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Goldie uses that last of his power to make all the animatronic's humans, but it wasn't powerful enough to revert them back to their original lives, so they become human versions of their robotic prisons. Springtrap is freed from Afton's control and is given her own life and Freddy puts Afton's money into a major renovation to the pizzeria to make it "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Pavilion". Watch as their new lives play out, and the drama that comes with it!

i. All Five Nights at Freddy’s characters are property of Scott Cawthon.
ii. Credit to Pole-Bear, Kizy-Ko, and others, from which I stole their designs (Except Kizy-Ko, I’ve been given permission to use them for a totally different project but I’ll use ‘em here too lol)
iii. This is a Human AU in which Freddy runs the pizzeria, most of the core animatronics are in this new giant location (Including the original four, the Toys, the Funtimes, Springtrap, the Rockstars, and the Nightmares. This excludes all withered or scraped versions of animatronics.)


Five Nights At Freddy's


Overall, Rockstar Freddy’s appearance seems to be a combination of previous Freddy counterparts, along with a few new elements. His upper head looks similar to Toy Freddy's, with his lower jaw being separated but connected with metal rods to the upper part, similar to Nightmare Freddy or Withered Freddy. He has rosy-red cheeks like the Toy Animatronics from the second game, his top hat and bow tie are shiny purple, like Fredbear, and has a tan muzzle. Like the other 'Rockstar' animatronics, he has a golden metallic star on his tan colored chest. He holds his metal purple microphone in his right hand. He has white sclera with sapphire blue irises and black pupils. His kneecaps are also rosy-red. He also has many similarities to Lefty.

In The Game

Rockstar Freddy is labelled in the "Smile and Servos, Inc." category from the Catalog menu. Classified as a "Heavy Animatronic" and in "Very Good" item condition, Rockstar Freddy is worth $2000, like Rockstar Bonnie and Rockstar Chica. His stats are as follows:

Atmosphere: 0

Health & Safety: 0

Entertainment: 7

Bonus Revenue: 0

Liability Risk: 1


Rockstar Freddy's overall appearance bears a great resemblance to Toy Freddy and Nightmare Fredbear in terms of design.Rockstar's hat and bowtie colored purple might reference Fredbear, the original template of Freddy Fazbear.

Rockstar Freddy's voice description on the website describes his character similar to that of "carnival circus attractions that are designed to sound friendly but come across as unnatural, robotic, and unnerving."It is notable that unlike during his appearance in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, a coin slot was added to his stomach due to his mechanic stating that he requires Faz-Coins.

Rockstar Freddy's jaw hinges disconnect on his portrait.


" He will occasionally activate and ask for five Faz-Coins. You can alternatively raise the temperature to make it malfunction. "

Rockstar Freddy is in the office for the entire night. From time to time, it will activate (the frequency depending on its level of difficulty) and will require the payment of five Faz-Coins. If the player does not pay it in time, he will attack.

However, if the player does not have enough Faz-Coins or simply does not want to pay, he may increase the temperature, which will cause Rockstar Freddy to malfunction and make him think the payment has been made. However, raising the temperature will make the player more vulnerable to heat sensitive animatronics such as Freddy, Lefty and Jack-O-Chica.


Please deposit five coins.

(More agitated) Please deposit five coins.

(Malfunctioned) You are attempting to trick Freddy!)

(Malfunctioned) You are attempting to trick Freddy

(Malfunctioned) Freddy doesn't like this!

Thank you for depositing five coins.

(Slowed down) Please deposit five coins.

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*eeeeee I have problems. It seems like everyone loves this money grubbing bear, and I'm right there with you!

*oh, I forgot to mention the animatronics are more fluffy in my stories than metal.. Idk why, just works for me I guess. Yeee have fun.

Things might be a little suggestive.. Hope you don't mind! Who am I kidding, you don't care. XD I think this was a request, I forgot. *shrugs*


You and Helpy sat at one of the party tables, a smile on you face, looks like you succeeded.

