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Suddenly switching to a friendly "you", Olga said. - I have a fresh soup, will you. Andrey, a tall young woman was walking with a firm gait on the sidewalk. The cold September wind overtook her with the yellow foliage of poplars, forcing her to run away from the drizzle of the rain.

Even in the darkness of the night, he gave his warm summer water to drink throughout the surrounding area, roaring with thunder. And blazing with bright lightning over the swamp forest and the Wolf Farm. A huge black storm cloud hung over the Berezina and Snezhnitsa rivers. Lightning struck the exposed communication antenna next to the commandant's office.

And the roar frightened Khlyst and Lyubava Dronina.

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Let's go to the supermarket for groceries, prepare food. Otherwise its like a ball in our refrigerator, I replied. I shook my head disapprovingly and buried myself in the things of my beloved and faithful wife. Among the pile of clothes, several pairs of jeans were found, which my half no longer wore due to the pleasantly rounded shape. Having measured the found clothes, we settled on light blue jeans that appetizingly emphasized Dasha's ass.

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She went out, wrapped herself in it and plopped down to rest on an inflatable mattress. Two hours later, Alexander sailed to the shore from fishing. To my question: where is the fish.

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I can add here that, probably, in general, it would be fair, so to speak. Frankly, in fact, I had to gather all my will into a fist in order not to do just that. I repeat that.

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I recognize my kitten. So, I lay down comfortably on the sofa. The saddest moment in my life.

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A year. We regularly paid off our debt as we agreed, he was often at our house, came to the dacha, he got divorced at that time and. We were very pleased with his company and help.

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