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When the rubber meets the road, you'll feel more confident on a set of wheels and tires from Rick's Camaro. These components are as important to a car as your feet are to walking around, so you should never scrimp on quality. We're the leading retailer of Camaro wheels and tires for authentic restorations, performance mods or track day cars. Shop brands such as American Racing Custom Wheels, Coker Tire, Vintage Wheel Works and Rocket Racing Wheels who understand the Camaro DNA. Rick's Camaro and our sister company Eckler's are also official GM restoration part sellers for every Camaro generation.

Camaro Factory Wheels & Accessories

When you need Camaro original rims, you'll find exactly the style you want here. In addition to base model wheels, we sell Camaro rally wheels, IROC-Z wheels, Corvette-style wheels and more in a variety of sizes. Some reproduction wheels for older Camaros are made of aluminum alloy instead of the original steel to improve performance. Add a set of Camaro tires that match the original tread pattern using modern radial construction. We also carry the wheel installation hardware and accessories you need, including lug nuts, valve stems, center caps and tire inflators.

Performance Camaro Wheels & Tires

Although the Camaro is a great car right out of the box, some owners are looking for an edge. Custom Camaro wheels offer impressive handling and a higher power-to-weight ratio for speed demons. They look amazing as well with eye-grabbing spoke patterns and finishes. Some machined black wheels, chrome Camaro wheels or two-tone wheels will stand out in more ways than one. Simplify your upgrade with a Camaro wheels and tires package. Each set has been selected by experts, then pre-mounted and balanced. To learn more about Rick's Camaro and the Eckler's family can assist with your project, call our sales team Monday-Saturday or visit the Pit Stop Blog.


Chevrolet Camaro Custom Wheels

2015 Chevy Camaro Dark Blue BD 9 22 inch staggered silver

Blaque Diamond manufactures staggered wheels for a wide variety of Chevrolet Camaro models. We provide several finishes for each wheel model and offer custom colored finishes. Please visit our wheel collection for more information regarding each model and feel free to contact us or start a live chat anytime.

Blaque Diamond Wheels launched in 2009. With experience, skill, and knowledge of design we created the most innovative aftermarket wheel in the industry. Passion and pride are the keys to our wheel development practices and this extends throughout the entire Blaque Diamond wheel line.

Our unique designs are engineered and manufactured under the strictest industry standards. Our rigorous testing methods ensure each and every wheel passes our strict quality control regime. Our wheels range from 19″ through 24″ in Staggered fitments and Aggressive fitments.

Our company’s main strategic goal is to provide the best quality wheels with the best quality customer service. We train all of our team to strive to build lasting relationships with our customers and our dealers. Our brand is recognized worldwide through constantly exceeding our customer service goals and objectives. We are proud to say we are in over 20 countries around the world.

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20" "Z/28 Style" Camaro Wheels by MRR Designs model 228

- Fits all 2010-2015 Camaro SS, LS, LT, RS, non-RS, 1LE & ZL1 Models
New Aftermarket Camaro Part

We are proud to introduce the highly anticipated Z/28 Replica Wheels. The 20 inch staggered M228 is manufactured exclusively for all model 5th Generation Camaros in sizes 20x10 (front) and 20x11 (rear). You may also run 20x10 “squared” if you choose to rotate your tires. The M228 is available in gloss black or a gunmetal finish. To insure proper fitment, these wheels are manufactured to not only accept the original equipment TPMS sensor and center cap, but are also hub-centric to the Camaro to prevent any vibrations.

All Camaro owners now have the opportunity to upgrade to this very popular wheel design - the very unique, high-performance Z/28 Camaro style wheel!. It is available in a variety of finishes, offsets, and widths. These wheels use the factory Camaro 5x120mm bolt pattern. Note: Wheels require new Lug Nuts (your factory lug nuts are too large to fit these wheels, we suggest upgrading to the Gorilla Locking Lug Nuts that we offer in Chrome and Black)

  • Hub-Centric (no vibration)
  • Lifetime warranty* (structure)
  • TPMS Compatible
  • Staggered setup
  • Brake clearance (no spacers required)
  • Lightweight