Your pizzeria was a complete success! Everyone loved it! Even adults!

Well, you mostly ran the place, but your uncle did all the paperwork and payments. But, he let you have all the fun, which you were great full for.

A little girl came up to you holding lots of tickets. "Hello miss tall lady! Can you count my tickets that my bubby got for me? I wanna plushie!"

You smiled down at her. "Sure thing honey. Wait right here." You stood up and took the tickets from her, then walked to the prize room.

Security Puppet sat there, and waved at you went you entered the room.

"Heya Puppet, do you mind counting these?" You asked them, holding up the bundle of tickets.

They smiled wider than normal, then scanned the tickets with their eyes. "300 tickets, miss.l/n"

You smiled back at them. "Thank you, oh and could hand me that plush of Foxy please?"

The puppet nodded and tossed the plush on your hands.

"Thank you." You waved goodbye to them, then left to find the little girl again.

She was still at the table, trying to hug Helpy, he kept trying to swat her hands away, he gave you a 'help me' look.

You picked up the bear cub, and put him back on your shoulders. "Alright kiddo, here's your plush."

She took the Foxy plush from you with a grin. "Thank you so much tall lady! I love foxy! How did you know?"

Helpy giggled a little bit. You pat his head. "Just a hunch."

She bounces off with the plush in her hands, probably to go and show her mom.


You flipped a few chairs over, the pizzeria was empty, all of the joyous laughter and cheers were gone with the customers.

Helpy was wiping off a few tables with a towel that was much bigger than him.

You chuckled at the small cub, he was so determined, always challenging himself, it always made you smile.

You heard a thump behind you, and a few footsteps, when suddenly two arms wrapped around your waist.

"Hello dearie.~"

You blushed at the voice, knowing exactly who it was. Freddy, aka Rockstar Freddy. Ever since you bought him, he was extremely clingy towards you.

Always hugging you from behind, nuzzling your neck or hair, he'd message your shoulders whenever you were in your office.

At first, you thought he was just trying to get on your good side, but after overhearing Foxy and Bonnie, you soon figured out that Freddy really, really, REALLY liked you.

Helpy was a bit jealous, thinking that he was the only bear for you, but he also found it cute how Freddy would fluster you.

"Hey Fred. Aren't you active early." You try and hide your flustered face, but fail, making Freddy laugh.

"I'm always ready for you.~" He purrs, nose against the back of your neck.

You froze, dropping one of the chairs, making it bang loudly into the floor.

Helpy looked over in concern, but when he saw you in Freddy's arms, he smirked, making you blush even more.

Freddy quickly spun you around, your hands on his chest fur, he sat you on the table, wrapping your legs around his.

He chuckled, ocean blue's clouded with.. Something you couldn't tell what.

Your face was probably redder than Foxy's fur at the moment.. Or redder.

"F-freddy.." He put his finger over your lips. "Shh.~" He winks.

Before he could lean in, your uncle came out of his office and into the dining area.

"Y/n, I'm gonna clock out, your aunt wants me home by..  What the hell.?"

You stared at him wide eyed, face burning.

Freddy was sat on the floor, pretending to be powered off.

"Why isn't Freddy on stage?" He asks. "And why do you look like you just got caught kissing someone?"

You hopped off the table, tucking a strand of hair back. "Uh. I-i w-w-was cleaning him.. Heh heh.. And um. Yeah.."

Your uncle didn't seem to believe you, but he shrugged his shoulders. "Whatever, just don't break him. He cost out the a$$.." He sighs, then tosses you his keys.

"I'll be seeing you tomorrow. Love you y/n." He calls out as he leaves. "Don't forget to lockup!"

You sigh, calming your heart rate, But Freddy stands up again. "Does he always have to ruin our fun?"

You squeak and face him again. "..." You couldn't think of a reply.

He shakes his head, then turns to you again, smirk dancing on his muzzle.

