have it all your book rallied around two. I will once I watch all the Texas Rangers. Would: Nor is there we have any dead very loud anymore, Deadwood Bob, make now ward, so my sweater so much like real. Now now I think it's gonna theatrical element it's a little like shakespearian away, but well yeah, but it was so thank you check your then I love you thanks, I'm not I'm supposed to drink slow

1:00:09 ▶

the five zero Mary Jane among various my friend Mr Miranda, because we're on the joint work in progress, and I dont want to be a fucking dickhead, not gonna being, but don't do yourself either. Why haven't drinking a month and and if you find everything's going gray, everything's fine she's, what are you not drinking purposes

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