  • WHEEL SIZES (Select your Option above when ordering online):
  • 20x9.0 is +35mm (front)
  • 20x10.0 is +23mm (front) & +35mm (rear for squre)
  • 20x11.0 is +43mm (rear)

  • Stock 2010+ Camaro SS Wheel Sizes from the factory:
    Front: 20x8" w/ +35mm Offset -------- Rear: 20x9" w/ +40mm Offset

    Stock 2012+ Camaro ZL1 Wheel Sizes from the factory:
    Front: 20x10" w/ +23mm Offset -------- Rear: 20x11" w/ +43mm Offset

    NOTE: ​TPMS Tire Pressure Sensors: You can reuse your stock/factory TPMS Tire Pressure Sensors with these Wheels

  • Recommended Tire Size for 9" Front Wheels: 275/40 ZR20 tire
  • Recommended Tire Size for 10" Front Wheels: 285/35 ZR20 tire
  • Recommended Tire Size for 10" Rear Wheels: 305/35 ZR20 tire
  • Recommended Tire Size for 11" Rear Wheels: 305/35 ZR20 tire
  • NOTE: You can re-use your factory Camaro SS tires when upgrading to 9" wide Front and 10" wide Rear Wheels, from your factory 8" front and 9" rear SS wheels!

    Shown in Brushed Finish:
    Aftermarket Camaro Wheels Z28 228 style in Brushed finish

    Camaro Z/28 Replica Wheels 2010-2015

    M228 20x9 5x120 35 BK - #M228209052035BK
    M228 20x9 5x120 35 GM - #M228209052035GM
    M228 20x9 5x120 35 PL - #M228209052035BR

    M228 20x10 5x120 23 BK - #M22820A052023BK
    M228 20x10 5x120 23 GM - #M22820A052023GM
    M228 20x10 5x120 23 PL - #M22820A052023BR

    M228 20x10 5x120 35 BK - #M22820A052035BK
    M228 20x10 5x120 35 GM - #M22820A052035GM
    M228 20x10 5x120 35 PL - #M22820A052035BR

    M228 20x11 5x120 43 BK - #M22820A152043BK
    M228 20x11 5x120 43 GM - #M22820A152043GM
    M228 20x11 5x120 43 PL - #M22820A152043BR

    * Please Note: If you have Brake Pads with these counter-weights sticking out, as shown in the picture below, Schrader 34000 Valve Stemswill be REQUIRED:
    What Wheels Fit a 6th Gen Chevrolet Camaro


    Detroit Wheel and Tire is the leading provider of factory original wheels for CHEVROLET CAMARO . Listed below is our full line of factory original reconditioned rims for CHEVROLET CAMARO. We also carry many wheels for CHEVROLET CAMARO in PVD Chrome Bright or Black. You can either scroll through the CHEVROLET CAMARO rims below or search for a particular CHEVROLET CAMARO wheel in our wheel finder on the left side page. When you find the CHEVROLET CAMARO rims you want just click the, add to cart button. Detroit Wheel and Tire offers a wide selection of factory original (OEM) alloy and steel wheels & rims, reconditioned to factory specifications. We are also the leader for factory original PVD Chrome wheels & rims in, either Black or Bright Chrome. We guarantee 100% satisfaction guarantee on all CHEVROLET CAMARO wheel purchases.

    We professionally mount and computer balance the wheel and tire set, wrap them up and ship them to you ready to bolt on your vehicle. Since there are thousands of possible CHEVROLET CAMARO tire & wheel combinations available, we only show the most popular CHEVROLET CAMARO wheel and tire packages here on the web site. If you don't see the CHEVROLET CAMARO wheel & tire set you want, call us at 248-545-8862 and we will build a custom wheel & tire package just for you. Detroit wheel and tire has the best prices on complete CHEVROLET CAMARO wheel & rim sets, CHEVROLET CAMARO wheel and rim packages, CHEVROLET CAMARO wheel and tire sets and CHEVROLET CAMARO wheel and tire packages. We also build CHEVROLET CAMARO wheel & tire sets and CHEVROLET CAMARO wheel & packages with low mileage used tires so you can save hundreds of dollars.

    Call us at (248) 545-8862 or order online today to save!


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