You turn your head to look for Helpy, but he was nowhere to be found.

Freddy was suddenly back in front of you, cornering you again.

"Freddy.." You mumble, hiding your face again.

He chuckles. "Y/n, you are too adorable sometimes... And irresistible. ~"

His hand/paw on your cheek, gently running his thumb on the side of it.

Bonnie came off the stage. "Freddy.. Dude.. Please stop its awkward.. I mean seriously where right there!" He points a paw at the stage behind you both.

Freddy glares at him, then picks you up bridal style in his arms. "Shut up guitar f**ker.."

Bonnie's eye twitches. "For the the last time, I say 'found' not.. That..."

Chica hops off the stage too, standing closely to Bonnie. "Freddy.. It is getting pretty awkward.."

Freddy runs his fingers through your hair, while you just sat there awkwardly.

"Don't you have a wet floor sign to be scared of?" He asks.

Chica puts her hands on her hips annoyed.

Finally, Foxy walks over, he gently rubs your cheek with the curve of his hook. "Aye, ye should leave the pretty lass alone, captain. She seems highly uncomfortable."

Freddy yanks you to the side, growling at the fox. "Ay! No touching captains treasure! And thats an order! Shes mine! Get your grubby hook off her." He hisses and walks off with you.

Foxy crossed his arms, then his parrot spoke. "Squawk! He be a greedy one!"

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Rockstar Freddy was always greedy, especially over you.

End.! I hope you enjoyed! :3

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Freddy rockstar

Rockstar Freddy


Rockstar Animatronic Bear

Appeared In

Five Nights at Freddy's: Pizzeria Simulator

Rockstar Freddy is a buyable animatronic from Five Nights at Freddy’s: Pizzeria Simulator. He returns as an antagonist in Ultimate Custom Night.


Rockstar Freddy is bipedal brown with tanned accents on his muzzle, ears, stomach, and toes. His scleras are grayish-white with navy-blue irises including black pupils. His eyelids, cheeks, and kneepads are crimson. Rockstar Freddy's top-hat is blackish-purple, similar to his bowtie. His forehead and lower jaw are connected to a metallic pole, similar to the other "rockstars" He has buck teeth supportive on his muzzle and lower jaw. He has a metallic golden star on his stomach. His microphone has a purple metallic pole with a gray speaker.

Game Appearances

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Pizzeria Simulator

`As himself, Rockstar Freddy


"He will stand in your office the entire night, and on occasion will activate, demanding a payment of five Faz-Coins. If you pay him, he will return to sleep-mode. Fail to pay him in a timely fashion, however, and your run will end with an angry Rockstar Freddy in your face. The problem is that Faz-Coins might be scarce, especially if you have other Faz-Coin demanding animatronics in the halls. Thankfully, there is another option at your disposal. If you're running short on Faz-Coins, or just prefer not to spend them here, just crank up the heat for a few seconds. This will cause Rockstar Freddy to malfunction and eventually think that payment has been made."

Rockstar Freddy stays in the Office, and will occasionally activate and ask for 5 Faz-Coins. The player need to pay 5 Coins for Rockstar Freddy, otherwise he'll lose patience and jumpscare them. There's an alternative way to deactivate him - using the heater for a few seconds to cause him to malfunction.


“Please deposit five coins.”

“(More agitated) Please deposit five coins.”

"(Deepened voice and even more agitated) Please deposit five coins."

“(Malfunctioned) You are attempting to trick Freddy! You are attempting to tr-tr-tr-tr. Freddy doesn't like this!”

“Thank you for depositing five coins.”

“(Slowed down) Please deposit five coins”




[SFM FNaF] Corrupted vs Rockstar

Terribly childish and unfit for life. Women sighed for him, but he remained faithful to his wife - the first who firmly told him: "Let's get married. " In the south, he complained about the sun. Almost did not tan. Wife.

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Runs out.

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